Apple Software

Programs written for the Apple operating systems are distinguished from software created for other operating systems in that it must be approved by Apple for use on its devices, whether it is from Apple (Final Cut, iWork, Keynote, Logic Pro and GarageBand are popular titles), or is a third party application from Parallels, Nuance, Microsoft and Amazon, among many others.

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A customer brought in a macbook pro laptop and when she attempts to go to her online bank account she gets an error message, "Safari can't open the page "" because Safari can't establish a secure connection to the server ""

   she can open any other web page she wants and I went on my computer and went right to the website no problem.  

I reset safari (all boxes checkmarked) but that did no good.

What do I need to do to make it work?
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What happens if you start paying for iCloud storage then all of a sudden can’t afford to pay it does anyone know if your data will be saved or deleted? Are you able to get back and get it later when you can afford it?
What are the best software programs for performing file comparisons between 2 different folder locations within a Mac OS X computer?

I need to find out which files and folders exist in one location that don't exist in the other location and if there are any differences between the files within the two folder locations.
Starting clean with an external TimeMachine drive that's full

I have multiple TimeMachine drives and found I get informed when older backups are deleted. I like that. But today, I was told the disk is full and can not do the backup.

I did move my machine to a new MacBook, then back to my old MacBook, so it is trying to do a 312GB backup. Those are likely files it already has, but from a different machine ID.

How do I simply start over with that drive?

Here's the use case:

iOS 11 on iPhone form factor
Mobile Safari
WebRTC (web not native, they are different somehow)


- WebRTC video is blank and no audio
- Does not ask for permission to use the camera or audio
- Used to work in an early iOS 11 developer beta
- Same code works on iOS tablets and MacOS desktop Safari

Seems to be broken in iOS on a phone form factor only (iPhone/iPod Touch).


What could be different?
Hi, I have an internal Adobe Acrobat from that I have made to be filled out, and also use it for calculations.  All my PC user can use it fine, my Mac users can not.  The field that is supposed to calculate miles and also calculate dollar amounts, does not work.  The fields stay blank where the calculations are.  I have text fields that populate on another page, and that works.  I have downloaded Acrobat Reader for Mac, downloaded the form to their desktop, and then opened from Acrobat Reader.  Are they any solutions to this?  Do I have to create the form on a pro version of Acrobat for Mac? I'm getting ready to redo the whole form on a Mac, but the form is complicated, so checking here first before starting it.  Thanks for any help!  
I have an original video that is 1092x820. I'd like to make this radio 16:9, so something like 1280x720.

Could I create this as a "letterbox" video in Final Cut Pro, meaning can I create the 1280x720 project, import the 1092x820 video and get it to fit inside of those constraints?

Any suggestions on how to do this? (I'm a newbie at FCP X).

I need to find out how often a user has been rebooting or shutting down her Mac laptop.

How can I query the Mac logs to determine the dates and times when a Mac OS X computer has been rebooted or shut down?
How can I determine the last time that a Mac OS X computer was rebooted or shut down?
We need a stable and reliable video conferencing solution to have a meeting between our US office and some customers in China.  Does anyone have any recent experience or knowledge about which video conferencing solution (e.g. GoToMeeting, Skype, etc.) works well for video conferences between China and the US?
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I have someone using an Iphone 7.  She has an Icloud calendar.  She had sent herself an invitation to her work email using Outlook. (connected to an Exchange server)  I don't use an Iphone so I am unsure of what it should be doing.   At first she said she couldn't sync back and forth.  Now she is saying she used to be able to but it just quit, but that the problem is with Outlook and not her phone..  She said she has a way to read it now.  Here's what she emailed me:
"Outlook isn’t letting me join it – it doesn’t work. It’s not my phone-  it’s our computer/server that has the issue. We somehow get it to be “Fixed” for a while- and then it just stops working all of a sudden. "
What she is said in a previous email is this:
This is how I “join” the calendar (see below) – officially (so it gives me updates as I make them) – but this stopped working so I tried to redo it and now it won’t work.
I also found a way to get a read only copy which is what I’m using now, but that way won’t update and so it’s just an old read-only version and isn’t helpful.

So I am a little out of the loop on this.  I can't tell her something won't work since she has told me it has before.

Any help would be appreciated.
hi Mac folks

as you might have known that, for some reasons, macOS HS has removed Translation Widget from its Dashboard, and one of the workaround methods is to copy the widget from previous OSX or macOS to the HS installation's /Library/Widgets folder.

I did that, copied the Translation.wdgt from my Mac Pro running El Capitan to MacBook Air running High Sierra.

But, it doesn't work as expected: as shown in the screenshot below, the copied widget can be added into the Dashboard, but it doesn't work at all because the language fields can't be switched or selected.  the fields just show <b>nothing</b>.

do you have any idea what to do now? thanks.

kind regards.
On a Mac OS X computer how can I add a Mac folder location to the Favorites list within Finder?

I would like to add the "My Drive" folder to this Favorites list (see the screenshot). How can this be done?

Mac folders
We have a big challenge activating an app to our hundreds of corporate iPhones & iPads:
our MTP vendor Lookout said the users need to manually tap on the app that we push
down by MDM MobileIron.

Users simply ignore or can't follow email instructions to tap so I'll need to explore a way
that we can auto-activate the Lookout app or push down an already activated app :
is this possible?  Just like SCCM could auto-push down patches to Windows.

If it can't be auto-activated the moment it's being deployed/pushed down, is this a
limitation of IOS, MDM or the Lookout app?

The ipa is integrated with our MobileIron.  The Lookout app  (& icon) is pre-licensed,
not the copy from Appstore which will require users to enter the license/serial key.
Brand New MacBook "Hangs" on web browsing

This was supposed to be a fast computer, but while I browse (Chrome) it hangs and the round Google Tab stops, with the whole machine completely unresponsive to any input from the keyboard or mouse. Then , about a minute later, all is forgotten and it works fine.

I got this machine days ago and it's happened at least 15 times over about 25 hours of use.

If I do not find an answer, this machine is going back to the store where I bought it.

It was on discount since the box was opened.

I really do not know what my next move would be.

Attached are the specs...

Hi -

I have a client who recently had their Apple mail app crash and i needed to update to High Sierra to sort it because the mail folders had got too large to make it worthwhile to do a Time Machine restore.
The client now has all email accounts back but the messages only go back to last week (despite being on IMAP i dont think it was set to save much on the server).
They have asked if i can restore the emails from 2017 from some of the archives that were made at the end of 2017.
I did not make the archives so i had to search for them. I found a folder with the heading archives 2017 but the folders are several, totaling to 22GB but the one folder called archive.mbox is only 2 GB. The largest one i could find has a long name which does not initially make any sense. I have attached a screenshot.
I have initiated an  import of the folder but being being so large i will have to wait a while before i know if it is the correct one. Could someone explain to me why these folders are created and named in such a way if the secretary who did the archive i assume followed the correct procedure. Why isn't there just one MBOX file?

Hard Restart on a MacBook Pro with no Power Button??

I just got a new Mac and it has no power button! So Far, I have only Restarted It.

I had the machine lock up on me and wondered, before it magically unlocked, what the heck I can do to Hard Restart it?

Secondly, once I shut it down gracefuly, how do I restart it?

How do I remove my MacBook User?

I bought a MacBook via Internet and created a User, then realized I needed to return it.

I see a Guest User as well.

How do I remove my User logon?

Please provide me with a list of the best free iPhone X flashlight utilities that will emit a solid stream of light without the light starting to flash or blink.
Free Tool: Path Explorer
LVL 12
Free Tool: Path Explorer

An intuitive utility to help find the CSS path to UI elements on a webpage. These paths are used frequently in a variety of front-end development and QA automation tasks.

One of a set of tools we're offering as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

What steps need to be followed to decrypt or remove Mac OS File Vault from a Mac operating system?
What steps do I need to take to determine if Mac OS File Vault is enabled?
What are the shortcut keys or method that can be used on Mac OS X  High Sierra v. 10.13.3 computer to switch from displaying the standard Mac login screen (which displays the usernames & their icons as a list of users to logging on using a User Name and password (so a user can login with an Active Directory account)?

This is something that needs to be done before logging onto the Mac.

The option to display the login windows as: Name and password (instead of list of users) has already been selected (see the screenshot).

For whatever reason when this computer powers up it displays the logins as the list of users. These users are local administrator accounts that only IT should have access to; we don't want the users using or accessing local accounts. The users should only login using their Active Directory usernames and passwords.

So what are the shortcut keys or method that can be used on Mac OS X  High Sierra v. 10.13.3 computer to switch from displaying the standard Mac login screen (which displays the usernames & their icons as a list of users to logging on using a User Name and password (so a user can login with an Active Directory account)?

Let me know if any further information is needed.

A user with a Mac OS X computer says that he doesn't have the option to login to his Mac whenever this Mac is outside of our office. This Mac has all of the latest Mac updates installed.

This Mac is joined to our Server 2016 Active Directory domain and the user logs onto the Mac using his Active Directory account. Our local area network is using an IP subnet of

I have set the Mac so that it prompts the user to login with his account name and password.

This user says that whenever he is outside of our office the only options he has is to login to a local Admin account that I have created our to login using the guest user account.

Is there a keystroke combination (similar to CTRL-ALT-DEL on a Windows computer) the user can press to switch back to the username and password login option rather than the user clicking on the account name he would like to login with?

Also since the user is outside of the office and we don't have a VPN setup will the user be able to login with his Active Directory username and password even though the Mac won't be able to contact the Active Directory domain controller?
Restoring from external drive onto different MacBook.

I replacing an old MacBook with a newer one, and expect to use TimeMachine to move my system.  Both machines have SSD's, the old one has a 500 GB and the newer one has a 1T SDD.

I assume I could:

1) Start a full backup
2) Got to bed
3) Begin restoring to the newer MacBook
4) Go to work

When I come home, I should be 100% up and running on the new Mac.

Does this make sense?

What do I need to know to restore the system onto the new MacBook?

Are there are reboots needed during installation? Might the unattended new machine go to sleep in the middle of this process?

What commands to I need to execute on the new machine?

A company I am working at has Mac laptops that all have local user logon accounts.

We have added a Server 2016 domain controller and the users will now be signing onto Active Directory to log in to their Macs.

What utilities or methods are available to migrate all current settings and data from these user's local Mac logon accounts into their new Server 2016 domain logon profiles on these Macs?

Apple Software

Programs written for the Apple operating systems are distinguished from software created for other operating systems in that it must be approved by Apple for use on its devices, whether it is from Apple (Final Cut, iWork, Keynote, Logic Pro and GarageBand are popular titles), or is a third party application from Parallels, Nuance, Microsoft and Amazon, among many others.