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Programs written for the Apple operating systems are distinguished from software created for other operating systems in that it must be approved by Apple for use on its devices, whether it is from Apple (Final Cut, iWork, Keynote, Logic Pro and GarageBand are popular titles), or is a third party application from Parallels, Nuance, Microsoft and Amazon, among many others.

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Failure with TimeMachine backups. OS Problem?

I had an external disk fail to complete the Time Machine backup with no error message, that I can find. I eventually started afresh using Disk Utility. BUT it still failed!

On another front, I have been told I should re-install the underlying OS on my machine, which I am afraid to do without a current backup!

I do use Cloud based Carbonite, but do not feel safe until I have a hard external backup disk.

The reason I was advised to re-install my OS was that while using Finder, incrementing through my pictures, sometimes the cursor jumps to the end of the list. I did try some small instruction on Mac start-up, if I recall, that involved holding down certain keys.

There was a second instruction, but I sadly can on longer find that post.

So, the last suggestion was to re-install the underlying OS. And it seems I am there right now.

Can anyone suggest a nest step for me?

I can not make a current backup of my machine.

Free Tool: Subnet Calculator
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Free Tool: Subnet Calculator

The subnet calculator helps you design networks by taking an IP address and network mask and returning information such as network, broadcast address, and host range.

One of a set of tools we're offering as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

We use iCloud contacts like crazy, like a lot, all of us.  We have it linked to all our Outlooks and it's continuously being updated.   However, is there a way we can go into iCoud our outlook and have a backup of these contacts?  Though we trust Apple iCloud is safeguard with our data, we want to also make some periodic backup.

Please advice.
With the HomePod in my office, I want to play sets of iTunes songs as selected by user defined and entered values in an iTunes column, e.g. the Grouping column = "Favorites"

I would want to select from a few sets e.g. "Oldies", "Traditional Christmas"

Music selections could be changed by editing of the Grouping value.

Can I do this? -   Can user-defined 'View Options" be created?
Are there any ways to run iPhones apps within a regular Macintosh computer operating system?
What apps or methods exist that will allow me to have a second phone number assigned to my iPhone (similar to Google Voice)?

I am a Sprint PCS subscriber and really liked the Google Voice service that replaced the iPhone phone number with my Google voice phone number everytime that I made a call using my iPhone. My Google Voice phone number would always show on other people's caller ID whenever I would call them.

However, this Google voice integration with my Sprint PCS service ended on 6/1/18 due to security upgrades and Google not producing an updated app.

So I'm currently looking for a replacement app or service I can subscribe to that will display an alternate phone number every time that I make an outgoing phone call using my iPhone X.

What apps or services are currently available that will allow this to be done?
hi guys

Our team use Mac High Sierra and whenever they try to copy a filepath in the finder and paste it into a document or in Outlook, it just does not paste. So for example, if there was a folder on the server and they want its location to be presented to others, they would just select 'copy' on that file location and paste it into an email or a document and it would paste the filepath like smb://server/filelocation.

This is no longer working!! On two separate Macs. It used to work without any issues.

Any ideas how to fix this problem?

Thank for helping
I have a bunch of Macs married to Active Directory. I want to change the default web browser from Safari to Chrome. The machines are running 10.13.5 . I want Chrome to be the default even when a new user logs in on a mobile account for the first time. Anyone know how to accomplish this? Thanks!
2 recently installed HomePods continue to play music (from separate sources) when all computers, iDevices have been shutdown, or so I believe. All devices on LAN are Apple  - Macs/iPhone/iPad. Music seems to be from my local Apple sources - which may be iTunes? Power cycling HomePods no help. Both HomePods controlled from local iPhone 8S/iOS 11.4.

Ah sweet mysteries - whence forth cometh the music?
Can I configure Apple Safari browser for windows, (Safari  version 5.1.7) so as to allow blocked content ?
I am testing a web application that uses WebSockets where the Websocket server is listening on port 777.
There is no problem with chrome  or Internet explorer 11, IE 11 prompts to allow blocket content. and Chrome just runs without any warning.
Safari just hangs
the WebSocket being used is ws and not wss.
If an iPod 6th generation is icloud locked, can you still upload music to it from iTunes?

I am considering buying one.
Cloud Class® Course: C++ 11 Fundamentals
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Cloud Class® Course: C++ 11 Fundamentals

This course will introduce you to C++ 11 and teach you about syntax fundamentals.

I have some blockage on my iCloud email

I do not understand why, but certain emails do not show up on my iCloud account.

I logged into and saw no error or sign it was  not working. But I do know that certain emails have been lost. Such as, my WordPress site has an outbound email with a PDF attached. I pulled my hair out with the email not showing up until I used my trusty GMail.

Other things I fear are also blocked.

In my ThunderBird (Mac) for the iCloud email, there is no SPAM folder. So, perhaps it is being flagged somewhere as SPAM, but not visible either on ThunderBird or online at


Need to convert MP3 to text on a Mac

I can swear I did this on my Mac but I need to use an MP3 file as the source

Can anyone remind me what built-in Mac functionality there is?

I need MP3 as the source.

I subscribe to several popular magazines such as Time, Smithsonian, National Geographic, and Reader's Digest.

I don't have the time to read these magazines but do spend several hours a day commuting and driving around on business.

So are there any audio versions of these magazines I can listen to? If so how can I obtain and listen to these audio versions?
In Google Chrome Settings we enabled "Show bookmarks bar".

After setting up the bookmarks as we wanted, after a while we noticed what we modified has been returned as before (like we have not modify out Bookmarks Bar).

We have iCloud and it always synced ok, but for some reason the Bookmarks after a while, all reset to its prior stated.

We have Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer.  and in out mobiles, Safari in iPhone/iPads

What is going on and how can we fixed his?

To see the effect and maybe it could be fixed,
  • We disable iCloud setting to not sync Bookmarks chrome.
  • then we went into the computer and disable iCloud extension.
  • then deleted all bookmarks in chrome.
  • We went to iphone/ipad and restarted both device (didn't touch the safari bookmark, in both device its the same)
  • Went back to iCloud and enable chrome sync
  • Went back to chrome and re-enable icloud extension

By re-enabling & restarting we though chrome would download from iCLoud, but its empty.

Please advice.
I have a TM backup on an external USB disk which is not being detected by Migration Assistant.

On the desktop, it can be seen fine. For example, when I click into it- I can see the files. But how do I get it to migrate?

(The disk on which the TM backup is stored has loads of other folders on it as well...could this be a factor?)
Exporting an mp4 from iMovie 10.

Shall I get iMovie 11?
Incrementing a file's clock time by three hours

I have a Mac

I need to sync the audio and the video, but my MP3 player was slo by 3 hours.

I want to use the clock-time to help me marry the files.

How do I do this?

We have some IOS app developers who have made a app for IOS (IPA package). They have send the IPA file to me, and they have signed it with their own developer certificate - and say that we must sign it with our own, before we can deploy it.

We are using Intune with SCCM (hybrid) and SCCM I know very well how to deploy and stuff. But do any have some input how we should do this ?. It must be noticed, the App must not be on "app store". It is a local company app that we want to deploy to company phones etc, so outside App store

Can any give some input on this ?

Another note. I tried to put the Ipa on a phone through apple configurator 2. It install, but afterwards the icon stay "grey" - and when trying to click on it, the error comes that the application cannot be installed.  Must the app not work through apple configurationer with manual installation ? - or has this also something to do with the developer signing etc ?
Mac - Need urgently to turn my mouse color white on High Sierra

I am using a dark Mac app in bad lighting and need to see my mouse.

How do I change the color of the mouse??

Cloud Class® Course: CompTIA Cloud+
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Cloud Class® Course: CompTIA Cloud+

The CompTIA Cloud+ Basic training course will teach you about cloud concepts and models, data storage, networking, and network infrastructure.

How to Export a Movie from iMovie?

I created a video on my Mac with iMovie and need to export is as a MP4.


We have the latest version of iCloud installed in our Windows 10 Pro.  However, when clicking the 'iCloud Drive' folder "C:\Users\username\iCloudDrive\", which should contain the same as the web '', we only get the last files upload (it has passed various days and it wont get updated).  Yet when we look at out iPhone and iPad, the new files are there - we want to update our Windows 10.

How can sync when we want or do we have to wait an X amount if time?
Is there any way of bookmarking the MP3 music location on an iPhone X?

I'm currently listening to some dramas using my iPhone X (that are each one hour long). I have several hundred of these dramas saved on my iPhone.

I have no problems when all that I listen to is these dramas (when I listen to them sequentially) since I pause listening to these dramas and then go back into the iPhone music app and continue listening from the point where I left off before (when I want to continue listening to these dramas).

However, whenever I listen to other MP3 music files I always lose my place as to where I have left off listening to these one hour long dramas.

Is there any way (or are there any apps I can load) which will allow me to bookmark or save the exact location of where I am currently listening to these dramas so I can continue listening at the exact point where I left off whenever I want to listen to other MP3 music files?
iTunes just started randomly opening by itself on my Macbook. No matter how many times I exit, it keeps opening by itself. There doesn't seem to be anything in the settings to prevent this. It's extremely distracting; please help me kill this iTunes nuisance!
Is Windows iTunes better if it is installed through the Windows 10 app store as opposed to being downloaded from the Apple website?
What are the best wireless or Bluetooth keyboard/mice combinations for Mac laptops?

Apple Software

Programs written for the Apple operating systems are distinguished from software created for other operating systems in that it must be approved by Apple for use on its devices, whether it is from Apple (Final Cut, iWork, Keynote, Logic Pro and GarageBand are popular titles), or is a third party application from Parallels, Nuance, Microsoft and Amazon, among many others.