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Programs written for the Apple operating systems are distinguished from software created for other operating systems in that it must be approved by Apple for use on its devices, whether it is from Apple (Final Cut, iWork, Keynote, Logic Pro and GarageBand are popular titles), or is a third party application from Parallels, Nuance, Microsoft and Amazon, among many others.

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I run Windows 10 on my Lenovo laptop, and  use iTunes to synchronize my Outlook 365 with my iPhone.   Today I tried to run my usual synchronization, and got the following message:

Itunes backup message
I don't know what went wrong, or what to do to fix it.  Please help.


Could you explain the various connect options for Mac to Android text messaging.  How does the Android email function like a text messenger?    I just discovered by phone the person I was text messaging was recieving the text message in email.  They messaged me back and forth as a if their email server was a text messenger.   Is the iPhone messaging different than the Mac messaging?   And facetime audio is Apple device only?
I have tried unsuccessfully to syn my iPhone tasks/reminders with Outlook 2010.  I have placed various question and also the previous staff used to work here, but no success; for some reason iPhone cannot sync with Outlook 2010 for tasks/reminders.

Reading up on the matter I found that Microsoft has a "To-Do" (  After searching a bit I also found, as with syncing Outlook/iPhone, a way to sync Microsoft To-Do with iPhone.

Using the email of iPhone account (Settings >> Apple ID >> iCloud >> Mail), I created a Microsoft Live account with the email of iPhone account.  The purpose is to sync tasks/reminders of the iPhone with Microsoft To-Do and vice-versa.  Only was successful with syncing task from Microsoft T-To to iPhone, but not iPhone >> Microsoft.

This is the image in my iPhone of the account I used to create the Microsoft Live account in order to sync with Microsoft To-Do (Settings >> Apple ID >> iCloud >> Mail):
So in essence, what I am trying to do is Since I work with both my iPhone and Outlook constantly with reminders, try to have them synce betwen the Outlook 2010 and iPhone.  

Since I have tried this in many times unsuccessfully, now trying to:
 - Use Microsoft To-Do to sync with my iPhone
 - Use the same MS To-DO to sync with my Outlook
Can data roaming switch on for primary line but not second line on my iPhone 11 Pro?
Anyone has a step by step instructions/guide on how to upgrade
a Macbook Pro 13" (2012 release)  flash storage of 250GB to 2TB?
Ideally all the apps (including MS Office, etc) & data are ported over.

Will need to install OSX to the new 2TB SSD or if possible, can I
use Acronis CDROM to just do a bare metal backup & restore
over?  I have Acronis though it's about 9 years ago version
which I've successfully tested (booting up from CD) to
restore for Windows laptops.

I'm a complete newbie in Macbooks & OSX.  

Pls recommend the compatible brands of SSD for the
Macbook Pro 13"  (Yr 2012) that could fit in.  Reckon it'll
void warranty but it's out of warranty any way.
I have a Apple Watch series 5 and I cannot answer my whatapps messages. I do get the header or person who text me in what apps but can’t see the contents nor answer it.  Yet, I can see the contents and answer text message that I receive regularly thru the phone text message apps (iMessage)
I have a Apple Watch series 5 and for some reason I don’t see my reminders created in iPhone appear in the AW.  But in random ways I did see some reminders appear but then not there.  Help please  getting my iPhone reminder also in my AW.
Hi guys, I just got an early Xmas present, an Apple Watch Series 5.  Started searching of a ‘list of features of apple watch series 5‘ but up to now only videos y semi-list.  I went to apple and same thing, no straight-forward list of features for this watch.  

What I am looking for is an actual summary list of features so I can have them and little by little when time affords, go over them in the device.
I have 15 field techs that use either an HP Elitebook 840 G5 or a Surface Pro 4.
We want to remotely install iCloud on each and then configure them to automatically upload their pictures from their iPhone 7, 8 , 10 models to their computers.
Is iCloud needed for this? Or can we find another better way of doing it?
I am working with Corporate IT to see if we can put together a package to push down to each of them via Matrix42.
I'm getting following error
"To enable Messages in iCloud. review and upgrade your Apple ID security"
I have removed the account and added again, but still same
I got a new Lenovo laptop running Windows 10 and iTunes 12.  I am running Outlook from Office 365, and have iTunes set to use Outlook for syncing Contacts and Calendar.  But when I synced my iPhone 6 to iTunes through the computer it wiped out all my existing Calendar and Contact data, although Outlook on the computer has all the information.  I tried using the "Replace Contacts and Calendar" option, but that didn't accomplish anything.  Please help.


Controlling a Mac using speech?

What kinds of tools are there for someone who can not use a keyboard with both hands?

files on iCloud on an iPhone X with the iCloud ID and password known so everything is accessible from the iPhone.

repaired MacBook has same ID and password and is logged in and recovered all the photos that were on the iPhone. however there are numerous folders and files sitting in iCloud that haven’t transferred to the MacBook. what can I do to get these on the MacBook and get both devices for certain talking to the same iCloud account which they half way seem to be now. iOS is latest release as is MacOS.
Hello Experts

I just got 2 iPhones XRs and my old phone was iPhone 7+ that I backed up using iTunes for Windows 7 and traded it in.

I restored iTunes to XR-A successfully, and my question is if anyone sees any downsides if I used the same iTunes Restore on XR-B, then deleted unnecessary apps? At that point would it be possible if I changed XR-B’s name and created a new backup?

Of course, the 2 phones have different numbers.
My daughter has an 11+ month old iPhone X that is having serious problems.  She can no longer send or receive phone calls except thru Messenger.  In addition, she has an area of dead pixels in the corner of her screen.  Her warranty expires in 10 days so she is going to the Apple Store this weekend.  I suspect they will either give her a replacement phone or in the least try to reset the phone to fix the calling problem.  Either way, she needs a 100% foolproof way to backup all of her pictures, texts messages, contacts, apps so that she can restore them fully on a new device.  I emphasize the foolproof way because over the years she has lost a lot of images/data twice when earlier iphones failed.

I am an Android user and not a fan of or expert in iTunes at all.  To make things interesting she is across the country from me and she is having some technical problems (yet to be defined) with the Microsoft Surface Pro that she is using.

Couldn't she backup all of her photos and videos outside of the Apple community to say Drop Box?  Then they could be downloaded and verified to any Windows PC, correct?

What is the best way to backup and verify her other data?

Thank you!

BTW, she is running OS 12.4, her phone is MQA82LL/A, she is on Verizon, and has 143 songs, 1,273 videos and 16,000+ pictures, 61 applications and is using 160GB out of the phone's 256GB capacity.
I have a Windows 7 machine, running in parallels.  I have to upgrade to Win 10.

I want to be able to have both versions of Windows running until I make sure that the Windows 10 install has all of the necessary data and programs migrated from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

Questions are:
Can I have both versions of Windows installed in parallels at the same time
How do I do that
How do I boot to each version of Windows

Please be as specific as possible
I have an iPad running iOS 13.1 that I need to get back to iOS 12.4. I know that Apple stopped signing iOS 12.4 so a traditional downgrade is not an option. Would doing a clean install of iOS 12.4 work?  I do own CopyTrans software which I have all the data I need backed up on my iMac. At this point, is there any way to get iOS 12.4 back onto this iPad?  Thank you very much for your help.
I recently upgraded from aniPhone 7 plus to an 11 Pro MAx. All my data was on iCloud which transferred to the new phone, or so I thought. When I look at the 8000 or so photos and videos, some appear to be on my new phone and open up immediately, some I get a message that the phone needs to download the file first before it opens.

I want to make sure that all my data is residing locally on my new iPhone. How do I accomplish this?
How to delay (timer) screen shot with iPadOS

I want to take screen shot of Afffinity Photo screen which requires holding down key to reveal Help text.

How do I delay (using timer) screen shot with iPadOS while pressing ? icon to preserve Help text on screen.
Hello all,
I had double auth. using Microsoft authticator on my iPhone.
upon replacing my iPhone, I love my authenticator app, as I noticed I was supposed to enable icloud backup within the app settings itself.

anyways, I tried logging into Microsoft account, to notice I forgot my password, and I lost my authenticator app.
I can try guessing my password, but it would take the too many attempts.
I tried using the authentication with my alternate email address, but it wasn't enough, I had to use the app still as dual authentication.
I am unable to reach out to Microsoft for support.
although I still have access to my emails from outlook and ios mail.
any ideas?
I've got all my music backed up on a separate hard drive, so I can blow it and still be OK. That said, here's a screenshot of what has my perplexed:

iTunes screenshot
I want to delete my music from my computer, not the cloud. Not sure how that works or if it can work, but I need to streamline the amount of space my tunes are taking up and I don't want to upset what's on the cloud.

How do I do that?
Dell Inspiron 1500 (3000 series), OS Windows 10.  Ipad (3)

I followed the instructions but seem to have made a mistake. I clicked on File Sharing in Itunes and when given the list of APPS I selected the Word App which must be wrong because they are not Word Files. What App should I select  so as to transfer these JPG files successfully.  I dont see one clearly on the list.
I am looking for an 'AutoHotKey'-type program for Mac.  I have to type the same/similar sentences very frequently, and I need to find a reliable short cut.  AutoHotKey was perfect, but I have moved (back) over to Mac, so it doesn't work.  I'm hoping to find a free download, and If automator or appleScript are capable of doing this I am all ears...

Here would be an example of a desired outcome:
Press [Shift + Cmnd + Delete] and the sentence 'Thank you very much for your time today' would appear in whatever app I am working with

Thanks all!
So I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but I'm trying to create a bootable Mac OSX USB drive.  I'm creating it from a Windows 10 machine.  I downloaded TransMac, formatted my thumb drive and then restored an image of 10.8 DMG file to the thumb drive.  Then when I try to use it by booting to the USB drive on the Mac, it does not show up as one of the drives I can boot to.  Has anyone tried this before and what am I doing wrong?
Need Hotkeys for Mac startup

I left my MacBook (2013) Mojave to go to sleep last night. This morning, I forgot that and started up. But, the cursor stopped moving when I tried to log in.

I hard rebooted by pressing and holding the start button. On restart, it went into the mode where I am prompted to se the language. It was like the hard disk crashed.

So, I took it to MicroCenter where a restart brought up that same language selection window. But the guy press four keys on startup and the Password window came up, and it functioned like normal.

What keys did he hold down?

It seems like that would be a smart thing.

He said I let the PC go to sleep and that causes lots of temp files to be created, which overwhelmed the system.

First, what are those key strokes?

Second, is his explanation making sense to you?


Apple Software

Programs written for the Apple operating systems are distinguished from software created for other operating systems in that it must be approved by Apple for use on its devices, whether it is from Apple (Final Cut, iWork, Keynote, Logic Pro and GarageBand are popular titles), or is a third party application from Parallels, Nuance, Microsoft and Amazon, among many others.