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Programs written for the Apple operating systems are distinguished from software created for other operating systems in that it must be approved by...

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My areas of expertise include:
- system and database architecture
- IT auditing
- ITS (or Intelligent Transport Systems) for the highway

Troubleshooting Solution

Cannot send files using XMPP

Hi, I got jabber install on Linux Server, my users use different clients like Pidgin, PSI and Meebo …

An Experts Exchange Shortcut for the Truly Lazy

Do you come here a lot? Are you lazy like me and don't want to go through the "trouble" of having to click your Dock's Safari icon and then having to click your Experts Exchange Favorites bookmark to get here? Well then this article is for you.

iPhone Storage Full?  Try this quick fix to solve your problem.

Is your phone running out of space to hold pictures? This article will show you quick tips on how to solve this problem.

If you forgot that the WWDC was today, then here is a link …

If you forgot that the WWDC was today, then here is a link to the live feed for Apple. See you …
Troubleshooting Solution

re-structure a csv file and output a new file

I have a CVS file with thousands of lines and columns. I need to focus on column AM named or any …
Troubleshooting Solution

Ipad Air Gen4 reinstallation


Dear experts,

I have an ipad Air gen 4. It is now in 'ipad unavailable' state.

I have a Windows laptop


How Do I Remove the Apple ID on iPhone or iPad Activation Lock?

There is a security feature on iOS devices that is nearly impenetrable when it has been activated.  This article will provide some possible solutions as well as necessary steps to take to ensure you do not end up with a locked device.
Troubleshooting Solution

Macs are not recognizing my NetBoot Server

I have setup a 1.8Ghz PowerPC G5 running on 10.5.6 Server Edition that I want to have as my …

The 5 Best Treats of iOS 11!

While there are many new features for iOS 11, these are the five that can improve your digital lifestyle.

How to Delete Music from your iPhone

Are you looking to clear some space on your phone for the latest iOS 8 update? Did you switch to …
Troubleshooting Solution

My MacBook no longer takes screenshot images


I was working heavily on my laptop, and found the keyboard Cmd+Shift+4 did not work anymore. Then,

Troubleshooting Solution

M1 Mac mini running like a dog. Even moving the mouse is slow.

I recently purchased an M1 Mac mini and was blown away by how fast it was at first.

Like most …
Advice Solution

How do I back up my Apple cloud photos?


I run Windows 11 on my computer, but use an iPhone for my photos.  I've been getting messages from

Troubleshooting Solution

my iphone 4s , alarm built in troublshooting

hi all
i have iphone 4s , 16 GB
i'm daily set timing of buit_in alarm to wake up
sometimes  i …
Troubleshooting Solution

My MacBook battery drains way too fast!


I started using my Mac on battery, after a long time, working on plug only. So, I checked my power

Troubleshooting Solution

Thunderbolt Ethernet not working correctly!?


I can't get my Internet to work correctly with my Thunderbolt Ethernet connection.

Troubleshooting Solution

Chrome & Safari suddenly can't load most sites

My kid's macbook was able to browse all sites till about 2 days ago, it give
"Cant Connect to …
Troubleshooting Solution

Hidden icon? files keep getting created in Mac Finder. :(


Hello Experts,

A colleague "did something" to her MacBook that has resulted in Finder creating these

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