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Apple Software

Programs written for the Apple operating systems are distinguished from software created for other operating systems in that it must be approved by Apple for use on its devices, whether it is from Apple (Final Cut, iWork, Keynote, Logic Pro and GarageBand are popular titles), or is a third party application from Parallels, Nuance, Microsoft and Amazon, among many others.

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Has anyone experienced slow backups with Time Machine?  Right now, I have 1.11GB to backup and it says 4 hrs (only backed up 60MB).  I am on a GB network and we are backing up to a NAS.  I copied my VM (80GB) to the network (same destination NAS) in about 10 minutes a few days ago so it's not network speed, disk speed, etc.
Exploring SQL Server 2016: Fundamentals
LVL 12
Exploring SQL Server 2016: Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of Microsoft SQL Server, a relational database management system that stores and retrieves data when requested by other software applications.

How do I restore a Time Machine backup to a blank SSD?

I will get a new 1T SSD and will have a fresh backup to an external drive for my 500BG SSD.

How do I restore to the new drive? I use Mac High Sierra

I run Windows 10, and synchronize with my iPhone using iTunes.  I hadn't updated in a while, so I ran the update for iTunes, restarted the computer, then attempted to update my iPhone software.  The update process proceeded for a long time, and then (after the update seemed to be complete) it ran through the backup process.  Then, finally, I got the following error message:

iPhone update error message
The next time I rebooted and opened iTunes it gave me the same message that an update is available.  What does this mean, and how can I fix it?


The user received a legitimate email with a return address using their text mail address. However they didn't send the email, they only received it.  The sending address is their phone number @ mms.att.net
The user has an iPhone, an iPad and an iMac.  The email was received on the iPhone and iPad, but not on the iMac.  

Is there a way to see the header on an email received on an iPhone or iPad?

They have since called AT&T and made sure that they don't share their phone number account with anybody else.
ATT told them that they also share a satellite TV account with another person, but that this other person is the only control for the shared account.

The user changed their iCloud password, and confirmed that they have 2-factor authentication turned on.

My guess is that their phone number is embedded in the Mac Messages app on some computer somewhere, and that when a file was 'shared' the Messages app sent the file using a wrong phone number.

Naturally, they don't want people sending out email using their AT&T phone number

Any idea how this return address appeared?


email with text mail address
hello everyone I have a user that's running Mac OS Mojave the user deleted a folder by accident and then empty the trash can. I am very familiar with NTFS and fat partitions running Drive recovery software to recover things that were deleted in the trash can but I've never had this issue with a Mac any suggestions? also, they were running iCloud backup but because they remove the folder and threw it away it removed it from the iCloud.

I am thinking of taking out the drive and connected it to another mac using my USB to serial cable but I do recall in the past that I used a thunderbolt to USB to connect a hard drive of a non-booting mac to another mac to access the drive, I am wondering would this work instead of removing the drive?
Self-training on using Social Media to promote my podcast

I am fairly new to SMM and have a podcast I need to get people subscribing to.

Any training videos and/or tips and tricks you can share?
Trouble distributing a podcast on iTunes

I have a podcast that is now working:

and I want to submit it to iTunes.

Does this mean I need to get picked up as a developer?

I plan to have only free episodes.

I created a new Apple ID but am blocked from logging in when I try and log onto:

I get the error:
Your Apple ID isn't enabled for iTunes Connect

What is the minimum I need to do for this to allow me to get configured?

Is there a way to setup a specific folder to backup to iCloud instead of the entire Desktop?

I have a bunch of files I want to place in a folder on my desktop, but I don't want it to backup to iCloud.  I have another folder that I like having the files backup to iCloud.  Can this be separated?
It is a SBS 2011 domain for what it is worth. The HP Smart app on the iPad see all network printers (there are about 20 of them). Absolutely no problem printing to OfficeJet 8600 but it just won't print to a LaserJet 402dne (it is a monochrome lasser. It goes through all the paces, says it is printing but nothing comes out the printer. No indication that anything makes it to the printer.

   Both printers have Bonjour on them. The 402dne must need a little something else to get it to print. Any ideas?
Two physical SSD drives and one Time Machine backup

I am about to upgrade my MacBook, which has a single 500 GB SSD, and I need more space ASAP. I bought that drive in 2013.

I would love to get a new, fast 1T SSD, but don't have the cash, and am considering using the CD drive on my MacBook for a second 500 GB SSD.

But how does this work with Time Machine?

I love to be able to plug in an external backup drive and know that when that external drive is unmounted, it contains all the latest files.

What about if I had two physical drives?

How does Time Machine solve this new wrinkle?
Python 3 Fundamentals
LVL 12
Python 3 Fundamentals

This course will teach participants about installing and configuring Python, syntax, importing, statements, types, strings, booleans, files, lists, tuples, comprehensions, functions, and classes.

My client's Iphone won't sync to Outlook whenever I add a contact to the IPhone.  It does sync when I add a contact to Outlook.  It also syncs whenever I edit a contact on the IPhone or in Outlook.  So, the only problem we're having is when we add a contact to the IPhone, it won't sync to Outlook.  We're using Outlook 2016 with Exchange 2010.  

It used to work, but now doesn't.  The only change he has made is he updated the iOS to 12.1.  Please let me know if you have any ideas on this.  I've researched this thoroughly, but can't find any solutions.  Thanks, Barbara
I run Windows 10 on my computer, but use iTunes to sync my songs and Outlook with my iPhone.  What I can't figure out is how to separate my different groupings of songs (e.g. My Favorites, My Wife's Favorites, Dance Tunes, etc.)?  I do have separate playlists, but when I want to import a bunch of - for example - "Hard Rock" songs, they're just added to my master list and the only way I can get them transferred to my "Hard Rock" playlist is by going song by song through the list and trying to remember which ones belong in the appropriate playlist.  With several hundred songs in my master list, this becomes unmanageable.  Is there a way to keep the imported songs segregated by category or folder or ?????   I'm more than willing to buy a third-party software program if that's what it takes.


is there a product or tool out there to centrally push down IOS updates when device is connected to (corporate) Wifi tt dont requires users to intervene?
Related to: Windows 10, MS Oultook 2016, iCloud

My Client had to create a new Outlook profile as the previous one has crashed. No matter what we did we just could not get it back (even the Outlook would not start/open).

Now we have new Outlook profile called 'Mail'. We added his 3 IMAP email accounts in there again and were able to get his emails back.
FYI, one account is his smallfirm.com email, another one telus.net email and then we tried to add his iCloud email. The iCloud email 'appears' in the list of accounts but cannot retrieve or send any emails. Anyway, he doesn't use that email for anything, He jut had the same setup under his old 'Outlook' profile, so we tried to replicate it.
Now he misses Calendar and Contacts that he use to have with his old profile.

He has those on his iPhone. He uses iCloud to sync them between his computer and his phone. iPhone works alright, no issues there.
On his computer there is iCloud for Windows installed.We tried to check and then uncheck the "Mail, Contacts, Calendar and Task" option then re-open the Outlook.  
Now there is a message:
Server:   p63-imap.mail.me.com
User name: smallfirmnick (which is I think the iCloud user name)
Password: ------

We tried his iCloud password, nothing happened.
When Outlook is closed and started again, the same message appears.
The Calendar and Contacts still don’t show up.

I would appreciated if someone could provide any insight on this matter.
To sum it up, my client …
I'd be grateful to learn whether Outlook 2016 searches emails held on the server, which will in my case be Icloud. I currently use POP3/PST and want to migrate to IMAP/OST. My PST is about 10GB, and I plan to keep about 5GB of that locally cached on my Win 7 machine. My questions are: 1) Will Outlook 'instant search' only the locally cached emails, or will it also build a search index of emails held on the server and thereby quickly search those server-held emails as well 2) if 'yes', will 'instant search' of server-held emails be slower than that of locally cached emails. 3) Generally, does the search experience of IMAP/OST feel any slower than of POP3/PST?
How to create recorded music album with macOS 10.13.6 to be played (random selection) with iPhone 8S iOS 12.1 as background music?

That is, how to create iTunes music album (eg. Christmas Music) in macOS 12 iTunes which can be copied to iPhone 8S iOS 12.1 and played (random selection?) in iTunes.

I would want to play entire album, refreshed with random selections each time album is started. Output will be to Auto radio, HomePods or EarPods.
Hello, I have this incredibly weird problem on an old iMac. The customer doesn't remember, but it must be at least 9 years old.
Anyway, this is what happens: when I get to the login page, any mouse doesn't left click. Not the official mouse, not a mouse with cord, none of them. The pointer moves but I can't left click anywhere.
So I made a backup and tried reinstalling MacOS: well, mouses won't left click during the install procedure either. The keyboard works, but no mouse will left click.

I sincerely don't know what may be the problem here, so I decided to ask here and see if anyone had a similar problem.

How many people can access podcasts on iTunes and Google Play?

I have a podcast coming up hosted on podbean and distributed through iTunes and Google Play.

How many people could potentially access it?

I have a client that is successfully using iCloud for Windows software to sync his Contacts and Calendar with Outlook 2010.  Yesterday, I joined his workstation to a Windows domain that uses Roaming Profiles and Folder Redirection.  After successfully log into the iCloud program, the program closes.  Hence begins the loop.  If I relaunch the program, it requests my login credentials again, then closes itself after successfully logging in.

The workstation is running Windows 7 64bit, and I reinstalled the iCloud software using the latest version available for download.

Any idea what is happening?  Does Roaming profiles or folder redirection break the iCloud software?
OWASP: Threats Fundamentals
LVL 12
OWASP: Threats Fundamentals

Learn the top ten threats that are present in modern web-application development and how to protect your business from them.

Using iOS - Ipod.

Found some interesting podcasts with big libraries - hundreds of episodes.

So far, only way to download them all would be to...click each one and select download.

Need top find an iOS podcast app that allows me to bulk download all podcasts.

I know Podbean allows this.  But, it is super buggy and crashes all the time.

Any others?


iCloud keeps popping up and asking me to sign in several times a day. Most of the time I ignore it, but when I do sign in I get the message, that I have to enter my Apple ID code (2-step verification), and I do. Then it says I have to repair iCloud for Windows to use iCloud with Outlook. I have to open Programs and Features, select iCloud, and then Change, iCloud-error.JPG, and Repair. I do all that, and reinstall iCloud for WindowsiCloud-error_2.JPG but nothing happens. Now, I do not use Outlook on a regular basis anymore. Is there some way to stop iCloud from popping up and making me sign in and then trying to get me to reinstall it every hour of every single day? I can just delete the pop-up but it is annoying.

Thank you.
i can only login to my macbook on safe mode only not when how i does log in normally. i removed the mac from the domain and re-add and its still not working.

please help
I would like to download all photos from the iCloud to my Windows 7 PC
How can I get all my photos off iCloud (empty) and store them on my PC?
Thanks all for your great help. I appreciate
I am using Macbook. I have Mail app. I am not using it, but it has my emails and take huge space. I can't delete the app it's not allowed from Mac OS. So how to stop using it? So I can save the space.

Thanks a lot,
Best regards,
Finding sample PodCasts

I am about to start my own podcast, but first need to see some successful podcasts. It involves history, politics and conspiracy theories.

Any suggestions?

I have an iPhone, so how do I begin the process of using my phone for PodCasting? I would like to see the iTunes interface...

Can you direct me?


Apple Software

Programs written for the Apple operating systems are distinguished from software created for other operating systems in that it must be approved by Apple for use on its devices, whether it is from Apple (Final Cut, iWork, Keynote, Logic Pro and GarageBand are popular titles), or is a third party application from Parallels, Nuance, Microsoft and Amazon, among many others.