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Programs written for the Apple operating systems are distinguished from software created for other operating systems in that it must be approved by Apple for use on its devices, whether it is from Apple (Final Cut, iWork, Keynote, Logic Pro and GarageBand are popular titles), or is a third party application from Parallels, Nuance, Microsoft and Amazon, among many others.

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MacOS Disk Eject Hanging

I did not pull out my hard disk after an overnight backup with Time Machine. But this window popped up and shows the spinning wheel when I cursor over Cancel and Force Eject...

I tried relaunching Finder and can not Restart MacOS, since this hangs.

I hate doing a hard restart of my MacBook.

What are my options?

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Expert Spotlight: Joe Anderson (DatabaseMX)

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I'm trying out an application which backs up my iPhone -- CopyTrans Shelbee.  I'm testing that application because I've been using iTunes to back up my iOS devices, and I understand that may not be possible for much longer.  CopyTrans takes forever, during a backup, persisting at the phase called "Camera Roll", and the size of the backup is several GB.  This is a mystery, because I have no photos, favorites or albums stored on my iPhone, no videos, and no recently deleted photos.  If I perform a full backup with iTunes, it takes only a minute or two, and the size of the backup is 250 MB.  It is possible that some ancient photos or videos were stored in iCloud, but I don't know how to access them.  In the iPhone Photos settings, iCloud Photos is turned off.   Any suggestions on how to clear up space in "Camera Roll" would be appreciated.

I am trying to take the songs out from  my ipod shuffle (2008 device) but i can. i contact apple and they said that its not possible. that those devices works only one way. i can put music in but i can not take music out.

i was wondering is there is a third party software that allows me to estract the music from the shuffle so then i can import in it iTunes or play it in some other way.

when i plug the shuffle in my laptop i can see  the 260 songs but i can not play them neither copy them out.

any advice please
About iCloud Drive Photos: Accessing Photos in iCloud Drive for viewing/editing

How do I save my Photos Library [2,612 Photos, 35 Videos - 6.65 GB] on iCloud Drive as same size as Mac.

How do I view these iCloud stored photos rendered same size as on Mac in 'icon' (?) view

This is .HEIC ( (1.9MB on my Mac, but .jpeg (3.4Mb) in iCloud - why the different format?
The Windows 10 user was really productive using Picasa (when it was around)
Rather than continue to use an old version of Picasa, they would like to use an application that has almost the same functionality, especially including:
Automatic sorting by date
Deletion of duplicates
Creation and sharing of albums
Simple editing of photos.

They have an iPhone, a lot of storage in iCloud, and they're using iCloud for Windows for synchronization.

Thanks for any suggestions.
Mac 10.14.4 with apple mail 12.4 and user can no longer send e-mail with DMARC failure response.  Client has Yahoo, Gmail, Centurytel, and iCloud e-mail accounts.  No account can send e-mail due to every account was trying to use GMAIL for SMTP.  Tried adding a iCloud SMTP server as Apple recommended, but once I select iCloud for SMTP on any account it quickly defaults back to None.  I have scanned to computer for viruses with Avast Free, as the computer had no protection and she had fallen victim to a tech support scam on this computer.
I have 2 Macs/Mojave and one account. I updated App ID password on Mac #1 (Why? because previous password no longer worked - Why ???)

Now the fun begins [read torture]...

1. Change password on Mac mini/Mojave #1...
2. Spend time entering 2-factor ID 6-digit code (Wait! - do I have iPhone at hand? - yes, whew!)
3. Ok, now able to open account with new password

4. Go to Mac mini/Mojave #2...
5. Login to is NoGo using password as updated (changed) in 1-3. above

This is the second time I have been down this road. I don’t know why new password (#1) was required, and worse working iCloud password on Mojave #1 again does not work on Mojave #2.

It gets worse…

Any ideas why this password is not valid on second Mac?

[Next Day] - Any ideas why Password (see 3, above) is ‘invalid’ next day on Mac#1?

That is, I cannot login to from Mojave #1 or Mojave #2

Of course, I can (I assume) create a new Apple ID / Password - is this good idea?
Refer to attached screen.  Majority of the storage utilization is under  "Others".

My teen kid's Macbook Pro  ran out of storage space & she can't install a new dmg.
She doesn't store much video, some photos.

She watches a lot of movies, could it be there are lots of temp files under "others"?
How can we housekeep / free up more space on the 250GB drive?

OSX version 12.11.6
How can I use other cloud instead of iCloud for my Apple ID iPhone/iPad account
When I get outlook meetings via email or when I register to an event (*.ics), it get placed to a calendar not my own (I have my calendar and icloud calendar).  I want to always have them place in iCloud calendar; how can do this?
Introduction to Web Design
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Introduction to Web Design

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Hello - I am having trouble syncing my Mac photo albums with my iPhone 8. It was syncing a few weeks ago, but now appears to have stopped syncing updates to my photo albums and photo library from Mac to iPhone. The calendar still syncs, but photos do not. I have no idea why this could be. I have everything turned on (i.e. Photo Stream and iCloud Photos) on both my Mac and iPhone. Both area also completely up to date. The Mac just suddenly stopped syncing my photo album updates with my iPhone. Do you have ANY idea whatsoever why this might be? Help!
I have a brand new Windows 10 Lenovo laptop with MS Home and Business 2016 installed. On my old laptop I had the iCloud Windows desktop app installed that would allow me to sync my iCloud calendar to my Outlook calendar. Worked great.
I have installed all of the same software although the iCloud Desktop is a newer version. I don't have the "Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks" button to check in the iCloud settings. I have iCloud Drive, Photos, and Bookmarks but not "Mail, etc". It is missing. I have performed a repair of Office, signed in and out of iCloud several times, repaired the iCloud app multiple times and even uninstalled and reinstalled. I have tried it with Outlook configured with an email account and without.
I am at a loss of what to try next. Remember this is a new laptop so I don't have any other software installed yet but Office and iCloud for Windows.

my iPhone is running very low with just 400 MB disk space left according to the Windows Explorer.

I'm running Windows 10 with iPhone XS max latest iOS 12.2, I cannot copy or cut (move) files from the Windows Explorer even though I can browse and select them, only few can be copied, but not all of the files I selected can be copied successfully.

I have about 33 GB files that I need to migrate from the device, but I can't even by selecting date by date.

See the below error:
Windows Explorer issue
How can I move those files to free up some disk space in my iPhone easily?

Thank you in advance.
Hi guys

My father's 27inch early 2011 imac needed a little upgrade. I went and put in a Crucial 500gb SSD disk into it into where its old hard drive used to be.

When we boot, i am getting the question mark with a folder. I tried holding the Alt option and in doing so only the internet recovery comes up. I tried command R and same thing.

Anyway, so I chose the internet recovery. It took 20mins. Then it came to the menu where I could choose disk utility. I went in and could see the SSD.  I formatted my SSD to Mac format (journaled). I restarted it and still same. Then i tried doing something similar to choose it as the startup disk but I can't. I tried attaching an external disk with Mac Sierra installation on it. It isn't giving me the option of seeing this disk either at startup.

What gives? Is it the Mac itself? Should I take the SSD and install it onto a MacBook Pro and try putting the OS on it that way?

Thanks for helping

We are a school and I have created a single School iCloud account. I have added all the 4 iPads into the school iCloud account.
Using the school iCloud account, I have installed the default apps and updates on all the 4 iPads.

I will be issuing these iPads to the staffs and will they be able to use their own personal iCloud account and install their own apps on the school iPad?

We are a windows-based network and the iPads are only for the senior management and we will not go more than 8 iPads.

Any help and sugessions will be great
Thanks in advance.
How do I copy (move is OK) single photo from iPhone [iOS 12.1.4] to Mac OS Mojave [Mac OS 10.14.3] with minimum effort. No 'Continuity Camera', No Air Play, No iTunes.

Click 'n Drag would be ideal, but likely not possible :-) - I do this infrequently and would like simple method to get 1 photo from iPhone to Mac OS. Copy to Desktop/Folder OK - just want simple method. iPhone is connected to Mac with Lightning/USB cable. Seems Apple must have solved this...

I have spent too much time with no photo copy/move - Help!!
Hi - I am about to replace the HDD of a client Macbook mid 2012 with an SSD drive after the former had failed.
Is there a way that i can install High Sierra or Sierra on the new drive straight from an external USB disk instead of going through the Internet recovery?
Otherwise it means it will install Mountain Lion and then i have to re-upgrade again which is a waste of time i would like to avoid if poss.

Link below says:  The iCloud Drive Archive folder appears when you turn off iCloud Drive…

How (and why) would this occur? - not done with my knowledge

There  are currently 4 iCloud Drive (Archive) - X [X = 1-4]  files on my hard drive.

Why are the created? How do I prevent these files from being created?

The iCloud Drive Archive folder appears when you turn off iCloud Drive. Instead of just dumping your Documents and Desktop files into your local Documents and Desktop folders, where they could create quite a mess if you already have files there, it puts these in these iCloud Drive Archive folders so you can look in them and figure out what to do with these files orphaned by turning off iCloud Drive.
I am using a laptop running Windows 10.  It's been a long time since I've used this computer, and needed to reinstall iTunes to synchronize my phone.  After installing the iTunes it asked me for my username and password to access the program.  The password I thought was correct didn't work, so I selected "forgot my password".  They then had me enter my email and phone number, but I never got the message that they said they sent to my phone (I've tried doing this several times).  So I hit "cancel" - since all I really need iTunes for is synchronizing my Outlook.  But when I hit the iPhone icon in iTunes I got the following message:

iTunes message
Can you help me get it up and running?


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I had this iphone from work, and I upgraded it to a new one. I backup my phone in the cloud and I restored the new one with data from the cloud, and it works fine. Now I want to erase the old one, it has no SIM in it, but when I go to Reset - Erase all data, I get a message that this phone is doing an update and if I want to interrupt it or wait and then reset the phone. What can that be all about? If I erase the phone I will not lose any data from the cloud right?
How to organize iOS/OSX photos from iCloud, 2 Macs and several iDevices (iPhones, iPods, iPad) so that all photos are always available on all devices - without any organization (grouping by date, type, etc) except chronological order by date entered, if possible. Future images are to  be added to iCloud current date with no grouping. No organization by Google (etc.) to be allowed. Just as in earlier days, when photo prints added to Album in order received.
I have tried to delete the backup in my icloud and haven been able to do it.  I went to iPhone settings icloud and tried to delete to have "Cannot delete backup... cannot be deleted at this time".  I also tried by using iCloud apps and same message.  Can someone tell me how to delete backup file sin iCloud no longer needed?
On a MAC - How to enable and disable screen sharing or remote management remotely from the command line.
Attempting to create iCloud account for Mac mini [Late 2012] upgraded from High Sierra. To Mojave, I am comfronted with the below message. I have no idea what password is required. I have only password associated with "(name)" - is there a work-around for this?  When/Where would I have created/used this password?

Enter the password you use to unlock “(name)” which is not the password for this Mac mini. --- ??

Enter the password you use to unlock the Mac mini “(name)”. Your password is encrypted and cannot be read by apple - worked OK
If I am using an iPhone 6, and I am going to buy a new iPhone XS Max, am I need to reset my Apple Watch? Is Apple Watch support connect to two iPhones?

Apple Software

Programs written for the Apple operating systems are distinguished from software created for other operating systems in that it must be approved by Apple for use on its devices, whether it is from Apple (Final Cut, iWork, Keynote, Logic Pro and GarageBand are popular titles), or is a third party application from Parallels, Nuance, Microsoft and Amazon, among many others.