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Programs written for the Apple operating systems are distinguished from software created for other operating systems in that it must be approved by Apple for use on its devices, whether it is from Apple (Final Cut, iWork, Keynote, Logic Pro and GarageBand are popular titles), or is a third party application from Parallels, Nuance, Microsoft and Amazon, among many others.

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While there are many new features for iOS 11, these are the five that can improve your digital lifestyle.

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by:Brian Matis
Took a little digging, but here's a quick and easy way to get to Apple's iOS 11 compatibility list for anyone that needs it:

Hope it helps!

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by:Sherry Cox
Great Information!!! Thank you!
OWASP: Forgery and Phishing
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OWASP: Forgery and Phishing

Learn the techniques to avoid forgery and phishing attacks and the types of attacks an application or network may face.

In light of the WannaCry ransomware attack that affected millions of Windows machines, you might wonder if your Mac needs protecting. Yes, it does and here is how to do it.
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by:David Anders
Turning on firmware passwords and encryption requires perfect password records and backup habits.
A dying encrypted drive is beyond my recovery skills.
I have dealt with the problems caused by both many times and have yet to deal with malware.
Adware, scareware, phishing, identity theft yes, I have been called to fix these.
But, I deal with individuals and small businesses.
Is your phone running out of space to hold pictures? This article will show you quick tips on how to solve this problem.
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HDR photos are the same size as a normal photo, they're just enhanced so they shouldn't affect storage unless you keep the original as well.

Even selecting optimized photo roll will use space on your phone.  It's just that the phone will modify the size of the cache according to how much space there is available on your device.  e.g. on my Android, Google Photos has a 500mb cache.

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by:L C

Iphone. Whatsapp backup. Google. Free and unlimited media storage.
By installing Google Photos on your iphone, you will be able to backup all your iphones media, including your Whatsapp Folder/Album (Photos, Videos, Voicenotes, GIF's).  

You wont need to buy extra storage for Google Drive, becuase Google Photos has an option for unlimited storage, so this does count against your default Google Drive space.

If you choose to backup your Whatsapp media (Photos, Videos, Voicenotes, GIF's) this way, you can still backup your chat database to icloud, in your whatsapp settings, you can choose to backup chats without videos, so you wont use up your up your icloud storage space, by duplicating videos already backed up with Google Photos.

Google Photos also has an assitant to help you remove media on your device that has already been backed up, this is optional, but helpfull if you need to recover storage space on your device. You will need a data connection or wifi access to access your media files, or just choose for offline access for selected media files.
In this article we will discuss some EI Capitan Mail app issues and provide some manual process to resolve them.
There is a security feature on iOS devices that is nearly impenetrable when it has been activated.  This article will provide some possible solutions as well as necessary steps to take to ensure you do not end up with a locked device.
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by:William Fulks
Great article. At my work, I inherited an iPhone from a former employee who had set up their personal account on there and Apple refused to do anything to help us even through we owned the phone. I had to go through several people to track down the former employee via Facebook and talk her into resetting the password so I could unlock the phone.
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by:Kyle Santos
Thanks, William.  That sounds like an awful route to have to take to recover a company owned phone, but at least it worked!  Hopefully more folks are able to learn about this issue and prevent it from happening in the future.
A lot of new and distinct gadgets are making their appearance every other day. The latest gadget that has wooed the attention of all gadget lovers and non gadget lovers alike is the Smartwatch. This tiny gadget is capable of offering live access to certain kind of information with the help of its interesting features to help ones make life more convenient. Let us evaluate what a Smart watch is capable and what is not capable of.
Useful Benefits of Smartwatches
  • A smart watch is extremely convenient. One gets any kind of notifications, can check emails, texts and many other things with this tiny gadget.
  • It acts as an accelerometer that assists one to keep a track of ones health and fitness regime
  • Few advanced Smartwatches contain specs which helps to even make calls with a Sim card independently
  • Package of advantages in a Portable device at an affordable price. Benefits that will help you so much and that too over your wrist 
  • With a Smartwatch you can easily get all the updates from live weather to playable versions of Space invaders 
Which SmartWatch Should You Opt For?
At present, there are just a handful of smartwatches that comes with various interesting specs. Let us give a look over some interesting specs and utility of few of the Smartwatch brands are:

The Pebble Smartwatch - Consisting of simple look and an …
Are you looking to clear some space on your phone for the latest iOS 8 update? Did you switch to Spotify so you no longer need to keep music native on your phone? Run out of space for taking photos while in the middle of vacation? Sometimes the quickest, easiest thing you can do is remove those old songs on your phone that don’t stand up over the years – it’s ok, we all have them.

Let’s review how to delete a song, an album, or all the music from your iPhone.

Disable iTunes Match
Before we start removing music from the iPhone, we have to make sure iTunes Match is disabled. If it isn’t, our phone won’t let us delete music directly from our iPhone (we would have to do so through iTunes on our computer – thanks Apple).

Settings > Music > “Show All Music” slider should be set to “Off”. This will hide all music that is not downloaded on your device, this will NOT affect music that you loaded onto your iPhone from your computer. 
Music01.pngDelete All Music
If you want a fresh start to your music collection, you can do it all at once, rather than taking the time to delete one album or song at a time.

Under your Settings > General > Usage (this can take a second, as it’s scanning all of your apps) > Music
Music02.pngFrom here you will see information about all of your apps. Select Music > Edit > All Music (red minus sign) > Delete  
Delete an Entire Album
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by:Lucas Bishop
Great write up! Since a delete option wasn't readily available in the UI, I wasn't even aware this could be done.
Steve Jobs once said that Blu-ray is "a bag of hurt". As Macs users well known, things haven’t settled down (at least not from Apple’s perspective). Several years after that comment, Mac OS X still doesn’t support Blu-ray playback, nor has any Mac shipped with a drive capable of even reading or burning data on a Blu-ray disc.

While Apple's own "solution" of streaming/downloading movies from iTunes is NOT really better, at least for people who value the quality of video/audio. I use both the latest model of AppleTV and stand-alone Blu-ray player and I still prefer to buy Blu-ray disks for movies (for TV series the visual/audio quality of iTunes content is acceptable enough).

I have to say that since now we know that Apple will never implement BD playback in the OS and it's possible to implement playback without their help, I'm more than a little surprised that another third party software filled this big hole and delivered a solution for this. It is Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player.

The Mac Blu-ray Player is the world’s first universal Blu-ray media player for Mac allowing for it can play not only all Blu-ray discs, ISO files, Blu-ray folders, but all the other media formats as well like DVDs,  VideoCDs, audio files, music and pictures. What even better is that this Blu-ray player software is easy to operate with a clear UI.  Besides, its incomparable loading speed and multiple functions will also impressed you.

If you are interested, I'd like to make a brief introduction …
Hi Folks,

This article is intended to throw some light or basically give an idea towards taking the first step in the world of Systems Administration. This would in the real context of the word "Systems Administration" which would mean right from OS to the functional components like Active Directory, Exchange, ISA, Backups, Clusters, etc. etc. Think of any real world scenario which you might have ever thought of re-building on a very small scale at your place. So the target audience for this article would be all those beginners who would like to explore the maze.

To start with, basically considering a typical business scenario, any organization would be having a directory structure. Sticking strictly with Windows i would say Active Directory and for email communication, Exchange (you can add to the list of functional components to any depth as far as your imagination and curiosity can take you). So to setup such a typical infrastructure below is the list of ingredients that you would want to keep handy.

Basic Ingredients:
* A computer with sufficient resources (in terms of fast processor, abundant physical memory and loads of disk space)
* A virtualization software like MS Virtual PC or VMware Workstation (Google them and you would find them in a jiffy)

Now lets move forward to setup our lab. Here what i would be considering is 2 different organizations with their individual forests and mailing systems. So after you install the virtualization softwares next step…

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I was wondering how do you create a ROUTER on win2k3 to add those 2 NIC... I installed RRAS to LAN route, but i can't find how to create machine1 to be the router.

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Thats all you got to do in Machine1 to act as a ROUTER. After you installed RRAS and enabled LAN routing, it starts acting as a router. (^_^)

To check the same you could try pinging the 2nd NIC on the ROUTER from a machine thats in the network of the 1st NIC. If that works then it means the configuration is correct.

There is no expliciti option or word like "ROUTER / Enable ROUTER" in RRAS, its just that we are introducing that  functionality in it.

Hope this helps (^_^)
Yesterday Apple introduced their revolutionary new iOS 5 operating system that claims to be the ultimate mobile technology interface. One of the biggest innovations of the new operating system is the introduction of the iCloud computing network. This new technology allows users to seamlessly integrate all of their data and information onto Apple's server and access it from anywhere. While the service is still in its early phases, there are some issues that Apple is still working on to make the iCloud better.

When logging onto the iCloud website, you have to use your Apple ID and password to access your account. After logging onto the website, you are able to access all of your contacts, calender, and files stored on mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad. If you lose all of your contacts due to a freak accident, you will not have to Google yourself in order to reclaim your life. All you have to do is log onto the iCloud website and retrieve numbers. You can not access your iTunes account or other digital media which is a problem the company will need to fix in the very near future if they want to compete with other companies claiming to have cloud services.

One of the coolest features on the new iCloud service is the "Find My iPhone" tool which uses your device's GPS in order to locate your phone wherever it is. This is a huge deterrent to iPhone theft and pawning because an owner can easily track where their phone is. It …
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by:Eric AKA Netminder

Thank you for your article; I have set it to published for you, and have given it a Yes vote.

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Package creation on OS X uses the PackageMaker utility installed as part of the XCode development suite ( on the OSX Client CD).  Packages can be installed as part of the machine build process, or later using Apple Remote Desktop. They are generally capable of silent installs, cause very little disruption to users and can be tested prior to installation in a lab situation.

Packages are created in one of two ways, either by using a ‘snapshot’ process, which monitors the installation process of an application and creates a package from the payload, or standard packages which contain program units from software already installed.

Payload Package

A standard package is created when a software application is portable, that being when it installs within the /Applications folder and can be moved between machines and still function – with no files stored outside of these folders. Applications which are portable traditionally offer a ‘drag and drop’ installation system, during which a window is displayed after the .dmg file is opened and the application is dragged to the /Applications folder. Example applications that are portable are Cyberduck & Office 2008.

To begin the package creation process start PackageMaker by typing the name into spotlight search.


Once the application starts it will prompt for the Organisation name and a Minimum OS for the package. Accept the details as shown below.


The next stage is to …

Apple Software

Programs written for the Apple operating systems are distinguished from software created for other operating systems in that it must be approved by Apple for use on its devices, whether it is from Apple (Final Cut, iWork, Keynote, Logic Pro and GarageBand are popular titles), or is a third party application from Parallels, Nuance, Microsoft and Amazon, among many others.