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Programs written for the Apple operating systems are distinguished from software created for other operating systems in that it must be approved by Apple for use on its devices, whether it is from Apple (Final Cut, iWork, Keynote, Logic Pro and GarageBand are popular titles), or is a third party application from Parallels, Nuance, Microsoft and Amazon, among many others.

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I had iOS 10 and certain apps from App Store asked me for at least iOS 11. So I made an update these days over WiFi to iOS 12. My iPad was not subject of jailbreak. It is iPad Air first generation with cellular model A1475.
After update to iOS 12 it did not charge anymore while the iPad/iOS was started/on. It was charging only when was turned off.
I decided to repair/update/restore the iOS using PC with Windows 8.1, iTunes latest version and USB cable. It downloaded the iOS 12 latest version on PC, the process started and somewhere at 20% of the process everything stopped with an error 14 as seen below. I repeated the process several times, changed the PC and the cable and I am stuck there. I have tried then all kind of 3rd party software to revive it (for example 3utools) and the Restore process is blocked always at about 20%. I tried again iTunes, but the same bad result. I have read couple of days on internet different pages with suggestions, methods and I think I have tried everything what I have read. Now I am out of ideas and I refuse to believe is a hardware problem
I do not have a backup in PC neither in the cloud and I do not care if the data on it is lost. I just want to have the iPad with a workable iOS, even if it is downgraded to previous versions.
Any suggestions how to revive is appreciated, even if I have to erase everything and re-flash from scratch with any previous iOS.

Itunes error 143utools errorRestore stops at about 20%
Amazon Web Services
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Amazon Web Services

Are you thinking about creating an Amazon Web Services account for your business? Not sure where to start? In this course you’ll get an overview of the history of AWS and take a tour of their user interface.

I have a new computer and can't get iCloud to sync (or even setup to sync for that matter).
I've installed office 365 personal on it. The computer is W10 Pro, Office Version 1811 Build 1102920108 click to run.
My understanding is that this is 2019

iCloud system requirements say 2007-2016.

When i try to select the sync with outlook when setting up iCloud I get the following error.

Outlook configuration problem
Setup can't continue because outlook isn't configured to have a default profile. Check your Outlook settings and try again.

there is a default profile and in Default apps all protocols that outlook can use are set to be defaulted to outlook

I think i need to install Office 2016 but cant find a way to do it from my microsoft account.  The only option for office 365 install is 32 or 64 bit.
When 2016 was out there was a way to choose to install 2013 if memory serves.

Can anyone tell me how to download and install Office 2016 from my Office 365 personal account (or pro if nothing else)

Secondly, is anyone successfully syncing Outlook calendars and contacts with iCloud?
I need to set up imaging to create a  locked down iPAD profile. That can be distributed / downloaded to standardise these devices.

While I have been provided with a solution using apple image software...…and have a config file.
This will not or is not available to run on the MAC I have (High Sierra), next generation is required, which is unfortunately out with the hardware architecture tolerance.

I will be at my desk tomorrow 09:00 GMT.
And would hope to attempt any implementation recommended.
Any assistance gratefully received.
One of my customers has iCloud set up on their home windows 7 pc. Recently, the sign in window has started popping up on screen. When you put the password in, it sends a notification to their iPad & iPhone, wanting to ok this by entering a PIN number. This happens every friggin’ day, sometimes several times a day.
Why would this keep happening & how can I stop it?

I use Twitter, Telegram & RSS feeds to follow new security treats. I also have many groups and users I follow in LinkedIn.

The problem and question:
Each time I start the LinkedIn app all contributions are unsorted. As an example, I have posts that came 1h before, then 6 days ago and the last 2h ago. Why is this so? With Twitter, Telegram, RSS feeds all are sorted as they were posted. The other annoying thing is that when I click the home button it jumps to the uppermost post. Then I must go down to the last post I red. If I still remember it ... :-)

How are you following LinkedIn contributions? Do you use another app?

Thanks for helping me
Is it possible to have iCloud/iDrive on Mojave backup folders other than your desktop and documents (such as downloads)?  

I have not been able to find a solution like that so far.
STEM education is growing rapidly and preparing the next generation to fulfill the needs of our society's technology demands.  

In what ways has EE helped you continually learn, even as professionals?
How can EE support STEM as a great learning resource?
I got Apple TV 4k device as a gift.  Don't know how it works.  
Do I need to subscribe for it or can I watch stuff for free?  and another question in general.   How does it compare to roku or chromecast?
Thanks in advance!
The track pad on my very old MacBook Pro is jammed. I don't use the laptop but there are photos and files on it that I want. Because of lack of updates, they are not backed up in the cloud. I do not care to pay to have the trackpad fixed, so is the best way to retrieve those photos and files to pay a repair shop to transfer them to an external hard drive?
Does following a podcast normally require you to create a new podcast?

I host my podcast at PodBean, and generally feel like I made a good decision. I assume after I get some traffic, I could consider hosting on my WordPress site...we'll see.

For now, I have given my Podbean URL on a business card to over a hundred people who were really interested in following me. But, according to Podbean, none has shown up as a follower.

The thing abut Podbean, to follow a podcast, you need to create your own podcast. And I fear this is scaring away so many people that otherwise would follow my podcast.

What do you know about hosting my podcast differently so that to follow, you simply click follow. This lack of engagement may be seriously killing my podcast. I mean people tat were really engaged, who got scared away when they were forced to create a podcast.

I distribute on iTunes, Google Play, Youtube, and soon other sites as well.

Have you ever heard of this? I wold consider switching, simply over this requirement. I am stunned that no one has followed my podcast, considering I have given my business card to over a hundred people who saw my presentation and were amazed.


Introduction to R
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Introduction to R

R is considered the predominant language for data scientist and statisticians. Learn how to use R for your own data science projects.

Can I distribute my podcast through Spotify?

I host my podcast at Podbean and currently distribute through iTunes, Google Play and YOuTube.

How do I do the same through Spotify?

I need to go through and select multiple pictures to delete at the same time.

I have already downloaded and saved all my pictures to my PC.

I am using Google Chrome on a Windows 10 PC and I have found that while I can select several pictures at the same time by holding down the CTRL key on my keyboard and clicking on the pictures I am unable to delete a range of pictures by clicking one picture and then holding down the SHIFT key while clicking on another picture (to select all pictures in the range).

I don't have access to a Mac computer to login to my iCloud account to do this.

Or is there a way of synchronizing the pictures in my iCloud account with my computer and then on my Windows 10 computer selecting which pictures I want to select and delete?

Or is there any way that I can simply delete all of the pictures in my iCloud account?
How can I export apple MAIL inbox sub folders?  I want to be able to import this one sub folder into a new apple mail account.  I do not want to export the entire mailbox.
How do I restore a Time Machine backup to a blank SSD?

I will get a new 1T SSD and will have a fresh backup to an external drive for my 500BG SSD.

How do I restore to the new drive? I use Mac High Sierra

I run Windows 10, and synchronize with my iPhone using iTunes.  I hadn't updated in a while, so I ran the update for iTunes, restarted the computer, then attempted to update my iPhone software.  The update process proceeded for a long time, and then (after the update seemed to be complete) it ran through the backup process.  Then, finally, I got the following error message:

iPhone update error message
The next time I rebooted and opened iTunes it gave me the same message that an update is available.  What does this mean, and how can I fix it?


The user received a legitimate email with a return address using their text mail address. However they didn't send the email, they only received it.  The sending address is their phone number @
The user has an iPhone, an iPad and an iMac.  The email was received on the iPhone and iPad, but not on the iMac.  

Is there a way to see the header on an email received on an iPhone or iPad?

They have since called AT&T and made sure that they don't share their phone number account with anybody else.
ATT told them that they also share a satellite TV account with another person, but that this other person is the only control for the shared account.

The user changed their iCloud password, and confirmed that they have 2-factor authentication turned on.

My guess is that their phone number is embedded in the Mac Messages app on some computer somewhere, and that when a file was 'shared' the Messages app sent the file using a wrong phone number.

Naturally, they don't want people sending out email using their AT&T phone number

Any idea how this return address appeared?


email with text mail address
hello everyone I have a user that's running Mac OS Mojave the user deleted a folder by accident and then empty the trash can. I am very familiar with NTFS and fat partitions running Drive recovery software to recover things that were deleted in the trash can but I've never had this issue with a Mac any suggestions? also, they were running iCloud backup but because they remove the folder and threw it away it removed it from the iCloud.

I am thinking of taking out the drive and connected it to another mac using my USB to serial cable but I do recall in the past that I used a thunderbolt to USB to connect a hard drive of a non-booting mac to another mac to access the drive, I am wondering would this work instead of removing the drive?
Self-training on using Social Media to promote my podcast

I am fairly new to SMM and have a podcast I need to get people subscribing to.

Any training videos and/or tips and tricks you can share?
Trouble distributing a podcast on iTunes

I have a podcast that is now working:

and I want to submit it to iTunes.

Does this mean I need to get picked up as a developer?

I plan to have only free episodes.

I created a new Apple ID but am blocked from logging in when I try and log onto:

I get the error:
Your Apple ID isn't enabled for iTunes Connect

What is the minimum I need to do for this to allow me to get configured?

C++ 11 Fundamentals
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C++ 11 Fundamentals

This course will introduce you to C++ 11 and teach you about syntax fundamentals.

Is there a way to setup a specific folder to backup to iCloud instead of the entire Desktop?

I have a bunch of files I want to place in a folder on my desktop, but I don't want it to backup to iCloud.  I have another folder that I like having the files backup to iCloud.  Can this be separated?
It is a SBS 2011 domain for what it is worth. The HP Smart app on the iPad see all network printers (there are about 20 of them). Absolutely no problem printing to OfficeJet 8600 but it just won't print to a LaserJet 402dne (it is a monochrome lasser. It goes through all the paces, says it is printing but nothing comes out the printer. No indication that anything makes it to the printer.

   Both printers have Bonjour on them. The 402dne must need a little something else to get it to print. Any ideas?
Two physical SSD drives and one Time Machine backup

I am about to upgrade my MacBook, which has a single 500 GB SSD, and I need more space ASAP. I bought that drive in 2013.

I would love to get a new, fast 1T SSD, but don't have the cash, and am considering using the CD drive on my MacBook for a second 500 GB SSD.

But how does this work with Time Machine?

I love to be able to plug in an external backup drive and know that when that external drive is unmounted, it contains all the latest files.

What about if I had two physical drives?

How does Time Machine solve this new wrinkle?
I run Windows 10 on my computer, but use iTunes to sync my songs and Outlook with my iPhone.  What I can't figure out is how to separate my different groupings of songs (e.g. My Favorites, My Wife's Favorites, Dance Tunes, etc.)?  I do have separate playlists, but when I want to import a bunch of - for example - "Hard Rock" songs, they're just added to my master list and the only way I can get them transferred to my "Hard Rock" playlist is by going song by song through the list and trying to remember which ones belong in the appropriate playlist.  With several hundred songs in my master list, this becomes unmanageable.  Is there a way to keep the imported songs segregated by category or folder or ?????   I'm more than willing to buy a third-party software program if that's what it takes.


is there a product or tool out there to centrally push down IOS updates when device is connected to (corporate) Wifi tt dont requires users to intervene?
Related to: Windows 10, MS Oultook 2016, iCloud

My Client had to create a new Outlook profile as the previous one has crashed. No matter what we did we just could not get it back (even the Outlook would not start/open).

Now we have new Outlook profile called 'Mail'. We added his 3 IMAP email accounts in there again and were able to get his emails back.
FYI, one account is his email, another one email and then we tried to add his iCloud email. The iCloud email 'appears' in the list of accounts but cannot retrieve or send any emails. Anyway, he doesn't use that email for anything, He jut had the same setup under his old 'Outlook' profile, so we tried to replicate it.
Now he misses Calendar and Contacts that he use to have with his old profile.

He has those on his iPhone. He uses iCloud to sync them between his computer and his phone. iPhone works alright, no issues there.
On his computer there is iCloud for Windows installed.We tried to check and then uncheck the "Mail, Contacts, Calendar and Task" option then re-open the Outlook.  
Now there is a message:
User name: smallfirmnick (which is I think the iCloud user name)
Password: ------

We tried his iCloud password, nothing happened.
When Outlook is closed and started again, the same message appears.
The Calendar and Contacts still don’t show up.

I would appreciated if someone could provide any insight on this matter.
To sum it up, my client …

Apple Software

Programs written for the Apple operating systems are distinguished from software created for other operating systems in that it must be approved by Apple for use on its devices, whether it is from Apple (Final Cut, iWork, Keynote, Logic Pro and GarageBand are popular titles), or is a third party application from Parallels, Nuance, Microsoft and Amazon, among many others.