Apple Software

Programs written for the Apple operating systems are distinguished from software created for other operating systems in that it must be approved by Apple for use on its devices, whether it is from Apple (Final Cut, iWork, Keynote, Logic Pro and GarageBand are popular titles), or is a third party application from Parallels, Nuance, Microsoft and Amazon, among many others.

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I have a brand new Windows 10 Lenovo laptop with MS Home and Business 2016 installed. On my old laptop I had the iCloud Windows desktop app installed that would allow me to sync my iCloud calendar to my Outlook calendar. Worked great.
I have installed all of the same software although the iCloud Desktop is a newer version. I don't have the "Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks" button to check in the iCloud settings. I have iCloud Drive, Photos, and Bookmarks but not "Mail, etc". It is missing. I have performed a repair of Office, signed in and out of iCloud several times, repaired the iCloud app multiple times and even uninstalled and reinstalled. I have tried it with Outlook configured with an email account and without.
I am at a loss of what to try next. Remember this is a new laptop so I don't have any other software installed yet but Office and iCloud for Windows.
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Build an E-Commerce Site with Angular 5

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Hi guys

My father's 27inch early 2011 imac needed a little upgrade. I went and put in a Crucial 500gb SSD disk into it into where its old hard drive used to be.

When we boot, i am getting the question mark with a folder. I tried holding the Alt option and in doing so only the internet recovery comes up. I tried command R and same thing.

Anyway, so I chose the internet recovery. It took 20mins. Then it came to the menu where I could choose disk utility. I went in and could see the SSD.  I formatted my SSD to Mac format (journaled). I restarted it and still same. Then i tried doing something similar to choose it as the startup disk but I can't. I tried attaching an external disk with Mac Sierra installation on it. It isn't giving me the option of seeing this disk either at startup.

What gives? Is it the Mac itself? Should I take the SSD and install it onto a MacBook Pro and try putting the OS on it that way?

Thanks for helping
How do I copy (move is OK) single photo from iPhone [iOS 12.1.4] to Mac OS Mojave [Mac OS 10.14.3] with minimum effort. No 'Continuity Camera', No Air Play, No iTunes.

Click 'n Drag would be ideal, but likely not possible :-) - I do this infrequently and would like simple method to get 1 photo from iPhone to Mac OS. Copy to Desktop/Folder OK - just want simple method. iPhone is connected to Mac with Lightning/USB cable. Seems Apple must have solved this...

I have spent too much time with no photo copy/move - Help!!
Hi - I am about to replace the HDD of a client Macbook mid 2012 with an SSD drive after the former had failed.
Is there a way that i can install High Sierra or Sierra on the new drive straight from an external USB disk instead of going through the Internet recovery?
Otherwise it means it will install Mountain Lion and then i have to re-upgrade again which is a waste of time i would like to avoid if poss.

Link below says:  The iCloud Drive Archive folder appears when you turn off iCloud Drive…

How (and why) would this occur? - not done with my knowledge

There  are currently 4 iCloud Drive (Archive) - X [X = 1-4]  files on my hard drive.

Why are the created? How do I prevent these files from being created?

The iCloud Drive Archive folder appears when you turn off iCloud Drive. Instead of just dumping your Documents and Desktop files into your local Documents and Desktop folders, where they could create quite a mess if you already have files there, it puts these in these iCloud Drive Archive folders so you can look in them and figure out what to do with these files orphaned by turning off iCloud Drive.
I am using a laptop running Windows 10.  It's been a long time since I've used this computer, and needed to reinstall iTunes to synchronize my phone.  After installing the iTunes it asked me for my username and password to access the program.  The password I thought was correct didn't work, so I selected "forgot my password".  They then had me enter my email and phone number, but I never got the message that they said they sent to my phone (I've tried doing this several times).  So I hit "cancel" - since all I really need iTunes for is synchronizing my Outlook.  But when I hit the iPhone icon in iTunes I got the following message:

iTunes message
Can you help me get it up and running?


I had this iphone from work, and I upgraded it to a new one. I backup my phone in the cloud and I restored the new one with data from the cloud, and it works fine. Now I want to erase the old one, it has no SIM in it, but when I go to Reset - Erase all data, I get a message that this phone is doing an update and if I want to interrupt it or wait and then reset the phone. What can that be all about? If I erase the phone I will not lose any data from the cloud right?
How to organize iOS/OSX photos from iCloud, 2 Macs and several iDevices (iPhones, iPods, iPad) so that all photos are always available on all devices - without any organization (grouping by date, type, etc) except chronological order by date entered, if possible. Future images are to  be added to iCloud current date with no grouping. No organization by Google (etc.) to be allowed. Just as in earlier days, when photo prints added to Album in order received.
I have tried to delete the backup in my icloud and haven been able to do it.  I went to iPhone settings icloud and tried to delete to have "Cannot delete backup... cannot be deleted at this time".  I also tried by using iCloud apps and same message.  Can someone tell me how to delete backup file sin iCloud no longer needed?
On a MAC - How to enable and disable screen sharing or remote management remotely from the command line.
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Attempting to create iCloud account for Mac mini [Late 2012] upgraded from High Sierra. To Mojave, I am comfronted with the below message. I have no idea what password is required. I have only password associated with "(name)" - is there a work-around for this?  When/Where would I have created/used this password?

Enter the password you use to unlock “(name)” which is not the password for this Mac mini. --- ??

Enter the password you use to unlock the Mac mini “(name)”. Your password is encrypted and cannot be read by apple - worked OK
If I am using an iPhone 6, and I am going to buy a new iPhone XS Max, am I need to reset my Apple Watch? Is Apple Watch support connect to two iPhones?

We are a school and we started buying iPads for the staff. I have created a school iCloud account.  

Please let me know if there will be a way of adding new iPad to the school cloud account and once the iPad is given to staff they must be able to install apps by their own.

But when they leave the organisation , they should return the iPad , but able to carry the paid apps and install on their iPads they wish.

Please let me know a best way of setting up this.

Any help will be great and thanks in advance.
I have an iPhone and a PC. Now that iTunes doesn't deal with apps, I'm wondering how to backup the data and settings in the apps on my phone.

I'm not worried about apps that are just portals to online storage. Nor am I worried about the (relatively few) apps that use iCloud Drive.

I'm thinking of the apps that store their files on my phone.

So, I have a few questions:

1. Does iTunes backup the data for these apps when I do a phone backup?

2. If not, what would you recommend to backup my app data?

3. Does iTunes backup the settings for these apps when I do a phone backup?

4. If not, what would you recommend to backup my app settings?

5. Also, I used to be able to use iTunes to drag and drop files from these apps to/from my computer. Now that iTunes has no way to access Apps, I can't do this. Is there another PC-based program that I can use to drag and drop files from apps to my computer?

Thanks in advance.
Serious iCloud login problem from macOS HighSierra to iCloud

Attempt to login to iCloud from macOS HighSierra [10.13.6] with newly created Mac Mini password results in login locked out after 3 attempts to enter newly created password. This password was newly created to satisfy password requirement for iCloud login and works for cold start login. There was no previous password.

How to I [re]create iCloud login?
MacOS.Mojave.Finder is not searching for enough files and folders, any longer.

I am not sure what has changed, but I did install Mojave. I can not recall if this started to fail before the upgrade.

When I type a key phrase into Finder, I no longer get folder names containing the search text. I NEED that feature of Finder to work, since I truly have no idea of my folder structure, since it is very convoluted.

Where can I look to reset any setting I may have accidentally set? Or setting that may be the defaults that came along with the upgrade to Mojave?

If my iCloud for Windows is being installed by Apple Software Update, may I know which bit version of iCloud is installed? 32 or 64 bit? Where can I check this information?
I'm looking for documentation and videos for using & supporting JAMF to manage and support Macs.
If I have a windows app, how can I run it on a MACBOOK?.
I heard there's a product you can buy that allows you to turn a portion of your MAC hard drive into a Windows PC?  And then load windows apps onto it.
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Amazon Web Services

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My Skype Video (Mac) is not working and I have an interview at 4PM EST today!

I see the option FaceTime HD and the second camera I plugged in ONLY after seeing the built-in camera was not recognized.

Skype video
I have the latest version of Skype, according to Skype.

What canI try? It's urgent!

Can I buy used iphone in US and use in different country?  Or does it have to be unlocked because there could be a different service in other countries.  GSM vs. CDMA for example.
Please advice.
Dear experts,

I have iphone 7+ and i have the latest itunes on my windows laptop.

I am planning to create my own ringtones.
1. I have used mp3 audio files (using wondershare software)
2. Loaded them into my itunes
3. Created the AAC version
4. Renamed the file extension to m4r
5. Gave all permission for my laptop and iphone to sync and cliked for trust my computer.

I have attached the screen shots of the Itunes.

Kindly help me to rectify the issue.

Thank you
I had iOS 10 and certain apps from App Store asked me for at least iOS 11. So I made an update these days over WiFi to iOS 12. My iPad was not subject of jailbreak. It is iPad Air first generation with cellular model A1475.
After update to iOS 12 it did not charge anymore while the iPad/iOS was started/on. It was charging only when was turned off.
I decided to repair/update/restore the iOS using PC with Windows 8.1, iTunes latest version and USB cable. It downloaded the iOS 12 latest version on PC, the process started and somewhere at 20% of the process everything stopped with an error 14 as seen below. I repeated the process several times, changed the PC and the cable and I am stuck there. I have tried then all kind of 3rd party software to revive it (for example 3utools) and the Restore process is blocked always at about 20%. I tried again iTunes, but the same bad result. I have read couple of days on internet different pages with suggestions, methods and I think I have tried everything what I have read. Now I am out of ideas and I refuse to believe is a hardware problem
I do not have a backup in PC neither in the cloud and I do not care if the data on it is lost. I just want to have the iPad with a workable iOS, even if it is downgraded to previous versions.
Any suggestions how to revive is appreciated, even if I have to erase everything and re-flash from scratch with any previous iOS.

Itunes error 143utools errorRestore stops at about 20%
I have a new computer and can't get iCloud to sync (or even setup to sync for that matter).
I've installed office 365 personal on it. The computer is W10 Pro, Office Version 1811 Build 1102920108 click to run.
My understanding is that this is 2019

iCloud system requirements say 2007-2016.

When i try to select the sync with outlook when setting up iCloud I get the following error.

Outlook configuration problem
Setup can't continue because outlook isn't configured to have a default profile. Check your Outlook settings and try again.

there is a default profile and in Default apps all protocols that outlook can use are set to be defaulted to outlook

I think i need to install Office 2016 but cant find a way to do it from my microsoft account.  The only option for office 365 install is 32 or 64 bit.
When 2016 was out there was a way to choose to install 2013 if memory serves.

Can anyone tell me how to download and install Office 2016 from my Office 365 personal account (or pro if nothing else)

Secondly, is anyone successfully syncing Outlook calendars and contacts with iCloud?
I need to set up imaging to create a  locked down iPAD profile. That can be distributed / downloaded to standardise these devices.

While I have been provided with a solution using apple image software...…and have a config file.
This will not or is not available to run on the MAC I have (High Sierra), next generation is required, which is unfortunately out with the hardware architecture tolerance.

I will be at my desk tomorrow 09:00 GMT.
And would hope to attempt any implementation recommended.
Any assistance gratefully received.

Apple Software

Programs written for the Apple operating systems are distinguished from software created for other operating systems in that it must be approved by Apple for use on its devices, whether it is from Apple (Final Cut, iWork, Keynote, Logic Pro and GarageBand are popular titles), or is a third party application from Parallels, Nuance, Microsoft and Amazon, among many others.