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An application server is a software framework that provides both facilities to create applications and a server environment to run them. Most appli...

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Troubleshooting Solution

JSESSIONID suddenly changed  and user http session is lost

We're having problems with users being timed out prematurely in our web application.
It happens …
Troubleshooting Solution

Make program launch with admin rights after logging onto Windows

byIT Guy

How can I make a program automatically launch with administrator rights after I have logged onto

App Development

Here's is India's very own Navigation App

Apart from its culture, demographics, and beliefs, Indian infrastructure is also quite complex,

Troubleshooting Solution

home server with static ip

recently, we got static IP address at home so I want to get server that can host vm and add windows …
Research Solution

what's the best approach to replacing local servers on my network?

Hello good folks,

I've got a few servers on my LAN that I'd like to replace with new hardware. …
Troubleshooting Solution

Problem to hMailServer


What is wrong in 1st attached screenshot? I send one mail and have got no failure (see 2nd …
Troubleshooting Solution

Wibndows Server 2012 R2 Slow

We have physical Windows Server 2012 R2 with SQL 2014 and accounting application, the server is slow …
Research Solution

Powershell Script to Show current VBS Script in place running alongside Windows Task Manager

Gents by chance does anyone have any free powershell scripts they use that I can use to query …

Convert/Replace existing websphere default chained Certificates from 1024 to 2048 keysize and also signatureAlgorithm

Convert websphere application server default chained Certificates from 1024 to 2048 keysize or
Troubleshooting Solution

Running Java application as ordinary user

Hello there,

I have a java swing application setup on mswindows 2008R2 and I can run the …
Troubleshooting Solution

How To Build A Makeshift Production Studio

Hello All. I had setup an Adobe Media Server  to stream the live sermons for my church and it has …
Troubleshooting Solution

How to isolate window server issue

I have a Warehouse Management Systems running on window server 2008. It seem slow accessing the WMS …
Troubleshooting Solution

VFP9 Server Can't lock file

After several years of plain sailing, I've twice this week had the server (Windows 2008) fail to…
Troubleshooting Solution

Need help protecting our data...

I have a customer who is wanting to ensure his staff can't take any data with them.  We can lock …
Troubleshooting Solution

What is an SNA Name?


I develop with an AS/400 and we're looking to upgrade to the iSeries IBM server and and …
Troubleshooting Solution

Additional security layer for webserver over the internet.

I have hosted an application on Azure Cloud and it's exposed to the internet with a Public IP. What …
Troubleshooting Solution

network monitoring tool and application scanning tool for on premise

Dear Experts

We have application servers hosted on-premise, the servers are behind the firewall. …
Troubleshooting Solution

'WITH' statement in RPGLE embedded SQL

I would like to use the 'WITH' statement to define multiple dates to simplify my embedded SQL …
Troubleshooting Solution

ODBC connection over the internet

trying to connect to a specific instance in SQL Server 2008R2 through an ODBC over the internet.  I …
Troubleshooting Solution

How to prevent redirect documents folders to a networkshare to unexpectedly change back to documents?

We have a couple of users that have their document folders redirected to a network share. it works …

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