Application Servers

An application server is a software framework that provides both facilities to create applications and a server environment to run them. Most application server frameworks contain a comprehensive service layer model, acting as a set of components accessible to the software developer through an API defined by the platform itself. For Web applications, these components are usually performed in the same running environment as their web server(s), and their main job is to support the construction of dynamic pages. However, many application servers target much more than just Web page generation: they implement services like clustering, fail-over, and load-balancing.

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I am trying to Import Car file created on WAS 6.1 into WAS 8.5.Ware getting below error.

*sys-package-mgr*: processing new jar, 'C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer\deploytool\itp\plugins\\runtime\ejbdeploy.jar'
*sys-package-mgr*: processing new jar, 'C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer\deploytool\itp\plugins\\runtime\ejbmapvalidate.jar' Exception create contexts for asset:java.util.NoSuchElementException
 at …
Flexible connectivity for any environment
Flexible connectivity for any environment

The KE6900 series can extend and deploy computers with high definition displays across multiple stations in a variety of applications that suit any environment. Expand computer use to stations across multiple rooms with dynamic access.

For some reason I can't connect to any of the VM's anymore.
This server is right beside me.
It is running servercore so i only have access to commandline / PS

What command is it to start the VM's? I've tried get-vm and start-vm with no luck..
The timeout issue is not seen in the logs now after I set the system property as


<property name="" value="600"/>



However still the war is not getting deployed with the below in the server.log


017-06-16 06:22:31,722 INFO  [javax.enterprise.resource.webcontainer.jsf.config] (ServerService Thread Pool -- 149) Initializing Mojarra 2.2.13.SP1 20160303-1204 for context '/RequestCenter'

2017-06-16 06:23:54,817 ERROR [] (ServerService Thread Pool -- 70) WFLYSRV0022:Deploy of deployment "RequestCenter.war" was rolled back with no failure message

2017-06-16 06:23:54,817 WARN  [] (ServerService Thread Pool -- 70) WFLYCTL0027: Operation was interrupted before stability could be reached

2017-06-16 06:23:54,848 INFO  [] (ServerService Thread Pool -- 248) WFLYPRT0057: cancelled task by interrupting thread Thread[ServerService Thread Pool -- 70,5,ServerService ThreadGroup]

2017-06-16 06:24:15,131 INFO  [org.apache.cxf.transport.servlet.AbstractCXFServlet] (ServerService Thread Pool -- 149) Load the bus with application context

The above issue I fixed by replacing the jar - jsf-impl-2.2.13.SP1.jar that comes with wildfly-10.1.Final  modules with jsf-impl-2.2.8-jbossorg-1.jar that comes with wildfly8.2 modules and got the application deployed successfully.

So how do we resolve this issue without having to replace the …
Hi All,

Please can someone tell me in layman term the best practice for a simple optimal performance for setting up network connections within Active Directory Site and Services. Currently to me it looks overkill with connections to each sites, not sure if this is good for replication or bad? Please try not to send me complicated links as I've already googled some and it makes my head hurt.

We have -

Site 1 - 100MB MPLS with 2x DC's
Site 2 - 100MB MPLS with 2x DC's

Site 3 - 10MB MPLS with 1x DC
Site 4 - 10MB MPLS with 1x DC

Thanks in Advance!
We're running a XA 6.5 environment, and I've just built a series of new VMs and added them to the existing farm.

I am able to see the new servers within the farm and have verified that the application servers are all same version (6.5), same OS Win2k8R2, same Hotfix XA650W2K8R2X64R03.  However the XML brokers (we have 3) are R04.  My first guess would be to verify that all the Hotfix packs were the same, however, when I try and launch applications from the old farm (R03), everything works normally with the XML brokers (R04).  I don't want to convert the XML brokers (R04) to a different hotfix pack (R03) and break the old production environment.  So why can't the new servers work with the XML brokers?

I have verified that the new application servers have R03 just the same as the old farm, however I am unable to publish applications from any of the new servers.

When I attempt to launch an application from one of the new servers, I see the following error messages in the WI:

1. An error occurred while attempting to read information from the Citrix servers: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. This message was reported from the XML Service at address http://SERVER1.domain:8080/scripts/wpnbr.dll [com.citrix.xml.NFuseProtocol.RequestAddress]. The specified Citrix XML Service could not be contacted and has been temporarily removed from the list of active services. [Unique Log ID: 1b1f909e]

2. The Citrix servers sent incorrect HTTP syntax. …
For my needs......
I need to access the apps with an android tablet,
I need to run a legacy app Windows Write as well
I need to run an ERP app (Windows 7, M2M)
Please help me sort through the different offerings.
 These are what I am aware of:
Microsoft APP-V
Citrix Xen App
VmWare Horizon
How can we setup a Netscape application server to run a .cgi file? We are not finding any 'cgi-bin' directory where we used to place the cgi file as in Apache server. We are trying to call this cgi file using an http call. Please help
Someone should please help:

2017-03-06 02:42:46,442 ERROR [org.jboss.kernel.plugins.dependency.AbstractKernelController] (main) Error installing to Real: name=vfsfile:/usr/share/jboss-5.1.0.GA/server/default/deploy/QuickLottoMiddleWare-1.0.jar/ state=PreReal mode=Manual requiredState=Real
org.jboss.deployers.spi.DeploymentException: Error deploying QuickLottoMiddleWare-1.0.jar: org/apache/axis/AxisFault
        at org.jboss.ejb3.deployers.Ejb3Deployer.deploy(
        at org.jboss.ejb3.deployers.Ejb3Deployer.deploy(
        at org.jboss.deployers.vfs.spi.deployer.AbstractVFSRealDeployer.internalDeploy(
        at org.jboss.deployers.spi.deployer.helpers.AbstractRealDeployer.deploy(
        at org.jboss.deployers.plugins.deployers.DeployerWrapper.deploy(
        at org.jboss.deployers.plugins.deployers.DeployersImpl.doDeploy(
        at org.jboss.deployers.plugins.deployers.DeployersImpl.doInstallParentFirst(
        at org.jboss.deployers.plugins.deployers.DeployersImpl.install(
        at org.jboss.dependency.plugins.AbstractControllerContext.install(
        at org.jboss.dependency.plugins.AbstractController.install(
        at …
I have a scenario where we are using NetTime that is installed on a server a that I can sync up to this server from all workstations on the same subnet.  When I have another subnet which is different, I cant reach the NetTime Server.  Is this possible other than creating a route?  I can’t expose these separate subnets to each other.
How does record transactions work in wirecard finsim?
On Demand Webinar - Networking for the Cloud Era
On Demand Webinar - Networking for the Cloud Era

This webinar discusses:
-Common barriers companies experience when moving to the cloud
-How SD-WAN changes the way we look at networks
-Best practices customers should employ moving forward with cloud migration
-What happens behind the scenes of SteelConnect’s one-click button

Dear All,

Can you please let me know the CLI script to take backup & restore of KOLAB and Postfix. My requirement as shown below.

1) Can take entire backup & restore of Kolab (config & users data including mail)
2) can take entire backup & restore of postfix

Hi All,

I am facing problem with Jboss application server,every 4 to 5 hrs Jboss is automatically crashing with hs_err_pid.log file.

Kindly help me to fix the issue.

PFA log.
script to monitor  JVM wc_defalut port status
Hi all!

For simple testing purpose I need to deploy the simplest application possible on Oracle Weblogic.
All I'd need to do is test if the application is running and, if not, start it again using bash.

For the moment being I successfully installed Weblogic ( and I can access its console at http://MYIP:7001/console/

I have found this and I was able to compile using MVN but the next steps are totally unclear to me:

Can you please provide some hint / guidance in publishing the simplest hello world app?

I am planning to use Infinispan (Jboss) cache for 2nd level hibernate caching in my spring-hibernate application. Is it mandatory for me to use JTA transactions or is it possible through using org.springframework.orm.hibernate.HibernateTransactionManager.
Please suggest!!
Hi All,

We have a very strange VM performace issue which after many days have narrowed down to being the host but for the life of me can not figure out why.

We have 3 identical host running various VMS. We have two VMs, one is a DB server the other an Application server.
When both VMS are running on the same host the performace is as expected, when i move the application server to one of the other host (vMotion) the performace is terrible, the intranet application take an age to load.

I am not performing storage vMotion so the underline disk are the same, im very comfused as to why this woul happen.
We are running various other VMs accros the host and non of these VM have these issues.

Thanks in advance.
Before I go down path of creating and WebSphere Cluster export script, was wondering if anybody has created this using either jacl or jython.  

Any help would be great as I need to separate out a single cell with 4 environments into 4 cells (dmgrs) for each environment.
Hi all,

for a customer I have to set up a JBoss application server cluster running 24/7 with 99.95% availablility. This means if we have to install a new version of the application we have to do this without downtime. The development partner proposed a round robin installation. So the proposal is to create e.g. three server groups within the cluster. During installation of the application first one of the server groups will be shut down => undeploy the old version => deploy the new version => start server group again => repeat this with the second and  third server group. In fact this would lead to always two server groups processing and thus no downtime.

I heard about the OSGI extensions of JBoss and that those extensions are provided to also solve the zero downtime deployment issue. I'm not a Java developer and my OSGI knowledge is just googled.

Any recomendations how to achieve zero downtime deployment with a JBoss application server ?

Hi Honorgod,

Am looking for a Script to pull Websphere Configuration to write to a file with the below components.

I see that this is partially accomplished in the post as below,

-- Application servers
Node Name
list of Ports
java Process Definition

-- Web servers
Web server name  
Web server installation location
Configuration file name
Plug-in configuration file name  
Plug-in configuration directory and file name  
Log file name  
Plug-in key store directory and file name  

-- Clusters
Cluster members
List of Cluster members

Enterprise Applications
-- name of application and context root

-- Topic connection factories
    * JMS providers (Names only)
    * Connection factories (Names only)
    * Queue connection factories (Names only)
    * Topic connection factories (Names only)
    * Queues (Names only)
    * Topics (Names only)
    * Activation specifications (Names only)

    * JDBC Providers(Names only)
    * Data sources (Names only)
    * Data sources (Names only)

Resource Adapters
    * Resource adapters
    * J2C connection factories
    * J2C activation specifications
    * J2C administered objects

    * URL Providers (List )
    * URLs (List )

JVM Details

JVM Arguments
Custom Services
Shared Library for …
Microsoft Certification Exam 74-409
Microsoft Certification Exam 74-409

Veeam® is happy to provide the Microsoft community with a study guide prepared by MVP and MCT, Orin Thomas. This guide will take you through each of the exam objectives, helping you to prepare for and pass the examination.

Hello there,

Good Day!

I would like to have the best suggestion on performance testing  to one of our project.

Well, right now the server response time is 80 responses per sec(80/sec) but our client requirement is 2333 per second.

Kindly need the suggestion what to do in such type of scenarios? what should be the server configuration to achieve the client requirement?

Waiting for the best suggestion.

Have A Nice Day!

I am receiving following errors when I try to use JSF 1.2 with JBOSS EAP 6.3

13:54:09,643 INFO  [QueuesML] (http-/ >>> jobListAction() ::: Action Method
13:54:09,647 WARNING [javax.enterprise.resource.webcontainer.jsf.lifecycle] (http-/ Error calling action method of component with id queueSummaryPageForm:queueGroups:15:j_id_jsp_1457028890_22: javax.faces.FacesException: Error
        at org.apache.myfaces.application.ActionListenerImpl.processAction( [myfaces-all.jar:]
       at javax.faces.component.UICommand.broadcast(Unknown Source) [jsf-api-1.2_15-b01-redhat-11.jar:1.2_15-b01-redhat-11]
        at javax.faces.component.UIData.broadcast(Unknown Source) [jsf-api-1.2_15-b01-redhat-11.jar:1.2_15-b01-redhat-11]
        at javax.faces.component.UIViewRoot.broadcastEvents(Unknown Source) [jsf-api-1.2_15-b01-redhat-11.jar:1.2_15-b01-redhat-11]
        at javax.faces.component.UIViewRoot.processApplication(Unknown Source) [jsf-api-1.2_15-b01-redhat-11.jar:1.2_15-b01-redhat-11]
        at com.sun.faces.lifecycle.InvokeApplicationPhase.execute(Unknown Source) [jsf-impl-1.2_15-b01-redhat-11.jar:1.2_15-b01-redhat-11]
        at com.sun.faces.lifecycle.Phase.doPhase(Unknown Source) [jsf-impl-1.2_15-b01-redhat-11.jar:1.2_15-b01-redhat-11]
        at com.sun.faces.lifecycle.LifecycleImpl.execute(Unknown Source) [jsf-impl-1.2_15-b01-redhat-11.jar:1.2_15-b01-redhat-11]
        at …

I am getting following error when use JSF 1.2 in an application deployed on JBOSS 6.3.

I have tried to point JBOSS toJSF 1.2 by changing

C:\jboss-eap-6.3\modules\system\layers\base\com\sun\jsf-impl\1.2\module.xm & 

19:07:14,975 ERROR [org.apache.catalina.core.ContainerBase.[jboss.web].[default-host]] (http-/ JBWEB000313: Exception processing error page /pages/error.jsf: javax.servlet.ServletException: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: com.sun.faces.taglib.jsf_core.SubviewTag.setJspId(Ljava/lang/String;)V
        at org.apache.jasper.runtime.PageContextImpl.doHandlePageException( [jbossweb-7.4.8.Final-redhat-4.jar:7.4.8.Final-redhat-4]
        at org.apache.jasper.runtime.PageContextImpl.handlePageException( [jbossweb-7.4.8.Final-redhat-4.jar:7.4.8.Final-redhat-4]
        at org.apache.jsp.pages.error_jsp._jspService(
        at org.apache.jasper.runtime.HttpJspBase.service( [jbossweb-7.4.8.Final-redhat-4.jar:7.4.8.Final-redhat-4]
        at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service( [jboss-servlet-api_3.0_spec-1.0.2.Final-redhat-1.jar:1.0.2.Final-redhat-1]
        at org.apache.jasper.servlet.JspServletWrapper.service( [jbossweb-7.4.8.Final-redhat-4.jar:7.4.8.Final-redhat-4]
        at …
I've been looking for a voice recognition application to work on our virtual Citrix XenApp 6.5 environment but I'm not having any luck finding a product that is compatible with Citrix. Any recommendation?

We've got 2 applications calling Client and Server running on the same instance server on WAS6.1, recently with an update of the application, CPU reaches 95% to 98%, checking the logs I've  got many of " Async IO operation failed, reason: RC: 32  Broken pipe".

Client application is an X-Fire application calling Webservices on Server application running both of them on the same instance.

Making some research I found that this error could happen if "HttpInboundPersistReadTimeout" is exceeded.
Is there any tunning to do except raising up the value of this propertie.

Developpers said that the function didn't change with the application update and it consist of running an Oracle Package to send answers to the cleint side.

Any help please.

Write an application that creates an array, fill it with random values (0 - 100) , asks the
user to enter a number and check if it exists in the array or not. Use a method IsFound
to search the content of its input array parameter for a target value and returns true if the
value exists in the array and false otherwise.

Application Servers

An application server is a software framework that provides both facilities to create applications and a server environment to run them. Most application server frameworks contain a comprehensive service layer model, acting as a set of components accessible to the software developer through an API defined by the platform itself. For Web applications, these components are usually performed in the same running environment as their web server(s), and their main job is to support the construction of dynamic pages. However, many application servers target much more than just Web page generation: they implement services like clustering, fail-over, and load-balancing.

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