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Machine learning involves computers discovering how they can perform tasks without being explicitly programmed to do so. It involves computers lear...

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Applying grayscale conversion to list of numpy array of images using Python


I have .npy file which is numpy version of the images.
The shape of numpy image data set is

Top Skills Every IT Professional Should Have

When employers are recruiting, they’ll be looking for applicants who are strong in two specific skill sets. While hard skills are highly desirable, you will also need to show you have the soft skills that make you a valuable team player.

America may outsmart China in 5G with AI and blockchains  …

America may outsmart China in 5G with AI and blockchains


Raspberry Pi Project Uses Artificial Intelligence to Detect …

Raspberry Pi Project Uses Artificial Intelligence to Detect License Plates


It is unfortunate that right now I didn't involve in any …

It is unfortunate that right now I didn't involve in any A.I. projects but it's at my own interest …
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Error in defining DNN for wine quality classification


Try to create a DNN to classify a wine data into high 0, medium 2 and low quality 1. Seem like there


Integrations with New Technology

While updating technology can have considerable benefits, like better efficiency and improved productivity, the challenge for most companies comes from integrating new technology alongside existing tech.

Natural Language Processing for Surveys - it's got a long way to go (Qualtrics Text iQ)

This post discusses my experience with the natural language processing component of Qualtrics (Text iQ) (https://www.qualtrics.com/iq/text-iq/). This software is used to analyze open-text comments from surveys or other qualitative data. Overall we love Qualtrics, just not Text iQ
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Why is Python so "hot" as a language to know, and why is it so important in Artificial Intelligence applications?

It seems as if knowledge/skill in Python programming is at the top of the list if you are developing …
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statistical approach to decide how to do binning?

I have a dataset having column containing continuous values ranging from 0.5 to 19.5.
I wanted to …
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Need automated collection of news by keyword

Need automated collection of news by keyword

I urgently need to find news services where I can …
Advice Solution

Online courses in AI

I need some suggestions for getting a degree in AI (Artificial Intelligence).
I see Coursera …
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SMS spam detection

I am working on an academic level project for SMS Spam detection. I need some ideas from experts. …
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Training data set for SMS spam and ham

Where could I find the best source of training set data for SMS spam and ham.
Does any of the python …
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A comparison of ‘connected home’ systems functionality & capability (e.g. Hive, Samsung SmartThings, Nest).

Hi Team,

Could you Please provide some articles,documentation and technical implementation and …
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Good ai course and certification

Is there any Good ai course and certification? 
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Data extractor for PDF invoices - invoice2data.......OCR/ML...Python

Hi Folks,

I trying to run the code for the Data extractor for PDF invoices as given in the following …

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