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The successor to Active Server Pages, ASP.NET websites utilize the .NET framework to produce dynamic, data and content-driven web applications and ...

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But it's been a hobby ever since finishing Uni.

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Shopify - do we get the code, database, how it works?


The company I'm working for is going back and forth between platforms. Now my manager says Shopify


Working with Modal Popup extender control.

This article discusses the ASP.NET AJAX ModalPopupExtender control. In this article we will show how…

Is it the good time now to move to .NET Core?  …

Is it the good time now to move to .NET Core?

Troubleshooting Solution

Magento has customer support?


Does Magento have customer support? I can't find exact information about it.

nopCommerce has premium

Troubleshooting Solution

ASP.net Web Forms Apostrophe causing issues with stored procedure



In ASP.net web forms C# I am adding a record using the following code that utilizes a stored

Troubleshooting Solution

Add confetti animation to a jquery dialog box


Hi Experts,

I have a pop up dialog in jquery. Is it possible to add some confetti animation effect

Troubleshooting Solution

Call JavaScript From Code Behind

I need to play audio (either mp3 or wav).  I have read many articles on how to play a file but it …
Troubleshooting Solution

Event ID 1309 ASP.NET An unhandled exception has occurred

Windows 2012 R2 64 BIT Web Server
IIS 8.5

After moving my sites from a Windows 2003 Web Server  …
Troubleshooting Solution

ASP.net C# comma thousand separator when reading data back onto TextBox


Hi. In ASP.net C# web forms I have the following test box that uses the Javascript below to add


ASP.NET Proxy Page – Used for Cross Domain Requests from AJAX and JavaScript

One of the pain points with developing AJAX, JavaScript, JQuery, and other client-side behaviors is …
Troubleshooting Solution

Can some one leads me to a site to download ASP.NET websites templates where I can use all ASP.NET controls in it and deal with SQL server database

I know, the question looks very basic, but I need to migrate my rich client application to a web …
Troubleshooting Solution

If else - is this correct logic in one row?


I want to do this if-else in one line.

This is the logic

 If the category is “work order”,

Troubleshooting Solution

ASP.net SQL Injection Threat



I have an ASP.net web forms web app that uses a backend Azure SQL database. I have been warned

Troubleshooting Solution

ASP.net Error trying to retrieve new record ID after inserting into SQL Stored Procedure



I am using the following code to insert a record into a table called "Brokers".  How do I retrieve

Troubleshooting Solution

query to select value from two tables

Hello Experts,

I have a search form for HOTEL Booking system which is you can search through my …
Troubleshooting Solution

vb.net trying to write to page or console for troubleshooting (.ashx.vb file)


Hello All
I am working on an image upload project, and I've run into an issue.
I need to troubleshoot

Troubleshooting Solution

WooCommerce Shipping - cost of printing labels?


1. Managers wanted to try this with WooCommerce This is supposed to be free

Troubleshooting Solution

Excel formula for date as text


I have an excel with dates like this

Sep 25 2021 03:58 AM EDT

Is it possible to have a formula to

Troubleshooting Solution

Bootstrap Navmenu asp vb.net


Hi I have a Nav menu and i would like to store using then DocDesc which menu item the user clicks on

Troubleshooting Solution

ASP.net Where to put Javascript in Web Forms



In my ASP.net webform shown at the bottom, where would I put the following Javascript? Thanks

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