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Active Server Pages (ASP) is Microsoft’s first server-side engine for dynamic web pages. ASP’s support of the Component Object Model (COM) enables ...

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Move data from one HTML Table to another HTML table (Sorting) and have the information update the database.


Hello, All.

What I am working on,
Sortable, where the person can move information from one HTML table


ASP Classic - Using Parameterized Queries


I have helped a lot of people on EE with their coding sources and have enjoyed near about every


I need someone to help me with a spam problem. I have a …

I need someone to help me with a spam problem. I have a website www.compliance-seminars.com. It is …

Setting up IIS7.5 in Windows 7 to run Classic ASP Web Sites

Hello, all! I just recently started using Microsoft's IIS 7.5 within Windows 7, as I just downloaded…

FAQ: Classic ASP vs. ASP.NET

I was asked about the differences between classic ASP and ASP.NET, so let me put them down here, for…
Troubleshooting Solution

Classic ASP Won't Open...No Error...Just Spins


I have a classic asp page that I was using just fine...I made some changes and at some point it

Troubleshooting Solution

How to incorporate hyperlinks into this ASP code?


I need to incorporate two hyperlinks in the following code to redirect the user to the corresponding

Troubleshooting Solution

Insert or Update record based on condition - Classic ASP

The following code displays the employee's training record.
I would like to update the record, but …
Troubleshooting Solution

JQuery Sortable List - Delete item and update PositionOrder in database (ASP Classic demo example provided)

Hello, All.

Hello, All.

I have an Updatable Sorting Table, which works well.
However, when I [Delete] …

Does anybody use Alexa API's?

Does anybody use Alexa API's?
Troubleshooting Solution

Removing Unknown Character in SQL Server DB Field


I am trying to replace a Unicode block character in my sql server db.  It shows up on my web site as

Troubleshooting Solution

Sort a Classic ASP array by two fields


I have a classic asp array with 6 fields.  I want to sort first on a string field (field 5) smallest

Troubleshooting Solution

SQL Syntax Insert in two tables - Classic ASP

Hi Experts,
I'm sending data to the Training_Courses table with the following code:
With the same …
Troubleshooting Solution

Missing Value From Javascript to Classic ASP


I have a working utility on one domain that sets the exact time that a button is pressed (for


Classic ASP Login System Utilizing a Token


This demonstration started out as a follow up to some recently posted questions on the subject of

Troubleshooting Solution

Asp Publish Azure


Hi Experts 

I have run the microsoft Azure free deployment and published my software It now shows

Troubleshooting Solution

Encrypting with a function

I am using a certificate and symmetric keys for  the encryption  and  function to call the encrypt /…
Troubleshooting Solution

Request.Form getting multiple values, not just 1

Hello all and thanks in advance

On my main page I have a form which i want people to use to …
Troubleshooting Solution

Link to a page which was generated by a drop-down list

I have a page (attached:  default.txt) which is a drop down list to select a location.
Based on …
Troubleshooting Solution

asp date to ms sql date

My asp script  has date1=now()
I need to transform it to be saved in a datetime ms sql field

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