Active Server Pages (ASP) is Microsoft’s first server-side engine for dynamic web pages. ASP’s support of the Component Object Model (COM) enables it to access and use compiled libraries such as DLLs. It has been superseded by ASP.NET, but will be supported by Internet Information Services (IIS) through at least 2022.

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I have a SQL union query that I need to export to a text file using javascript in an ASP page.  The purpose of the text file is to create an import file for an accounting package.
Each single record is represented by multiple lines on the query result.  Each field must be separated by a comma.
This is my query
Select * from CRM.dbo.vPOExport ORDER BY 2
This is what my text file should look like.  There are 3 POs
C,1,1,,zzzFRTR,, , , , , , , , , , ,.000000, , , , , , , ,
CI,1, , , ,01/13/20, ,15-10-0668,,,, , , , ,,650.000000, , , , , , , ,
C,2,1,,zzzFRTR,, , , , , , , , , , ,.000000, , , , , , , ,
CI,2, , , ,01/13/20, ,15-10-0668,,,, , , , ,,625.000000, , , , , , , ,
C,3,1,,zzzFRTR,, , , , , , , , , , ,.000000, , , , , , , ,
CI,3, , , ,12/30/99, ,15-10-0668,,,, , , , ,,675.000000, , , , , , , ,

I have looked at different options to accomplish this.  However, I cannot seem to make any of them work with the ASP page.

I have decent SQL skills.  However, I am still working on my javascript skills.
Using SQL server, I like the options of using sqlcmd or bcp (bulk copy program).

I used bcp and placed it in a .bat file.  It works exactly like I want when I double click the .bat file.  This is what I have in my .bat file.
@echo off
rem This batch file runs the stored procedure to create the PO import
rem Create import file=========================================================
rem The query was developed with a stored procedure because a standard 

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Hi there, I was curious to know...

With include files, if they take a while to load, do they delay the page that has the include reference?

rest of page

does the Home page just get on with it or waits for backgroundload.asp to finish before it proceeds with the rest of the code?

PS - yes I know the code isn't accurate, just wanted to show a brief version :P

Any help is apprciated
Hi experts,
What's the difference between Device serial number and UUDID? Does the UUDID cannot be change? During device reformat, does the UUDID will remain the same? Any idea please!
Hi all and thanks in advance! I am looking to do a static pop-out on my website, something that looks like below

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Site is ASP Classic
Hi there, Im going to try and describe this the best I can...

I there a way to load a page within a page?


If home.asp is required then
<---- load pages here...
ElseIf other page is required then
<---- load other page here...
End If


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If there a way to load that second page in as it is required? and the code to continue like the browser saw it as 1 page?

Sorry if it does make sense, but I am just trying to reduce the website loading time and thought this might be possible. Please ask any questions you may have, I will try my best to answer them. Thanks in Advance
We have a production site on AWS hosted on Windows Server 2012R2 / IIS / ASP 4.0.3 that has been functioning for several years without issue.
On 11/20/2019 the site suddenly started failing requests. The errors in the event log are consistent and coincide with the time frame that the failure began. Below is an example.

Web Event ASP.NET 4.0.30319.0 - Event code: 3012
Event message: An error occurred processing a web or script resource request. The resource identifier failed to decrypt.
Event time: 11/20/2019 6:22:10 PM
Event time (UTC): 11/20/2019 6:22:10 PM
Event ID: 9810a512ee0e4dc99a5ae2f172ea3fe8
Event sequence: 2242
Event occurrence: 72
Event detail code: 0

I have researched this issue and have followed the steps outlined in several similar issues. For example:
I have tried updating the Machine Key configuration to use "static" Validation and Decryption keys and updated the web.config files for the applications to match the values "validationKey" and "decryptionKey" for the IIS server. This course of action has not resolved the issue for me. This is a single server being accessed.

The current Certificate on the server will expire on 12/19/2019. Warnings are also being logged on the server about the pending expiration. It is interesting that the site has gone down 1 month prior to the certificate expiring. Coincidence?

I am hoping someone might be able to offer some further suggestions.
I am using asp classic and freeASPupload to up load my files, i am also using highslide to resize on display,

i need to resize on upload, i have read there is a way to use highslide in conjunction with freeASPupload to do this but cant get it to work..

any help will be appreciated ty
I want to add number of items per page to my Simple Pagnaition JS script..

the function is included in the script but i am at a loss on how to implement it..

this is the function

$(function() {
    $(selector).pagination('updateItemsOnPage', 20);

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here is my implementation of the script

  <script Language="Javascript" type = "text/javascript">

    items_per_page: 25,
    cssStyle: "light-theme"


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How can i make the items per page dynaimic  the site code is ASP Classic ty
My dear experts, what is the best Javascript frameworks for Mobile App Development that can communicate with the server? I have my own server, and I used .asp as my server-side communicator between clients. I need a guide from yours so that I would not be loosing my time in studying this new project.  Thank you!
Hi Experts, I want to develop Phone Apps using Html, Javascript, Css and .asp. Can you guide me where or how to start it?
Hi All,

I need some help to have the ability to upload a file and store it on a remote file server using Classic ASP.

I'm able to upload a file to the local webserver but when using a UNC for the remote server,  I'm hitting an error. The IIS user account has the necessary permissions to access the remote server path.

Any advice, guidance, or solution is appreciated.

Need to read page URL or change URL string parameters in the browser without reloading the page, for example on checkbox click event or page load.
Should be able to bookmark the page with all correct parameters.

Thank you in advance.
We just upgraded our Windows 2008 r2 server to Windows 2012 r2.  This server is just used as a web server.  After upgrading, our websites were not working.  After going into IIS all the websites were labeled as folders and not applications.  I don't know why the upgrade did not keep them as web applications.  So in IIS I made all the websites applications.  For security I have IUSR and IIS_IUSRS and gave them all permissions, but full ,modify and special.  Some applications work and some don't.  All our applications are classic ASP.  Some web applications use a corporate logon page.  So in ASP we call the corporate logon page with the return url back to my website.  The corporate logon page is retrieved, and I enter my userid and password, but on the return I get an error (500 internal error).  I think this has something to do with App Pooling but not sure.  I say that because one website that has no issue doesn't use the corporate logon.  It was initially getting an error on a redirect that had a parameter.  Once I changed the pooling from defaultAppPool to Classic.Net AppPooling the website worked.  This pooling did not work for those applications that used the corporate logon.  Has anybody come across this issue when upgrading to Windows 2012?
Hi all, I am not sure if this is possible, however... I thought I would ask

I was curious to see if it is possible to show the same record twice (on 2 variables in the same statement) ?

I have an item which has a departure date/time of: 8/10/19 02:05am, and the arrival date/time of: 8/10/19 07:55am

Is it possible show the same record but twice in order of date, time? then do it for multiple items in the itinerary

Depart 8/10/19 02:05am - Flight
Arrive 8/10/19 07:55am - Flight
Depart 8/10/19 08:30am - Transfer
Arrive 8/10/19 09:30am - Transfer
Check-in 08/10/19 02:00pm - Accommodation
Meeting 08/10/19 05:00pm
Check-out 09/10/19 10:00am - Accommodation

Please let me know if you need anymore info, would like to know if its possible or if there is a funky way of doing 2 statements to make it possible

Cheers in advance!
From ASP, I need to create an appointment that is automatically added to a shared Office 365 calendar.

I have been able to generate the .ics file and send to individuals, but have not been able to get it to the shared calendar.

Please I need web page for End user self update of own information.
In fact when the user run the web page (in LAN) Index.html and use PHP or asp or other language)  to Use the Logon authentication Credentials for Active Directory and after in the same web page the user can edit her telephone number or other attribut.
Any idea about this please ?
I have a Twilio account and have created sending functions for SMS and FAX using classic asp.  

I am trying to construct a way to get an incoming fax and log its file location using twiml and classic asp.

Twilio server comes to my server to get the OK to answer call, then receives the fax and returns the mediaurl of the fax file,  I need to be able to do these 2 steps.  I have tried with PHP but cannot get it to work.  Since the rest of the site is written in Classic asp and I can already send notifications from my software and I can also send FAX from my software just the receiving is the problem.

Any suggestions from the experts??



Here is a link to the site with basic code

Hi Experts,
There is a built in function in SQL Server which returns the logged in user's computer name:
When I run it in Management Studio it returns the computer name correctly.

In the code below I hard coded the computer name and it executes the stored procedure.
Instead of hard coding it I would like to take advantage of the HOST_NAME function. How can I modify the code below to capture the computer name?
Thank you for your help.
Set AdoCon = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
AdoCon.Open "Provider=sqloledb;SERVER=AAAAAAA;DATABASE=myDatabase;UID=myUID;PWD=myPWD;"
set rs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.recordset")
Dim HostName 
HostName = "HardCodedComputerName"
rs.Open "exec sp_GetComputerName'" & HostName & "'", AdoCon

do until rs.EOF
ID = rs("ID")
Location = rs("Location")
Workstation = rs("Workstation")
ApplicationName = rs("ApplicationName")

Set rs = Nothing

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I am getting above ASP 500 internal server error when i try to hit below code. But i am unalbe to find cdate in code.

count.asp, chkShowCriteria=on&cboProduct=ALL%7CALL&cboWorkOp=ALL%7CALL&RefreshRate=10&txtPast=5&txtFuture=5&chkShowDay=on&chkShowProcess=on&chkShowConfirm=on&chkShowCollate=on&chkShowAudit=on&chkShowDelay=on&chkShowPend=on&txtIsSubmitted=true|19|800a005e|Invalid_use_of_Null:_'cdate',

Date are used like below
<input type="text" id="txtPast" name="txtPast" size=1 maxlength="2" value="<%=server.htmlencode(txtPast)%>">&nbsp;Number of PAST days to display.<br>
                                    <input type="text" id="txtFuture" name="txtFuture" size=1 maxlength="2" value="<%=server.htmlencode(txtFuture)%>">&nbsp;Number of FUTURE days to display.<br>
I am moving my classic asp application from SQL Server 2000 to Sql Server 2005 (8 to 9). Please don't tell me to rewrite to .Net because this client is not worth it. However, I use a standard connection (application("DS") = "DRIVER={SQL Server};SERVER=IP Address;UID=UserName;PWD=Password;DATABASE=the name"

Anyway this will not work in SQL Server 2005 even though the connection string looks just fine.  Unfortunately this site runs on a shared server so I have little control.  Is there something that should be done is SQL Server or even IIS that will make this work that I can tell my hosting provider?

Thank you
Hi all, I was just wondering if you can ORDER BY a multiplication result..

In my database I have 2 figures...
Price = 1800,2000,2100
Conversion = 1.72,1.54,1.64
Output to website = 3096, 3080, 3444

If I order by price;

if I order by conversion;

My desired outcome is to order by the outcome;

Is there a way to do this within a statement?

Set Outcome=oConn.Execute("SELECT * FROM product WHERE prod_live=TRUE ORDER BY output") ???

The reason is so we when we buy from multiple suppliers overseas (from different currencies) we can order them in the customers desired Currency lowest to highest or vv.
Hello everyone.  I currently use Office Web Components to render Excel spreadsheets on my web sites from SQL Server recordsets.  OWC is no longer being supported and my client therefore does not want me using it any longer.  I'm looking for alternative methods of rendering an Excel spreadsheet from a SQL Server recordset on my web sites.  I have over a hundred reports that currently use OWC for this purpose.  Does anyone know of or currently use an alternative method?  Or have any ideas as to what else I can do?  The web pages are written is ASP.  Thanks in advance!
Hi All, I am redesigning my website (in ASP Classic) and I would like to integrate cookies into it so I can see where the my potential clients are coming from and what they are viewing (which products)

I have done a bit of reading and I am confused on how to create, request cookies and if they can be used for what I want or do I also need to use sesssion.sessionID and save it all to a database.

I may have to follow up with some other questions as this is quite vague however I am only just learning and do not know the right questions to ask.

Unfortunately I am lose where to start so any help is appreciated
Just installed iis web server 7.0. will run asp classic with access data base. set up virtual directory and application pool but get 404 directory not found
my boss has asked that i modify our CMMS to show down time of machinery. I need to add a time column to our MSSQL data base, how do you go about adding just a time column and insuring the user can only enter time in the correct format in ASP Classic,

what i need to show...

how long a job took, this could be anything from 10 min to 10 days, but i need this to show in hours, to avoid user confusion i was thinking building the input from drop down boxes of days, hours, minuets...  

Any help will be greatly appreciated..






Active Server Pages (ASP) is Microsoft’s first server-side engine for dynamic web pages. ASP’s support of the Component Object Model (COM) enables it to access and use compiled libraries such as DLLs. It has been superseded by ASP.NET, but will be supported by Internet Information Services (IIS) through at least 2022.