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ATEN has specialized in connectivity and management solutions in information technology, professional audio/video and green energy business since i...

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Troubleshooting Solution

Connect 2 Monitors to laptop


Hi Expeerts.

I will be getting a laptop for an assignment, I don't know yet the make and model, but I

ATEN / Arrow Electronics Case Study

Arrow Electronics Automates its Product Test Center Operations with ATEN’s Panel Array Mode Functionality

Arrow Electronics was searching for a KVM (Keyboard/Video/Mouse) switch that could display on one single monitor the current status of all units being tested on the rack.

Latin American Broadcasting Company Builds State-of-the-art Newsroom Using ATEN Solutions

This article will show how Aten was able to supply easy management and control for Artear's video walls and wide range display configurations of their newsroom.
Troubleshooting Solution

Ratio between vertical and horizontal is not right in my extended monitor

Dear All
The ratio of vertical and horizontal is not correct, which shows short and flat pictures …
Troubleshooting Solution

Voice changer female to male and viceversa for Playstation?

Dear Experts

For security reasons I am looking for a voice changer for playstantion slim female …
Troubleshooting Solution

KVM Switch - two computers; one keyboard, mouse, monitor

I'm in the process of migrating from an old Win10 computer to a new one, also Win10. For a …
Troubleshooting Solution

Convert USB Keyboard and Mouse to PS2 Kbd and Mouse to work with KVM switch

I currently have an older PS2 KVM 4 port switch. I recently bought a dell 530 which doesn't have ps2…
Troubleshooting Solution

convert video file  to be able to watch the video on a canon camera device


how can i convert a video file on my pc to be able to watch the video on a canon camera …
Troubleshooting Solution

dell precision 7710 dual monitor mouse not working across monitors


I have a dell precision 7710 laptop (running Windows 10) using both HDMI and Mini Display port…
Troubleshooting Solution

Dell Dimension E310 - System halted!

Hello Everyone,

I need some help with a computer desktop Dell Dimension E310.

Alert! Chipset …
Troubleshooting Solution

Pc/server with remote access card


I'm looking for a powerfull quite computer which can serve as a server AND has a remote …
Troubleshooting Solution

aten kvm not responding

I have successully used this ATEN KVM 1734A in the past, however since relocating my server …
Troubleshooting Solution

KVM needed that supports DisplayPort

I need an inexpensive KVM that supports three (3) display ports.

I can't seem to find anything …
Troubleshooting Solution

Directly connected to LAN Point or Multiple Switch?

Hi experts,

Have a simple question here.  

We are in the process of setting up a network …
Troubleshooting Solution


From everything I have read about IP KVM it seems it is basically a computer with some specialized …
Troubleshooting Solution

Wireless Keyboard and Wireless Mouse

I have 2 pcs that are sharing one monitor. The monitor has built-in software to switch from one pc …
Troubleshooting Solution

Is there an automatic USB switch to allow two computers to share a USB Printer?

This location has two separate networks, one for office work, and the other network is a Point of …
Research Solution

[linux] how to run vsftpd on a KVM network


To sum up, vsftpd is up and running, KVM and its VMs too. But the VMs can't connect to the ftp

Troubleshooting Solution

Looking for dual kvm switch for dual screen setup with 27" qwhd screens

Hello Experts

I have a customer request where the situation is like this:

left side of the …
Troubleshooting Solution

How does  Wireless Signal works?

Hi guys,

I have one Access Point with high gain antenna as the getaway and my laptop with …

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