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We’ve been playing with AR.js for web based AR functionality and it works quite well but their markers require a black border around them.

We’d like to investigate other options for a web page that didn’t require a border around the marker. For example we want to use a physical book as a marker and you can’t practically put a black border around each book.

Are there any options for borderless markers in this use case? We do not want to install any apps on our Android/iOS devices.

I am trying to add a video (MP4) to an existing 3D model in Blender (v2.79b). The 3D model is a TV screen and I want to auto play the video when the model is viewed.

The resulting output will be used in an AR experiment, so the user must be able to pan around the 3D model whilst the movie is playing.

Is this possible? I know how to edit videos in Blender and I know how to create/manipulate 3D models, but I don't know how to combine the two things.

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