In addition to ignition, power and monitoring gauges and lights, today's motor vehicles feature computerized engines, transmissions and braking systems, electronic mapping systems, Bluetooth and Internet connectivity, sensors that detect other vehicles, motorized seats, and digital audio and video systems; several manufacturers are producing electric and hybrid automobiles and self-driving cars.

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A friend has asked me help him repair his dodge hemi.  The engine is overheating when the ac is turned on.  He says he spoken to an expert mechanic who says he needs a new water pump.  I have  explained that there is nothing to wear out in a water pump except the bearings or the seal. When water starts getting through the seal it comes out the weep hole  in the bottom of the pump. Because the impeller is made out of metal, it never wears out so the pump always works even when it is leaking.  The  Engine has a new thermostat. But he's also told me that he regularly has to stop and put water in the radiator.

Therefore one of two things are happening. Either the leak is so bad that the radiator  isn't holding enough water to satisfy the engine needs and AC needs at the same time.  I believe the AC coil is integrated into the radiator core itself.  Low water would quickly cause the engine to overheat.  Or, the radiator is clogged up  and needs to be flushed out.  

He has been putting distilled water in the radiator to save money. I suggested that he stop that and start putting 100% antifreeze in the radiator. I believe antifreeze has a much higher boiling point. I might be wrong about that.   In any case, as long as the water pump is turning and the belt isn't slipping, the water pump, in my opinion, is pumping water like it should and the problem is elsewhere.  Am I correct? Am I missing anything?
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Exploring SharePoint 2016

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After owning a used vehicle with no warranty and for maybe 300 miles of driving the left rear brake light failed. There are two bulbs on the left side. One is the turn signal and the other has two elements and one comes on when the lights are turned on and a second element that comes on when the brake pedal is pressed.
Quite a few miles later we get a light alert on the dash that another or the same light was out. It turned out to be the same left brake light bulb. The existing one on the right side is 1157 and the replacements we got were 1157LL. The pack had two bulbs and we tried the spare bulb and still the left brake light fails. The tail light works but when the brake is pressed the tail light goes off and no light on the left side.
I moved the right side bulb to the left and get the same result.
This is curious as to how it happened. A failure after hundreds of miles and then the new one last maybe 3 more weeks and now bad. It is obviously (or not) not the bulb. I can go to a parts yard and pull a replacement rear light assembly with a 3 day warranty.
I'm not clear why the left tail light works and that specific element goes off when the brakes are applied.

We can drive with one brake light and if we are stopped by police no issues. But if that officer sees us again at a later date and the same bulb not working they might give a ticket at that point.

Nothing is seen as being crossed as far as wires, no wire that might have a naked spot touching metal, etc.
My wife had a new car that does not have a CD player. It has Bluetooth and USB media ports. She has a lot of CDs she would like to listen to. Does anyone know if a "good" Walkman style CD player that can supply power and play through the USB media port, or connect to the car's Bluetooth? If it can connect to Bluetooth, there is power available through a USB power cable (same as used to charge a phone). Preferably don't want to use an auxiliary cable.
Seen some on Amazon with Bluetooth but say they won't connect to a car's Bluetooth, only headphones. Most have awful reviews.
How do I remove condensation from the inside of a car headlight?
My 1998 Chevrolet C1500 shows an airbag light on dash.  Does this mean my air bag is defective?  Should I get this checked out ASAP?
I have a 1999 Chevrolet 1500 truck. Put a new battery in the car.  Won’t start.  Turns over great but won’t start.  A month ago it did the same thing.  Friend told me to hold down gas pedal for a couple minutes.  Then I tried and after cranking for a minute straight it slowly chugged and then started.  This time that process did not work.  Anything I can try?
I have a 1998 Chevy 1500 truck and it won't start.  It cranks over good and almost tries to start but then doesn't.  I know that is not much to go on but I'm not mechanically inclined so any help would be appreciated.
I have 2 types of industrial connectors used in a machinery.
I only know the logo of the manufacturer written on the connectors:

Could you help to identify the manufacturer?
I have a 2014 Cadillac SRX and there is a metal to metal noise coming out of the front end. I have replaced the rotors, brake pads and the wheel bearings were replaced about 6 months ago but, the noise is still there. I have taken the brakes apart several times to use a brake squeal lube on the pads, verified that the calipers aren't damaged and that the anti-rattle clips aren't touching the rotors but, I am still hearing the noise. I have noticed that when I turn the wheel to the left the noise stops then, when the wheel is straight or turning to the right the noise continues.

I have also replaced the brakes on the rear of the car but, based on where I hear the noise and the fact that turning the wheel does or doesn't stop the noise I believe it to be in the fronts brakes.

I am out of ideas as to where the noise may be coming from.
I'm looking for an iPhone X rear car backup Bluetooth camera backup system where I can install a camera on my rear car bumper (that gets power from my car) that then transmits to my iPhone X so that I can see behind me while I am backing up in my car.

What are some good Bluetooth cameras that do this?
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Python 3 Fundamentals

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Is it illegal to bribe an MOT inspector into inspecting the car?

I'm pretty sure my car is safe and will pass all the safety and emission tests but it has a bag of horseshit in the boot and an overflowing ashtray full of smelly fag butts in the front. Is it illegal to offer an extra reward to the mechanic who braves the smell and tests it to make sure it is roadworthy?

I do not intend to bribe him into passing it as safe if it is unsafe but I do intend to bribe him into applying the standard tests rather than refusing to look at it due to the pong.
When japanese car maker recall their cars (specifically Toyota for the
hybrid Prius & CHR for the recent circuit & fire hazard), will the maker

a) take back to fix it (replace parts) & then return the car.  During this
    period of loss of use of the car, will the maker compensate with
    say taxi fare?

b) or refund the owner & if so, at what price?

c) how's the arrangement like?

Would like how it's practised in other parts of the world .
I'm assuming there's no accident/injuries incurred to the car owner.
Are there any yearly statistics on how many people have heart attacks in parked cars and has the figure increased since the introduction of electronic hand-brakes*? (*parking brake in American English).

Reason for asking is the second hand car I just bought has an electronic handbrake but every time I stop on an upward hill this brake automatically disengages and the car rolls backwards. I have managed to slam my foot on the footbrake every time but each time it happens my heart-rate skyrockets.

When I was taught to drive the parking process was footbrake-handbrake-neutral but these new-fangled parkingbrakes require footbrake-neutral-handbrake and I can't get out of the old habit.
Please help me to identify the correct type or find a replacement alternative to the broken mini push button used in GPS Prestigio Geovision 5055 as seen in the photos from attached pdf file.

I'm opening a repeat question to get the correct part# of iridium spark plug
for my Toyota Sienta (not Sienna) 1.5L 2015 make, 1.5L 1NZ-FXE I4 hybrid : 

it's the 2nd gen.

Will need an eBay link to buy it;  last best attempts are either
FK20HR11 or  SK16R11
I am not familiar with TF Cards.  Are they the same as microSD?   I need it for car dashcam.

Should I get microSD or a TF?  Any preferences?
I drive a Toyota Sienta Hybrid, 2017 make.

Regular mechanic told me the engine / motor oil (he used synthetic type)
for hybrid is different from non-hybrid cars.

What about spark plugs (I'm looking at iridium) : is it different from non-
hybrid cars'  iridium spark plugs?

Can point me to an ebay, Amazon or Aliexpress link that sell Sienta
Hybrid's iridium spark plugs?
I am planning to buy a used motor home. Some of them are very cheap "1997 Damon Intruder 345B" only 15 grant. My question is why are thy so cheap? Also is it ok to buy the used motorhomes. I make only 12 dollar an hour but i can afford to buy this only scare is how costly is to maintain those things?
My Galaxy Note 4 (already updated to latest Android) tends to lose
connectivity to GPS (even though the connection to cellular/mobile
data network seems to be intact) while driving for 3 to 30 secs.

I'm using Waze.  The disconnection can happen even on a bright
sunny day (ie don't have to be cloudy/rainy days) or in open
highway (ie not while going through tunnels).

The same SIM card was previously used on my Galaxy Note 2 for
for almost a whole year previously & I never had this issue.

Is this a known issue with Note 4 or the Telco ?  Maybe one way I
can test this is to use the Note 4 as a hotspot (tethering) to an
iPhone & test to see if Waze/GPS  disconnects intermittently:
map is still there but there's a red alert message that 'connection
to GPS is disconnected' at the top of the screen.

I only noted 2 changes:
1. I switch from Note 2 to Note 4 at around the time I disposed
    the old Honda Airwave to Toyota Sienta hybrid: not sure if
    there's something in Sienta that interferes
2. Note4 tends to get very heated up while Note2 is not that
    hot while Waze is in use: I've since taken out the backcover
    of the Note4 (& used scotch tapes to hold the battery & SIM
    card in place) when in use so that the heat dissipates
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PMI ACP® Project Management

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I have an Ariens Lawn tractor and my daughter put in dirty old gas into the tank and ran it for a bit.    Then it stopped and  I can't get it started anymore. I dumped the gas out and put in new gas and it won't start.  Tries to start but does not.    What do I need to try and get it going?  Another terrible thought is that it wasn't gasoline.   It did not have much of a smell, maybe because it was so old.  When I looked in the tank before I dumped it the gas looked pretty brown, but that could have been because this was old and dirty.
I'm trying to explain to my wife over the phone how to drop in a seat on our 2000 Chevrolet Express 3500 Van and lock it in place.  Once the seat is in place how do you use the locking pins to secure it?  This is a new van she picked up so I have not ever done this procedure.
I have a 2002 Ford E350 15 passenger van and the ABS light came on.  I brought it in and they said it was a left rear wheel bearing.  This is a rear wheel drive vehicle.  A couple days later the light is not on anymore.  How much of a danger is an issue like this?
I have 2017 GM Sierra CK 2500 Pickup Truck. Can you suggest me something which is cheap I can put on the bed and sleep under it.
Does anyone know how to resolve Family Plan issue with Uber?
My daughter is on my Uber family plan.  She's a pre-med student in Michigan and I am in CA.  For some reason Uber keep blocking her and I keep adding her number.  The number getting added but then its getting removed.  Then she's calling me to call her Uber from out of state :)  No Lyft is available in her area.
I cannot find a number to talk to customer service.
Anyone had to deal with that and have any suggestion?


In addition to ignition, power and monitoring gauges and lights, today's motor vehicles feature computerized engines, transmissions and braking systems, electronic mapping systems, Bluetooth and Internet connectivity, sensors that detect other vehicles, motorized seats, and digital audio and video systems; several manufacturers are producing electric and hybrid automobiles and self-driving cars.

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