In addition to ignition, power and monitoring gauges and lights, today's motor vehicles feature computerized engines, transmissions and braking systems, electronic mapping systems, Bluetooth and Internet connectivity, sensors that detect other vehicles, motorized seats, and digital audio and video systems; several manufacturers are producing electric and hybrid automobiles and self-driving cars.

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I have a truck with a Tommy Gate and the rear blinkers/tail lights are not working.  They are blinking fast.  Front works.  I am going to sell this vehicle and I need to drive it serveral hundred miles and I don't want to replace the lights because I either have to work on it forever or I have to remove the tommy gate to get at the lights.  Is there a CHEAP temp option for blinkers that I could get?  WIreless or battery powered?    This is a 1998 Chevy 1500.
I am looking for the personal travel essential oil diffusers. If any expert has any idea about this, then suggest me..

Thanks in advance
I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 and I use Android Auto to connect to my car.  I recently lost the ability to use the voice command "Ok Google". I can still prompt it if I touch the mic on my car dashboard and then voice command whatever I want it to do..

Note: That this has worked before with my current set up. It may of stopped working after a recent phone update, but I can't be sure.

My settings in Android Auto are on to allow voice command. Are there any other settings that might be causing this?

What's the best way to troubleshoot?
Trying to find out how to replace my alternator on my 98 maxima. I am trying find a picture that shows the alternator and the placement of the upper support bracket. When removing the old alternator I did not take note of the bracket. The working space was so tight, Having a tough time figuring out where the bracket goes and placement of the replacement alternator. I have been googling for days trying to find a video or picture but can't find one. If someone could point me the right direction Iwould greatly appreciated t.
What are the Least expensive tracking products and options for tracking my vehicle using GPS?
I have a toyota tundra 2003 v 8 and start it making a noise in the motor and open the hood and noticed that it was the fan that was moving alot but it doesn't do it when the truck is cold and sometimes when it has beeb turb on foe a while or used it sounds like it touches the radiator that how bad it is .  

Thefan is working find theproblem is that it shakes when thetruck gets hot
I just had the engine on my 2004 Toyota Camry LE replaced (since the engine had over 300,00 miles on it).

Now ever since the engine has bee replaced I have a LED on my dash that stays lit at all times that says "Air Bag off" (see the picture). There are no other lights on or problems with my vehicle such as the check engine light or the perform maintenance light.

This light stays lit saying "Air Bag off" at all times including while someone is riding in the front passenger side seat with the seat belt buckled or unbuckled and says the same thing when no one is in the front passenger side seat.

Before the engine was replaced this light would only appear if someone was sitting in the front passenger side seat without the seat belt buckled.

A mechanic at the place where I had the engine replaced at says that there is a switch somewhere that needs to be flipped to re-enable the passenger side air bag. Other people have told me that this is nothing to worry about. I have been told by my mechanic that he will research how to fix this but I haven't heard back from him after a week.

I would like to make sure that the passenger side air bag is enabled at all times while the passenger side seat belt is buckled to ensure the safety of my passengers.

What needs to be done to make sure that the passenger side air bag is enabled? I will not attempt to make this change myself but will simply provide my mechanic with the instructions on how to do this.

Just take delivery of Sienna hybrid & realized it doesn't have child-safe lock like Altis & Airwave.

My intellectually disabled autist teen son tends to open the door whether it's in motion or at
traffic light.  Is there any way to go about this so that in the event there's nobody sitting at
the back with him to watch him, there's a safety measure to prevent him from opening the
passenger door
We went to a local U-Pull-It parts yard. We needed a tire and wheel for a 1996 vehicle. Their website has their inventory and we had a list of three 1995's, five 1996, and five 1997. As we went from row to row to see these cars a pattern developed. All these cars, Honda Accords had 15 inch tires. Ours has 14 inch tires. I doubt the previous owner of our car scrapped 15 inch just to go to a smaller size.
The Accord we have was not their most expensive model in 1996. Ours has no power windows or door locks. Car after car and we only had 4 left to look at and finally one had a 14 inch tire same as ours. 195-60-R14. However even on this car that had our size the other three tires on that car were not 14's.
Since (13) 1995-1997 Honda Accords, with a total of 52 tires, only had one that we needed we'd like to know how to search for cars using tire sizes.
We can not search all makes of cars hoping to stumble onto the right tire.
I can use the make and model to locate what part we might need.
Any way to search tire size for the makes and models that have that size tire?

Refer to earlier posting where my Honda Airwave 2009 overheated due to a thermostat issue : after replacing
thermostat, for the first few days, the car had very bad frequent 'coughing' which became almost unnoticeable
after a few days.  

For the last 1 week, this 'coughing' / misfiring returned but not as 'violent' or frequent as when the first few
days after the thermostat got replaced.

As I'm trading in this car, I'll need to get it fixed quickly otherwise the dealer is going to (mis)claim it's a major fault
& offer a much lower trade-in value.  At lower gears like S or L, I don't notice this 'coughing' (or perhaps it's not
noticeable), it's only at D gear that it's noticeable the last 1 week.

What are among the lowest cost components I could replace first?  
Spark plugs or ?    I just got the gearbox replaced about 1.5 months ago.
Is engine mounts the likely cause & if so, shouldn't it manifest in this 'coughing' at S or L gears as well?

Or how can I narrow down the root cause?
I thought of using those 2 litre juice plastic bottles (like the Marigold ones) to hold gasoline as there's offer for gasoline currently.   But there are links in the Net that gasoline will dissolve plastic : is this true?

What are the cheapest containers to hold gasoline/petrol?
Are there any websites available where I can enter the VIN number for a vehicle I am interested in purchasing to determine if there are any active loans or liens against that vehicle?

I am in the market to buy a used car and would like to be able to have the piece of mind of knowing that a vehicle has been completely paid off and has no loans before I purchase it from an individual.
I live in the San Francisco, CA Bay Area and am in the process of shopping around for a recent model used vehicle.

What are some other good websites for conducting such a search besides eBay Motors and Craigslist?

I am interested in services for both local purchases and also out of state services where I might need to travel to or have the vehicle delivered to my area.
Someone has offered to sell me a used vehicle using eBbay motors.

This person is out of state and says that the car will be shipped at no cost to me in California and that I will them have 5 days to evaluate the vehicle and return if it I so choose.

I am going to be getting an invoice emailed to me within the next few days and the vehicle will then be shipped to me.

However, in the meantime I would like to do further research.

This vehicle will be shipped 1500 miles to me. In order for me to purchase it it will need to pass the California smog check so it can be registered to me.

I will also be taking this car to my mechanic to have it checked out to make sure everything is OK with it.

If there are any problems like it can't pass smog, needs to have repairs done so it will pass smog, or if my mechanic finds any issues with it I need to be sure I will be getting most of my money back from eBay motors if I choose to return this vehicle.

Please provide me with the URL address that explains eBay motors' policy for these things.

Refer to above link.  I'm still confused after reading the above.  

comparing the 1497cc  Honda Shuttle  vs Toyota Sienta (both of same engine capacity), which
of the 2 have better acceleration (ie can reach 100km/h from stationary in a shorter time)?

comparing Honda Shuttle vs Toyota Sienta, which of the two are more fuel efficient?

Car dealer told me Toyota's hybrids merges fuel & battery consumption better while Honda's
hybrids toggles between the fuel & battery alternately : true?

By using the engine less (& using the battery more), we'll need less servicing for the engine.
Which of the two will give less servicing?

I heard the latest batteries are broken down into small cells so when a cell breaks down,
we only change a cell rather than the entire battery pack which could cost almost US$16k.
Do the batteries for Shuttle or Sienta have more "cells"?  This is to assess which one has
lesser replacement cost
Anytime familiar with electric power washers?   I want to switch to electric and not to lose much power.  
Any recommendations?
Car dealer told me 15" saves more fuel & is more suited for Sienta hybrid  (& Airwave)
while 16" is more suited for Toyota C-HR.

I like 16" so that my bumper is not too low & often get scratched when reverse-parking
or head-in near high pavements (have seen pavements of 9-10" higher than parking

Is this true that 15" saves more fuel?

which one can accelerate faster or no diff?

which one is more stable ?  I tend to think lower centre of gravity makes
an object less likely to overturn
As business owners, your trucks are your workhorses and your truck drivers are your heroes. Your trade won’t simply survive without them. Now with your business on the line, there are lots of critical decisions you have to make. One of them is deciding whether or not it’s best for your trucks to head off during the night or day. While driving at night poses different kinds of hazards, driving during the day also comes with many disadvantages.
I live in UK power plug country.

I know Toyota Prius has 3pin adapter but not sure if it's UK-type.   Anyone know?

Does Honda Vezel hybrid model comes with 3pin UK adapter ?

Pls suggest any other Japanese hybrid cars with 3pin UK adapter
Last Sun night, my car couldn't start (despite turning the key many times)  & appears to be rather warm in passenger area: see the 2nd attachment on how the meter/dashboard of the car looked like at that time.

Towed to workshop next day who said 2 motors (that circulate coolant or air??) needed to be replaced so they're replaced but next day, it gets heated up & when I checked the coolant, it's empty.  So I top up with water (instead of coolant) to the full & checked if there's leakage but no leakage is visible.

Next day, found that there's no water  anymore so I top up with almost 2L of water & drop to the workshop:
the mechanic pointed out to me (refer to 1st attachment, yellow-highlighted area) that boiling water is seeping out: he said that the engine is malfunction, generating too much heat thus the boiling water expand & seep out through the yellow-highlighted area.

He said need to overhaul the engine or change another engine & he can't think of any other options.
Anyone has any other opinions or how I could fix this without incurring huge expenses.

 In the meantime, he suggested I could top up with water every 30-40 mins but it's going to be too hot
& dangerous to open the cap (see 1st photo, bottom right corner) : will it be Ok if I leave the cap open
so that I can stop the car every 30mins by the roadside to top up water to cool the engine?

My car is Honda Airwave 2009 model
Well I have a 1997 eclipse RS and my battery is located in the back of the car and I need to re run my positive cable to my starter what's the best way to do that without tearing out a bunch of stuff because I have to drive this car to work
I just bought a 2017 GMC Sierra CK2500 few months ago. i Had RAM and Expedition before.  They all slightly knock specially when driving up a hill. My question is why they all does that?

The above now ships free to my country: I recall years back an expert told me Honda Fit's engine is actually the same as
Honda Airwave's, just that Airwave uses a different body.  Was told by the expert there's a way to check in Amazon which
model of cars the spark plug is meant for but I can't find it in the above link.  Anyone can guide me?
I am just curious why this machine is that cheap. Someone is asking 9 grant for this motor home. I am not a mechanic but just want to know why its that low. Runs and drive great.  What I suppose to check in this kind of machine. I can afford to pay that kind of money but scared what happen if transmission will die out. I don't know how much it cost to fix that thing. Its a huge big monster is.

1996 Chevy P30 Dolphin Motor Home
Please provide me with a URL address of where I can order replacement front bumper fog light plastic covers for a 2004 Toyota Camry LE.


In addition to ignition, power and monitoring gauges and lights, today's motor vehicles feature computerized engines, transmissions and braking systems, electronic mapping systems, Bluetooth and Internet connectivity, sensors that detect other vehicles, motorized seats, and digital audio and video systems; several manufacturers are producing electric and hybrid automobiles and self-driving cars.

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