In addition to ignition, power and monitoring gauges and lights, today's motor vehicles feature computerized engines, transmissions and braking systems, electronic mapping systems, Bluetooth and Internet connectivity, sensors that detect other vehicles, motorized seats, and digital audio and video systems; several manufacturers are producing electric and hybrid automobiles and self-driving cars.

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How do I Reset service interval indicator for bmw 320D SE 2002?
How can the driver-side seat belt chime be disabled or suppressed in a 2008 Toyota Highlander Hybrid without adversely affecting any other systems such as the air bag, other chimes, or other safety features?
I have a navigation bar with image buttons and it has rollovers, goes from light to dark.  Once you click on the link and it goes to that page.  I want the button to be on the down state, until you leave that page.  I can manually change the button per page.  But there has got to be a better way of doing this.  I am sending a code snippet.
                        <td><a href="#"
                        onmouseover="changeImages('leftnav', 'images/leftnav_01-over.jpg'); return true;"
                        onmouseout="changeImages('leftnav', 'images/leftnav.jpg'); return true;"
                        onmousedown="changeImages('leftnav', 'images/leftnav_01-over.jpg'); return true;"
                        onmouseup="changeImages('leftnav', 'images/leftnav_01-over.jpg'); return true;"><img name="leftnav" src="images/leftnav.jpg" width="239" height="65" border="0" alt="Litho Printing and Finishing"></a></td>
I bought a 2006 dodge Ram 1500 hemi (25,000 miles) about 3 years ago right before gas prices went sky high. Due to fuel prices my truck is about 13,000 dollars in the red w negative equity. i have a 0% interest loan that will be paid off in about 3 years. Any suggestions on how to rid myself of the negative equity quickly?  I am not opposed to trading my truck in, its the negative equity and 0 % interest loan that makes me hesitant.

I use Frontpage to design my website and my hosting doesn't support FP extentions so the navigation bars don't display properly. I have searched help and switched off Browse-Time Web components and this hasn't helped.

How can I design my page so that I have navigation bars that display on a normal web server?
I want to put navigation url for all row so every row must contain one hyperlink. i was trying to put hyperlink bit i was getting error..
[code]foreach (DataRow dr in dt.Rows)
                    DataRow newrow = dtProjectList.NewRow();
                        newrow["Project"] = dr["Title"];
                        newrow["OS"] = dr["OS"];
                        newrow["OS Version"] = dr["OS_x0020_Version"];
                        newrow["Model"] = dr["Model"];
I have an aftermarket GPS that has a dead reckoning feature. To use the dead reckoning feature, a speed pulse signal coming from my car is needed so the GPS can tell how fast my car is going. I had someone attach a wire to my speed pulse sensor but the voltage from the wire is around 14 - 13v and I need to drop the voltage going into the GPS to anything from 4.5 to 12v (the manufacturer says the GPS will NOT recognize anything over 12 volts. It needs 4.5 to 12.v and a 1hz to 5k hz signal).

After viewing some posts here, and visiting an electronic supply store, I purchased the following:

5.1v zener diode (stripe on one side)
1 ohm resistor (black, red stripe on one side)
Pre-stripped wires of various sizes

Someone suggested the following configuration:


But no one there could tell me how to put this design together. So, I have a breadboard (Elenco Bredblox Model # 9830 shown here: )

It has a single column of + on the left side, a single column of -, followed by rows titled, a,b,c,d,e (blank channel) f,g,h,i,j, and another column of + and another column -. There are two banks of 64 rows.

Can someone walk me through the breadboard design? For example, attach speed pulse wire  …
I have not worked  on cars in a while and need to do a rotor and brake job on a 06 TSX , i am sure i will need to buy or get from a library the HYNES on CHILton manual to do this , is there any thing special i should worry about or what pads are the best for the money , I know i will need a torque wrench to tighten the bolts , will in need to grease anything , it sure has been a while , more money in computers

any links would be helpfull
Hello experts:

I am a .Net developer (Visual C#, Visual Basic, ASP.Net, etc.) and know a bit about programming.  What I want to do is extend the capabilities of a GPS (Global Position System) with some custom apps/software. How can I go about doing this? Do different vendors have different development languages, etc.? In an ideal world, I would just write an application is C#, download it onto a GPS and we will be good to go. Anyway, please guide me in the right direction if you know.


I am looking to purchase 4 new tires for my Toyota Matrix XR 4WD.

When I perform a search on Michelin's website, it indicates that my car requires "Luxury Performance Touring" tires.  The tire recommended from that category is the Michelin Primacy MXV4.

I am not sure how this vehicle is considered a "Luxury Performance" vehicle.  It is merely a hatchback version of the Corolla.  I was thinking the Michelin HydroEdge would make more sense for this car but it is part of the "Passenger Car/Minivan" category.

I tried calling my local wholesaler that sells tires (Costco) and they also said this car needs "Luxury Performance" tires.

What is the difference between these categories and what does it mean to my car? My main concern is safety in all weather conditions, and then MPG would be an important factor.  Also how long the tire lasts is important.  Which tires should I choose?
HHO fuel cells are claimed to improve fuel consumption ie. more miles per gallon. However the inventor Stanley Meyer was successfully sued for fraud in 1996 over this so called invention. There are a number of websites advertising this technology and offering to supply these 'fuel cells'. Are their claims genuine or are they just scams?

Note for potential contributors to this thread: Please do not confuse this discussion with references to hydrogen-cell powered electric vehicles. I am not interested in that well established technology in this discussion.
I have a date time, and I want to display only the month/day/year

I've tried this:

Dim periodStatusDate As String = String.Empty
         periodStatusDate = "01/15/2008 12:20:00 AM"
         Dim culture As New System.Globalization.CultureInfo("en-US")
            periodStatusDate = CStr(DateTime.ParseExact(periodStatusDate, "MM/dd/yyyy", culture.DateTimeFormat))

Maybe I'm overworking it. Seems I should just be able to return month/day/year without the time easier than all that.


I want to use a FPGA to switch hundreds of signals on and off to hundreds of targets. So basically, I want hundreds of switches where I can use logic to turn hundreds of wires to open circuits as the situation dictates. Is there an affordable FPGA board people could recommend? Do I need one with hundreds of pinouts (for each target) or can I daisy chain another sort of switch array to my fpga controller?

Also, let's say once I figure out my FPGA-VHDL logic and I want to mass produce chips with this behavior, is it very expensive or even plausible? How do small electronic outfits go about getting mass amounts of chips? Do low buget enterprises just buy bulk FPGAs, burn in their logic and ship with that?

I did some VHDL and FPGA in school, but I havent touched it in years, so as you can probably tell from the question, I'm very rusty. Thanks for any and all upcoming suggestion
Hello there,
I would like to know what is a good brand and model for a radar detector..
I have never owned one so I really dont know what good features I should look for
or what things I need to have in mind.. if someone can help I would really appreciate it!
My daughters want to buy their first car. Can you recommend a good fuel efficient car? that won't break down and be a piece of junk? We'll likely buy used, so something that still maintains a good value used. I don't want to have to pay several hundred a month in repairs all the time.


My problem is simple but in SP it's not. I want to brand a website with subsites in SP the old way i.e. nothing from SP (no lists, documents etc.) but only my content for example :

Site title
    page 1
    sub site 1
        page 1 subsite 1
    sub site 2
       page 1 subsite 2 etc..

I have my own master page and I've tried the quicklunch menu with SPNavigationProvider or CurrentNavSiteMapProvider. I can see the subsites titles but the pages links don't shows.  So, in SP wich sitemapprovider should I use? How to configure my SiteMapDataSource and my menu. I now you can add link in site settings, navigation etc.. but my site is very big and I don't want to add all links for each page one by one and also, you can add link but no hierarchy whitin pages.

Please help!

Has anyone done this?  The only instructions I found were outdated & for a different model.  Anyone out there had any eperience?  Thanks in advance.
hi guys

I have a question . I have a contract with Tmobile which ends in june of 2009
I want to switch my phone to a new phone which tmobile doesnt have and i might have to break the contract with them and pay them a fine (if i finalize on getting a new phone)

How ever i want to avoid that. so i am plannin  to buy a LG KE 850 (from another vendor) which is supposed to be 'unlocked'
I am not sure what Unlocked means. so does that mean that i can still use Tmobile service with my new phone and avoid the fine?

any advice appreciated



In addition to ignition, power and monitoring gauges and lights, today's motor vehicles feature computerized engines, transmissions and braking systems, electronic mapping systems, Bluetooth and Internet connectivity, sensors that detect other vehicles, motorized seats, and digital audio and video systems; several manufacturers are producing electric and hybrid automobiles and self-driving cars.