In addition to ignition, power and monitoring gauges and lights, today's motor vehicles feature computerized engines, transmissions and braking systems, electronic mapping systems, Bluetooth and Internet connectivity, sensors that detect other vehicles, motorized seats, and digital audio and video systems; several manufacturers are producing electric and hybrid automobiles and self-driving cars.

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It making noises, I think it will die soon. Can you please tell me what other vehicles has the same part which also fits in 2000 Ford Expedition 5.4 4WD.
This is the item I bought it to connect with my flat screen tv to vcr and dvd player. I tried directly with the rca to rca from tv to vcr or the dvd player but it doesn't shows any thing on the tv screen. Than I bought this item but it also not showing any thing on the tv.
Where can i get that broken piece of portable toilet?
We're going to New York from Sep 1 to Nov 1. Need a minivan for two months.
Budget has a Dodge Grand Caravan is $3900 for the two months. Just wondering if this price is "normal" or am I looking at completely the wrong thing. Maybe there is another system for a 2 month rental, like a lease or something?
I am trying to connect my Pegasus 7" TV with the laptop. I use the rca cable and connect it with the com port cable but its not showing anything on the tv. Also the light on my flat screen monitor is dim and kind of little green shows on the monitor.
I am having trouble finding reading and study material for the 'VMware Certified Associate 6 – Cloud Management and Automation (VCA6-CMA)' exam. Anyone here have any good suggestions?
I have a 1998 buick regal and the key will not come out of the ignition right away.  I have to keep the key forward and I wait for about 20 seconds and then I hear a click sound and I can take the key out. Sometimes this click does not happen right away.  I had to wait 5 minutes one time and other times it comes out immediatley.  I have sprayed some graphite in the ignition and this made it worse so I have to blow it out with a can of air.  Maybe it has something to do with the anti theft thing.  Any ideas for remedying this?
I have a 2004 Ford E350 van.  I travel on gravel roads to get home and I am having an issue with filling up at the pump.  I start to fill and at about 1 or 2 dollars it stops.  Then I start it again and it stops a dollar or 2 later again.  This happens until I get a full tank.  I talked with a guy and he said it is because there is dirt or gravel somewhere in the mechanism where you fill.  He asked me right away if I travel on alot of gravel roads.  Another guy said this is not true.  Here is another piece of info.  I bought buick regal about a year ago and it was just fine filling up and now it is doing the same thing as my van.  Stops every couple of dollars.  Is there any reason to believe that the gravel and dirt is contributing to my problem?
I am looking for a tent for a ram 2015 pickup. Will this fit the truck?
P5 does not have any sodder around it, but next to from behind has sodder with nothing attached so I am guessing it goes there?? if so do i take the sodder off to re sodder? or leave it?

Thank You.
There is a red wire came off from the indoor surveillance camera and I have no idea where this wire was connected on the board.  

Where exactly the starter is located in 2003 silverado 5.3 L V8 half ton pickup truck?  Thanks
can you suggest your approach in buying new car ..

below are scenarios:

purchase time.. in 2 weeks..

priority is price
i got comsumerreports service. they suggest (truecar) only one dealership in 150 mile radius, but they dont have the color/option (rav4 hybrid in blizzard pearl color) we are looking for.

how do you do it?
phone calls?
i suspect walk-in may not be best option to start off with?

already drove and choice made.. no need to test drive.

how do you bargain? on what basis do you bargain on price?
(assumption is all dealers jack it up high enough so they have room to bargain and still make reasonable profit)

does it help buying in the last week of the month?

will to drive 200 mile radius to get it.. (NJ/MD/DC/PA/DE area)

thanks for any ideas or suggestions.
Hi Experts,

My diesel car engine oil was leaking from bottom which I realized very late. I changed engine oil to shell semi synthetic. After that I asked mechanic to fix oil sump screw properly. I did not change oil filter as it was not available that time. Mechanic said you can always change later and will not be a problem.

After that I was noticing loss of power in all gear shifting. Prior to this oil change car was making sound, vibrations were more. This diesel Grande Punto has 60k miles on it. Engine oil is still leaking drop by drop, car servicing is already due, I am wondering if products like xado or ceratec will help? may be car engine is worned out a bit. This car is 3 year old and was bought brand new.
When car was new for 2 years I did proper servicing but on 3rd year I used shell full synthetic engine oil from outside during servicing.

The car engine never ceased even though oil sump was more than half empty.
I am also planning to change engine oil to Liqui Moly semi/full not decided yet which one.

I am trying to get suggestions before I go to service center.

Do you guys have any experience on below products?



Thanks in Advance!

I am looking for some suggestions about table design in Access. I know this is pretty basic . But I am sort of stuck on the design phase.  I am creating a Vehicle Service /Maintenance Log . I will not only track the vehicle and details but also any service and any other costs, that has been done. So table 1 will be Vehicle Details. Table 2 will be Repair Shop and Dealerships, Table 3 will be Insurance Companies . Table 4 will be expense details.. So the expense detail table is the stumbling block.  I want to log everything like , the monthly insurance costs, individual repairs, like if brake were replaced what was the part number used, if Oil was changed what was the oil type and viscosity used,So do I use a table for all expenses , or use seperate tables , sort of like a sub table of the expense details. Hope this makes sense
Assuming I have a plate as below with a hole in which I install a bearing.
Then I insert a shaft and in top of the shaft a weight. Let’s say is a round weight, can be a sphere or a disk.
-      What type of the bearing should I use?
-      From what material should be the bearing made?
-      What size should be the bearing?
The purpose is to have the lowest possible friction using bearing that I can buy from market.
Plate: 30 x 30 cm
Weight: max. 20cm diameter and 1-2Kg
My 2004 Toyota Camry LE recently got some scrapes and cosmetic damage to the rear bumper.

I am now looking for a rear bumper cover that I can purchase and use to cover the rear bumper of my 2004 Toyota Camry LE to hide these scrapes and cosmetic damage.

This rear bumper cover can even be made out of leather (such as a front bumper bra or cover). I just need something to hide this damage.

Please provide me with URL addresses of where I can purchase such products from.
I bought these connectors for my camera but the wire don't fit on it. Can any one please tell e what other size do I need?  Thanks
No idea if this site allows car questions so here goes :).

The car is a classic 65 Ford with a 289.
It has dual exhaust and an Edelbrock Performer 289, dual plane manifold and a Holley 4150 carb which were taken off another car.

The jets in the carb were installed for a much larger application and I need to know what size jets should be installed for this kind of application.
A couple days ago someone rear ended my 2004 Toyota Camry LE when we were both stopped at a light.

I now need to get this damage repaired.

What are some of the best auto body repair shops in or around Hayward, CA (which is 20 miles south of Oakland, CA)?
Can any one please tell me where can I get the power cord of this device?  Thanks

Mechanic told me my Honda Airwave 1495cc (2009 make)'s engine mount needs to
be changed.
Which item in the above link is the part ?
When I first turn ON my TV, It has pink lines going across my screen. It last for may be like 2 to 3 minutes. You know what this could be?

My TV is Mitsubishi 60 inch. I don't know how old it is. Its not flat screen, its not plasma either. Its a heavy model before those.
Is there a way I can refill my printer ink? I have a brother hl-l2360d.
Hi All

Thanks for any guidance you can provide.

I'd like to automate a robocopy job in Windows 7, and have discovered that a the /RH xxxx-xxxx flag can be used to pause the job until an appointed time.  I've tested a script using this and it works like a charm.

But It is unclear to me whether this job is persistent, between restarts, whether it is persistent daily until a restart, or if it is just a one-time script.

I would like to ensure that this job is executed as such every day.  If need be, I'll put it on the scheduler if necessary, but need to know how the /RH works in this respect.

What would you recommend?



In addition to ignition, power and monitoring gauges and lights, today's motor vehicles feature computerized engines, transmissions and braking systems, electronic mapping systems, Bluetooth and Internet connectivity, sensors that detect other vehicles, motorized seats, and digital audio and video systems; several manufacturers are producing electric and hybrid automobiles and self-driving cars.