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Amazon Web Services (AWS), is a collection of remote computing services, also called web services, that make up a cloud-computing platform operate...

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IT Advice


I am at the age in IT where finding opportunities/choice are becoming scarce. I have been an IT


Cloud Data Warehousing: Unleashing the Power of Azure and AWS

Introduction: In the era of big data, cloud data warehousing has emerged as a powerful solution for organizations seeking to unlock the potential of their data. Azure by Microsoft and AWS (Amazon Web Services) are two prominent cloud computing platforms that offer robust data warehousing services.

12 considerations before migrating on-premise services to the Cloud


With the spotlight very much on Cloud technology within the IT industry, it’s difficult to avoid the

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Making a website accessible on a AWS EC2 Windows server.


i have a Aws EC2 Windows Server 2022 instance.

I created a website that I can assess using the


Official cause of the S3 issue was... a typo.  …

Official cause of the S3 issue was... a typo.

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Need help in locating an AWS Database and the type of database it is


AWS Database
All, I have inherited an app that seems to be pointing a database on AWS. I am pretty


It is pretty amazing what Amazon has made available to …

It is pretty amazing what Amazon has made available to developers now. I am hoping to get to …

Migrating to the Cloud, Should I Stay or Should I Go?

For many, many years, I have been a pessimist in supporting the migration of my applications to the cloud. I had spent the last 25 years of my career running data centers of my own where my staff and I would architect, design, buy, build and run hundreds of systems to support the company’s business.
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Ubuntu 20.04 server display and configuration of disk space explanation needed


I am a bit confused on the display I see when I login to our AWS Ubuntu 20.04 server.

On the AWS

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[webhosting] would you have references to start a webhosting business?


Just gathering documentation, no clear project for now

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SSH bat to AWS instance not always working.


I have a Windows 10 home computer and the ssh bat files to my AWsEC2 instance do not always work.

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How do I redact content within text on Wix pages?


What is the best way to hide [redacted content] from public view and/or web crawlers as shown in

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AWS Private Key Generation and  Upload


I have a AWS account that has a Ubuntu instance. It also has a  AWS EC2 Windows Server instance in

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VMware/VMC General Config Questions



When I use VMware whether on premise or VMC on AWS

I think you start with creating SDDC, then Hosts

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how to connect to RDS when it is in Private


Dear Experts

Software development team is ready with application container image which has to be

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How design AWS storage volume for file sharing



I have currently an on-premise a linux server that is attached to network storage with 500 GB of

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how test speed of know how long will it take to copy a 931GB file storage to an S3 Folder.


Hello expert

how test speed of know how long will it take to copy a 931GB file storage to an S3

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