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Big Data

Big data describes data sets that are so large or complex that traditional data processing applications are inadequate. Challenges include analysis...

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Senior .NET/Azure Developer/Analyst Consultant

Senior technical systems architect/ analyst and developer/mentor with over 30 years’ experience (20+ years in Canada)

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ELT or data modelling


I want to become BI solution architecture and I assume I do not have programming background, …

What is Big Data

Big Data tries to address the complexity of bringing together both structured and unstructured data to give a coherent view

“Because of artificial intelligence, because of the robots, …

“Because of artificial intelligence, because of the robots, manufacturing is no longer the main …
Research Solution

Is "Partitioning" a form of database "Normalization"?


Is "Partitioning" a form of database "Normalization"?

I see the value of both strategies. Is breaking


Big Data: Concepts, Security and Use Cases

The goal of Big Data is to automate multiple processes to assist in finding value. Big Data has turned out to be one of the most encouraging and winning innovations to anticipate future patterns.
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BIG Data

1) What do I need to learn big data or be certified in being a analyst for big data?

2) What tools …
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Big data 2 million records per hour

I have data source generating 2 million inputs per hour ( then there are inputs too )
How do I …
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data scientists and AI

hi all,

right now finding good course for data scientists and AI, some course coach python or R …
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Random split a data set into 3 parts

How do I use the rand() function to divide a data set into 3 parts? Randomness for the purpose of …
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Netapps Replication

We have Netapps 3140 SAN storage in Primary(A) and DR sites(B). Due to bandwidth limitation having …
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Troubleshooting Solution

Potential employee database cost is out-of-sight

I need to interview potential job seekers one-by-one, on an ongoing basis, but $249.00 per month …
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BIG DATA Question: Path to migrate current "Document Management" system

couple of years ago, our client developed a "Document Management" system for their own (it has …
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regular gmail; not g-suite. one label.

regular gmail; not g-suite. one label.

gmail label

only want gmails to reach inbox from one …
Advice Solution

reporting infra using POWER BI


Dear Experts:

We would like to use power BI for reporting and analytics, let me explain the source

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BitCoin: Trying to comprehend the need for Mining

In this article, I read "Even in the optimistic scenario, just mining one bitcoin in 2020 would …
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Data flow, Data warehousing and Technologies

I like to study more about data flow, data warehousing and BIs.

How does big data come in?

Which …
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Are there any non javascript based chart/graph solutions?

I've been searching for non javascript based charts/graphs to display mysql data. We currently use …
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Bitcoin mining - Is it possible?

Hi Wizards, I think everyone nowadays heard about it everyday. So how is your experience with

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