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BlackBerry is a line of wireless handheld devices and services designed and marketed by BlackBerry Limited. BlackBerry devices can record video, take photos, play music and also provide functions such as Web-browsing, email messaging, instant messaging, and the multi-platform BlackBerry Messenger service, and specializes in secure communications and mobile productivity.

We are about to migrate users, and we have blackberry UEM users (BES 12) and once we moved it to Exchange Online (we are in a hybrid environment), the device is not connecting to ActiveSync. Any inputs?
Say, I have an android Black Berry Key one with Google Backups enabled. I'm after restoring a backup of my call logs from 5 months ago.
How do I go about this? tx Shaun
Hello Experts,
Just wanted to get some insights (high-level, and technicality info, discussion points) on how we should go about redirecting our Exchange 2016/hybrid (Exchange Online) to Blackberry Enterprise Bridge/Intune (device registration only/MAM and not MDM) when we move users to Office 365.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated!
Say, what can I do to speed up the Blackberry Q20 ? It's got much slower now with all the Apps installed on it. I have tried uninstalling as many Apps as I can. There is still plenty of free storage space on the phone and the SD card. Memory usage fluctuates between normal and moderate. Please advise.
Dear experts,
We would like to find out if our BYODs (mobile phone = IOS/Androids AND Windows PCs/MACs) can use Intune MAM (without enrollment) aka 'non-domain joined'. Can someone please shed some light? Can we use app protection policies on these non-domain joined devices not enrolling with Intune MDM? FYI, we use Blackberry UEM as our EMM/MAM for mobile phones....

In addition, On BYOD PCs, not domain joined, can desktop Outlook be managed to perform the following?
•    Provide remote wipe of any OSTs and PSTs associated with the Office 365 tenant
•    Provide restrictions on storage of email and attachments. i.e. Not allow desktop Outlook to save attachment to local computer/desktop, only to OneDrive
•    Continue to allow desktop Outlook to access personal accounts
•    Restrict OneDrive files from being moved to local computer/desktop or sent with other mail clients
•    Provide remote wipe of any cached local OneDrive for desktop files
•    Restrict desktop Office applications, Word, Excel, PowerPoint similarly

The user is having trouble connecting their Blackberry Android to an Apple WiFi network.
They have a Blackberry Priv.  
Their home network uses Apple Airport Express
The phone indicates that it is connected to the D55 Wi-Fi network, but they can't browse

I made sure that all Airports had the latest firmware, and restarted each Airport.
I suggested that they connect to the 5G network rather than the 2G, just in case there was too much interference.

Is there anything that should be done on the Android?

Blackberry to iPhone data transfer.   I need to transfer Pictures, Text messages ( that go back to 2013) and anything else saved on a Blackberry to a iPhone 5S.  The blackberry is running OS 10.  Is there a software that can help do this?  I dont mind paying a small fee.
HI All, I need to know just how secure Blackberry handsets are today as compared to other offerings in the workplace (Sony/Samsung/iPhone) ?    I work in a company that is in the finance sector, as such we are heavily regulated in regards to how we control both personal and company financial data outside of the company.

Due to this we have always stayed with Blackberry handsets for company emails, we also maintain our own Blackberry 12 server on-premise.  Of late the Blackberry handsets we can use are now things like BB Priv and BB Keynote's, but they have an Android platform with the Blackberry Apps to control secure functionality.

I now have a need to provide a balanced proposal to senior management at the company I work for, this is to show how the security of Blackberry now compares to other offerings that can added to our management server (Sony/Samsung/iPhone) or indeed to other management platforms that are in the market.

If anyone has any advice on how Blackberries stack up to the competition then please do let me know .  I do have full Blackberry support, but they are not really the ones I want to get a balanced view from  :-).

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Hoping to find documentation for setting up Blackberry 12.6 UEM for Domino 9 Traveler. I have the UEM server installed, SRP connected, etc. Looking for tips and tricks for the LDAP connection to the Domino server and setting the email profile; we will running mostly Blackberry Android devices. I found the UEM/Domino documentation of Blackberry's site to be a bit weak (just my opinion). Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance
I need to extract text messages from a year-old BlackBerry Z30 .bbb backup file.  I've tried various tools such as BlackBerry-Extractor, but they don't seem to work.  The one that comes closest is a tool called WonderShare MobileTrans.  It immediately asked me for the password to the blackberry file/account, so that seemed like a good sign.  After churning away for half an hour, it gave me stats on what it found (this is just the demo version).  Under Text Messages, it said "0".

Are text messages not saved in a normal BlackBerry backup created via BlackBerry Link?  Does anyone know about SMS retrieval from a .bbb file?  I'm surprised the program said there were none there.

I have blackberry porsche suddenly keypad not working at all but touchpad is still working is this related to hardware or software problem
I am looking for a good resource to get familiar with BES 12 / UEM server in exchange environment. I have found some videos, and pdf but not very good. I also check support on official site

I just need to educate myself in performing general tasks related to BES-Exchange and configuration in intermediate level

Seeking advice on upgrading a BES-10 server to Blackberry's new UEM version 12 (.6 or .7). The current BES-10 runs in a virtual environment (Hyper-V - host is 2012 R2 and the VM is 2008 R2). The current BES interacts with a Domino Traveler 9.01, no issues, no crashes. Is upgrading recommended or is it recommended to build a new BES 12 server and transfer the users over.
Our user has setup her exchange emails on BB Torch 9800. She says her contacts and calendars are not syncing at all. Is this a limitation with the device, or is there an actual issue? Not using BES or BIS.

Recently built a new domain controller 2012R2 server and migrated the FSMO rolls from a 2003R2 server to this new one, and decommission the 2003 R2 server. Everything seemed to be working fine. OWA was working, emails in Outlook, emails on iPhone's, but then emails on a BlackBerry device is unable to communicate with email server and not create the mail account. We did use to have a BES server that the user was using, but this is also decommissioned as the exchange will be upgraded to Exchange 2013, and the users blackberry has the ability to connect without a BES server.
When looking at the logs on the exchange server I see the attached errors.
The new domain controllers are on new subnets which were newly created, as previously everything in the company was on a single subnet.
I need to import the following fields from my .csv file into my iPhone 6s contacts:
First Name, Last Name, Company, Notes, Email, cell phone, phone, city, province (state)

I've googled this and it seems possible using the following steps:
.csv --> Google Contacts --> vcard --> iphone   or
.csv --> Outlook --> iTunes --> iphone

In either case, I'd love a detailed procedure.

Anybody who's actually done this before?

hi guys

I'm about to create a new database on our Exchange 2010 server. However, I would like to have the same permissions on some of our databases to be applied to the new one.

For example, we have the Blackberry BES server. For the users to be able to send/receive emails, they need not just BEsadmin permissions on their mailbox, but also there is a special permission that needs to be applied on the Database side.

Are you able to help me find the best way to apply such a permission to a new database?

Thanks for helping
I'm getting rid of my Blackberry Classic and I just bought a new iPhone 6s.  I'm having a lot of trouble moving my contact information from Blackberry to my iphone.

I've managed to get the contacts exported into a csv file and I've cleaned it up so it's good data.  Now I just have to import that file into my iphone.

I found this suggestion:

It says that I need to first import the csv file into Microsoft Outlook.  Then, use iTunes to import from Outlook into iPhone.

But I was sortof trying to avoid installing iTunes on my new computer.  Or my phone, I suppose, for that matter.

There must be a straightforward way to import contact information from a csv file into my iPhone.  Help!

Dear Experts

it is observed the mails going out from the black berry device- black berry curve hardware is going to spam, we understood that Black berry client  software uses their own stmp server airtel.blackberry.com something like this, this curve model black berry client does not have an option to  add our  stmp server , also we are not able to Black berry support,  not able to get an access of them. please suggest how to resolve this. thanks in advance.
Say, I am not sure of the model number but this is an entry level, probably the cheapest, Voda phone cell phone on the market. I am trying to ascertain what the specs of the external memory chip that we would require, are. Also, how long have these been available ?
I am trying to ascertain if I have 1 used in an older device and in particular, the Blackberry model. Roughly, how many years ago were they in the Blackberry model?
I am interested in shared iPads for our users, locked down by MDM, but one of the key requirements is that multiple users can be used, that is the MDM platform needs to support multi-user logon.

Does anyone know of an MDM that can do this?

"RRAS for BlackBerry Secure Connect Plus setup during the BlackBerry UEM installation"

Does anyone know why RRAS is needed? Seems like a security risk?

We are running Windows Server 2012. We have a bespoke application that needs Microsoft RRAS service installed on these boxes that is disabled by default.

Our Cyber teams are pushing back but I'd like to understand:

i. I know this is Routing and Remote Access, but what does this actually do?

ii. Is this a security risk, if so how?

iii. What mitigation can we put in place?

Say, No support seems to be provided by BB OS 10 to xfer notes and tasks to a PC. Companion Link offers some solution but requires a lot of manual xfer of them on the BB itself.
I have the BB Classic (Q20) and wish to upgrade the phone but no way to get this data off and have over 300 records.

See http://forums.crackberry.com/blackberry-classic-f419/bb-classic-notes-tasks-sync-outlook-1037990/
Can you confirm my ascertion or provide a better solution.

We are running Exchange 2010. In the Exchange 2007 days, we had a dedicated server for our top execs...idea was that when performing maintenance or whatever we would give special consideration to this box. Likewise, for BlackBerry BES we had our own Exec server.

With Exchange 2010, we moved away from that model and split everyone out.  The Exec Support team is now asking for a dedicated Exchange server for the Cx level staff and those directly under....which, in E2010 terms, I guess translated into their own database or DAG. And their own BES10 instance too.

What are people's thoughts to this either way?


BlackBerry is a line of wireless handheld devices and services designed and marketed by BlackBerry Limited. BlackBerry devices can record video, take photos, play music and also provide functions such as Web-browsing, email messaging, instant messaging, and the multi-platform BlackBerry Messenger service, and specializes in secure communications and mobile productivity.