A blog is a discussion or informational site consisting of discrete entries ("posts") typically displayed in reverse chronological order. Blogs can be the work of a single individual but more recently "multi-author blogs" (MABs) have developed, with posts written by large numbers of authors and professionally edited and "microblogging" systems help integrate blogs into societal newstreams.

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on blogspot, i get this code from
to put in your blog site to track how many people are visiting your blog...

this works fine.. but this puts in the most bottom left.. how can i customize it to bring to the top right section?

<script id='_wauibp'>var _wau = _wau || [];
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(function() {var s=document.createElement(&quot;script&quot;); s.async=true;

I want to integrate a blog to my website. I saw Google blogger but it has its own template. I want the blog to have the feel and look of my website. Any suggestions?

I am running wordpress with a custom theme from themeforest. I see the developer has released several versions of theme after I purchased it. Like 10 versions with bug fixes. I want to up date to latest version. I downloaded the latest version of his theme. Now what..... do uninstall the old version and delete it then reinstal the new one through wordpress. I do not want to lose any custom stuff I did whats the best way to go about this. Will I lose any content....

Thank You in Advance
I have a client who has an event driven website. She is now wanting to break out her Facebook pages based on city.

So on her blogs, if a blog is about City A, it would post to City A Facebook Page, if blog is about City B, it would post to City B Facebook page.

Is this possible? If so, how?
My company have a Pligg CMS blog. Now, i have to migrate all data to Sharepoint 2010.

I only need to migrate data to be used to history.

Whats the best process to do this migration?

Plig version 9.8.2

I asked a question about creating a staging environment and had that answered and consequently created my dev. Wordpress site for testing.  My new problem is that when I copied my live site over the the dev. environment, the links on the menu did not change from pointing at the www. site even though I changed the permalinks as part of the duplication process (done via the duplicator plugin).  When I hover the mouse over the menu link it shows the link minus the domain and so I am wondering if it is picking the www. instead of the dev. from somewhere and then creating the link?
My index.php display the top 5 blog post on the right hand column and I want to add a "view all" link to see all the post in another page with pagination and stuff.

I created a page called allPost.php and in there I have a loop and paging to do show exactly what I want.

the problme is how do I link to that page from my right column in my index page?
I am looking for a simple, inexpensive blog solution that I EASILY integrate with an existing web site and retain the look & feel of the existing site.

NO WORD PRESS. Too complicated, can't easily be integrated. I tried webify, doesn't work, can't get my money back.

Can someone recommend a SIMPLE easy to use blog? I am very familiar with php & MySQL, so I can manage integration easily if it's simple

I am transferring content from our old Joomla site


to our new wordpress site


I'm trying to do it fast and

1) I'm having to reformat everything
2) It's difficult to get it looking the same since the standard wordpress editor isn't flexible.

Is there a plugin for a reliable better editor? I tried Ultimate TinyMCE and it didn't work right.

What is the solution to (1) and (2)?
Hi There,
I have added some albums with shortcode to a page like
[album id=1 template=compact] and
[album id=1 template=extend]

but neither show the album description.

Does anyone know how I can enabled this setting in NextGEN.

Thank you
Our site, which is temporarily located on


has one widget (and thus one sidebar) for all internal pages. The theme is

Business Sense, by the theme Version 1.1

What's the easiest way to have different sidebars for different internal pages?

We're transferring content from thewealthymind(dot)com, our Joomla site that has different sidebars for different pages.

We have a wordpress site for a client.

They had a graphic artist do a "flip brochure"

They sent a zip file.  It has a folder full of JS, flash, HTML, images and other goodies.

What is the best way to get this "into" the WP site (FTP to a folder, etc.) so that I can link to it from web pages on the WP site?

I've tried creating a folder, but got 404 errors

I tried creating a folder under wp-content called /wp-content/brochure but when I tried to go to /wp-content/brochure/index.html (the correct file name) I get a 404 error.

What do I need to do?

Please spoon feed... :)

My client has a blog and when the title of each article is clicked, it goes to home page instead of article. How can I fix this
Dear Experts,
I do not want all my friends to see all my post on facebook?
How can I create one or more lists that I can choose whom to see my posts?
thank you
I am developing a website using Wordpress as the framework.  I'd like to include an area where logged in users can view data pertaining to their individual investor accounts.

The data to be retrieved is in a SQL Server database on another server and I would like to filter results from querying that database by User ID (the userid in wordpress for that user relates directly to a field in the external database).

Can some helpful soul point me in the right direction?

I'm in Peru, but am not very Spanish-fluent. Everytime I open a link in blogspot it uses my IP address and all of the links at the top of the page and all the headers for the author's About page come up in Spanish. I can't even find a link to change to English. How can I make it default to English? Cookie?
Can you recommend any online blog tools that will be handy and efficient to later convert the blog entries into a book to be published, later?
Hello All,

I am trying to extract urls for products with a certain brand, say "Toshiba" after searching for them in


1. Got to
2. Click on Electronics, search by brand and click on "Toshiba". This lists all the products in Toshiba
3. enter a specific tv model
4. extract url

I am using a crawler for steps 1 and 2 to gather all the urls. For steps 3 and 4, I am thinking about using lucene or a data structure to grab a specific url out of it.

Any suggestions about which GPL licensed crawler to use and technique to parse the search results?

Please let me know. Sample Code would be helpful as well.

I'm working on my first WordPress site and haven't been able to find an easy solution or one that I can follow to understand what to do for my own site so hope you can help.

I have WordPress setup so that the main blog page goes to a static 'Home Page' within WordPress and I would like to know how I can add posts (in part) to the home page so that when someone clicks 'More' they are taken to the full post.

I would like to do this on the Home Page and also on at least 2 more static pages that I've setup in WordPress.

Any ideas?
Hey I'm back for more help with my first Wordpress theme.

I've made some progress and the theme is looking more like it should but there seems to be a lot more work to do to get it right.

The next thing I need to work on is the Content and Sidebar Styling.#
(Later I'll need help in making my current navigation into a proper Wordpress menu, at least)

So the question this time is what is all the CSS I need to add to my style sheet so that all the Content) Posts, headlines, dates, sub-headlines are formatted the way I want?

I downloaded Firefox & Firebug as suggested in my last post but don't really know how I can use them to help me.

I've attached my Theme and it's live here

Thanks in advance
Usually we will publish some contents such as Job ad, press releases, offers, etc. We have our own blog as well as accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus. Is there an easy way to publish the contents in one place so that the contents will be Synchronized to all these social sites? We find publish the contents on these sites one by one is a time-consuming task.


I am trying to create an photo blog. The issue I am having is I am trying to keep the pics I upload neatly organized and numbered. Below is an example of another site that uses word press and of how I would like my pictures to be numbered.

I have tried adding <div class='imageNum'><span>1</span> but it doesnt work very well.

I current have wordpress pro so I can edit the CSS.
Installed XAMPP so I could work on WordPress site before going public, however, when I go to the XAMPP control panel (v3.0.12) the Apache module will not start. Operating Windows 7

I have a wordpress blog and I want to add the PostID into the feed, but cant figure out how to do this


A blog is a discussion or informational site consisting of discrete entries ("posts") typically displayed in reverse chronological order. Blogs can be the work of a single individual but more recently "multi-author blogs" (MABs) have developed, with posts written by large numbers of authors and professionally edited and "microblogging" systems help integrate blogs into societal newstreams.