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The term broadband commonly refers to high-speed Internet access that is always on and faster than the traditional dial-up access. Broadband includes several high-speed transmission technologies such as digital subscriber line (DSL), cable, fiber optics, wireless (for which there is a separate topic), satellite and broadband over powerlines (BPL).

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Wonder your folks opinion.  How do you approach this questions from executives.  
 "what do you think is better 74Mb DSL or 60Mb cable?"  :)
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how reduce Lsass.exe bandwidth traffic because it is very high and take a lot  of internet connection bandwidth?
What kind of hardware firewalls can be placed behind an AT&T BGW210-700 DSL modem?
I told a friend who needs to complete a point to point hardware VPN he needed to get a static IP address at both ends.  One end is his home, and so he calls AT&T uverse to have this done.

 They come out and make adjustments to the router which is a Pace.

Sometime after they leave he tells me he can't get his roku to work, and after calling AT&T they tell him he needs to assign it one of his new public IPs.  They did give his PC a static IP of 76.254.xxx.xxx.  Oddly, when he goes out to the internet to check (ipchicken.com) it's showing his public IP as: 107.200.x.xxx

I was under the assumption they would give him a single public static IP and everything internal would have remained 192.168.1.x

He's called them multiple times and they just keep telling him all of his devices need their own IP and he's responsible for assigning them.  They said static IPs are generally for corporate clients and they wont support a home with static IPs.

Anyone have any experience with AT&T and doing this residential?  Is there anything he can do at the router to have one public static IP and have internal devices get IP's via DHCP?
I need assistance in diagnosing cable broadband internet issues at my Girlfriends house where she and her daughter reside.
The modem being used is a Technicolor MediaAccess TC8715D and these problems have most recently affected me also.
Today, it was connected to my laptop via wifi and stopped working almost immediately after I sent the first email.
I am one room over from the router so the distance is not a problem and should be more stable on the non-5G band but it wasn't working.
I connected via the 5G band and even though I had slightly lower signal strength according to the bars showing, and it appeared to be more stable, when the opposite should be true. Everything is now working again on the higher band, but will inevitably stop working, causing me to have to switch bands again.
We have of course restarted the router, with little positive results.
I think it's the company Spectrum that is at fault in this area but I can't confirm it.
What I would like to do is find a measurable metric that would clearly identify the problem and allow me more of a leg to stand on when it came to asking Spectrum to fix the stability issues that might exist.
Assistance is greatly appreciated.
We have two isps (Virgin and BT) and both hubs have been tested independently and work as advertised.

However, the point of having two isps is that, in the event of one going down, we still have a service.

Hence they are both connected to a Netgear ProSafe Bonding Router. (which, when it's working properly also bonds the services and allows us to approximately double our broadband speed in certain use cases)

My problem is that the router recognises the Virgin Hub, no problem. But does not recognise the BT Hub and this the admin screen is telling me that WAN 2 (the BT hub) is down, when it isn't.

I thought I'd cracked it when I realised that the default ip address of the BT hub was which was already occupied by a Novell Server. So I changed the hub address to .200. Forced the router to refresh its search for hubs.  Nada.

Any ideas?

Just received the Vonets device & tried the above suggestion of setting it to "Bridge + Wifi repeater"
followed by steps in page 7 & 8 below:

I'm able to use it as Wifi repeater ie by placing it say 12 ft away from my Wifi broadband
router & with my laptop is a 'blind spot' of my bedroom, my laptop could connect to that
device "wifi hotspot" & get to Internet (which previously my laptop cant get to Internet).

Now, the other requirement as per the original enquiry in the EE link is to connect it to
a LAN port & serve as Wifi hotspot: can't get this working: when laptop tried connecting
to this device's SSID, it prompted for password which when I enter, it simply gave the
message "password not right" though without connecting this device to a LAN port, the
very same password works.   I've tested connecting the built-in LAN cable to LAN port
OR (ie one at a time) using a LAN cable to wire the WAN port of device to wall's LAN port.

If this works, the next thing I'll need is to connect this device to my laptop (while my
laptop is connected to a LAN port on wall & serve Wifi hotspot to others

After reading all reviews for above device at Amazon, I'm uncertain if it could meet my requirement below:

I have a home Set-Top box (from Telco) that connects to my broadband router via a wired (ie RJ45) LAN cable to stream movies (such as Netflix etc). How can I use this device so that family members can view the movies from their laptops in bedrooms?   This Set-Top box has an RJ45 LAN port, an output HDMI port that goes to TV & a USB port (which I'm not sure what's the USB port is for).

Currently from the bedrooms (can be 5m to 30m away from the broadband router which has wired RJ45 ports as well as Wifi), we can't view the movies/streams via the broadband router & one bedroom barely can connect to the broadband Wifi
Having a very strange issue whereby a few webpages do not display correctly on all computers in the office (including a mobile phone  - not on the company domain).
Two examples are speedtest and westin (see below)

speedtest.net page
As such I am doubting the issue is related to any specific computer. Have spoken with the ISP (BT) and they say if they come and visit they will charge if it is not a BT related broadband issue. I am guessing the issue must be either on the router or somehow network related. I have tried local stuff like flushing the DNS, changing DNS to etc but running out of ideas, apart from perhaps resetting the router. Apparently all was working fine up until a couple of days ago on this network. Any help/ideas would be appreciated.
We are a serviced office and have freely just passed broadband between all the tenants.
Since one of the tenants are taking a lot of the bandwidth we now need to apply limits to the pipe.
I’ve checked with out switch and we can only limit upload.
Please can somebody suggest the best way to do this? We can get new hardware if required. But not sure if this is usually achieved via switch or router and how it passes through for 30 separate tenants.
Thanks in advanced.
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Why Diversity in Tech Matters

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I have an Asus RT-88U 3100 Ac router..about a year old.
I t is connected to CCI modem which is the internet provider.
I also have powerline  extenders for to plug into the walls in separate rooms for to pick up wifi instead of wireless.
Recently these extenders have not been working properly.
The android box that I was using became frozen and cannot be reset.
Then the WAN  connection on the router stopped working;and I had to return to wireless everywhere.
The light on the WAN indicator is always red now,
I cannot use anothe LAN as a WAN connection.
Finally I connected a cable from the WAN connection on the router to a LAN connection on the same router.
It still remained red
Does this mean that it is the ASUS router WAN connection that is at fault;and do you have any other suggestions?
Thank you,
Leo Boyle
Is there any Broadband or Fiber Internet Service Provide (ISP) in the USA, which provides 35 or 40Mbps Upload Speed or a symmetrical DL/UL speed below $260?
I am unable to connect to a remote site using Citrix Receiver software through our SonicWALL NSA 2600 firewall.
This is the case on several machines behind out firewall, when I test on a computer outside of out firewall the Citrix Receiver works OK.

The remote site is a vendor's site that we have no control over and they require that we use Citrix Receiver in order o connect to their web-server, the connection will not establish though and just gets stuck "negotiating" the connect. Or the reciever disappears and a black window appears instead of the remote machine.
I have a customer who is experiencing slow online service with Comcast. I have done the basic cleaning eliminating junk files, malware, etc without success. Rebooted the router, changed internet channels, etc. with now success. Since they are connected wirelessly I ran a speed test with Speakeasy. The test defaulted to the Miami NOC where the download speed was ridiculous at 15mbs however when I switched to a different NOC she was getting the speed that she was paying for which was 60-80 mbs and higher. I did this with a different speed test provider as well which showed the same disparity. The only one that showed a fast download time was Comcast's own speed test which of course I expected because in 10 years I have never seen a slow speed using Comcast's tests.
I hooked her up directly to the router with Ethernet and while the speeds were obviously better I received the same differences from various NOCS. Miami low, Atlanta, New York and California high.
My question is this. Does Comcast or for that matter any provider determine which NOC a router goes to by default or is it configurable somehow within the browser?
Or better yet, what am I missing here?
Any help on the subject will help me before I contact Comcast support for her which I'm reluctant to do until I get more information. I'm sure that they will run their test and say everything is OK and it isn't.  Thank you very much for any help anyone can provide.
Kindest regards,
Wayne Hudson
I wish to use BT wholesale broadband test but it requires Google Flash player so I installed flash player from the link given on BT Wholesale Broadband speed test site and trying to run the test again gives the same error message as before, indicating that Flash player must be installed and enabled.
How can I check the following :

a) Flash player is installed
b) flash player is enabled

In the event that flash player is not enabled, how do I enable it.
The PC operating system is  Windows 7 Professional 64 bit

It should be noted that I have run BT wholesale broadband speed test before on the same machine which at that time didn't have flash player installed. Maybe there are alternative version of BT Wholesale Broadband speed checker.

We have a 4mb broadband connection with Sky and when contacting them they are unable to improve the speed due to our location in UK, our neighbour has signed up to a new connection with BT and they have achieved 5mb so we know there is not going to be a magical fix.

Due to a recent house extension we are looking at updating to Sky Q but also aware the current routers wireless range falls about 6 meters short of what we need so what are our options:

1) Will Sky Q with 2 TV's work along with other devices such as phones and a laptop on the current connection?
2) Will a wireless booster box in the extension work?
3) **maybe part of point 2** Is it possible feed a network cable from the current router to where the 2nd TV will be located where it can plug into a second router or a booster which will fed the TV/Sky box by cable and serve the other devices wirelessly?
4) Should we get a second phone line and use 2 *4/5mb connections one for each sky Q box or does sky Q need to use the same router for the subscription to work?
5) Is satellite internet any good?  It looks expensive.

I will really appreciate peoples advice on this as I am not 100% confident Sky would give realistic advice and then my parents would be tied into a £150 bill for 12 months.

I have one hyperv server and two virtual machines on it. VM01 ( and VM02 (

There are two different person. user1 and user2. these both are on different remote locations.

User1 want to access VM01 remotely and User2 want to access VM02 remotely. I dont want to use teamviewer

I have one Public static IP address on my broadband router and Private IP address on the router is
tell me how I can give them remote access. because I can use port forwarding but It will use for one VM. how my second vm can be accessable to my second user?

With my Tenvis camera connected to my home's Wifi SSID and my laptop
connected to my home's Wifi, I could http://Tenvis_IP:7777  & see what
the camera sees.

However, at my company, I can't connect my Tenvis camera to the Guest
Wifi as it requires registration plus clicking a couple buttons on the
landing page before the device could connect to Guest network.

Now, I'm replacing the Tenvis with my iPhone using the steps below:

However, with both my iPhone & laptop assigned an IP each by Guest Wifi, my
laptop still can't ping the iPhone & can't see the videos despite that both iPhone
& laptop have registered successfully & clicked the necessary buttons to get
authenticated/connected to Guest.  How can I overcome this?

I plan to put the iPhone in my car to monitor the car (using the laptop) as my car
is parked within the vicinity of the company.  I could sign up a data plan for the
iPhone but it's going to cost quite a bit to monitor 22 days, ten hrs per day so
tagging onto the free Guest Wifi.
I have one public IP on my broadband router and three servers with private IPs. I have configured port forwarding (3389) for one server. It is working fine and accessable via remote desktop connection.
Now I want to access all servers remotly (via remote desktop). How I can configur the port forwarding (3389) for all servers.
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Starting with Angular 5

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Dear Experts

We have a network of less than 15 systems with 2 broadband connections from 2 different ISP's.
1. ISP1 in their provided router configured the network of and their provided router ip and function's as DHCP server in the LAN
2.. similarly ISP 2 also configured in their provided router with network of and their provided router ip and this also funcationing as DHCP server in the LAN.2
Both the routers of both ISP's are connected to the same switch at the present I have turned off ISP 2 router to avoid 2 DHCP in the LAN.
3. have linux server working as internal private DNS
As per the experts exchange experts advice I am in process of procuring the router with 2WAN port so that each one of the ISP will be connected to one of the WAN port and will stop DHCP service on the router level and will configure DHCP server in linux server. I would like to divide the network of to 4 subnets, as following
a)  of ip range 1 to 62
b) of ip range 65 to 126
c) of ip range 128 to 190
d) of ip range from 193 to 254

attached DHCP configuration, request to please review the defined 2 subnets statements in the config
Soution design and suggestion for the below please:
in this dhcp server the defined 2 subnets i,e access point-1 to one of the subnet of above a) i,e  of ip range 1 to 62 and access point-2 to another …
What technique old modem were used. PAT or NAT? and Now a days which technique broadband routers are used?
We have purchased a Netgear Nighthawk X10 ad700 model R900 router and we are unable to use it.
The issue is when we configure the router, they are getting connected but then they are automatically getting reset within an hour. we are not able to configure again for the day.
Can someone help us to sort out this issue?
So i have a Standard home broadband Netgear router (DGND3700v2) it connects  to ADSL using a phone line.

can I use a RJ11 TO RJ45 converter and then plug that phone line straight into the outside ethernet port of an ASA5506 and then configure the port to use PPPoe with the credentials from my ISP? would that work?

Would it be a lot of data loss from SM to MM?
We have fiber from ISP [10Gb] is 9/125 SM going from SC to LC then into our LC 50/125 MM then into SM switch network module with SFP.

Would I have a lot of issues with that setup?

 I also read some people are using mode conditioning cables.  Will that help a lot?
My company use T1's extensively through CenturyLink and 1 location is operating on 6 miles of very poorly maintained copper pairs. While I understand the provisioned rate to be 1.544 I was wondering if there is such a thing as a minimum guaranteed speed as we are only able to get 1.2 out of the circuit. There are multiple interferers in the count and poorly or missing bonds/grounds. It's similar to trying to run a formula race car on a dirt road.






The term broadband commonly refers to high-speed Internet access that is always on and faster than the traditional dial-up access. Broadband includes several high-speed transmission technologies such as digital subscriber line (DSL), cable, fiber optics, wireless (for which there is a separate topic), satellite and broadband over powerlines (BPL).

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