The term broadband commonly refers to high-speed Internet access that is always on and faster than the traditional dial-up access. Broadband includes several high-speed transmission technologies such as digital subscriber line (DSL), cable, fiber optics, wireless (for which there is a separate topic), satellite and broadband over powerlines (BPL).

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This is a general question to show my ignorant side.  We have construction going on at my business and they need to widen the driveway.  There are wires that need to be re-located for this construction project and the general contractor notes that there is 1 T1 lines and several fiber lines.  The fiber lines, I know, are run by the local cable company to provide us with digital phones and broadband internet.  I am guessing that the T1 is for the PRI for my ShoreTel phone system.  Is it possible to service my phone system some other way via those fiber lines or is the T1 the only way that I will be able to function?
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Hi everyone;

I'm encountering an issue with Outlook when sending emails after moving to a new office and install a new fiber broadband internet line (Sending through webmail or from phones is working).

With SSL encryption, port number 465 the outlook shows that the server does not support this type of encryption.

With TLS encryption, port number 587 the error is the connection to the server was interrupted.

Anyone encounter this issue before?

Any suggested solution is highly appreciable.

Thank you.

We have Verizon FIOS triple play.  They supplied an actiontech modem router.  

The contract is ending and we are moving to Comcast internet only service.  Verizon wants just the TV boxes back - says I can keep the actiontech.

can we just plug in the coax from comcast into the actiontech and it'll work?  or is it set up / proprietary for Verizon service only?  (right now the actiontech is fed from the Verizon optical box with a cat 5 on the WAN port, but it has a coax connector also.)

Again, we're looking to use this for just the internet only service

I need a list of LTE Modems (NOT ROUTER COMBO) that will work with Verizon, comes with Antennas needed to pick up the LTE Network to distributing to an existing switch.

Hello Everyone!

We had some security cameras installed and the installer asked me to open port 8000 for the dvr.  We have a Sonicwall 1260 Pro and I followed the instructions for port forwarding.  I created the service for both TCP/UDP, port 8000 and then created the group.  I used the public server wizard to allow public access to the camera ip.  After everything was complete I used the site,, to check if port 8000 was open.  Unfortunately, the port is still closed.  I'm stuck figuring what I could be doing wrong.  We do have 2 static ips for the site.  The other ip is used for the fax machine line.  i don't know if this could cause the problem.  Any help is appreciated.

Router: SonicWall 1260 Pro
ISP: Cox
Camera IP:
Port: 8000
There have been vendors accesses via Rdp & Teamviewer with internal staffs help :
staff use a broadband (Guest network & 4G) to connect their laptop to & their LAN
to the corporate network.

How can I thoroughly trace these down & block them?

Certainly they'll need sort of accounts to login, right?
Hi,  I have sonicwall routers at all locations.  We recently upgraded our coaxial broadband connections and since then we can't send any file larger that 5-8mb without it adversely affecting all our office's VPN connections.  They will all drop almost simultaneously.  We went thru a similar issue a few months back and found that one of the cable modems was sending mal-formed packets back to the core router which in turn destabilized all other VPN connections.  Once we made the change on that modem all VPN's were back to normal.  This time, however, it is not working... Anyone have any ideas on how to address as I'm getting no support from TWC or Spectrum at this point.  Thanks, Chris
I have a remote client (8 hours away) that is switching from DHCP to PPPOE on its WAN.
They have a SonicWall SOHO (only two interfaces) and I need to find a way to test the new WAN interface without losing connectivity to the device.

I'm familiar with Cisco and I know you can do the "reboot in" command and not save the changes.

Does SonicWall SOHO have similar functionality?
I guess I should use a fake url and address below...

There is a website that most of our customers can access--just like any other website.  They can also do a successful tracert, which shows the address which is a static IP.  Occasionally I have been out of town and could not access it myself, such as at a public venue or a hotel, so I would solve the problem by connecting my laptop to my Verizon hotspot and all was well.

But today I went to help a customer who does not have that option.  They need it to work from their small office network--like everyone else.  They are using a Comcast business router, and by chance the host address is on Comcast as well.  I spent a long time on the phone with Comcast today, while at the customer site, trying to figure out why they cannot access the url, and the tracert fails as well.  When I connected my laptop to my Verizon hotspot, the tracert was successful, with the last line showing  But when I connected my laptop to their Comcast business router and do the tracert, it shows the same last few lines as it did when I was connected to Verizon--EXCEPT for that last line showing  Instead of that last line, it times out over and over again and finally quits with a General Failure.

What can cause this?  Where might the problem lie...the customer office, or where the host computer is, or something else?  Note that this only happens at very few offices (out of…
I have a Cisco WRVS4400N router.
Firmware is up to date.
Current test on all machines in my network hardwired is 26 mbps down and 5 up.
Wireless speeds are between 2-4 mbps down and 2-3 up.
I have checked off all setting from the ISP with setting the router channels to 1,6,11.
It seems to work hardwired the best at channel 1 with 26 mbps down and 5 up.
Unfortunately all my TVs are SMART but not smart enough. I get the wireless speeds of 2-4 mbps down and 2-3 up.
Obviously my laptop is choking as well. with that performance.
Can anyone tell me what settings are involved that might solve this problem.

Thank you.
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I have 2 internet lines (VDSL).

The first one with a draytek 2860 router (with dual wan, vpn, vlan, load balancing capabilities). I want to use this line only for a business lan (with sql server and 2 http servers).

The second one uses a more plain ZTE speedport router. I want to use this line for creating a hotspot (with an ubiquity access point)

My problem is that i want to have access to the 2nd network from the 1st, so that i can manage it and apply settings.

Is there a way to achieve this?
Hi Experts,

We currently have a Cisco ASA and a verizon router that is set up as a bridge.

We have a second Verizon Fios router with our second line, yes we pay for two.  We have a application that uses a lot of bandwidth that they want to dedicate on this line.

As I said we have a second Verizon Fios Router and a second Cisco ASA that I have configured with the same rules as the first but different ip address.

What I would like to do is bridge this router and I have no idea how to do this in the admin.  It's different than the first and Verizon isn't being very helpful.

Any idea how I can get this router to bridge or has anyone set this up?  The end result will be Verizon is a bridge plugged into internet and Cisco ASA, cisco asa is plugged into it's own dedicated switch and the only systems plugged into that switch will have their own static its with the gateway to the second cisco ASA.

We originally wanted a second network for this but that right now is beyond my expertise.

thank you,

Hello, I am starting up a small business in and I am having issues with setting up internet.  Currently I have TIme Warner Cable and a Netgear GS748Tv4 smart switch.  I plugged my a lan cable from my cable modem to the switch, but when I plug my three laptops to the switch, all show Unidentified Network, No Internet Access.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
So home Internet is out - wave communications. It's worked for a couple of years until today. I have an Arris TM822 modem. Link is solid orange / normal
Online is blinking green then goes dark then blinks more etc
US is solid orange
Do is solid orange
Power solid green

I've reset the device w reset button several time. No help.
I've reseated the coax no help.
The gal at wave says she can see the modem but can't get signal back.
It'll be a few days before a repair person can make it out.

My question: what are the most common causes for this kind of symptom? Any cable Internet repair folks on here? Even if I can't fix it I'd like to know what commonly has gone wrong.

I have Verizon FOIS and want to be able to turn on my TV for a few hours when I am not home so my cat can watch it

any ideas on a easy way to turn on and control my tv over the internet ?
We have Cisco wifi and would like to expand it.  The controller is a 2500, which we would like to add more APs to our infrastructure.
Does any one know how Cisco licensing works?
Do the Cisco AP’s work across subnets, if the subnets are routable?  For instance, to support our remote primary schools from our existing controller?
Do Cisco AP’s cease to work if the controller is not accessible from the remote location (primary school broadband is VERY poor)?

What is a valid method for testing internet bandwidth?  We recently upgraded from 100 mbps to 500 mbps and upgraded our firewall to sonicwall nsa 3600, which supposedly can handle up to 500 mbps bandwidth. Online speed tests like and are all over the map, from 80 mbps to about 270 mbps inside the firewall.  I tested it by timing how long it took to upload and download a 3 gb file from my computer to google drive. It was in the range of 8 to 12 minutes each time I tested, which is about 50 mbps. I tested after regular business hours so not a lot of traffic on our local network. Why such enormous discrepancies? What is realistic expectation to get the "real-world" throughput, which means running a windows computer behind a firewall?

I set up a "ping" session in which I pinged Google using the -t switch.  I did this for about 21 hours capturing the results in a text file.

I'd like to now analyze this file and determine, as close as possible, what time Google could not be reached.

My file started at 7:16:05 AM in the morning.

The file out put look like:

Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from bytes=32 time=44ms TTL=40
Reply from bytes=32 time=42ms TTL=40
Reply from bytes=32 time=34ms TTL=40
Reply from bytes=32 time=36ms TTL=40
Reply from bytes=32 time=43ms TTL=40
Reply from bytes=32 time=37ms TTL=40
Reply from bytes=32 time=40ms TTL=40
Reply from bytes=32 time=37ms TTL=40
Reply from bytes=32 time=49ms TTL=40

I actually sent 78,376 packets.  Is there a way, perhaps using the "ms", to calculate the time?

How can I troubleshoot my movie viewing problems and determine if the issue is on my PC? or my internet provider? or the Movie provider?
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I just walked into a bit of a mess of a networking closet.

Right now it goes like this

Comcast modem/router combo going into a netgear router (used as an access point) and into three other random branded routers set up as wifi APs.

So before me getting there, a company sold them and installed a HP Aruba 2530-24g-poe+ switch, and 3 Ruckus AP's.

My question is this, I have limited resources and limited hardware choices.

How do i set up the 3 APs with a guest SSID on a separate vlan so it doesn't have access to the internal network, and a private internal SSID.

I've only used Cisco Managed switches, never HP. What should host DHCP? How do i get two different pools, one for the internal and one for the guest? How do i set up the two vlans to be separate?

Preferably GUI instructions, not CLI if i could.

Testing a router / broadband connection

Will google mind - or will it be seen as an attack of Im pinging for an hour +

Situation is a place with intermittent broadband and I find it a good test

Possible ISP / line fault as it's very random
I am currently in the process of not renting a modem from my friends at Comcast.  The model suggested for purchase is found below which is an Xfinity branded model from Arris (arris TG862) .  Are there any other models that people can suggest ?

Xfinity Modem
I have a firewall Fortigate 40C, and broadband internet that having download/upload at 40MBPs. However, this download bandwidth can only be achieved when i am connect direct from the device to my PC. However, if it is connected to router firewall, the speed dropped to as low as 2MBPs.

Can i know what is the root cause? And how to resolve this?

FYI, the WAN Interface is running at 100 Full Duplex and Switch is 1000 Full Duplex

Hi Guys,

I am looking for a device with the capability to combine bandwidth from 2 ISP\internet connections from different providers.

I need this device to load balance the traffic, and at the very least when the primary link is reaching its capacity or having some intermittent issues the traffic should be routed to the secondary link.

Additionally the device will be able to use the secondary link in case that the primary link goes down.

I do have a currently 2 Firewalls in High Availability mode so the way I envision this device or (devices for HA) would be placed between my Firewalls and the ISP link connections.

What devices would you recommend for this setup?
I have a domain and 2 servers  (DCs) my scope  I have a DSL router with access to the internet I need to set up a wireless connection so that wireless users can access the domain.  I'm trying to figure out how I can set up the ATT modem so that the server can give out IP's.






The term broadband commonly refers to high-speed Internet access that is always on and faster than the traditional dial-up access. Broadband includes several high-speed transmission technologies such as digital subscriber line (DSL), cable, fiber optics, wireless (for which there is a separate topic), satellite and broadband over powerlines (BPL).