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Business Communication is the act of information sharing, whether within an organization or outside of it. Internal Business Communication refers to information sharing, updates on policies and procedures, and team building exercises submitted through emails, memos, and the like. External Business Communication is released to benefit the commercial interests of a company, such as marketing, advertising, or press release communications. This line of work requires a strong understanding of the primary language used in the business’ target demographic, the ability to effectively convey ideas and information through written means, and the skills to effectively inform internal and external audiences on mission, values, changes, and plans.

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Hello Experts
I need to deliver via web, xlm and pdf files (electronic invoices)
Two ways to deliver.
1. The customer logs in with username and password then he sees all his invoices and can download any.
2. The visitor does not log but enters the invoice number and company ID, without identifying himself,
    Then the site shows the content of that particular invoice and allows to download both formats PDF and XLM.

Is there an already finished product that can do this for us?
or which is the best company you would recommend to develop it.
SolarWinds® Network Configuration Manager (NCM)
SolarWinds® Network Configuration Manager (NCM)

SolarWinds® Network Configuration Manager brings structure and peace of mind to configuration management. Bulk config deployment, automatic backups, change detection, vulnerability assessments, and config change templates reduce the time needed for repetitive tasks.

I'd like to come up with some clever tagline or rhyme for having our users reboot on Thursday.  After we push security updates to endpoints, I want the users to reboot, so I'd like a clever tagline.  For example, if I wanted my users to drink more water, I could say something like, "It's Thirsty Thursday, please make sure you drink plenty of water today!"  Or if I wanted my users to attend a meeting on Tuesday, "It's Technology Tuesday, please come to our technology meeting today!"

Can someone come up with a clever idea because "Reboot Thursday" or "Restart Thursday" just doesn't have a good ring to it!
I have Aliexpress affiliate website where I am getting most of my traffic from Search.


The sites have been around for about 45 days.  

I have placed links on Twitter, Reddit, Google Plus, Facebook and Instagram for traffic. And, I have completed the Google Analytics and Google Console.

I submitted the websites to other search engines a few days ago.

I placed the sites on Hotjar, the free version.

I am looking to get more "free" traffic!

I was told that it is best to let the website's index in Google for about six months.

I am going to send out press releases.  

I need some good ideas for more traffic. Can you help me?  I am a newbie.  Thanks in advance.

***Note I tried to put one of my Affiliate Website on Outbrain. I was told that my websites are not a good fit for their Native Ad.***
I don’t want someone I’m in contact to know what the last on line time was so perhaps messenger is the better option ....

But do they have to be a FB a friend to message them ?

Your thoughts ?
Not sure if this is the right place to post this query:

I just joined an organization as IT Security & IT Risk Manager &
is asked to do a self-introduction of myself in the company's
board of management (C-Suite, directors).

I've never done this to a board before, so I'm looking for some
appropriate scripts/articles that I could go through so will be
good if anyone can share any good links/materials.

It's a maritime organization who created this function in view
of recent major local cyber breaches.

Thought of including the following :
a) My name & people often call my initials (UPS) as United Parcel Service
b) I onboarded about ten days ago & found the colleagues are warm and helpful
c) I study Computer Science in xxx Univ (mention year of graduation?) & ventured
     into IT Security the last  5 years as it's one of the trendiest/popular career
d) I was working with IT providers and financial industry most of my career
    (not sure if it's a good idea to mention the names of past employers?)

Big Data
Discover how big data can help with us all, and improve various industries.
Everyone wants into tech these days. That’s not surprising—the jobs pay well and the industry is growing fast.

Big data encompasses the collection, storage, and analysis of massive stores of information. It’s helping users conduct research, create technological innovations, improve operational efficiency and drive organizations of all types toward their objectives. In conjunction with big data systems, enterprises are leveraging new technologies, such as advanced analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning, to extract the value hidden in information. In the marketplace, these technologies are revolutionizing the way that enterprises conduct business. 

As big data implementation expands, a relatively new management technique called cross-functional integration allows firms to make operational adjustments in an information-driven market where time-sensitive revelations emerge quickly. The new management paradigm allows various business units to collaborate efficiently and make better decisions. As big data implementations grow increasingly prominent among the world’s enterprises, more business leaders are implementing cross-functional organizational structures to make the most of the insights provided by big data reporting. 

Big data will not, however, replace humans as strategic business advisors. Although there are astonishing new technologies that enterprise leaders can leverage to make informed decisions, there will always be a need for specialists who can interpret big data reports and determine what that information means for proprietors and organizations.

A Transformative and Disruptive Technology

Enterprises use big data systems to implement informed marketing operations and better understand their clients and consumers. It’s a powerful resource for improving the productivity and prosperity of businesses. Resultingly, enterprises are aggressively investing in digital marketing and new technology infrastructures.

Big data systems have allowed enterprises to make meaningful use of data that they’ve collected and stored for years, and as firms gain experience in deriving value from data, they will undoubtedly invest in more advanced architectures to extract increased value from their proprietary information.

Technology is changing how business leaders view the marketplace, and they are making adjustments accordingly. As a result, business leaders are rethinking management and organizational structures. The fast and powerful impact that big data has made across nearly all disciplines has left many business leaders unprepared to develop effective strategies to implement the technology. However, the innovation is at the forefront of thought of nearly all executives that seek new ways to improve the performance of their organizations.

New Ways to Steer the Ship With Data

Because of big data systems, there’ve been enormous improvements in important fields, such as education, healthcare, finance, and marketing. Depending on the organizational mission and market share, enterprises leaders are investing in different technologies. For the most part, big data analysis is currently the primary driver of change, and most big data implementations have taken place in marketing and operational capacities. 

However, as the big data market matures, enterprises leaders will discover new and powerful ways to leverage the technology. For instance, sentiment analysis is an emerging discipline within many fields and industries. Additionally, business leaders are making extensive use of predictive and structured data analysis to discover opportunities to improve operations and expand their clientele.

Automated video indexing is another relatively new and promising application for big data analytics systems. As more businesses and consumers create video content, big data will prove an invaluable resource for extracting meaningful information from video archives. Audio analytics and metadata content could further increase the value of this promising application.

In the retail sector, enterprises are using camera footage to analyze in-store foot traffic. The proprietors use the technology to analyze characteristics such as consumer movement patterns, checkout flow, and traffic volume. The businesses use this information to make improvements in areas such as product placement, promotional campaigns and store layouts. 

More advanced big data retail research involves the video analysis of group buying behaviour. This kind of study allows retailers to gather information about shopper buying patterns that go unnoticed at the cash register. Using video analytics, retail enterprises uncover missed opportunities by making a detailed analysis of this kind of group activity.

Big data analysts are also making great strides in the analysis of data generated by social media users. This field brings together fields that appear unrelated at first glances, such as anthropology, computer science, economics, physics, psychology, and sociology.

Big data is transforming the landscape of nearly all industries - and entire economies. Enterprise leaders will use the technology and other advanced analysis resources, as well as the IoT, to transform their brands, develop powerfully effective strategies and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. As time goes on, the early adopters of these technologies will reap rewards that will directly, and positively, impact their bottom lines.

online safety

A recent Pew Research Center study reveals that one in three parents expresses concern about their children’s online activity. In today’s digital world, understanding the online activity of children is part of being a parent. Most people understand that virus protection and software updates are important for preserving online security. However, the personal habits and actions of young Internet users can affect their safety. 

Busy parents don’t always have time to stay informed about the latest Internet threats, making cybersecurity experts an invaluable resource for providing online safety information about protecting children and young adults. Still, parents must remain vigilant in staying informed about what social media platforms their children use as well as explaining the primary tenets of Internet safety.

Parents, as well as young Internet users, need cyber safety education. It’s important that youth understand how their social media activities affect their safety. It’s impossible to know who is reading and following media posts left by children, and security is often the last concern on the mind of an unsuspecting Internet user engaging with friends and family members.

Most parents make it a point to always know the whereabouts of their children. The same concern should apply to online activity. Parents should have a presence in their children’s gaming networks and social media platforms. Additionally, parents should have the account and password information of their children’s online accounts. Not to spy, but to verify their activities. Furthermore, it’s incredibly easy for unscrupulous individuals to track the real-world movements of children as they check into venues using online applications by using social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Foursquare. 

Keeping Kids Safe in the Digital Domain

Parents should do their best to teach their children about online safety. However, it shouldn’t be left to parents alone to keep their children safe online. Community advocates and cybersecurity specialists can pitch in and do their part to help keep kids safe in the digital domain. Additionally, there are paid services that parents can use to help protect their children online. Most computer literate children understand how to protect their online privacy and security. However, they only use this knowledge to keep their parents from observing their online activity. 

Unfortunately, most children don’t apply this same caution when engaging with strangers online. Just as they do in the real world, parents must figure out how to oversee their children’s Internet activity. Additionally, it’s important that they establish online monitoring while children are young so that it’s easier to protect them as they grow older.

Research shows that parents are the best defence for protecting kids, teens and young adults online. Parents can establish a foundation for monitoring their children’s Internet activity by explaining that they want to share in their online experience, not infringe on their privacy. This process is easier if parents maintain an ongoing dialogue with their children about Internet safety. Parents must make sure that their children understand how their online activity exposes personal information about their lives that build up over time. 

Getting Help With Cyber Safety

Social monitoring apps and other resources can help parents stay informed about their children’s online behaviour and keep them safe. Experts recommend that parents monitor their children closely to protect them from inappropriate content and activities such as cyberbullying and online predators. Sometimes, dishonest individuals pose as children online. They may even encourage children to divulge personal information, such as their home address and phone number. In light of these threats, parents should always be aware of their children’s online activities, including the information that they share and the people that they engage with online.

All parents want to keep their children safe as they explore the Internet, learn new things and engage with others from around the world. There are many academic institutions, community organizations and law enforcement and government agencies that provide resources that teach parents how to protect children as they browse the Internet. In fact, there are many directories with hundreds of resources from around the world that are updated frequently, and many of those resources are available in different languages.

In today’s digital world, it’s vital that parents maintain an open dialogue about Internet safety. Additionally, it’s important that cybersecurity experts advocate for the safety of children as they use the Internet to enhance their lives. Cybersecurity experts are well aware of the dangers that children face online, and as new threats emerge daily, they continue to develop innovative solutions for protecting the public’s safety. 

I work for a utility company (I'm a college student). Outages are part of life.

Whenever there is an outage, the phone rings off the hook. I kind of have set a goal to stop these phone calls so the office can be more productive.

My first idea wasn't accepted and it probably wasn't the best way to do this. I wanted to send out postcards to customers to get their cell phone number, then create an application in Twilio so we could easily text them to let them know their water is off. Then text them when it's back on.

Our current website is bush-league ( I'm rebuilding the site in WordPress, and right now I have a Bootstrap carousel that I'm going to integrate as a custom post type. The office can post alerts, I may create a shortcode that links to the posts page so they can use it during a hurricane.

So one thing I was thinking about doing is using an answering service - I've noticed my electric company tells me they are aware of the outage and that they are working on it. I don't talk to anyone but I know they are aware of the outage and they give me a time estimate.

I wanted to propose  maybe using an answering service that can be turned on to say 'we are aware of the outage' maybe point them to our website. I have no idea how to use an answering service. I don't know anything about those services, those answering services offices have.

Any suggestions to stop the calls would be appreciated. I really wish they would let us send out …
Determine the Perfect Price for Your IT Services
Determine the Perfect Price for Your IT Services

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Recover Exchange Mailbox
Now Preview Exchange Mailbox size and Change Database File size with Powershell commands. Follow Commands in Exchange Management Shell Items Counts, Storage quotas. GUI Exchange Admin Center / Control Panel can be used do Change Exchange mailboxes size.
I got this mail, out of nowhere, supposedly from LinkedIn, with a job offer on Facebook

It can't be for real, can it?
Can businesses comb the deserts of linked-in and send offers?
I won't respond, I'm not interested, also
What clues are there that it is fake?

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Sarah T. <>
To: -----snip-------  <>
Sent: Friday, May 4, 2018, 1:56:00 PM EDT
Subject: Opportunity with Amazon Teams (in Bay Area, Seattle or Boulder!)

Hi ------Snip-----, 

*****Your time is very valuable. If you are not interested, feel free to decline using the "Not Interested" Quick Reply below:

My name is Sarah and I am a technical recruiter partnering with teams at Amazon to find talented software engineers and managers. After taking a look at your profile, I think you could be a wonderful fit for Amazon teams in Seattle, Bay Area or Boulder.

If you are interested either now or in the future, I would like to set up a time to discuss the positions to see if they align with your interests and career goals. I focus on mid- to senior-level software development and leadership direct hire positions involving architecture and high-level design, and developing some of the most important customer-facing features core to Amazon's business. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Sarah Teng


Open in new window

Of the Sarah Teng's on FB, none are in Boulder, Co, - or Amazon employees
What would happen if I clicked their button?

Playing the Triage Game
The intent of this article is not to tell you what solution to use (you know it better) or make a big bang change to your current regime (you are well aware of), but to share how the regime can be better and effective in streamlining the multiple patch implementation.
Successful collaboration among team members is essential for the growth of your business. When employees work together on projects, share ideas and communicate effectively they get better results.
Dear Experts

We are using SugarCRM enterprise edition for sales force automation for marketing campaigns and sales work force now we have a requirement for business intelligence solution for SugarCRM enterprise edition.
1.  I have heard of CognosBI from IBM few years ago is this still the best BI to go for.
or any other BI tool please suggest

Thanks in advance.
Read about the ways of improving workplace communication.

Expert Comment

by:Brian Matis
Comment Utility
Great article, Oscar! This is a topic becoming incredibly important to me. I love how many new sorts of techniques and tools there are for fostering improved communication, but it's definitely in a major transitional period. There are so many options! I've had to figure out things like what type of communication preferences different people have, to try to make sure I'm using the one that they prefer. Like how some people prefer email and rarely check chat, whereas others can be the exact opposite! Exciting times for sure...

I also love your mention of team building activities. One idea I've toyed with is using cooperative style board games, such as Pandemic. Wondering if anyone else has tried things like that?
Internal Communication
When you’re making plans to join the modern business race, you should analyze various details that may affect your results. Nowadays, millions of businesses are trying to grow into established and appreciated professional enterprises.
These days socially coordinated efforts have turned into a critical requirement for enterprises.
Is it better to submit one press release to many sites, or just one?  It seems to me that it is overkill to submit one press release to many, but I seek your advice. :) Thanks in advance.

I am trying to help out a friend in a small business. Her partner (material supplier) is a 500 miles away.  My friend's employee (at this end) is not especially computer literate, but is able to (and open) to learning new software if shown and if the software has already been set up.

Events that occur.

1)  Material Supplier sends stock. Each individual item has a stock number
2)  File is sent to identify stock number with associated picture
4)  Stock is received by my friend's business and added to local inventory
5)  Items received (local inventory) are sold

Here is what is required.

1)  Secure access / encrypted data
2)  Local database (my friend's) is read-only by supplier (at any time)
3)  Remote database is read-only by my friend (at any time)
3)  Supplier needs to know that  Sent Stock = Local Stock - sold stock.  My friend needs same
4)  Particulars of transaction must be available to Supplier.
5)  My friend may have some information (such as customer data) which in not relevant to the relationship and therefore kept secure and private.

Please note.  The  my friend's computer and the supplier's computer are not networked. Also, each business use Microsoft Office and  at least Windows XP (likely both use Windows 7)

I may have asked the question in a way that would bias the reply towards a MS Access or Excel solution.  I have worked with MS Access and Excel but never in a situation like this.

I hope that I have stated the question …
Having spent many years as a senior journalist I know what a waste of time the submission of most press releases are regarding press coverage.
However, I recall reading somewhere that the electronic press release service act as back links for one's site.   Is this correct?
Also I recall that the publication of a press release on an Internet article site submission of articles (naturally with the url) also amounted to gaining backlinks..  Is this the case?
Any tips re gaining backlinks along these lines.
These paid services look like a waste of money unlike some of the better directories like best of the web.   Any thoughts please???

Business Communication

Business Communication is the act of information sharing, whether within an organization or outside of it. Internal Business Communication refers to information sharing, updates on policies and procedures, and team building exercises submitted through emails, memos, and the like. External Business Communication is released to benefit the commercial interests of a company, such as marketing, advertising, or press release communications. This line of work requires a strong understanding of the primary language used in the business’ target demographic, the ability to effectively convey ideas and information through written means, and the skills to effectively inform internal and external audiences on mission, values, changes, and plans.

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