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Business Management organizes and coordinates company activities in order to successfully meet goals and positively impact revenue. Professionals i...

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Is my bitcoin situation risky?  help me decide.


I am very concerned about making a Bitcoin play right now.
My brother is  bullish on it, and I …

Introduction to Business Continuity Management (BCM)

Business continuity management (BCM) is a framework for identifying an organization's risk of exposure to internal and external threats.

Subscription Services that Auto Bill and/or Renew  I …

Subscription Services that Auto Bill and/or Renew

I invite you to join in on the …
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Affiliate Marketing Tools

I have decided to use my computer skills in web development to create Affiliate Campaigns, …
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Where can I download Microsoft PowerBI templates

Hi Experts!

Praying & Hoping u guys dealing with this pandemic with the best of spirits! …
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What tools or software I can use to merge series of Excel in one

I have given out 10 Excel for filling out forecast numbers, expected expenses, expected sales, etc …
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Opinion Question: low-cost IT initiative

1. What is the best low-cost IT initiative that an enterprise can implement today?
2. What are the …

5 Tips on Improving Employee Collaboration

Successful collaboration among team members is essential for the growth of your business. When employees work together on projects, share ideas and communicate effectively they get better results.
AUSkey replaced by myGovID and RAM by end of March 2020 -

AUSkey replaced by a myGovID and RAM by end of March 2020

The Australian Taxation Office has decided to stop the use of AUSkeys for business communications and transactions as of the end of March 2020. It's therefore important for all business owners to register for a new myGovID account. This article explains how to do it.

Certification; What is it? What does it mean? Why is it needed?

Why is Certification such a concern for accreditation and employment? What purpose does it serve and Why does it exist? In this article, I will answer those questions to provide a better understanding of certification.
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What is Data Analytics and what tools or software can I use to work with this

Hello in a conversation the subject of data analytics arose, companies worldwide are spending more …
Cloud Computing

How Cloud Computing is Revolutionizing the Management of Businesses?

Cloud is selling like hotcakes in the town. Technology lovers and even businesses have joined the wagon to taste a piece of this delicious technology treat. But how many of us really know what cloud is?
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Collect payments on monthly basis from remote customers.

Hello Experts,
I am in the need to collect payments from remote customers.
I have been doing these…
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Web site to deliver electronic invoices

Hello Experts
I need to deliver via web, xlm and pdf files (electronic invoices)
Two ways to …
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Must I let Scottrade invest my earnings for me? Do I get paid?


I have a few stocks in my Scottrade account (now TD Ameritrade) that get sporadic earnings. …
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Help on linkedin

Hi Experts!

Don't know if this question is for EE, but here it goes: my office partner wants to …
Playing the Triage Game

Triage & Manage Vulnerability Gracefully

The intent of this article is not to tell you what solution to use (you know it better) or make a big bang change to your current regime (you are well aware of), but to share how the regime can be better and effective in streamlining the multiple patch implementation.

Nonprofit Fundraising: 5 Tips for Raising More Money

Some individuals support nonprofit causes by making donations. Others might serve on the board of organizations that work toward the betterment of society. However, some people are so driven by a cause that they form an organization to right a wrong or remedy an issue in society.

5 Valuable Skills to Have in the Tech Industry

Everyone wants into tech these days. That’s not surprising—the jobs pay well and the industry is growing fast.

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