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C is a general-purpose, imperative computer programming language, supporting structured programming, lexical variable scope and recursion, while a ...

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Excel VBA Code to check for more than one value in a cell without using nested IF Statements


How can I check for more than one value in a cell in Excel with VBA Code (see Code snippet):

So in


First iPhone Application

Have you thought about creating an iPhone application (app), but didn't even know where to get …

Useful guide in recovery from Ransomware attack. Nice work …

Useful guide in recovery from Ransomware attack.
Nice work on the "C" part of the document: Data …
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Adding different values from a table to find a specific sum value

There are times when I need to find a certain value out of a number of records. For example, assume …
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Optimzing Matrix vector multiplication


Consider a Matrix A of size n x n where A[i][j] = 1/(i+j+2) And a n x 1 matrix B, where

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Building a Graphical command executor using Qt


I am building an application using the Qt framework and C++.

The idea is simple. It's a graphical

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I have exam in C, Data Structure.
Write and explain the algorithms to insert and delete a string from …
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repositioning a circle based on the distance between another circle


Any idea why the circle is moved in circular motion ? What does r*cos(pos) and r*sin(pos) do ? 



When is Unicode not Unicode? When Microsoft gets involved!

Windows programmers of the C/C++ variety, how many of you realise that since Window 9x Microsoft has…
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How to find an equation of the exponential function using Matlab?

How to find an equation of the exponential function passing through two points in Matlab?  Let's say …

Simple Binding. Cocoa GUI Application without Outlets.

An Outlet in Cocoa is a persistent reference to a GUI control; it connects a property (a variable) …
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Writing a program that prints its input one word per line in c

#include <stdio.h>
#define IN 1
#define OUT 0

int main (int argc, char *argv[]) {
  int c,state;
  state …
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How to find output of quadratic equation at specific input value in Matlab?

Please consider following quadratic equation:
h(x) = -4(x + 2)(x - 18)

How to find h(0) using Matlab.

Troubleshooting Solution

replace tabs by blanks c program

Sir I am having trouble in my system, when I execute this program, I am trying to replace tabs by …

If You Don't Need Interface Builder.

PrefaceI don't like visual development tools that are supposed to write a program for me.…
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C program  errors

sir, please check if this program is correct
#include <stdio.h>
#define MAXLINE 100
int max;
char …
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Can Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers used to write Java Programs?

Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers is installed in my Windows 10 64-bit computer.  I don't think this …
Troubleshooting Solution

Why signed value isn't printed ?

I'm using Linux Laptop running Ubuntu Operating System.  I'm expecting signed output but unsigned …
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How to print negative number in hexadecimal?

num is signed number.  How to print num in hexadecimal ?

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