Camtasia Studio is a software suite for creating video presentations directly via screencast, or via a direct recording plug-in to Microsoft PowerPoint. The screen area to be recorded can be chosen freely, and audio or other multimedia recordings may be recorded at the same time or added separately from any other source and integrated using the studio component of the product. The editor can import multimedia objects and arrange them and add several effects; it can also be used to modify the audio and video as tracks. Deployment can be converted to common video formats including MPEG-2, MPEG-4, WMV, AVI, and Adobe Flash.

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My users want to install on the laptops that have Internet access to video record
screens.  Need to assess what are the risks if:

a) the laptops have Internet access as well
b) the videos …

PRTG Network Monitor: Intuitive Network Monitoring
PRTG Network Monitor: Intuitive Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring is essential to ensure that computer systems and network devices are running. Use PRTG to monitor LANs, servers, websites, applications and devices, bandwidth, virtual environments, remote systems, IoT, and many more. PRTG is easy to set up & use.

I make you tube videos with my Panasonic HC-V500 camera, and when I transfer the videos into my computer, I convert it into mp4. When it gets converted, two little arrows at the bottom left of the …


I have one computer where the screen consistently goes black when I attempt to capture the activity on screen.  This happens whether I use the built in snipping tool, Techsmith's Sangit, or …


We are trying to develop a series of instructional videos and need some assistance.  The file here was recorded with Jing and has audio and video included.

What I …


I have recorded me reading two of my fictional books using Camtasia to upload as an audio book. Now that I am done, the site I am uploading to is complaining that my recordings are bad. Here is the …


I am creating some tutorials on my pc and capture my screen using camtasia version 1.0.1 and also tried using snagit 9, after recording the video and play it on my PC its working very well and with …


Dear Experts,

I'm using Camtasia Studio to make tutorial videos which I would like to put on my web site.

I figure it would better to place an images (screen shot) of the Video's First frame on the …


I ned to record the screen of several workstations for a entire day but only while they are being used.

I want to use camstudio (free) or camtasia studio.

I want to record when someone uses the …


We use a VoIP solution (Live Meeting) for our virtual training. I use Camtasia Studio to record the onscreen action. My problem is that I can't seem to get it to record both my microphone and the rest…


I'm trying to run videos (with voice commentary) created in Techsmith Camtasia Studio into an interactive CBT created using Adobe Captivate.
I imported an MP4 into the CBT (it was converted during …

3 Use Cases for Connected Systems
3 Use Cases for Connected Systems

Our Dev teams are like yours. They’re continually cranking out code for new features/bugs fixes, testing, deploying, testing some more, responding to production monitoring events and more. It’s complex. So, we thought you’d like to see what’s working for us.


so i have been thinking of recording my audio and video from my own computer for a while now and i was able to find camtasia or $99 ... now i need to buy a software that does this ... whats are …



i have recorded an online webinar
using camtasia but the file after the
 rendering was completed about 1,8gb.

how can i compress this retain its
 quality so i can upload it to
 my web site?


While capturing a webinar with Camtasia, a reminder notice popped up and was captured on the video - I wasn't watching the monitor so I didn't catch it till later.  Outlook was closed at the time of …


is there anyway to use zoom n pan on all extended frames at once.. without having to readd it at every split ?


how do i capture streaming video from a website, when i try to record the screen i get a black screen with just the audio OS "windows vista home premium" i also have install Snagit but get the same …


I'm looking for a way to convert a MOV file into an MP4.
Is there cheap or free software that does this?
Can I use Camtasia?


Hi, I recorded a movie with my sony handycam DCR-DVD403 NTSC, and movie is about teaching a process to be done in unix/linux servers, so I recorded screen with my camera. Now I edited movie with adobe…


I can't get Camtasia Studio 6.0 to record audio directly from the internal audio of a computer running Vista. Instead, Camtasia will only record audio from the built in mic. When looking in the …


Can I edit a .mpg in Camtasia Studio 6.0.2. I burned a copy of a friend on the local news with my Hauppauge Win TV recorder and wanted to take the video and put it on a DVD. the WinTV recorded to a …

Netscaler Common Configuration How To guides
Netscaler Common Configuration How To guides

If you use NetScaler you will want to see these guides. The NetScaler How To Guides show administrators how to get NetScaler up and configured by providing instructions for common scenarios and some not so common ones.

Dear forum members,

I have the following problem: I recorded a TV show with Windows Vista's Media Center which creates a .dvr-ms file which can be imported in Windows Movie Maker. However I would …


I recorded a Webinar that I did and I used Camtasia to record it.  I have hosted it on Screencast.  The sound on Screen Cast is brilliant but when I want to play it through GoToMeeting the sound has …


Got a client using Camtasia 7 for MAC.
Was able to monitor herself while recording video.
But now, the window that displays her own video dissapeared and I am unable to bring it back.
Therefore, when …


Having trouble figuring out how to import a flash FLV file into Camtasia for editing purposes.  I tried a FLV to MP4 free conversion tool.  It converted to Mp4 fine, but when I tried the import …


I'm using Camtasia 6 to create some videos to upload.  

First I import two or three video clips into Camtasia Studio. Then I put them into the timeline in the order that I want and edit the videos …


I've been recording using a camera with Camtasia--two- to four-minute clips at a time, and saving them as WMV's.  Now, although I thought my settings are the same as before, when I drag the recording …

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