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A cellular phone (also known as a mobile phone, cell phone, hand phone, or simply a phone) is a telephone that can make and receive telephone calls over a radio link while moving around a wide geographic area by connecting to a cellular network provided by a mobile phone operator, allowing access to the public telephone network. Mobile phones that offer services such as text messaging, email, Internet access, business applications, gaming, photography and more general computing capabilities are referred to as smartphones.

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iPhone 11, need to close down apps

This slide the fingertip thing is odd. I can not find the apps which are open at any given time.


I want to analyze my Verizon hotspot data usage

first, what is 25.9GB of 10 GB ? is this carry over data?  Will this be charged?
second, what is 15GB data? Will this be charged?
third, what is 0.9GB data?  Will this be charged?

snap606.pngI have homefusion broadband 10gb plan.

which plan should i choose?
my data usage
Can an iPhone 11 take a photo every second or two?

I want a high resolution photo from a stream of facial expressions, but find a video to be "lossy". So, I want highest resolution image, that of a still shot.

Can I time the camera to "push the shutter" every second?

I have started using the Memengo Database app from https://mementodatabase.com until I realized that they wanted $25 mo to be able to share records.

We need to be able to access the database online and on the cell phone.

Assistance in finding an adequate free or much lower cost solution is greatly appreciated.
We need to disable txt message for users who are using MFA and use app

Is it a good idea
One day an Outlook app appeared on the Android LG K7 phone desktop. I'd like to find out how much memory it takes up, and then delete Outlook. I looked this up, but when I follow the instructions, I quickly am unable to find an item in the Settings area. Does anyone know how to do this?

In Delete section, it says: "Tap the account you want to delete." but the only item there is Google, not Outlook or hotmail.
I need to take a backup of Whatsapp from an iphone 6s , and another backup from an Android phone; and merge the 2 backups in one Whatsapp on an android phone ;
How can this be done ?
I've got a Samsung Galaxy S9+, every time i unlock my phone I'm presented with some sort of ad.  I've downloaded Malwarebytes, scanned phone nothing found, I also have Norton 360 installed on device this also finds nothing.
How do I cast the YouTube Android App to a smart TV.  I see the option for the Roku Streaming Stick that is on the TV but it seems to crash from one of our phones. From my Galaxy Note 8, I don't even see the option to cast and I am on Android 9.0.

Assistance is greatly appreciated.
Say, I'm used to using the Audicity program in Windows https://www.audacityteam.org/ . I use very few of the features, just basic audio editing. Kindly recommend an app for Android that is similar in nature and perhaps, compatible. Thanks, Shaun
We just migrated from exchange 2010 to exchange 2016. Move mailboxes and all mail is flowing correctly. What I’m having issues with is some cell phones are not being able to verify accounts and sync up with Exchange server after the migration.

Most users are fine and cell phones sync up and there email flows to phones. But I have 3 users that they will not connect to server, get error message “unable to verify account”.

All have the correct settings, and all users can log in and access OWA webmail.
I have deleted accounts on phones and recreated till blue in the face with no luck. Restarted phones and server with no luck. Restarted the Exchange AutodiscoverAppPool with no luck. Deleted the phones from Exchange server and tried to recreate account with no luck. Tried about every combination of phone exchange account setup with no luck.

Not getting why these 3 users will not connect to server as the other 10 users had no problems after the migration. And all work fine before the migration.

Any help or suggestion for this issue?

Thanks in Advance.

I've recorded a conversation using my cell phone and the built-in mic on my Acer Windows 10 laptop. My guest sounds, as you would expect, like he's on a telephone. But the "phone" quality is in many cases raspy. I can usually tweak and edit silence and such pretty good, but I need help here.

I've tried several different settings but just can't get my guest's audio to sound less sharp, less "telephone-y" and simply more clear.

Any audio production experts out there who can give me what I hope will be a little simple guidance to clean this audio up?
I've asked this before but will ask again. I have a cell phone which power cord has a usb connector that plugs into the part than then plugs into the 110v outlet. This usb cord could be plugged into a computer I assume. I am selling items for someone and on one item the possible buyer has only communicated by text message. I'd like to move the text message to my computer so the owner of the item can see the dialogue on how the buyer and myself progressed from their initial interest to an offer lower than the asking price. The owner asked me how the conversation developed and getting the text message on my computer can let me show him the dialogue so he knows the item is being sold for exactly what the buyer offered and not higher.
Take a measurement if all you have available is a cell phone.

The other day, I wanted to take a measurement of some rubber pads that are screwed into the underside of a portable set of bleachers in the gymnasium of my church. I did not have a tape measure and so I did the next best thing and took the picture attached to this message.

Ideally, I would like to find an app, that will allow me to get an accurate measurement when all I have with me is a cell phone.

I have tested several apps in the past and so far haven't identified anything that really works, so some assistance here is greatly appreciated.
Google's keyboard replacement is excellent because it contains both a clipboard tool as well as a tool for inserting gifs.

However, it poses a challenge that I have been unable to resolve so far.

If I am forwarding an e-mail and go to "insert text", There appears to be no way to move the existing text to the next line.

This is because of the blue button on the keyboard that starts out as a 'new-line' or 'return' key, but changes to a 'send' key instead.

Thanks for Nobus for correcting my terminology here.

Assistance in further clarifying the potential solution to this problem is greatly appreciated.
Other than Factory Reset, what precautions can I use to DEEPLY erase a used Android Phone that I've gotten?  Need some EXTRA level of erasing before I apply all my data to it.

One idea that occurred to me: activate phone with a dummy account.  Turn on video, and just let it run until all the memory has been written over.

Then: Factory Reset again, add REAL account.

What's a good way?

Many thanks,

Our Android phone keeps losing its messaging function. It will receive notices about Gmail, but if we're waiting for a notification to come in from say twitter, because we need a code to help us log in, that type of message isn't arriving.

We've fixed it a few times by going into apps, then messaging, and deleting the cache and storage, then rebooting. But it's a huge pain to have to do that, and it takes 15 minutes or more for that to work.

Anything we can do?
Say, I have an android Black Berry Key one with Google Backups enabled. I'm after restoring a backup of my call logs from 5 months ago.
How do I go about this? tx Shaun
A friend had a medical event last week and the pastor sent a text message to me and 6 others. I never got the original text asking us to pray for the guy. I only got the reply message sent to the pastor by three of the 6 others. When I go to the message it gives me the pastors phone number and half the phone number of one of the others. I'm not finding a way to see who the others are since if I reply they all will get my messages. i'd like to know who the others are. It's a ZTE phone. There are very tiny icons for each of the 6 people but no access I see to their phone number or name. I don't want to send text to a group of 6 when I don't know who they all are. Any ideas without having to ask who the other 6 are? Because the pastor won't reveal that. We all are in his address book or contact list and he sends out messages that are of interest to all of us. Thanks.
We send bulk SMS appointment reminders and recently have had an increase in customers getting them converted to emojis as they are effectively emoticons. So an appointment time containing a colon separator such as "10:05" appears on the recipient's phone with the emoji equivalent of :0 in the midst of the message.

I understand that the conversion is down to local settings on the phone but is there anyway to code the message that says "only display me as text" as the sender?

Needs to work for any recipient, can't send an image as an alternative.
Hello Phone Experts!

I recently purchased an Android smart phone, and I really love it. A friend of mine would like to also upgrade her phone and would prefer to upgrade to an Apple IOS phone. Specifically to one of the newest Apple 11 phones. She is very familiar with the IOS interface since she also has an Ipod touch, so that explains her favoritism of Apple.
So we are wondering, should she order her IPhone 11 online through Apple corporation, or should she instead place an order through her current carrier who is horizon? I also imagine she could also buy it through Best Buy. Anyway does anyone have any advice on the best approach to purchasing the phone?
How can I send a text from my computer to a mobile phone number if I do not know the name of the carrier?
The user has moved into a new apartment.  They brought their Panasonic wireless home phone system, with a base station and two satellite phones with them.  

They would like to just give everybody they know only their cell phone number.  They need an adapter that would transfer all the cell phone calls to their Panasonic system.  This way they have the convenience of the Panasonic stations, and don't have to carry around a cell phone all day.

What is a good unit that will do this?

Hi Experts, I have been using a Windows Phone for the past 5 years and have finally decided to move on to an Android or Apple based cell phone. I think it is ridiculous to pay $1000 or over for a cell phone, so I would like to keep it in the $600 or below price range. I have an IPod touch so I am familiar with the Apple IOS interface. Here are some of the features I would like in a new smart phone.

- Good Camera
- Long Battery life
- I would like to use Face time (I think this is a Facebook app, so possibly the type of phone does not matter)
- I would like to use GPS on the phone for driving. Possibly this is also hardware independent.
- A larger screen would be nice rather than the small screen on the original Apple phones.
- I prefer to use Verizon
- The ability to display images from my phone onto my big screen tv (I don't know how to do that yet, possibly it is a hardware attachement or a specific app)

Cell Phones

A cellular phone (also known as a mobile phone, cell phone, hand phone, or simply a phone) is a telephone that can make and receive telephone calls over a radio link while moving around a wide geographic area by connecting to a cellular network provided by a mobile phone operator, allowing access to the public telephone network. Mobile phones that offer services such as text messaging, email, Internet access, business applications, gaming, photography and more general computing capabilities are referred to as smartphones.