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A cellular phone (also known as a mobile phone, cell phone, hand phone, or simply a phone) is a telephone that can make and receive telephone calls over a radio link while moving around a wide geographic area by connecting to a cellular network provided by a mobile phone operator, allowing access to the public telephone network. Mobile phones that offer services such as text messaging, email, Internet access, business applications, gaming, photography and more general computing capabilities are referred to as smartphones.

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My 7 was stolen and looking to upgrade to a 10.

Is there a case with a chain or something to prevent me from losing my phone.

I have a chain wallet and I want something similar for iPhone .
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I used following code for phone call.But the call is not working .can anyone help me? I also given manfest Call Phone permission.

 call = (TextView) findViewById(R.id.GuestPhoneNo1);
        call.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() {
            public void onClick(View view) {
                String no = call.getText().toString();
            //    Toast.makeText(Accepted_Details.this, no, Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();
                Intent callIntent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_CALL);
                callIntent.setData(Uri.parse("tel:" + no));

                /*if (ActivityCompat.checkSelfPermission(Accepted_Details.this, Manifest.permission.CALL_PHONE) != PackageManager.PERMISSION_GRANTED) {
                    // TODO: Consider calling
                    //    ActivityCompat#requestPermissions
                    // here to request the missing permissions, and then overriding
                    //   public void onRequestPermissionsResult(int requestCode, String[] permissions,
                    //                                          int[] grantResults)
                    // to handle the case where the user grants the permission. See the documentation
                    // for ActivityCompat#requestPermissions for more details.
I want to unlock my phone from Sprint.Can I do that?
I would like the best way to text from a desktop or laptop PC without knowing the carrier?
There are a few ways to send a text message from any PC but you have to know the person's smartphone carrier.
Then you create an email to the person's cell phone number followed by "@" and the carrier's domain.
But unlike a cell phone, there is no need to lookup the carrier.
I have about 180 physicians with their independently owned smartphones, and I would like to send a text to all of them or a small fraction of them.   I would like to do this from Windows 7, or 8 or 10.
Thank you.
Have a verizon plan for 1 cell phone  and 2 GB of data per month.  Comes to 75 bucks a month.  Added 1 more line to the account which will be an extra $20 plus I bumped up to share 4GB for both devices which increased the monthy fee by $15.    I look at my bill and there is an account access fee for $50 and a line fee for $40.  What are these and are there any recurring monthly fees that they didn't tell me about?
Setup a new DSL residential modem yesterday, and was getting 512Kbps down with 70ms and 0% dropped.  Connected 2 smart phones and still working great.  The 3rd phone is a LG V30, and when it connects the DSL drops 35%+ packets and has 3000ms latency.  As soon as I disconnect the wireless at that phone everything is fine again.  I can repeat this with 100% confidence.  On the LG V30, I installed Norton Mobile security and scanned the apps = No problems found.  The DSL is unusable for viewing websites or downloads while the LG V30 is connected.

What is the best way to determine the cause on the Android phone?  Do Android updates download automatically in the background when connected to WiFi?
How to block a phone number (text or phone call) using TrueCaller?

We downloaded, installed the program successfully. Today two incoming text messages were caught by TrueCaller and we had choices, view, block, etc. We first used to Google to try to identify the senders and then let TrueCaller block them.
Then a 3rd text comes in from a phone number with a different area code than the first two. This one did not cause TrueCaller to open and catch the call. We have searched all programs on the phone and all sites inside of Google Play and we can not find TrueCaller.
As well as watching videos on how to use TrueCaller. If it fails to open itself when a call or text comes in we are not able to find the program.

The only feature we desire is to be able to open the program and insert an undesired number. These numbers may have originally been a phone call or a text. Some of our received text have 6 digit numbers and others have the complete phone number.
Any help?
Hello experts, I've got a ZTE model Z933. A while back, my wi-fi stopped working on it for some unknown reason. I took it to my local Telus dealer and they couldn't figure it out - they said I would have to reinstall the OS. That seemed painful as I'd lose all my stuff on my phone (music, contacts, pictures, apps) and have to put it all back on after. Anyway, I don't use wi-fi often on my phone, but I think I will soon have a need to so I'd like to get it resolved (in the easiest way possible!).
    Here's how it's behaving now - when I go to my "Settings", and click the slider button for "Wifi" over to the ON position, it goes to ON, but it doesn't turn blue and activate like it used to. If I just click on "Wifi" itself to go into that screen, it says "To see available networks, turn wifi on" (whereas before it would always show any networks it detected). From that screen, if I click the slider button over from OFF to ON, it flashes blue VERY briefly, goes to ON... but is not blue.
   Can anyone offer any advice please? I have android version 4.3.

We use five 9 for our main call center and we want to expand to another state but we just want to hire someone or company that take the inbound call and out bound call using five 9

Do u know any call call can do this?
We have a ZTE phone model N817
This article did not help us:

Nor did the manual for the phone:

A call to the service carrier got us a comment that there was a Google app that could be downloaded to block phone calls and phone numbers on any phone.
Anyone know of such an app?
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Does the iPhone X have a delete button?

While typing, editing, or modifying emails or texts I sometimes find the need to delete letters or words that are in front of the cursor rather than behind the cursor.

So what do I need to do so I can delete these characters in front of where the cursor is currently located?
How come on both Android and IOS platforms there is not an app that can record a phone call to local storage? Is this something that is not allowed by both systems? Thanks
hi i have a LGG4 android 6.0  phone, the other day everytime i restart my phone it says android is starting optimizing app 1 of 1..this takes about 10 minutes... i took out the battery put another battery in, did a  factory reset...same thing... can you help me?  thanks
related question/answer

Using verizon wireless for residential (not business)
is there a way to have both phones ring at the same time

*71 is one phone and then the other
related question:

Since you have Verizon, you can do this:

Calli *72 plus the forwarding phone number, including the area code (e.g., *72-555-555-5555). You will hear a confirmation message.

This works with all phones with Verizon service, not just iPhones.

Dial *73 to stop forwarding. You will get a tone or message.

Can I have both phones ring

I this answer only gives me second phone ringing.
Have a building that needs internet access and the the people that were inside said that using their smartphones would be fine.  Here is the problem:  The building is steel and they cannot get cell service AT ALL.  So of course no internet with phones.  Is there a solution to this by placing an antenna or something outside of the building and running a cable to a wireless router inside that the phones can hook up to WIFI?  Or is there a better solution for this scenario?  I was hoping not to have to pull in an internet line that is not there at the moment.
can I receive (not send) sms to skype united states phone number

not skype to skype message

receive actual text message from a cell phone
heard there is a dual sim card adapter that maybe can work with iphone. where the iphone connect via bluetooth to this adapter. is there such device available and gets good reviews?
iphone 6
verizon united states cell phone

how can I forward all calls to another phone number

do I need to use verizon or can I use iphone (no jailbreak. I dont want viruses or errors with jailbreak).
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Is there a way to remove the google lock from a cell phone without knowing the previous gmail address ? I work for a company that has employees who added there personal gmail account to the phone. Is the phone bricked now ?
How do I stop the iPhone 7 from requiring a log in!

I go out and take pictures and I swear every tie I put my phone in my pocket, I need to enter the password.

I need it to stop harassing me and destroying my productivity.

I never leave my phone in places where it could be compromised anyways...

I am getting a "Sim card Locked" message on my samsung galaxy s7 phone.  I have tried multiple things already. I have contacted my phone carrier and nothing seems to be helping.  I am looking for some new ideas to try.


We noticed that our cellular numbers seems to be available.  One associate called a lead and when answered, the other person told her full name.  After the conversation we found out they the person uses an apps called CallApp in her android.  We searched her number (and ours) and found sites with the associates name and address for example 'locatefamily.com'.

Please explain how this is done? And is our personal info is up for grabs? How can stop this?

Thank you in advance
How can I disable or remove Sha-1 and sha-256  from android phone causing  multiple security issues?
android 7
default (not from android store, came with phone) contacts app

I only want to display contacts that have a phone number

so many contacts are just names or names and emails

Cell Phones

A cellular phone (also known as a mobile phone, cell phone, hand phone, or simply a phone) is a telephone that can make and receive telephone calls over a radio link while moving around a wide geographic area by connecting to a cellular network provided by a mobile phone operator, allowing access to the public telephone network. Mobile phones that offer services such as text messaging, email, Internet access, business applications, gaming, photography and more general computing capabilities are referred to as smartphones.