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A cellular phone (also known as a mobile phone, cell phone, hand phone, or simply a phone) is a telephone that can make and receive telephone calls over a radio link while moving around a wide geographic area by connecting to a cellular network provided by a mobile phone operator, allowing access to the public telephone network. Mobile phones that offer services such as text messaging, email, Internet access, business applications, gaming, photography and more general computing capabilities are referred to as smartphones.

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Need assistance installing .apk's on my Note 8
When I go to my Google Contacts from my Android phone, I can see labels that I have provided for those contacts, I want to be able to select a label to see only the appropriate contacts, and then send a group message to each contact that has that label. I've tested GroupMe and an app called Band. Neither of those solutions appear to make it easy to select only contacts that belong to a particular Google label.

Assistance in finding the right solution is greatly appreciated
Say, please see the link below:


Please suggest alternate models of this device available from mail order anywhere in the world
Single Sim FCT
I want to replace my Galaxy Note 5 battery.  It has 3000mAh.  I see there's also 3300mAh and up to 3600mAh available for the same model.  
 Would that be any issues if I replace it to the higher mAh?  

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active AT&T Firmware Downgrade

Hi there!
I bought 2 of these Samsung Galaxy S7 Active AT&T branded phones off ebay USA and got 'em delivered to Australia. Both of these phones were working perfecty alright with the old firmware installed (I'm reasonably sure the firmware was Android 7 Nougat), until I forced the new firmware update by manually updating the firmware to Android 8 via Odin.

We have got 3 major telcos and  numerous MVNO's(Mobile Virtual Network Operators) in Australia and both of these above-mentioned phones were working with all 3 major telcos and all of their MVNO's before I forced the firmware upgrade via Odin. Now, out of these 3 network operators Vodafone and its MVNO's sim cards has stopped working. Both phones working perfectly fine with other 2 network sim cards. I believe this has got something to do with the operating system upgrade as both of these phones having difficulty making/receiving calls on Vodafone network (I'm able to send/receive messages sometimes with long delays, though ). The new firmware must have disabled few of the frequencies/Network bands. The following link might help that has got the operating frequencies of these 3 networks


I am attaching the current software information and I want to downgrade the operating system(Firmware ) back to Android Nougat. I'm not worried about …
Transitioning from traditional cellular service to pre-paid.

In an effort to dramatically reduce my ATT cellular phone bill which now reaches over $100 for one person in Waco, TX, I have contacted a local cell phone shop to try and determine if there is a prepaid option that could be as good on coverage and hotspot, but without the high cost and allow me to port my existing number. What the store told me was that Verizon had the best coverage but that even an unlocked device would have problems on that network. They said that the service through h2o https://www.h2owirelessnow.com/ would be an easy transition since they use ATT towers and would, therefore, work well with my existing Android ATT Galaxy Note 8.

I don't know if any of what they said is true, but I have included the details below in hopes that someone can shed some light on this and help me to make make the best choice that I can today.

Below are the access point names for h2o vs ATT.

Name: h2o internet
mmsc: http://mmsc.mobile.att.net (same as ATT)
Multimedia proxy: proxy.mobile.att.net (same as ATT)
Multimedia proxy port: 80 (same as ATT)
MCC: 310 (same as ATT)
MNC: 410 (same as ATT)
APN type: default, mms, supl (ATT added fota)
APN protocal: iPv4 (ATT added iPv6)
APN roaming protocal: iPv4 (ATT added iPv6)
Paste a column of numbers into an SMS message.

If I want to send a column to a group of say five (5) different ten (10) digit numbers, My Android Galaxy Note 8 throws up the error that says "unable to add this recipient, recipient's number is not recognized" I've tried several separators, ; space and enter but no progress.

Please advise. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.
We have a Motorola E5 Play phone. When we open one application (Ibotta) and done we use the stylus to go back to the main screen where icons of all apps are located as well as access to phone and text.
However on another application which is Fox Sports Super 6 app going back with the stylus using the back arrow bottom left does not exit the app which is connected to the internet same as Ibotta. We have to restart the phone.

How to close that app? Thanks.
It is super easy to schedule a calendar event and invite multiple people from my google contacts using calendar.google.com.

However, notifications of the event only occur by email and not by SMS.

Since I also use labels to group contacts, thereby making google contacts and absolute necessity, this is a problem.

I would be encouraged to hear if anyone has a solution to using Google calendar that would allow Google calendar event notifications to be delivered both via email and via SMS?

Assistance is greatly appreciated.
Google's contact labels and details are changing on the desktop but not on my android phone.

I thought I had everything going to Google but apparently something isn't set up quite right.  

Assistance is greatly appreciated.
Respond with a text message automatically.

I have been brainstorming for a while regarding wording that is least likely to upset even the most demanding person or client and I am getting closer.

I have come up with this auto-text message so far:  

I am sorry that I missed your call. Since this phone is currently set up for outgoing calls and text messages only, please respond with a text. This will give me a chance to wrap up whatever I am in the middle of, and give your call the undivided attention that it deserves. Thank you for understanding and I look forward to talking with you.

What are your thoughts about the approach to the auto-response and how can I implement it so that it happens automatically, after x rings, or after I have forced it to be passed to the caller even sooner.

This approach is intended to make communication clear more effective for both parties.
I have a text area with auto text choices that come up when I receive a call. If I catch it fast enough, I can respond with text but if I don't, I can't get the choices back.

It says collapse automatically to an area at the very bottom of the screen which is handy, but even that area seems to disappear at about 3 seconds or less.

I would like for that area to stay on the screen even after the call has ended so that I could just press it and send an auto text.

Assistance in making this happen is greatly appreciated.
My Google Note 8 is stuck in reboot loop.

I've tried recommended methods and even though several statements seem to indicate a firmware issue as opposed to a hardware one, no solution seems to be effective.

I need to find another phone to replace this defect.

Suggestions through Amazon on something that won't break the bank would be greatly appreciated.

I would prefer a Google device with stock Android and unlocked.

I will put in my SIM from ATT when I get it and hope for the best.

I have a Samsung Note 9 phone.

Sometimes I would get a call from someone while being in a call already with another person.

The person trying to call me never knows that I was in a call with someone else so don't ring back.

To the person trying to ring me, their phone rings for a bit and then goes to voicemail.

I would like to have the person trying to call me in this situation given a message saying "person in a call" or busy.

Is there a setting for this on Note 9 phone?

Is there an app that I can also use at a flashcard for IT related learning?  I'd like to make notes on my computer and then view them on the app on my phone.  I have an Apple phone.
Need a LAN line for my home, but don't want to pay much.  I don't have internet or Cable TV at my home.  I also don't want a cell phone either, just need an actual phone at home for the lowest price possible.
How do I get my PUK code

I am working on an iOS application (in nativescript) that needs to get and post some data to an API in the background each 5 minutes. Now it seems that iOS is closing my application so I took a look at the long running tasks section of https://docs.nativescript.org/core-concepts/ios-runtime/how-to/BackgroundExecution but I fail to see how I should configure an interval now.

Also while it works correctly on the simulator (not thinking about the interval) with the debug fetch command, I can't get it to work correctly on a real device.
How do I get the puk code for my phone?
I have a user that is set up on an Exchange 2013 and have been using Outlook 2016 for a couple of years.
Many people have email on their phone. I decided to set this user up to receive email on his phone.
I set up email on multiple phones without an issue. This one account is unable to get email on his phone.
I know I’m using the correct id and password. The server is the same for all other users and they can all connect.
Each time we get an error that the server does not connect.
We have attempted to set email on not just one phone but three different phones (Two Iphones and one Samsung). The phones have been on the corporate Wi-Fi and off using their own data plan.

We have confirmed that Active Sync is enabled. We have copied his AD account and then attempted to set up email on a phone with this copied account. It also failed. I then removed all Member of Entries under his AD Profile and it still failed.
I am creating an Android application that allows users to add notes, organize them into categories, and set reminders for the notes in the form of push notifications.

I am able to schedule reminder notifications when the phone is on. However, if you turn the phone off and then turn it on later, or restart it, then set multiple notifications: one that has a scheduled time after the phone has been rebooted or turned on again and one that is scheduled to go off at a time after the phone has been rebooted or turned off, then both notifications go off immediately after the phone turns on or is rebooted.

The expected behavior is that the notification that is scheduled at a time after the phone has rebooted fires at the scheduled time instead of right away.

Please see RebootReceiver.java and NotificationScheduler.java below and let me know if you need additional files from my project or information.

RebootReceiver Class:

package com.coolcoderz.notes2go;

import android.app.AlarmManager;
import android.app.Notification;
import android.app.NotificationManager;
import android.app.PendingIntent;
import android.content.BroadcastReceiver;
import android.content.Context;
import android.content.Intent;
import android.util.Log;
import android.widget.Toast;

import java.text.SimpleDateFormat;
import java.util.Calendar;
import java.util.Date;
import java.util.List;

import static android.content.Context.ALARM_SERVICE;

public class RebootReceiver extends 

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How to enter which the code to an ifhone
I am looking to receive SMS text messages on Ubuntu. Have tried At&t/Cricket wireless SIM cards with Huaewei (USB modem) and Nokia phones connected via USB and no luck. Looking for a complete solution. Will pay reasonable amount for the right solution. Preference is Ubuntu but will consider other linux flavors.
Hi everyone. I have an Android 7 device. It's not rooted. I need a file manager/utility that allows me to view the files & folders of the root directory; specifically the System and Data partitions. I don't need 'Write' permissions, just Read-Only. I want to copy some files. In other words, I don't want to root the device. I just need read-only access. I would prefer a file manager type app but I'm open to other methods.

I have tried Solid Explorer. It shows the System Partition but not the Data partition. Thanks.
My cousin ordered things on amazon And the account got locked will the things get sent to me still?

Cell Phones

A cellular phone (also known as a mobile phone, cell phone, hand phone, or simply a phone) is a telephone that can make and receive telephone calls over a radio link while moving around a wide geographic area by connecting to a cellular network provided by a mobile phone operator, allowing access to the public telephone network. Mobile phones that offer services such as text messaging, email, Internet access, business applications, gaming, photography and more general computing capabilities are referred to as smartphones.