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Cell Phones

A cellular phone (also known as a mobile phone, cell phone, hand phone, or simply a phone) is a telephone that can make and receive telephone calls over a radio link while moving around a wide geographic area by connecting to a cellular network provided by a mobile phone operator, allowing access to the public telephone network. Mobile phones that offer services such as text messaging, email, Internet access, business applications, gaming, photography and more general computing capabilities are referred to as smartphones.

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user is having issues with regard to his samsung galaxy phone.

User states that he receives the notification of emails only when he clicks on the email icon

uninstalled and reinstalled  maas360  but didnt fix
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samsung galaxy s6
android 7

buzzes/vibrates too loud

can I turn down the vibration?
I have several audio books I would like to put into my iPhone X so I can listen to them on my iPhone.

These audio books have each chapter saved as an .MP3 file.

I have dragged and dropped these files into iTunes and have also attempted to import them from a DVD but when I search for them on my iPhone (by the book or author name) I am unable to find them anywhere.

What is the correct process to use so I can later listen to these audio books on my iPhone X?
I want to transfer my apps from an existing iPhone 6 to a new iPhone 8. I basically want my phone to be setup identically to my old phone. Thank you.
Are there any iPhone apps currently available that will provide auto complete suggestions after the first few numbers of a phone number have been entered on the iPhone?

These auto complete suggestions will come by querying my contacts, saved, and dialed phone numbers on the iPhone.

This is similar to typing in the first few characters of an email address within Outlook and then having a list of suggested email addresses appear.
I have a 64 GB iphone 6S - a little over 2 years old now?  It says it has 37GB available. I've deleted apps, pictures, etc that I am not using.

Am I expecting too much for better performance? I notice sometimes when I delete an app - it takes somethign like 5 seconds after clicking x for it to go away. Other times, it goes away right away.

Opening contacts (which is linked to o365 and i have 8000 contacts) or mail or other thigns... I'll get a white screen for a couple / few seconds as the app opens up.

I make a point to close apps that are in the background.  I have background update turned off. I've hard reset (hold home and power button for a few seconds till you get the white screen), etc.

Browsing in safari takes a few seconds for pages to load, etc...  am I expecting too much? are things that much better with iphone 8 or x? My kids have the same phone and want to upgrade.  

I do get through the day on a single charge sometimes (so battery is good /fair).  it's more processing power.  Which I read is something that apple (sometimes / always?) slows down on older phones?  

Is there a way to tell where the bottlenecks are?

Are there any apps for adding the tethering feature (so I can surf the internet on my laptop connected to my iPhone) on a non jailbroken Sprint PCS iPhone X running iOS 11.2 (15C114)?

I already have an unlimited data plan through Sprint PCS.
I have tried on 3 machines (Win 7) and 3 mobiles (Android) but only one combination shows up as COM3 in Hyperterminal.
My purpose is to send SMS via Serial port. I can send successfully from this one combination.
I want the others to work too. All mobiles connect to the machine and I can access the Internal and External drives.

By COM3 I mean COM1,2,3,4....
Available Minutes:
Minutes Used:
Texts Used:
Total Data:
1000.00 MB*
Data Used:
7.30 MB*

What actions do we take that uses Data?
We do not know what we did to use that 7.3 MB.
So I think I'm dealing with a buyer with buyer's remorse.

I sold my Galaxy S7 Edge on eBay after unlocking it and then doing a factory reset.  As part of the phone setup (when you turn it on) Android asks for a google account to associate with the phone, but so far as I know that's optional and you can "skip".  I recall that from before the reset and I had the same thing with my new phone.  I've never heard anyone suggest that after a reset and when doing new setup that you have to put in the account that was previously used for the previous setup.

Can I get confirmation from some expert here that this buyer is spouting non-sense?  I can't understand how a factor reset would leave the phone in anything but a clean state or that Android upon starting would require the entry or association of the phone during setup with any previous Google account.
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Hi Friends.
I need some advice, but please do if you have any experience.
I need to install Driver E-Log on 10 tablets and handle it to my company drivers.
My boss request is to lock any other apps, preventing drivers to use internet
I went to Google PlayStore and I've found a lot of apps and I've tested 10
The problem is that any of this apps not locking itself (except Perfect Applock) so anyone can go to settings, or if settings are locked too, they can put finger on this applock app and uninstall will shows up. So bottom line anyone can uninstall app, so they can go to internet finally.

Perfect Applock has option to self lock to prevent shot down but this setting can be disable in Settings and settings is not protected, so bottom line useless.

So maybe someone of you using some AppLock app on Android and can suggest me one, that is going to lock apps I select and is going to lock itself and without password no one will be able to uninstall it.

Thank You in Advance.
How can I change the setting on the iPhone X mail icon (when it is in the dock) to display new mail notifications that lists the number of new email messages?
Hello Experts - Our company switched to the iPhone 6s and we've run into a problem.  The phone does not appear to be correctly passing number presses when dialing in to our phone system and attempting to use the auto attendant directory.  Instead, it will constantly say the name was not located.  It works fine when not using Apple Carplay from the same location.  Any ideas on what I can do to fix this?
I need to quickly record myself short audio notes of my activities...how can I do this with my iPhone? I need it quick and to be organized...

If I could give each audio a name, is best.

Like, the customer name I am visiting.

plugging into windows 10
I sometimes see my files of samsung galaxy s6 android 7

I think when I dont see files; then I may need to reset computer

I click refresh file explorer window but says; this folder empty

I try plugging into different usb
Is there another type of refresh I could do without reseting my windows computer

Please dont request an me downloading a windows program because that is another question.
credit card processing hardware that attaches to an android cell phone.

I am the customer and I usually just give cash after watching merchant trying to use hardware/software

why doesn't it work
I have trouble getting my Creative T3150 to become visible on Bluetooth. I turned BT on with my iPhone and my MacBook, and had the Creative T3150 powered on. Yet, it is not visible on my my iPhone not my MacBook.

Is there a step I need to execute on the Creative T3150 to become visible?

I'm in the process of listening to a book that has each chapter saved as an .MP3 file.

This book is contained within a folder within my Spring PCS Android Samsung Galaxy S8 cell phone.

Currently only one chapter plays at a time and then I have to find the next chapter's MP3 file on the phone and play it next. I need the book to play non stop.

How can I set this book to play one chapter's MP3 file one after another using the MP3 Player app which I installed from the URL link below?

How can I determine which apps installed my Android Samsung Galaxy S8 phone are demo & can be purchased?

I would like to run the full versions of all apps on my Samsung Galaxy S8 so I can utilize all features and so that I won't have to deal with any adds on my cell phone.

How can this be done?
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We've talked abutt his before. I got a Kata phone on Amazon and it is unlocked. Still not used though I traveled. I assume it will work.

So now looking on amazon for another low cost touch screen phone.
I see X brand dual sim, US unlocked.
I see X brand dual sim, international unlocked.

They do not explain US or International as to whether a US phone can be used in Asia or no it can not be used there.

I've thought to buy another Kata as a gift for someone.
They told me that they are not real strong on phones and features. Make and receive calls is their priority with a simple Nokia phone, no camera.

So the git does not have to be some extravagant phone since they said my Kata was far better than theirs.

I see a brand called BLU and I see some very unknown brands. A BLU seller on Ebay had sold 178 of them and had more. In 30 days 393 positive feedbacks and 15 negatives. Most negatives said phone did not work overseas or it was stated as new and was a used phone.

This is their phone and they are not a phone features person. So there are several phones under $50 on Amazon but this US - international creates questions.
As well as the veeeery unknown brands. I see BLU everywhere.

in moto 4g plus how to modify dial tone. please advise
Is there an add on or a way to get a call for certain Outlook calendar events? I get meeting overload and don’t want to miss the most important ones so would like to get a call for those as it’s easy to miss an Outlook or smartphone pop up where there are so many other pop ups got other things
I use the Maps app within my Samsung Galaxy S8 quite often.

How can I go back and view the past addresses that I have entered into the Maps app?
I accidentally deleted a important sms in my nokia n73 mobile....pls advise me how can I recover that sms...pls help
What are some iPhone file manager apps similar to the Super File Manager for Androids?

I am looking for apps that will help me manage files including the downloads folder on iPhones.

Cell Phones

A cellular phone (also known as a mobile phone, cell phone, hand phone, or simply a phone) is a telephone that can make and receive telephone calls over a radio link while moving around a wide geographic area by connecting to a cellular network provided by a mobile phone operator, allowing access to the public telephone network. Mobile phones that offer services such as text messaging, email, Internet access, business applications, gaming, photography and more general computing capabilities are referred to as smartphones.