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A cellular phone (also known as a mobile phone, cell phone, hand phone, or simply a phone) is a telephone that can make and receive telephone calls over a radio link while moving around a wide geographic area by connecting to a cellular network provided by a mobile phone operator, allowing access to the public telephone network. Mobile phones that offer services such as text messaging, email, Internet access, business applications, gaming, photography and more general computing capabilities are referred to as smartphones.

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I'm looking for an iPhone app/service that will make all outgoing phone calls originate from another phone number.

This way all calls that I place on my iPhone X will display this other phone number on the caller ID screen of the person I am calling so that I won't reveal my iPhone X phone number.

This is something that Google Voice used to do until June 1, 2018 (due to the Google Voice app no longer integrating with cell phone providers like it used to).

What apps or services will allow this to be done?
Need iPhone app to track my location

I need to sell on the road and sometimes need a reminder which stores I visited. So, a map if where I went each day would be helpful.

What options do I have?

Is there location data already on the phone I can use?

I have a new pulldown on my phone, as well as a blue box with Boost on it that pops up now and again. I can't find anything in apps, or in apps under settings.

Screenshot attached, anyone know how I can get rid of this? It seems to be wanting me to install the app.

Is this iPhone5 usable?

The attached image of the iPhone shows the screen is raised up and I worry it is dangerous even to handle it.

It still works as a radio and alarm clock. But, the Home button is broken so the phone is barely usable.

Any idea what's going on?

Could the battery be getting ready to explode? I have not idea and hoped someone on EE might be able to offer some advice.

How can the changing cord could be fast or slow charge?   I understand the charger but the cord itself...  There;s no components to it.
This one for example:

Is it a fast or slow charge?
What is the YourKarma.com coverage in the San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose Bay Area in California?

Does YourKarma.com have a coverage map anywhere I can look at?
Hello Community Members...

I have several mobile devices ONE is a 10.1" screen with SIM enabled (Like an iPad lol) so can get net on SIM

Now this is UNLIMITED data

If I played / streamed music on My mobile phone would have to use hotspot which the 10.1" provides RIGHT

But would use My allowance of hotspot

If played music from the "SIM enabled device" and hot spotted the mobile phone for data

Would that be UNLIMITED DATA from the 10.1" BUT keep within My hotspot limit for My mobile phone


Both mobile devices using the hotspot allowance ??

All help VALUED with My current question

Best Ever

Paul M
Is it possible to share iTunes Library between PC & Android phone?

A brief search yielded shows information about using Android but I don't see any literature on using Android phones other than Apple Music subscriptions.

Is this a recent change or has it always taken an Apple mobile device to play your library from a mobile device?
not sure which samsung watch
I know it is a few months created.
Bought new for $300 in 2018
I saw it ring previously

How to find if it gets lost
Which cellular carrier has the best coverage?
There's a lot of marketing that says Verizon is the best.  But is it really?
And how about the super-cheap cellular services.  Which carrier are they using.  Surely the smaller brands don't have their own network backbone.

Another wierd observation!  Some people are able to surf the net on their smartphones in the NYC subways, others can't!  The transit authority WiFi ain't that good.  So, its gotta be the cellular carrier.
I appreciate links to useful studies, articles, or videos.
What are the best mounts for mounting an iPhone X to my car's dashboard so that I can follow my iPhone X's GPS navigation?

This must be a dashboard mount that I can easily move between cars since I drive several different cars. I also want it to be easy to detach and reattach my iPhone X to such a mount since I take my iPhone X with me wherever I go. I am looking for a mount that I can put on top of my dashboard and not one that attaches to the air vents, etc.

Let me know what the best mounts are that I can buy online or through Amazon.
Have a Samsung S9+ Android Phone that I purchased and am very pleased with. It's the first Android phone I've ever owned and I think it craps all over all of the iPhone's I've used for many years :)

There are three things I'd like to get for it though and not sure what and where to purchase these items online.

1)  A decent phone holder to use in my car so I can use it hands-free. I just want something that will hold the phone firmly and allow me to talk while driving as I can get "Bixby" or "OK Google" to answer any calls for me by just using that feature.

2)  A good protective case for it that doesn't restrict any functions like the buttons and camera and hopefully, still being able to use my Finger to unlock the phone while it's still in its case.

3)  A suitable charging cable that will plug into my car's cigarette lighter socket.

Cost of the items is not so much of an issue, the quality of the products, however, is.

Can anyone suggest a good place to purchase the above items online?  

Also  perhaps suggest what you use for the above purposes if you own the same phone?

android 7
automatic call recorder
free version
app version 5.42.1

recordings were good then I noticed last recording was at a low volume
Maybe in a version upgrade
volume is lower which is very difficult to hear
If I pay for paid version, do you think this will fix.
how to take print screen or screenshot on moto 4g plus


when i followed above step nothing is happening

some times power off option coming which is not what i want

please advise if there is simple app or simple step for this
Hi All

Does anyone know who in the UK sells pre loaded 4g data sims that do not require a contract and not restricted to being used within 30 days?
I live in the UK and have a friend visiting from the USA soon.  She is tied to AT&T on her smartphone.  What are her best and cheapest options for bringing her phone here to the UK and being able to use data, make calls, and send texts back to America?

Ideally looking for American experts who have travelled to the UK recently and have set up some kind of calling plan through AT&T that worked out well.  Unfortunately international use of mobile phones is not my strong point.
How to determine if cell phone is locked or unlocked ?

In the settings, there is Model Nokia Lumia 928, Carrier is Verizon Wireless, and IMEI number.  There is no sim card in the phone.

How can I tell for certain that this phone is locked or unlocked?
I need an Android App that will suppress any ringing on my phone, allow the playing of a Voice message advising the caller to unblock their number (Ie: Enable Caller ID) and call again.

Ideally, there would be no ring on my phone by calls without caller ID enabled and they would automatically get rejected and given the opportunity to leave a voice mail with a return number.

This would take care of 95% of the spam/scam calls & SMS's that I receive.

I do engage in the occasional scam baiting, so I'd like to have the option of letting those calls through occasionally when I'm in the mood, but for the most part, I want all private numbers blocked.

Anyone know of such an App?

Edit: Please also see my comment here: https://www.experts-exchange.com/questions/29111040/NEED-HIGH-LEVEL-cellular-system-design-engineer-developer-to-answer-please.html#a42636117
Harassing, bothersome, invasive, disgusting, time wasting, infuriating and in general garbage cell phone calls! This question is ONLY for an Expert that can tell me if my idea is possible. I would prefer it if I NEVER get ANY cell call if it is impossible for me to return the call. If whoever or whatever is calling me does not care to be identified then do NOT ring my phone. I believe that it is possible technology wise to have the cell provider determine, instantaneously if the number trying to reach me is one that I can or cannot dial back. If I cannot dial it back then do NOT put the call through. Simple. I would pay DOUBLE my cell bill gladly if this were possible. Why isn't this idea being implemented? If POTUS were to get some anonymous or threatening or just plain bothersome phone call I can guarantee that the caller WOULD be identified and the calls would stop. Why can't the average citizen be granted or allowed to opt in to such privacy? There ARE cell company technicians that KNOW if this is possible or impossible. I am looking for someone like this to explain the situation to me. The providers are in the business to MAKE MONEY. Naturally. I am willing to spend MORE money but they seem clueless to want to cure the problem. The "Do not call list" is a total and complete JOKE. I now frequently leave my cell on my desk simply to avoid the hassle of these annoying calls. FIND THE DAMN PEOPLE CAUSING THIS AND PUT THEM BEHIND BARS is my solution number two. Any sincere …
how can I tell if iphone 8 on ebay is fake.

Do I just look at feedback rating of seller.
If seller has more than 1000 feedback then phone is probably real.
ebay lists iphone8 64g for verizon $516-$700

verizon wireless united states store sells for $900 (total after hidden fees/taxes)

Yes it is better to pay monthly for 2 years.

Only other benefit is 1 year warranty. If something happens to phone from verizon store; it gets replaced


Could I buy ebay phone and buy a warranty for cheaper than $386

will this phone work with verizon wireless (not prepaid plan) united states
How do we remove these text messages?  It comes from a different number each time with different content.

Image of message:
I am certain that the majority of cellphone users are annoyed by the number of solicitation calls that they receive. I know that I am annoyed for sure. The great majority of the calls in question display numbers that cannot be reached. Is it not possible for, at the customer's request, have the carrier determine if the number calling my phone is one that can be reached by me? And if it is not reachable by me then do NOT put the call through at all.  End of problem. These days when data related things are happening at lightning speed it would be a feature that would take less than 1 second to do the check. Seems like a wonderful idea to me. I'd actually be more than happy to pay an additional monthly fee for this service. Are there any cellphone technicians that can tell me why this would not be possible?
Galaxy s6
android 7

pressing the home button may have completely broke

finger print in home button works all the time to log in

now I press delete key to go back

I tried restarting and powering off

I want to fix phone without resetting phone

Cell Phones

A cellular phone (also known as a mobile phone, cell phone, hand phone, or simply a phone) is a telephone that can make and receive telephone calls over a radio link while moving around a wide geographic area by connecting to a cellular network provided by a mobile phone operator, allowing access to the public telephone network. Mobile phones that offer services such as text messaging, email, Internet access, business applications, gaming, photography and more general computing capabilities are referred to as smartphones.