Cell Phones

A cellular phone (also known as a mobile phone, cell phone, hand phone, or simply a phone) is a telephone that can make and receive telephone calls over a radio link while moving around a wide geographic area by connecting to a cellular network provided by a mobile phone operator, allowing access to the public telephone network. Mobile phones that offer services such as text messaging, email, Internet access, business applications, gaming, photography and more general computing capabilities are referred to as smartphones.

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i created a sample project to try Jamaa SMPP, but when i run the code i am getting this error in the last line
Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
            SmppClient client = new SmppClient();
            SmppConnectionProperties properties = client.Properties;
            properties.SystemID = "username";
            properties.Password = "password";
            properties.Port = 3333; 
            properties.Host = "xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx";
            properties.SystemType = "";
            properties.DefaultServiceType = "xxx";
            client.AutoReconnectDelay = 3000;

            client.KeepAliveInterval = 15000;


            //--send SMS
            TextMessage textMsg = new TextMessage();
            textMsg.Text = "Hello, this is my message!";
            textMsg.DestinationAddress = "99999999";
            textMsg.SourceAddress = "888888888";

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please help
Anyone know or heard the release date for Note 3?  Also what are other competitors to it?

Comparing a Galaxy Note 3 to Mega 6.3

 Can't wait to get rid of the iPhone :-)
Need a larger screen and more smarter smartphone.
i have a friend going to germany. he wants his iPhone to carry his german lessons, but wants to remove it from the network so as to not get high charges.

how can he do this? if he removes it from his us carrier before leaving, how can he be sure it is disconnected while practicing german in germany?

Is it possible to download an Android app to a Windows server or computer so that these apps can later be installed on several Android cell phones?

I need to install the same Android app on several Android phones

The office where this app will be installed has a very slow DSL connection shared by a lot of computers and has virtually no cell phone signal.

So I need to be able to download this app either to a single Windows computer or to a Windows server so I can then install it on all the employee's Android phones as quickly as possible.

Please give me the exact steps on how I can download this app and then make it available so that the same computer can install it on several Android phones.
I have a Galaxy S2 with cyanogenmod 10.1 installed.
The phone has 2GB internal memory, 12GB internal SD, and a 32GB external sd card.
The phone is not letting me update applications because storage space is not enough, If I go to storage, I can see I have 206MB free, but doing the math´s I have more free space, I only have 600MB on apps + 206MB free space = that´s 800MB, I still have at least 800MB or more free….
Going through the files with File Manager, I can see that on root file, there´s a folder called PROC, I think this folder is a temporally folder  created for memory usage, if I click on details, the folder size is 900MB, with a lot of files, and all the files are 0KB….. is there a way to lower the total amount of MB used by this folder???...
What can I do?
Thank you,
I need USB modem drivers for Windows 2003
Sony Ericsson K750 and w810
I need this to access AT commands in the phones.
They are both working fine on Windows 7 but not Window 2003
is there an android sms restore that restores by sent/received time not by the time that I get the new phone

please dont just recommend any sms save/restore app

I have blackberry torch and I want to transfer all music and videos from bb torch to my iTunes in my pc

can you please advise is there any option for the same ?
I just purchased my first Smartphone (iPhone 5) and someone suggested I get an anti-virus program to prevent hackers from accessing my secure information through the phone.  Apple was unwilling (or unable) to verify that this is a real risk, or to recommend an anti-virus or anti-spamware program for the phone.  Is this a real risk, and - if so - what can/should I do to protect myself?


We know that iPhone 4 and Samsung s3 comes with an option for factory reset so all data can be deleted.  Nevertheless, since mobile phones are coming out every day, we wanted know how can do a secure wipe on both phones.

Please advice.
What is the best way to transfer all contents of Samsung Galaxy s3 to the new Samsung Galaxy s4
How can I press the delete button on an iPhone?

There are a lot of times when I need to delete a character at exactly where the cursor is located rather than using the backspace key which deletes the character directly to the left of where the cursor is.

How can this be done?
Got the system board out of the iPhone 4s.  Is there a way to find out the amount of memory just by looking at the board?
Please advice.
is it possible to unlock an iphone 4s that is locked to sprint? Any reputable sites that can do this???

mine is currently genvey unlocked but I want it factory unlocked.

I am stuck on ios 5
I'm using a samsung galaxy s2 mini mobile device.

I've updated some applications that I've purchased on the google play.store,
And did a firmware update as well.

I left it while it did the updates (and didn't notice the exact update procedure).

When coming back to see if everything was done,
the device went into reboot state all the time in a loop.
A. It reboots
B. Shows the samsung.com logo
C. Shows the device Galaxy S2 Mini logo
D. reboots again, and start over again with A, B & C -- in a loop...

I tried doing hard rest (by pressing up+down+home+Right power buttons),
but it couldn't reset the device, and kept on doing the rebooting loop.
It didn't show the reset options screen, nor entered it.

The device was used without any rooting or a hack.

Please guide me (direct me to a web page instructing of another way of doing the reset) -- or send me an answer how to solve the problem.
In the United States (Orlando area):
I'm helping some else ditch their landline (which was costing $80/month) without loosing contact with 25+ years of family, friends, and businesses.

I want to set up the number on a low-cost / low-maintenance long term service that will effectively just have a custom voicemail greeting to route callers to other numbers.

What I've done so far, anticipating a port to Google Voice:


Ported the landline to a cheap Verizon PrePaid phone.I


On the prepaid phone, I set up a voicemail greeting that explained the number had changed and provided their cell phone numbers.


I've had to buy minutes for the phone regularly to keep the account active.
When I tried to port the number to Google Voice, I get the error: "Ooops! This number appears to be from an area we don't currently support." This means Google Voice doesn't support porting in the area code/prefix combo.

The Question: Can anyone suggest a cheap service (other than Google Voice) to which I can port the number that will allow me to set up a custom voicemail greeting to direct callers, then leave it alone?
I have a Samsung Galaxy Note II LTE GT-N7105 running Jelly Bean 4.1.1 and I've installed NCP's VPN software on it because I cannot get the built-in VPN to work with Cisco type VPN connection.

Settings I've been told to use by my VPN provider are:
(names and IPs changed of course)

Description: TripNet STIG
Connection type: CISCO
Account: STIGVPN001
Secret: secretkey

I've set this up on my iPhone using the iPhone's built-in CISCO VPN and it works like a charm.

In the Samsung NCP app settings I have:

Profile Name
TripNet STIG

VPN Tunnelling:
Gateway (Tunnel Endpoint)

Extended Authentication (XAUTH) (ON)


VPN Password

Pre-shared Key

Exchange Mode
Mail Mode (IKEv1

ASN1 Group Name



Line Management:
Inactivity Timeout: 600 (sec)

IPsec Address Assignment:
Assignment of the private IP Address
IKE Config mode

Split Tunneling

Advanced IPsec Options
IPsec Compression = NONE

When I try to connect using the Android client, it disconnects after a short while. Here is the log extract:

25.05.13 11:02:46  IPSec: Start building connection
25.05.13 11:02:47  Ike: Outgoing connect request MAIN mode - gateway= : TripNet STIG
25.05.13 11:02:47  Ike: XMIT_MSG1_MAIN - TripNet STIG
25.05.13 11:02:47  Ike: RECV_MSG2_MAIN - TripNet …

I have a client who is looking at getting mobile phones but they need to access the public contact list.  What phones are able to access Office365 public contact list and dial the number?

Currently they have Exchange 2003 and BlackBerry Enterprise Server 4.0 and are looking at getting away from BlackBerry.  They are not accessing the public contact list on the mobile phones.

Thanks for all of the help.
What are the options for syncing a new style Blackberry with Outlook calendar and contacts for someone who has previously synced an old style Blackberry using the Desktop Manager program?

The new Blackberry Link Windows program only does a one way import for new entries (specifically excluding modified entries)

The user has POP3 email on his Blackberry handset, no BES or Exchange.
How can I display an iPhone's stored Wi-Fi passwords?

Is there a way of doing this directly in the iPhone or can this only be done using third party utilities?

If this can only be done using third party utilities, what third party utilities will do this?
I have an HTC One X with v4.11 of the Android OS.  It is interesting that despite attempts to make everything Google, the contacts do not appear to all be Google.  In the contacts suspected to be Google contacts, the custom label appears for any new number.  In the contacts that I do not suspect to be Google contacts, no custom label is available.

How do I make the custom label always appear for new and existing numbers?
I have bought Samsung Galaxy Express, but I find that it seem cannot play back flash using build-in browser...

Is any Adobe Flash Player built-in?

If not, where can I download the latest one?

I am using Outlook 2013 to synchronise with Exchange using activesync.  All works perfectly fine, however I do not wish to sync my Inbox, just my calendar.  I tried splitting my pop e-mail account (BT) and my Exchange account through Send/Receive groups - I almost got there but now in my Exchange group, even though only 'send e-mail' is selected (all be it greyed out) it now does not sync my calendar at all.  On my Samsung Galaxy, I have a tick box that allows me to only sync my calendar, not my e-mail.

I hope this makes sense and somebody has the answer.

I am trying to build a hybrid app.

When launching the Sybase Mobile Workflows - is there a way to force start a default workflow rather than displaying the list of all the workflows for the user to select?

See attached screenshot:
sybase workflow
I need to copy all Mac OS X contacts (contained within the Mac OS X v. 10.5.8 Address Book) to a Samsung Galaxy S4 cell phone.

Please provide me with the exact steps on how to do this.

Cell Phones

A cellular phone (also known as a mobile phone, cell phone, hand phone, or simply a phone) is a telephone that can make and receive telephone calls over a radio link while moving around a wide geographic area by connecting to a cellular network provided by a mobile phone operator, allowing access to the public telephone network. Mobile phones that offer services such as text messaging, email, Internet access, business applications, gaming, photography and more general computing capabilities are referred to as smartphones.