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Instant messaging (IM) is a type of online chat that offers real-time text transmission over the Internet. A LAN messenger operates in a similar way over a local area network. More advanced instant messaging can add file transfer, clickable hyperlinks, Voice over IP, or video chat. Non-IM types of chat include multicast transmission, usually referred to as "chat rooms". Depending on the IM protocol, the technical architecture can be peer-to-peer (direct point-to-point transmission) or client-server (a central server retransmits messages from the sender to the communication device).

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New distribution group for a customer not working, they have hybrid on premises setup (Exchange 2010)

With distribution security group in Exchange On Premises,

I realise there are two groups

  Mail-enabled universal distribution groups (also called distribution groups) can be used only to distribute messages.

   Mail-enabled universal security groups (also called security groups) can be used to distribute messages as well as to grant access permissions to resources in Active Directory.

This is a universal security group, there is a group in Office365 setup, users are complaining that no one is receiving mail through the distribution group

Is there a checklist I can use to go through this? Just want to check the validity, someone else would have set this up, I've been added to support for our Office365 group and want to learn fast and troubleshoot this and see the best way to do this

Thanks in advance :)
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In Skype for Business Server 2015, Is there a way to disable clients from retrieving location information from the LIS/Secondary LIS every time the client registers with the server? I want to prevent the client from performing a HELD request to get location information when it first registers to the server. Is this possible with the on-prem server?
Hi, is there a way in Office365/online Exchange to set a rule to delete messages with a particular subject line after 3 days for ALL users? I think I can do this with an outlook macro locally but would rather do it in o365/online exchange centrally for all users.
One of our users has had an issue where his computer will restart unexpectedly, and upon restarting, the settings page in chrome for incompatible applications opens up. The first time it happened, the application listed was an Intel driver, which I applied an update to. It has since happened several times, and still shows the Reset and Clean up page, but now with no incompatible applications show up. The user has not been doing anything out of the ordinary, and there are no windows error messages, save for an unexpected shutdown flag in the logs (ID 6008).
I have an NEC DT700 series phone. I think specifically it is a DT730.

Right now the message light is blinking, but the voice mailbox is empty.  It also has "MSG >>>" on the screen.

There is "Frontdesk" as the identifier, but I cannot clear that off.
I have a stand-alone Exchange 2013 (CU11) server.  All has been well for about 2 years now with all mail and any mail flowing well inbound and Outbound.  We do use Trend Micro Hosted Email Security for Inbound filtering.  As I just mentioned, we never had any issues with messages staying in the queue up until 5 days ago.  


1.  ALL inbound email is fine and flowing nicely.
2.  A handful of email domain suffixes will not go through.  For example, one of them is OUTBOUND mail to never leaves the Exchange Queue (also same with and a few others).  90% of other outbound emails to other domains go through just fine.
3.  Tested DNS and appears to be resolving well
5.  Restarted the Transport Service numerous times to no avail
6.  No smoking gun in the Event Viewer
7.  Not using a smarthost on my Send Connector, using "MX record associated with recipient address" for delivery
8.  ISP even added a PTR record for my MX record.
9. get-ServerComponentState returns everything as Active

Really not sure what else to try or what typically causes only certain outbound email from specific domains from leaving the queue...  Here is what I see from one of the messages stuck in the queue (with replaced company specific info)...

Identity: <InternalServerName>\2718\102499394519069
Subject: Test
Internet Message ID: …
How can I connect skype on a tv that isn't smart?

What is best way to connect a webcam?

Use a streamer ? or a stick computer?

it has to simple for use.
Need a YouTube based webinar, with chat service

I need to create the MP4 of a live webinar, where I use OBS to live stream myself to YouTube, with my green screen replaced with a professional looking image. But I need one to many chat services.

So, how much I do this?

I wish I could use a comprehensive webinar solution, but they either do not support the green screen technology (WebinarJam) OR they are too expensive (GoToWebinar).

So, my solution is to use:

1) OBS for green screen removal
2) Live OBS stream to YouTube
3) YouTube handles audio

But I need a chat service my attendees can use to submit comments and questions.  


How can i remove or deactivate an ex-employees email account from skype for business directory? I do not want the email address to be searchable since they no longer work for the organization. What is the best solution to permanently remove the account from being accessible.
Hello Experts,

what are the best options & cost effective hardware for video conferencing?

thank you.
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I would like to have a backup of skype conversation history for one user before deleting the info within outlook for future reference. Alternatively, is there a way to not link one users chat history with their email account? Any info will be helpful.

Thank you,
I have some messages from email I want to get in readable/audible form
I am having a wierd issue going on and I dont know where to begin. 2 seperate companies are getting a timeout from my THe time out is coming from See below:
From: Mail Delivery Subsystem <>
Sent: Wednesday, August 15, 2018 2:29 PM
To: Aaron White
Subject: Delivery delayed:[Ext] RE: August 30-31, 2018 Petrel Advanced Property Modeling
    **      THIS IS A WARNING MESSAGE ONLY      **
The original message was received at Wed, 15 Aug 2018 15:15:15 GMT
from []
   ----- Transcript of session follows -----
<>,<>... Deferred: Connection timed out with
Warning: message still undelivered after 4 hours
Will keep trying until message is 5 days old

Both messages are similar and the only constance is and I am not having that issue with other emails, just these 2.
Looking for a way to create pop up display messages on Windows 10 (Similar to what we used to be able to do with Task Scheduler)
Thank you,

I need to know the available SWIFT Message Parsers for reading unstructured BLOB and structuring the data into XML or some other format.

I did my research and found a few to name below but wasn't convinced if they are enterprise level and scalable.

1. Informatica has a tool to extract messages but it has limitations.
2. Data Transformation SWIFT OOTB library.
3. Volanté
4. Paymentcomponents ( parser is easy to use and finds all errors.

Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance.
Does anyone have advice on how to add a basic messaging app into your web project?

I have a website and would like a simple in-app messaging feature - are there any good guides people have seen out there on how to execute this into a project - would PHP be good for this?

Any advice would be great!
I had this question after viewing messages disappear after moving to folder.

Folder and emails contained in folder disappeared after moving folder to Inbox , OL 2013. I tried the /clean views and access is denied. Two icons I haven't before seen appeared in the Advanced Find window, see attached.
We are transitioning to Skype for Business from an older product called Spark.  With Spark it is fairly easy for each user to populate their own
groups with contacts that are saved and used to IM thru skype.  How can we populate groups without adding them one user at a time. We have some fairly large
I have a "Contact Us" form where customers can email us to get product information.  It seems like I must have a gaping hole in the code that allows people/bots to append long messages.  I was writing the customer data to a table, and I had a text field for extra information.  Despite several honey pots I was getting a regular stream of bots filling in the text field.

I'm not doing anything with my db and I have removed the text field, but I still things appended to the form.  Attached is the latest example.  I have also attached the Contact Us page that is having the problem.
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I am receiving some emails from people I do not know.  In the To box my name is completely scrambled, the message is from a person I do not know and the subject is irrational
like 096-be?  there are links in the message but I dare not open them.  When I hover the mouse over the to box name and check the email address it is my email address.
What is happening here?  How does it happen and what should I be doing about it.  I have noticed this phenomenon with some other messages over the past 3 months.
Good afternoon, we have trouble creating a conversation with more than 3 people. The Skype version is 2015.
Can you help us?
Exchange 2016 on-premises. Online Archive search results are limited to 250 items.

Exact messages reads, " Online results are limited to 250 items. If you didn't find what you were looking for, try again using more specific search terms."

I have read and applied the changes described for editing the Microsoft.Exchange.Store.Worker.exe.config in Exchange 2013 but that has not changed to behaviour in 2016.

We have had Skype for a few years.

We are interested in purchasing Skype for Business and installing on a Windows 10 PC.

Before we do so, we would like to know:

- What are the differences between Skype and Skype for Business
- How much does Skype for Business cost
- Where to buy Skype for Business
- Can a person with Skype for Business call someone using Skype and vice versa
- Can the same Skype for Business account be used on any Windows PC in different locations
- Do we need an Office 365 account or can we use Skype for Business without it
- Can Skype for Business be used in a location with low bandwidth

We appreciate your support with the above.

Hi Experts,

Could any one tell me what would it take to send Text Messages through PHP, both on the Server and PHP side?

I would prefer not to use third-party, due to sensitivity

Thank you.
I have a FB messenger conversation with someone. There is a setting that lets me delete the conversation. Does it delete the conversation on both ends or just my end? Since there could be some data in the conversation that the friend might have wanted to keep.

Chat / IM

Instant messaging (IM) is a type of online chat that offers real-time text transmission over the Internet. A LAN messenger operates in a similar way over a local area network. More advanced instant messaging can add file transfer, clickable hyperlinks, Voice over IP, or video chat. Non-IM types of chat include multicast transmission, usually referred to as "chat rooms". Depending on the IM protocol, the technical architecture can be peer-to-peer (direct point-to-point transmission) or client-server (a central server retransmits messages from the sender to the communication device).