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Instant messaging (IM) is a type of online chat that offers real-time text transmission over the Internet. A LAN messenger operates in a similar way over a local area network. More advanced instant messaging can add file transfer, clickable hyperlinks, Voice over IP, or video chat. Non-IM types of chat include multicast transmission, usually referred to as "chat rooms". Depending on the IM protocol, the technical architecture can be peer-to-peer (direct point-to-point transmission) or client-server (a central server retransmits messages from the sender to the communication device).

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iOS 12.1.2. This AM when I attempted to attach a YouTube link to a message via the iMessage app--nothing happened. That is, YouTube wouldn't load in messages, though I can open it via the "basic" screen icon, and download links from vids I open there into messages.

Yes, I closed and reopend the Messages app. Yes, I rebooted the phone. Yes, all other message apps work.


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Dear Expert,

I have  client computers connecting to 1 GB speed access to switches 3750/3850.

These access switches connect to a pair of 6500 core switches. These go out to the SD WAN ISP, and they mark the Skype traffic, both voice and video.

I would like to prioritise Skype traffic on the LAN segment from desktop SfB client to the edge. We use SfB online only.

Would a class map suffice and any recommendations would be highly appreciated.

Many Thanks in advance
Need steps to configuration integration of Skype for Business 2015 with Exchange 2016. Already have the integration running between Skype for Business 2015 and Exchange 2010.

Have introduced Exchange 2016 in same Exchange organization need to SfB integration for exchange 2016 as well.
I'm looking for cheap software or a website that will allow me to send text messages from a Windows 10 PC to a cell phone.
Exchange 2010 Transport Rule - I am trying to create a rule for all incoming messages from Outside the organization AND there is any attachment it prepends a disclaimer to the email.  

Apply rule to messages
from users that are 'Outside the organizations'
     and when the size of any attachment is greater than or equal to '0 B (0bytes)'

'prepend''<p style="font-size:.9em; line-height:1em; font-family: 'Cambria','times roman',serif; background-color:khaki; border:1px solid brown;">
<span style="font-weight:bold; color:red;">CAUTION:</span> This email originated from outside of the organization. Do not click links or open attachments unless you recognize the sender and know the content is safe. </p>

It is adding the disclaimer to all messages from outside users.   I am only wanting the disclaimer on messages from outside with attachments?

I need to delete from several imap mailboxes messages older than "x" days.
I have no access to mail server, so I am looking for some solution client side.
Most email users are using Outlook 2007.
Other people are using webmail (zimbra).
How can I do this?
Thank you very much!
I AM working on implementing a push system with signalR.

We know that there are network outs, devices not online for some time etc.

I need to guarantee, a 100% exact sync of a server table, with the sqllight offline table.

I am going to combine webapi calls, lets say since last update i have recived, this is used when connection is dropped, or I have not been online for some time
and when i am online i am connecting with signalR, I will tr to buffer the feeds for max 1 hour, that when client reconnects he can reed the feeds from buffer.

Does anybody have any thoughts on this in general, or am i cracy starting this? Is theer the possibility that when signalr reconnects with same ID (not the case when connection is dropped after 90 secs, but reconnects within 30 secs -> these are the default setting for SR for reconnect and drop connection), that in a short timeframe messages will get lost, or does signalr resubmit them on reconnect.

basically: if these connections is sort of on off for seconds, and SR reconnects again, what happens to the messages.

Hello Experts,
I there a way to send messages to WhatsApp from my vb net app?
I get very regular text messages from people that I have yet to speak with.

I need to develop a way to have a single record row show up on a web page that is only visible to me for now on a websitepage/status. The resulting list should be sorted by the date/time of the message and the number of the party that texted.

Suggestions on how to accomplish this are greatly appreciated.
There service provider (unfortunately) is GoDaddy (Cpanel). He says that a lot of his emails don't get to the recipient. He gets no bounce messages. He says the recipients have checked their junk mail folder. How do you trace a problem like this?
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Exploring ASP.NET Core: Fundamentals

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Our company uses O365 for all employees. One app we use within it is Skype for Business. We would like to get a report showing how many individual messages a given user sends from Skype. The MS reports only seem to provide session counts. I know in the conversation history you can see the messages sent/received, but to manually scroll through Inboxes and count these is not practical. Are there any PS scripts for this?

Thanks for the assistance in advance!
I have an Access 2016 application which passes Message Text to an Outlook 2016 Email MESSAGE.

When that happens, Outlook opens (If it was not already open).  The user then clicks on "SEND" and the message goes into the Outbox and STAYS THERE!

The user then has to open the Outbox and Click "Send All" otherwise the massage is never sent.

IS THIS NORMAL?  In earlier versions of Outlook, the messages in the Outbox went out almost immediately.  Does Outlook 2016 have a problem?  Is there something we should do?


I have a problem with my Exchange server ( Exchange 2010 installed on windows server 2008) .the problem is that I cannot send Emails to some domains.these messages on the Queue messages with this error message (451 4.4.0 primary target ip address responded with 554 5.7.1 delivery not authorised(reverse dns record missing attempted failover to alternate host but that did not succeeds either there are no alternate hosts or delivery failed to all alternate hosts) .
my dns server is forwarding queries to my ISP DNS server.and my exchange use my dns for send connectors.
I nslookup these domains and it resolves fine.but when I send to them via telnet it gives me an error message ( 550 5.7.1 unable to relay )
I have messages from certain address goes to junk folder of some mailboxes. I know in exchange we have Set-MailboxJunkEmailConfiguration to add address or addresses in block or safe lists of particular mailboxes which basically adds to them to outlook application safe or block list.

I have never heard of any way to add an address to Spam safelist organization wide. is there such option? (Powershel Command) ?

My form login in my Ms Access application hide immediately after login in a user because I use it to reference the user name control and store the names of the users and those approving documents in the table  called tblcontrol for purpose of a proper audit trail. Now I want to reference also all the massages so that they become personalized, I have massages like:
 MsgBox “Please check your book keeping entries are not balancing”
Now I want personalize the massage by ensuring that it pick the user name as the starting word like below:
MsgBox “Chris please check your book keeping entries are not balancing”
How can I insert this reference like below within the above message?
What I want to achieve is that all error messages must be personalised, this will help the users to think psychologically that the system knows exactly what they are doing:
I want to replace the   (MsgBox “Chris please check your keeping entries are not balancing”) with
MsgBox “Forms!FormName!ControlName.Value please check your keeping entries are not balancing”
 but does not work any suggestion here or is there other ways of achieving that?


I have recently setup an SMTP relay to forward messages from one of our internal servers to the Outlook mailboxes of our ICT team, I can see from the SMTP logs from the mailroot folder on the servers C drive that the mails are all being delayed as they try to send.

in the logs the following message shows:

"This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.



Delivery to the following recipients has been delayed.

I cant see any specific errors elsewhere in the logs that would point to what the cause is.

can anyone please advise?
Yesterday, we start to get complains from users that there is a delay in email delivery. Looking into it i noticed one of our exchange servers had over 50 K messages stuck in its Submission Queue. after flushing the transport Queue by restarting the transport service all the messages were released. However i am trying to pin point the cause.
I noticed in the Submissions Queue that there were thousands of messages with the senders address of Null <>. Which I believe that caused the Queue to be stuck.
Today I just got the message tracking log report of all messages that had empty sender for the past two days and I get 18K messages in two days with Null sender. 16K of them are  messages with the Event ID of  PROCESSMEETINGMESSAGE. What i am failing is to pin point what caused all these? any hint will be helpful :)
CEO wants to add that as part of two-step verification when somebody creates a new account on our site.
I have a VB script that I want to adapt to remove a desktop link from the currently logged on user's Desktop.  It isn't working and I get no error messages - no nothing.

On Error Resume Next
Dim FSO, WSHShell, Regkey, Username, strFolder, UserPath, objShell

Set WSHShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
RegKey = "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Authentication\LogonUI\"
Username = WSHShell.RegRead(RegKey & "LastLoggedOnSAMUser")
Username = Mid(Username,7) 

Set FSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
UserPath = "C:\Users\" & Username 
strFile = "C:\Users\" & Username & "\Desktop\CMS Supervisor*.lnk}" 
if FSO.FileExists(strFile) = True then  FSO.DeleteFile DesktopPath & "\CMS Supervisor*.lnk"

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Starting with Angular 5

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How to delete text messages on iphone?

I can’t believe this is soooooooo hard
When moving email messages to a folder using the move to folder command, it takes 20 sec or more.
we are using outlook 2016 365 exchange, the account is setup to cache email and the OST file is at 20 gig. the total size of the email online is a 42 gig.
This function of move email to folders was vary fast and one day it started moving slowly.
office was reinstalled a new profile was created, no help
the ost file was scaned for errors now help.
and the last thig I tried was to start with a complete new install with a clean install of windows 7 pro from scratch.
all other programs are working Great
the pc is a dell I7 24 gig memory Samsung evo750 1tb SSD
Can anyone recommend a very simple (preferably low priced or free/open source) solution for inter-office chat?  

I'm looking for ultra simple: just the ability for about 15 employees to quickly have simple chat sessions with each other over LAN.  No need for Internet connectivity, phone, or video.

I've looked at a few solutions, but I haven't found anything that I'd feel good about sharing email addresses with.  I signed up for one as a test and got 3 emails in 24 hours.

Ideally I'd like a utility that runs in the PC system tray, and you just quickly open it, send a message to a pre-set up user on the LAN.  No bells and whistles needed.

Anything safe like that exist?

I have a user that new messages are not going to the user Inbox.  The user is using the owa in exchange 2010.  When the message arrive it shows in a folder under the inbox.  I have cleared all searches and I have reset views.  This also happens when I load the user ID in a outlook client on a PC as well.
I have very little understanding of what I am doing inside of my facebook business page and of course, there is no FB support help desk. People are messaging me inside my business page but I am not getting alerts. It appears I have all alerts turned on but I do not see any alerts via email or sms.

I have a personal messenger app on my iphone. Is there a way to have a business version installed?

How do you turn on SMS alerts when people message me on my business page?

thank you

A Microsoft Outlook 365 account in our company has reached the 50 GB limit in its PST file and it stopped receiving messages. This is what I did to free space:

a) Archive all the data from year 2017
b) Archive data from January to June 2018

Now I can see that there are 2 (archived) files that sum about 25 GB but the original PST file size has not changed so I ran the Compact tool but it seems nothing is done because it finishes instantly. I click Compact and it terminates "instantly" and the size of the file remains the same.

What can be happening?
Am I missing something?

I performed this same process in 2 additional accounts (some time ago) and it worked.

Best regards,
Jorge Maldonado

Chat / IM

Instant messaging (IM) is a type of online chat that offers real-time text transmission over the Internet. A LAN messenger operates in a similar way over a local area network. More advanced instant messaging can add file transfer, clickable hyperlinks, Voice over IP, or video chat. Non-IM types of chat include multicast transmission, usually referred to as "chat rooms". Depending on the IM protocol, the technical architecture can be peer-to-peer (direct point-to-point transmission) or client-server (a central server retransmits messages from the sender to the communication device).