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Chat / IM

Instant messaging (IM) is a type of online chat that offers real-time text transmission over the Internet. A LAN messenger operates in a similar way over a local area network. More advanced instant messaging can add file transfer, clickable hyperlinks, Voice over IP, or video chat. Non-IM types of chat include multicast transmission, usually referred to as "chat rooms". Depending on the IM protocol, the technical architecture can be peer-to-peer (direct point-to-point transmission) or client-server (a central server retransmits messages from the sender to the communication device).

File attributes? and web interfaces.
We have a custom application that generates an xml file download to the user workstation.  This file is then uploaded to our vendor web site to place purchases.
For User A, this is no problem. It works properly from any browser installed on his PC.
For User B, the upload fails to execute, either without comment, or sometimes complaining of an xml file error.  Does not elaborate on what the error is, just says there is one.  (gotta love that.)  It does not matter what browser, the error is the same.

Sounds fairly straight forward right? Why bother you guys with this?  This is where it gets interesting.

If user A generates the file, and sends it to user B via email attachment, User B cannot upload it. Going the other way, the file generated by user B cannot be uploaded by user A if it is sent via email attachment, BUT it WILL upload if it is sent via Slack instant message!  This fact was a total random discovery, and in fact we then found that if user B generates the file, sends it to himself via slack, he can then upload it!

I have exhaustively gone through all the browser settings, versions for windows, browser, updates, Java, .net, anti-virus even default xml viewer and all match.

When user A comes down and logs in on the problem machine, the problem exists for him as well, so a user profile problem is not a probable cause.

I have two files in front of me, One that will work, one that won't, and the only thing different…
Hi expert

good day

I am encountered an issued ,when i tried to execute the following command " Remove-20533DEnvironment" and error messages show in the screenshot.

I have attach the log files for your reference.
Getting iMessage working on my Mac

I use iMessage for many months and loved that I could read and send text messages on my Mac. But I upgraded my iPhone 6 to an iPhone 7 and found iMessage spotty.

I need to re-initialize iMessage so that all my text messages can be read and updated on my Mac.

How do I do this?

Ground Phone line number. How can I opt out of receiving text to landline messages.

Do I need to opt out for 1 phone number at a time
In the Microsoft Call Quality reports - there is an option to view call quality
for Mobile LTE calls. How does MS Skype know that the calls are going over
Mobile LTE? Is the Skype mobile client running on a cell phone and transported
over TCP/IP over the carrier's LTE network? Or are  cell phone calls into
a Skype conference bridge but not over IP? I'm not sure what these calls are.
Their call quality percentage is by far the worst of any other classification of calls
and could contribute to the perception of Skype not being so hot.

We are using Skype for Business Online - Office 365. Thanks.
How can I turn off ringing for inbound voice/video calls on facebook messenger on my iPhone?
Alternatively is there a way to put it into some kind of Do Not Disturb mode?
could you tell me please if on the ios app for facebook messenger the person is active now with green circle, and you click name and there is no green dot beside the camera, but it comes on again,does that mean they have been on a video call. thanks.
I'm trying to send messages to MSMQ using PHP. When the message is smaller than approximately 1.1 MB the message is sent. Otherwise, I get exception "com_exception: There are insufficient resources to perform this operation." The message is smaller than the limit 4 MB. This is what I've found out so far:

- file_get_contents and file_put_contents with PHP works with no problem, so upload limit should be fine
- sending same message not with php works with no problem, so it is somehow PHP-related
- purging messages from queue does not help
- no dead-letter messages

php.ini settings:


There is no limit on message size in msmq properties.
Is there a way to install chatbot in vb. net desktop app.
I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 that recently started having almost a 'lag' issue on my push notifications.  I'm talking the badge number next to Facebook, Messages, E-mail, that sort of thing.  The numbers do not match my notification and do not clear when I check the app.  However, they do eventually clear.  Another issue in conjunction with this is the notification bar at the top that you drag down.  I'll be told of an e-mail or post from an hour ago.  Or, with Facebook's "nearby" deal, I have been told someone is nearby at 8:17AM, but it tells me at 8:40AM, 12:30PM, and again at 2PM.  But, it STILL says it was from 8:17AM.

I have replaced my SIM card since I thought this was the issue, and it was slightly burned, but the issue still persists.  So, now I'm posting it on here.  Any suggestions?

I'm writing a system that's free to use but requires users to subscribe before they can send messages containing contact info such as email or phone numbers.

Looking for a @ or (at) is obviously quite simple and should flag accounts for us to check that try that method to circumnavigate subscribing but does anyone have any ideas how I could also check for phone numbers this way, say if there is 4 or more numbers in a row for example

I'm using PHP by the way.

Hello  , Exchange 2016 system ,You can’t recall messages sent to email addresses outside your organization.  this is true?
I need help for a java assignment. I'm trying to use the jOptionPane to input a number but I need to check if only numbers were entered. At the bottom of this code at //check if only numbers were entered, you can see what I have so far (It's just an Idea that didn't work out)

Any help is appreciated, I have until 10:50pm (currently 11:23 am) to get this done along with some other stuff related to overloading.

here's the code

public class Lab5Start {
      private static String input;
      public static void main(String[] args) {
            //Enter grade for 4 students through JOptionPane
            int grade1 = Integer.parseInt(JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Enter Student 1's Grade"));
            int grade2 = Integer.parseInt(JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Enter Student 2's Grade"));
            int grade3 = Integer.parseInt(JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Enter Student 3's Grade"));
            int grade4 = Integer.parseInt(JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Enter Student 4's Grade"));
            //create a Jframe_for viewing results and messages
            JFrame frame = new JFrame();
            //check if only numbers were entered for grade
            if (Integer.parseInt( "^.*[a-zA-Z].*$")){
                  System.out.println("Please enter numbers only!");
Hi there fellow Tech Community,

We are having a few issues in our organization whereby some users are not receiving new emails unless Outlook is restarted, when you restart Outlook, it delivers new messages and does so for say under a minute, then stops delivering new messages.

Here are some of the troubleshooting steps we have carried-out, we are finding that the only way to overcome this, is to rebuild the customers PC, which as you all know is a cumbersome task and shouldn't be necessary to resolve an Outlook issue;

-Office 2016, 32 and 64-Bit
-Windows 10, build version 1607, 1703 and 1709
-All laptop users (HP EliteBook 840 G3 and Lenovo T440p)
-Windows Updates pushed out via WSUS

Troubleshooting done;
-Ran repair of office
-Recreated local OST Files
-Recreated Outlook Profile
-Recreated local Windows Profile
-Checked Outlook connection status, all showing as connected
-Checked A/D Account, not locked or anything along those lines
-Ran scan pst tool, that not really applicable anymore with Office 2016

Some more background;
-Users have additional mailboxes in their Outlook, some are manually mapped in Account Settings, some are delegation mapped via Exchange Admin Console
-We have a mixture of users on Android and iOS devices synching their Exchange Account, does not appear to be a trend with mobile devices

If I have missed any further details, I'll add them, other than that, any suggestions and what people have …
I have a client who has a POP3 account in Microsoft Outlook 2016 Professional Plus.  When I try to change his account settings, going to More Settings then Advanced, the default delivery is "Leave a Copy of Messages on the Server" and "Remove from Server After 14 days".  Both of these items are checked.  I have went into this account and tried to take the checks off of both of these boxes as the user doesn't want messages saved to the server.  I can uncheck the boxes and click OK.  It takes me back to the prior screen of which I click on "Next".  A window pops up showing that Microsoft Outlook quit working and then subsequently closes Outlook.  You then launch Outlook again, but the settings are checked again.  Is there a way to get this permanently modified?
When I use The Microsoft Connectivity Analyzer for Skype for business connectivity I get an error when it is attempting to obtain the SSL certificate from remote server. please see attached.
Hi SFB Experts

as i understand from this link that in order to install SFB enterprise you have to have three front end servers in the pool

and in order to install SFB standard edition you have to use the built in MSSQL express inside SFB media

so what if i want to install only one front end server and use external MSSQL 2014 standard edition so technically this possible and such setup called standard or enterprise

i know front end server license is the same for stranded and enterprise only CALS play roll here but i want to know my setup is doable and under which category standard or enterprise



 I am looking for the chatting software that meets the following requirements:

 (1) It should run on Windows, Mac and Smart phones.
 (2) Only inter-office users would be allowed to use  the app. Skype would be a good fit except users can include/invite anyone in the world who runs Skype.
 (3) When the message is arrived, it will popup in a window or provide an alert with audible sound.
 (4) Fyi, there is Outlook with Exchange already for the users. The reason for this chatting app is to let the users chat with other users on trivial stuff that don't need to be saved in Outlook/Exchange server.

 I welcome commercial software as well.
Our client often gets complaint's from their customers not being able to send attachments through to them because they continuously get rejected for being too large.

They're using an on-prem 2010 Exchange server.  
The initial message size limit send/receive was set to 30MB.
Their hosted anti-spam solution, Trend micro, has a limit set for 50MB.
I changed the on-prem 2010 Exchange server send/receive to a limit of 50MB for troubleshooting purposes.

We still get bounce backs when sending anything typically over the size limit of 15MB. The message comes back indicating it exceeds the limit of 20MB.  After checking all the settings (that I know of), I don't know where the size limit of 20MB is being set.  I know that messages grow in size beyond the initial attachment limit, but not to this degree.

Is there anything specifically I've missed in checking?

Thank you!
I am running into an issue with creating an OVF template on Vsphere 6.5. When I try to export the file it times out. I upgraded Vsphere from 6.0 to 6.5 yesterday because it complained it needs to be upgraded to 6.5 Webclient . So both Vsphere and Web Client where upgraded to 6.5. Today i tried to create the OVF file and it just times out. No error messages. Any ideas what I would be doing wrong??

No snapshots runnning

Not connected to any datastores

And the net adapter has been disconnected as well
I would like to send a message to all users on a network, on the same network I am connected on.
Software would be fine, however a command line solution is also good.
This is to be send from a Windows 10 computer to all users that are joined to the same network that the Windows 10 computer is joined to.
(net send and msg does not seem to work)
skype friend (who uses skype on computer. Maybe uses skype on android) is sending

What do I tell my skype friend?
change your password?
what if password is already changed and skype friend can not get inside account.

This type of attack is common with microsoft acquisitions skype/hotmail
Where attacker sends a message to all contact list.
I am looking for a free, secure, LAN only messenger (not over the internet), to communicate with users on Windows based computers.
What do you suggest?
Dear all,

This script was working fine sometimes ago, but now it does not works, there is an error message:

Warning: mail(): SMTP server response: 554 5.5.4 Your webserver has sent too many non-authenticated messages. Please enable SMTP Authentication in your script/code to continue sending messages.

How I enable SMTP in this script?


if (isset($_POST['g-recaptcha-response'])) {

    $captcha_data = $_POST['g-recaptcha-response'];


// Se nenhum valor foi recebido, o usuário não realizou o captcha

if (!$captcha_data) {

    echo "Por favor, confirme o captcha.";


$resposta = file_get_contents("https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api/siteverify?secret=6LduXAcUAAAAAAD9VXEHrm-lL_Pg-YiWcCo2_bIS&response=".$captcha_data."&remoteip=".$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']);


//if ($resposta.success) {

//    echo "Obrigado por deixar sua mensagem!";

//} else {

//    echo "Usuário mal-intencionado detectado. A mensagem não foi enviada.";

//    exit;





    $to = "contactme@quarup.com"; // this is your Email address

    $from = $_POST['xmail']; // this is the sender's Email address

    //$from = $_POST['contactme@quarup.com']; // this is the sender's Email address

    $first_name = $_POST['first_name'];

    $last_name = $_POST['last_name'];

      $xmail = $_POST['xmail'];

    $subject = "Form submission";

    $subject2 = "Copy of your form
Can someone suggest a YouTube video that explains how to use Messenger? Not too much detail is required. What the video must include:
* How to install (if needed) Messenger
* How to sent text and or files using Messenger

Thank you!

Chat / IM

Instant messaging (IM) is a type of online chat that offers real-time text transmission over the Internet. A LAN messenger operates in a similar way over a local area network. More advanced instant messaging can add file transfer, clickable hyperlinks, Voice over IP, or video chat. Non-IM types of chat include multicast transmission, usually referred to as "chat rooms". Depending on the IM protocol, the technical architecture can be peer-to-peer (direct point-to-point transmission) or client-server (a central server retransmits messages from the sender to the communication device).