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Chrome is a free web browser created by Google. Originally released in 2008, it has grown to become the most used desktop web browser (as of October 2016).

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I am trying to access a webpage using VBA. When I get the results from the webpage, using winhttprequest or msxml2.xmlhttp60, I am getting the page source, but this has yet to process the javascript which will then give me the elements that I need. I need to access the results that can be seen on the DOM when I inspect elements on either Chrome or IE. I can't figure out how to get to this processed page results. I have tried to use the IE controls in VBA and passing the request through IE, but to no avail
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how can prevent Chrome Extensions from being installed without an administrator password?

is there a way to do this via the registry / NTFS or GPO?

thx in advance.
I just joined experts exchange today so please let me know if I post something incorrectly.  I have an html page that contains the following javascript:


My default email program is Outlook 2016.  When I execute this code on IE11, Firefox, or Edge it correctly pops up a blank email window from Outlook 2016.  When I execute this code in Chrome, I get the correct blank email window from Outlook 2016 but I also get another blank browser window as well which I manually have to close.  Is there any workaround to not have that extra blank browser window pop up in Chrome.  Thank you for any replies.
I want to know what are the experts recommendation to the best method to block the annoying ads in chrome Edge? It seems every time I visit a website medical, department store etc. I am being bombarded with heavy artillery of ads. It makes me not want to surf the web anymore. Please help.
Formerly, (can't recall if it was on this computer or my previous PC), when I click an email link in a web document, it would spawn an Outlook form populated with the email address.

Now, however, it take me into Windows Mail (which I may have accidentally configured):

Mail formHow can I reconfigure Windows to spawn the outlook window? This issue occurs in both Chrome and Edge.

Finally hit level 18 :D

Incidentally, for those of you not already aware


Recommend you have a read and then double check your main sites that your colleagues will be using. Just to ensure that this doesn't smash you later.

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by:Kyle Santos
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by:Andrew Leniart
Congrats on your levels achievement Alex, well done. Thanks also for the heads up on the article about Symantec's SSL certificates. Hadn't heard about that till now so found it a highly informative read.

Best, Andrew
Need something that will always display the percentage of zoom level I am currently at in Chrome.

Does anything like that exist?



I'm trying to find out if I have any scheduled tasks running between, say, 5pm and 6pm. I'm having an issue with a web application (Zendesk) where something seems to log me out around that time of day (or maybe my authentication expires).  Occurs under Chrome Version 69.0.3497.100 (Official Build) (64-bit).

So, I'm thinking that some process (Google related possibly) may be running and causing this issue.

I've gotten into the task scheduler, and am wondering if there's a way to search for any tasks that run during a certain time interval. Either from this screen or some other screen.
Turning in now for the night, but will check back in the morning.
Everyone in our organisation has a Delve profile, and we want to link directly to these from other locations or documents. The first difficulty we had was in coming up with a link that we could easily modify/replicate - the standard form url looks something like:

https://nam.delve.office.com/*** Email address is removed for privacy ***&v=profiledetails

This will open from an internet page or a website, but if I try to link from a Word document, not only does it not work, but it also gives me an enormously frustrating error message which consists of a cartoon cat and a correlation id, also i can see that the link got redirected,

Redirected as : https://nam.delve.office.com/Error.aspx?correlationId=7eecefc7-7f0e-458d-a66d-47387873a125
Something went wrong :(
Correlation Id: 7eecefc7-7f0e-458d-a66d-47387873a125

In Internet Explorer, after adding "https://nam.delve.office.com" link to trusted site resolved the issue, but when the Chrome is set as default browser we still have the issue.
Does anyone have a solution to this issue, kindly help me as soon as possible

Windows Authentication in Chrome does not works as expected from AD/Domain environment.

It works perfect in Firefox after adding the http://app.domain.local to network.automatic-ntlm-auth.trusted-uris

It works also good in Edge and Internet Explorer after adding the URL in Local Intranet - Sites.

I expect it to work in Chrome too. But I am always being promted. Any ideas?

I have tried with or without Negotiate security method for Windows Authentification. I am currently using only NTLM.

Chrome version 69.0.3497.100 64 bit.
IIS 8 and MVC (Webform) (newer version) ASP.Net app
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Chrome's default bookmarks display seems like a mess to me.

Need an extension to better display / navigate bookmarks that DOES NOT require me to share my bookmarks with the platform.

So that the re-organization and spiff new display is generated on my side rather thatn a bookmark services side.

Want an extension which uses code run on my machine rather than sharing all my bookmarks over to the extension, them repackaging them, and sending them back to me in the new format.

A privacy-first bookmark organizer.

Anything like this made / available?
Is there a "feature", app, utility or ANY method that will tell Windows 10 to NEVER change my Chrome startup page unless I specifically authorize it? I want my startup page to ALWAYS be https://www.google.com   Somehow it seems that something is able to change it at will to something else. Lately I am getting Home Depot's main page. I need some way of locking the page I want in CONCRETE as much as is possible. Does anyone have any suggestions that might work for me.
I have a new Windows 10 installation on an Asus AMD board. I cannot change the default web browser from Microsoft Edge to anything else. The default programs window disappears after I attempt to apply a browser change.
Need another toolbar for Chrome.

Something under the bookmarks toolbar.

Want to show all my extensions there.

Anything I can do?
Hi.  My Google Chrome has been really glitchy a long while.  Ive deleted it/reinstalled, etc... no malware.  Edge and Vivaldi work great.  All my pwd are saved in Chrome so dont want to switch.  

Id appreciate any assistance getting Chrome working right.

One odd thing I just noticed is that Edge and Vivaldi speedtest out at our purchased speed of 250MB, but Chrome cannot even pull 50.

Thank you ,
Whenever I am using Chrome and there is something that requires Adobe Flash Player(AFP). I get a message saying click to enable AFP. and when I do that another pop-up box says run flash allow -block. See screen capture. In spite of every time, I say yes to run flash it keeps coming up every time there is AFP need in what I am trying to access. Is there a way to enable AFP to run without being asked every single time?

Thank you,


Hi Experts,

Within Chrome, or any web browser is it possible to show spelling errors on a website? I don't mean on a form, but particularly on a web page's published content.

I am working on a complex questionnaire, and I am using just code within NetBeans, and actually strings so I need to see if any errors?

Thank you,
I have a strange issue happening with a web site redirection. I have a HTTP Redirection Record added to my dns and it works for me and many other people. It is not working for everyone and every device. I have one that has an iphone and it works in Safari but does not work in Chrome. Uninstalled the app, reinstalled, cleared the cache etc. We are getting constant calls from people saying they cannot reach the site. Any ideas?
Hi Experts,

we have installed and configured ADFS on WIN2012R2 server.
Now we want to open a resource from another ADFS server and another forest.
The connection is ok and we can see the website but we ahve to login again each time.

It seem SSO is not working properly.
I have tried several browsers like CHROME and IE and EDGE.

Can you help me out to find the problem ? Please ?
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Weird problem when a link to an ics file is clicked in chrome asks to download the file instead of just downloading or opening in the ics application it's tied to in windows (windows 10 calendar or mail).

Is this a setting in chrome or windows that i missed?
Just installed brand new Dell computers and installed Chrome also.     The only website I cannot get to on Chrome or Edge browsers is   https://www.chrome.com

"Your connection is not private" and I have to cancel out.     Any other https website works fine.   Does anyone know how to fix or get around this issue.
Hello I have a question about chrome (using with an android device), and how it organises frequently used bookmarks...

When i open a new tab, you can see 8 (i guess frequently used) bookmarks, can anyone tell me if you can edit the text or logos that appear with them, im talking about
the ones that appear on the new home page not the regular bookmarks if that makes sense, these seem to have been changed to round symbols recently..
Why google chrome is missing from program and features?  but is install on workstation
Why does Flash not remain allowed on a website in Chrome ?
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Hi All,

I would require to restrict users in a domain to prevent deleting the history in google chrome browser through Group policy. Is there anyone who could help me on this?

PS - We are running with Server 2008R2 and client machines are Win7, Win 8, Win 8.1 and Win 10

Also Google ADMX has been installed in Group policy server.

Kindly advise and thank you in advance.