Chrome is a free web browser created by Google. Originally released in 2008, it has grown to become the most used desktop web browser (as of October 2016).

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I have a simple form that posts to a page that process the information and inserts it into a database table.
for some reason some of my people are coming through duplicated exactly .

After much narrowing down the problem, and tracking the browser in the table, I see it's only happening in chrome. all other browsers are coming through once.

i looked in the network tab and the page is only being called once.
i put a die(); right after the insert so make sure it's not doing anything else, and the page stops, but I still get 2 inserts

What else might this be?  My page was working fine for months, and suddenly last week this just started.
 try {

    $dbh = $conn->prepare("INSERT INTO dbo.[ ... ] ( ........) VALUES (?, ?,?,?,?,?, ?,,?)");
	$dbh->bindParam(1,  $firstname);
    $dbh->bindParam(2,  $lastname);
    $dbh->bindParam(3,  $address);
    $dbh->bindParam(4, $_POST['city']);


			//catch exception
			catch(Exception $e) {

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From military to cyber security

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I need to know how, when using Chrome & showing the console section on the right (using F12), how to make it stop when it detects an error. It flashes a red error message & then proceeds. I can't see it, it disappears too fast. How can I make it stop on a javascript error (that's what I think it is) so I can see what it says?
how to remove google chrome for users in published Citrix desktop. Urgent. Need this solution by tomorrow. Thanks.
I have installed Chrome browser and added an extension called "tinyfilter."  It is an internet filter that can block or trust sites.  When I add a website like it will not block it.  I have tried many other websites and it will not work.  Any idea what I'm doing wrong or does it not work?

We receive an email about a vulnerability in chrome.  May someone advise what is the best way to remediate the issue?

Do we need to update chrome on all workstation?  If yes, how can we deploy the update from a centralize way such as using group policy?

Please advise.

Many thanks.
var nestedtablesettings = {
    "iDisplayLength": 20,
    "bLengthChange": false,
    "bFilter": true,
    "bSort": true,
    "bInfo": false,
    "drawCallback" : function() {
        var appendDownloadLink = $("table table td .dataTables_filter");
        appendDownloadLink.each(function(i, e) {
            var label = $('label', e);
            $(e).html('<a class="export-circuits" href >Export circuits</a>').append(label);

            $(".export-circuits").on("click", function(e){
                circuit = $(this).closest('tr').prev('tr').children('td').eq(1).text();
                hpath = "exportCircuits?organisationID="+getbusinessID+"&interfaceName="+circuit;
                $(this).attr("href", hpath);

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I am trying to add an export link on the nested datatable.  When I try to see my result on Chrome and Firefox, it is working perfectly.

The result on chrome and Firefox
<div id="nested-datatable-covertab_0_row_0_tab_0_row_0_tab_0_filter" class="dataTables_filter"><a class="export-circuits" href="">Export circuits</a><label>Search:<input type="search" class="" placeholder="" aria-controls="nested-datatable-covertab_0_row_0_tab_0_row_0_tab_0"></label></div>

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On the IE, it removed the data from label elements.
<div id="nested-datatable-covertab_0_row_0_tab_0_row_0_tab_0_filter" class="dataTables_filter"><a class="export-circuits" href="">Export circuits</a>

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From my research, IE has got some issue with jquery append method.

Any helps would be highly appreciated.

I am having trouble figuring out how to have modified css applied to an existing WordPress site.

- WordPress 4.9.9
- Apache

I would like to know:
- How to change the looks of the website

- I don't know which scss files are loaded by web browser. There is no scss files under application directories. You can actually find multiple scss files are loaded from the developper console.
- I have 'main.css' that seems relevant to scss files used to style the website. CSS properties can be found in 'main.css' but browser does not use 'main.css' to rendering purpose. Instead, it seems to use .scss files since look of the site does not change by modifying 'main.css'.

Other note:
- There seems no SCSS related plugins are installed.
- This WordPress website was developed by freelancers who I am not in touch anymore.

Live preview site:

I have been googling for long time, but not successful so far :(
Any advises are welcome. Looking forward to hearing from you.
I'm starting an MVC application in Visual Studio.NET C#.  If I create a new view and set it as the startup page, I get this message in Chrome.  Why do I get the message and how do I remove it.
My first aim is to put a textbox on the view and a button.  The user enters a number in the textbox, presses the button and the page displays double the number.

Server Error in '/' Application.
The resource cannot be found.
Description: HTTP 404. The resource you are looking for (or one of its dependencies) could have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.  Please review the following URL and make sure that it is spelled correctly.

Requested URL: /Home/Cards

Version Information: Microsoft .NET Framework Version:4.0.30319; ASP.NET Version:4.7.3282.0
I'm in the process up updating firmware on network devices.
RV042 updates have gone well.
RV320 updates are NOT going well.

RV320 units are at firmware and we want to get to
Even existing units don't respond to laptop browsers: IE, Google Chrome, Firefox.
I believe the GUI is working but unless we reset to factory defaults, the browser *connections* fail.
As soon as a working configuration is loaded up, the connections stop working.

Any insights?
Hello, Is it possible to script embeddable VBA for MS WORD that, instead of a direct hyperlink to URL, will point to CHROME then the URL?
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There is a vm in which the domain controller is enable and also the WDS role is enable.
The chrome browser is installed by pushed from the wdc to each user in the domain.

My problem is  that, suddenly one user has problem with the chrome.(is look like that chrome is corrupted)
Since i haven't use the WDS role before , i would like to ask how to push to install the chrome to this user again?
(i haven't experience to wds before) i need advises
How to check site in local that Leverage Browser Cache is working.
All css, js has the expiration.
How to check in browser.
My site is not in internet.

Google Chrome not opening as it used to instead a dialog box opens up and it is different than the normal browser. Please help restore my Chrome. It was working just fine yesterday Wednesday 02/13/2019.

Chrome Not Opening.JPG
Google Chrome browser will not load pages. All pages work find in IE and Edge (Computer was upgraded from windows 7 - 10). I keep getting your connection was interrupted. I tried resetting the browser, the dns, winsock, clearing browsing data, uninstall and re-install luck
I have a Google Chromebook and when I take these two online assessments they don't work. One returns a "bad request" page and the other returns an error page about a bad transaction. I don't think this is a coincidence but I was wondering if there's any way to get around these issues.

I have user who use windows 10 and  Chrome browser and get adverts popping at the bottom hand of the window. Please let me know as how to stop all this popup.

Any help would be great

I have a children's website, where i have a boat rocking back and forth.

This latest update to chrome Version 72.0.3626.96 broke it so the entire screen rocks back and forth.

.swing {
    animation: swing ease-in-out 1s infinite alternate;
    float: left;
    transform-origin: bottom; /* have boat rock instead of swing */

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Firefox works fine, but Chrome will give you seizures.

Any suggestions?

I am setting up a brand new computer. It was preset up before my company sent it to me, with Chrome.

When I run a Google search in Chrome on the new PC, I get all kinds of ads at the top. But on my existing computer, I have no such ads.

When I run a search in Firefox on the new PC, it looks like the existing PC - no ads.

Here are the screenshots.

How do I get rid of these ads and "fix" this new PC? thanks!
Chrome on existing PC - no ads
Chrome on new PC with ads
I'm running Windows 10, and use Chrome or MS Edge as my browsers.   I got ClipGrabber to download YouTube videos, which works great.  But when I try to download certain content (e.g. a Bud Light Commercial) I get a pop-up that says I need to login to confirm my age.  I changed my Google settings to include my birth year, and logged into YouTube, but none of my login passwords (Google or YouTube) work to get me past the pop-up.  I even tried changing my Google password, but even the new password doesn't work.  Please help.


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Expert advice: How to get hired in cyber security

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Computer is Windows 7 Pro attached to a Server 2012 R2 AD domain.

After adding a new domain user, I logged into the computer she'd be using to setup the profile. After configuring the profile the same way I've done countless times, I opened both IE and Chrome to setup the home page in each.

Going to any https website yielded "Your connection is not private" in Chrome, and "There is a problem with this website’s security certificate." in IE.

Googling the issue showed that many others have experienced these errors as well...but with no resolution that I found.

I tried or checked the following:
The date and time were correct
Reset IE's settings to default
Uninstallined ESET End Point Antivirus
Deleted browser cache and cookies
Windows updates were current
Multiple malware scans
Tried Chrome's incognito window
Deleted the new profile plus others that were no longer used
The computer otherwise ran normally


I had issues with a website and called them about the issue. They said it was my browser that was not letting the list of financial transactions populate more than 90 days back. Ot would have been over 1500 in total. So, I removed all three browsers and downloaded new versions. The latest version of Google has page loading issues. I tried to do a system restore and it failed 5 times. I was choosing and older date (January 24) trying to get the older version of Google Chrome. The first try it said an antivirus program might be the reason. I disabled Trend Micro. Again restore failed so I removed TM and MWB from the system and still it failed. I went ahead on the last try and chose one of the dates it suggested to me. Here is the message I am getting.

HP Desktop 5082vS3 (750-114) really sluggish now, mostly due to Chrome and Edge, Firefox somewhat. Really bogged down. 12 GB RAM, 64-bit PC, Windows 10 (OS 17134.523). 1.7 TB storage free ... PC probably 3 years old.

Lots of Windows / tabs open, but I do the same at work, and my no-brand gov't desktop runs fine and CPU, Memory, and Disk are all good.

I don't do anything fancy, how can I clean this up? See attached.  Not sure what "Disk Usage" is and why it's often at 100% or pretty high.
My client about to roll out a new cloud based Event Reporting system.
Unfortunately due to compatibility issues they are unable to access this via Internet Explorer, which is there default browser. Instead, users will be required to use either Chrome, Firefox or Edge.

We would like to investigate the below option of formatting a link in IE so that it opens up a Chrome browser. This would enable users to continue using our default browser whilst still being able to access this new system.

Any advise on how achive this?
I'm applying updates to a client's website, and I'm noticing that in the Chrome and Opera web browsers on desktop -- as well as on mobile safari -- I'm getting a weird character when I check the box beside "Email me if this item becomes available sooner" on the product detail pages:

Note that I am not having this problem using either the Firefox, Edge or Internet Explorer browsers.  

Does anyone here know why this is happening, and what I can do to fix it?  

- Yvan
It is a network of 30 users. It happens on some computers but not on others. Happens in both IE and Chrome. My guess is that is has to have something to do with SSL. All other web pages work fine (but virtually none are SSL except FB). Please see attached screen shot.






Chrome is a free web browser created by Google. Originally released in 2008, it has grown to become the most used desktop web browser (as of October 2016).