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Chrome is a free web browser created by Google. Originally released in 2008, it has grown to become the most used desktop web browser (as of Octobe...

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Research Solution

When clearing browser history for Chrome why are.............


the cached images and files always 319MB no matter how many days or weeks it's been since the last

Brave Browser - Better than Google Chrome?

Brave Browser - Better than Google Chrome?

I constantly test drive different Web Browsers yet none have inspired me to write a review about any one of them. Brave is the exception to that rule and in this article, I'll try and point out the reasons why I think that Brave is indeed far superior to Google Chrome.

Long ago, I was a pretty big advocate for Firefox. I even …

Long ago, I was a pretty big advocate for Firefox. I even had the t-shirt to prove it! After Chrome …
Troubleshooting Solution

Website displays differently between Safari and Chrome


My Wordpress website looks fine in Chrome in Windows.  However, some of the modules are out of place

Troubleshooting Solution

Chrome Related Questions

I have some questions related to Google Chrome.1.Why is Chrome managed by my organization. I am the …
Troubleshooting Solution

Translate Work Instructions


Seeking advice from the Experts

English is the native language in our manufacturing plant. But many

Troubleshooting Solution

Outlook.com suggestions stopped working for webmail recipients.


Outlook.com webmail will not provide suggestions (contacts) in the To field.  I have cleared the

Fix Google Chrome Issues

Resolve Chrome Issues 99% of the time using this method!

I see people having issues with the Chrome browser so often that I decided to write this article on how to definitively determine problems you may be encountering with Google Chrome. I hope it helps you out...
Troubleshooting Solution

Getting rid of FAKE pop-ups in Chrome.


I opened up my computer today - A Windows 11 Acer Aspire Laptop and am receiving hundreds of

Troubleshooting Solution

Chromebook Operating System


Here at Huntington Catholic School we have approximately 200 Acer Chromebooks of various ages. Each

Troubleshooting Solution

excel cliclking hyperlinks or vba macro is opening tabs in internet explorer, not chrome


i reinstalled windows this morning. how do i reset excel to open links in chrome, not internet

Troubleshooting Solution

Web Page Caching by browser is causing issues.


Caching of web page in mobile is causing issues.  I've tried adding something to the url to help the

Troubleshooting Solution

Restoring Chrome Bookmarks


   I guess I need a refresher in Chrome. I had a lady whose computer crashed. I got to the Chrome

Troubleshooting Solution

bookmark transfer



I have about 40 book marks in one windows HP laptop in chrome browser. I like to transfer to

Troubleshooting Solution

Web documents printed in Chrome have a mysterious black bar


Greetings wise wizards of EE:

I'm helping a friend who is trying to print an inventory list with his

Troubleshooting Solution

Alternatives to the Xmarks.com Bookmarks Synchronization Service

I just got an email notification stating the Xmarks is retiring …
Advice Solution

Can not log into any Netgear Prosafe Router via any supported browsers


I have several dozen “Netgear ProSafe routers” still working in the field. I can no longer log into

Troubleshooting Solution

jquery div refresh not refreshing but loading another copy of the div contents


I have some jquery code that posts to a ColdFusion .cfc and then is supposed to refresh the div

Troubleshooting Solution

Embedded OKTA Login Disappears in Chrome


Hi All, we have users that login to a site that uses embedded OKTA MFA to login. The username and

Troubleshooting Solution

Some web pages are garbled until I hit F5

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Intel UHD Graphics 630, NVIDIA Quadro RTX 3000
Windows 10 Pro

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