Chrome is a free web browser created by Google. Originally released in 2008, it has grown to become the most used desktop web browser (as of October 2016).

Citrix Cloud XenApp Published Google Chrome not allowing multi sessions.
We published a Google Chrome application from an HSD (Hosted Shared Desktop. i.e Windows 2016 server). i.e From the same server VM we published  HSD and Apps.
If a user launches the published Google Chrome application it launches without an issue,
But when it launches from the HSD it will not open. If the user ends the published Google Chrome session, it will open in the HSD.
We are using  FSLogix, it forces the user to launch published applications and virtual desktop to the same server.

Please suggest how to resolve the issue.
Run a .bat script on before chrome exits.
Hello Everyone and thank you for any insights and suggestions on this perplexing issue. We are moving from old style roaming profiles to pure folder redirection through GPO. However, even with newest admx templates (for W10b1903 or 1909), including those for Chrome,  on server DC 2016 I cannot see easy options to redirect Edge Chromium to the network for the favorites so users can see these on more than 1 machine. Also Google Chrome gives a warning wen trying to redirect to network and I read that since it redirects all content it can (depending on number of users) cause latency issues on file servers. How does everyone handle favorites redirection (a common practice) for Edge Chromium and Google Chrome. Kind of urgent. Thank you very much

We use Microsoft edge and staff use two types of web-based application.

When setting up these applications it asks to log with 0365 account, so User1 is logged into the PC.

On the first web-based application, User1 logs in as into the application and added to the favourites.

Then the user logged into the second web-based application and using a different email using a new InPrivate window and again added to my favorites.

Now when go to the favourites and click the first application, it auto logs into the first web-based application successfully

When I click the second web-based application it logs into the first application.

Please let me know if there is a way of setting up second application – favorite
When clicked the second application favorites, it must either it must prompt for the password or log into the second web based application successfully.

Any help will be great, thanks
Hi All

I have put together a php code, see below. It works when I load it into Chrome, Firefox... etc. The issue is I need it to auto refresh every 5 seconds though this is not working. Not sure if I missed something here. Any help is greatly appreciated.

$page = $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'];
$sec = "5";
    <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="<?php echo $sec?>;URL='<?php echo $page?>'">

Open in new window

I tested an aws endpoint with Talend api tester ( a chrome extension ) and successfully got an successful 200 response and data. I set method as GET, with id query parameter and X-API-key under header as follows,

url :
X-API-Key : e8fefjei303jfermnf

After that, I created a basic web page and added some code under script to make an call to same api.


         fetch ('', {
                  headers : {
                       'X-API-Key' : 'e8fefjei303jfermnf'
       .then(res => res.json())
       .then(data => console.log(data));

but this time , I get an 403 status code. when I look at developer tools in chrome , i see

 under response headers one of the key is as follows

x-amzn-errortype : MissingAuthenticationTokenException

and in the request headers , Request Method : OPTIONS,

shouldn't this be set to GET?

from the error type, looks like the call is not sending the "X-API-Key" , does anyone know what might be wrong with this?
I am attaching demo code,  Basically same code working OK on IE11, Chrome, Safari but getting failed on Edge, Here are 2 pages:
1> contact1.aspx
     It is without master page, Basically its calling Jquery function on textbox change, when I put special character for eg &# and click on submit button
   then it shows alert of special character and same time it calling update button on codebehind. What i want is if special character entered and click on submit
button then it should just display alert message and submit button event should not be called, Same thing working on Chrome,IE11, Safari.
2> ContactusN.aspx
    It is with master page, Basically its calling Jquery function on textbox change, when I put special character for eg &# and click on submit button
   then it shows alert of special character and same time it calling update button on code behind. What i want is if special character entered and we click on submit
button then it should just display alert message and submit button event should not be called, Same thing working on Chrome,IE11, Safari.

   Please help me to fix this issue.
Repeatedly getting "Malicious Domain Request 22" error about 20 times a day.  The user is using Chrome and has the AdBlocker add-in.   Using Windows 10.
I have this problem that was posted before in the Experts Exchange: However, I don't find an answer in that thread so posted here from that post:

We have to deploy chrome to our client devices to launch only 1 URL in Full Screen mode (App mode) and we would like to disable the right-click & also disable Ctrl+T, Ctrl+N & Ctrl+Shift+N to prevent the users from navigating away from that specific URL.

Can anyone please suggest me the options, how I can package & deploy these requirement please?

Below is the old post by someone else:

1. When we execute the command line below in Chrome - App mode, we right click on top of the Chrome Window and the Chrome - menu/toolbar is displayed and we can select the "Open Browser Window" or any other option.  (Please see attached image file - Chrome_App Mode_Right Click Top Window Menu.jpg)

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --app=""

Request: We are seeking a way to either disable the entire Chrome right-click menu functionality as well as their associated shortcut keys, or have the ability to disable certain right-click menu items and associated shortcuts.  

2. After we execute the command line below in Chrome - Kiosk mode, we press Ctrl-T while in this Chrome Window,  and another new Chrome Browser Window is  displayed.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --kiosk ""
I had this question after viewing Google Chrome - Disable Right-Click Toolbar and Keyboard Hotkey/Shortcuts.

I have the exact problem and can anyone please share the answer to this?
Is sliverlight supported with google chrome
Default Browser for Outlook 2016 forced to IE even after default OS browser set to chrome.  Our company has blocked all outgoing traffic using IE due to security concerns.  We have set chrome as the system win 10 default browser, however when receving mails with url links in them (e.g. images on the net), the arrive as the normal red x on the message.  

This is definitely linked  to outlook for if you save the message as html and open it with chrome, the images are displayed correctly.. any ideas?
silverlight and google chrome
Im looking for a chrome extension that can put tabs into separated groups along the top bar so that there's blank space btwn groups.
We have Chrome installed on W10 boxes. These sit behind a web proxy.

However, when users try to download a folder or collection of files that necessitates the creation of a zip file bigger than 10Mb users only get a corrupted 10Mb zip file.  It looks like the zip creation routine done by Microsoft is not finishing resulting in a partial zip file creation.  

We don't have this issue elsewhere from other file sharing sites and users can readily download 3Gb files including zipfiles with no problems.  Proxy has a tool to report blocked sites and there are apparently none for the duration of the web session.

Googling reveals nothing of interest on the subject. Really not sure where to begin on this. Proxy is due for replacement with a smoothwall VM and it may resolve the issue but may not.

Any ideas?
I am offloading the process to and using Azure Web App.

It all works but the embedded code is not being executed.

Controller Code -----------------------------
    public ActionResult GetListings3()

      ChromeOptions options = new ChromeOptions();

      //Set launch args similar to puppeteer's for best performance

      options.AddArgument("--disable-ipc-flooding-protection ");
I was sent several files with a .har and .firefox suffix and I need to know which applications open these files.

A customer sent me these to show browser traffic.
MY PROBLEM: I want our company website's Logo to look clean & crisp. I am guessing that use of SVG graphics is the correct solution? (than the usual .JPG/.PNG/.GIF bitmapped graphics)

WHAT I TRIED:  I tried out Adobe Illustrator.  Opened Illustrator, wrote a simple Text string using the default Font (MyriadPro), Saved As an .SVG file, the viewed it with a Browser.
Chrome displayed it perfectly ... Firefox and Safari did not.
After Googling around, I see that not all browsers yet support .SVG Graphics.

Can anyone point me to the correct tools/techniques ? Even the Google Logo on the home page looks perfect, no matter how large you zoom in.
In chrome, are open windows even i blocked still apear over and over
any advice for rid of this.

i attach an imege
When I turned my PC on today I have no audio from Chrome. If I look in the volume mixer it is no present.

It is a Win 7 machine with the latest version of Chrome (Version 79.0.3945.88 - Official Build -64-bit)

I have tried:
  • Using the mute / unmute page option
  • Resetting chrome's settings
  • Uninstalling chrome completely and re-installing.
  • Turning the 'Allow programs exclusive use of this device' for 'Speakers' audio channel on and off

All other programs produce sound normally

Please advise
I installed Chrome Browser on Kindle HD Fire fifth-generation. I have tried to retrieve bookmarks from other chrome browsers on PCs and phone but have not been able to sync up . From Settings, I get to Sync and Google Services, and then I press Sign in to Chrome, and there is an indication that the press is acknowledged. But no sign in screen shows up. I have signed in to both youtube and gmal in this Chrome browser. If I could sign into the Chrome Browser, maybe syncing would work .

I've a bookmark file from a PC, but I would have to copy the link and bookmark it. Too many, after all that, it still would not be in sync .

I was hoping to stop using Silk browser since it does not provide a way to export bookmarks. (Helps to keep users trapped in the Amazon eco system.) I will provide hints to my family not to gift me any more Kindle tablets .
Hi Experts,

I have an issue with my Chrome console that it does show there are some errors, but when i click on them it doesn't display those errors.

See attached.

having issues with web browsing, IE11, Edge, firefox, chrome all pages wont load.   I can vpn from home to desktop,  hosted mail is sending and receiving.  checked for virus and malware. still cant get any browser to work.  

any help would be great.


Does anyone know about this problem with Google Chrome crashing and how to repair it?

Google Chrome crash
Hello.  We are using Netscaler and Storefront to sit in front of our XenApp environment.  Users are currently using Citrix Receiver 4.12 and on Windows 10, primary browser is Chrome.

I have a user who is prompted every time she selects an application to Open Citrix Receiver Launcher.

I am trying to find the corresponding registry entry on where this is set as she does not have the option to 'check the option' as is noted with this behavior so it doesn't prompt each time.

Googling but haven't found  this information yet.

Thoughts are appreciated.






Chrome is a free web browser created by Google. Originally released in 2008, it has grown to become the most used desktop web browser (as of October 2016).