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Chrome is a free web browser created by Google. Originally released in 2008, it has grown to become the most used desktop web browser (as of October 2016).

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Hi techs,
Has anyone seen this Chrome error before?  Adobe Create PDF plug-in listener for Chrome has stopped working?
I dont find anything online about the error grrrr.
Thank you,
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Build and deliver software with DevOps

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Is there any way that I can import saved passwords from the Microsoft Edge web browser to the Google Chrome web browser?

This needs to be done within the Windows 10 Pro OS.

Or can I export these passwords from Microsoft Edge into the Google Chrome web browser?

If so how can this be done?
I have a client trying to open Excel files and in general it is OK, but if he tried to open an excel file from an AOL email, it downloads in Chrome, but then when he clicks on it to open it, Excel opens, but stays with a blank screen.

The same thing happens when he tried to download from a School/ training site he is taking a course on.

email with attachments coming through Outlook opens.

Any suggestions?

I have unchecked the three boxes in protected view in Excel.
How to fix that error in chrome?
I am using Lenovo Laptop , Model NO:  G570 , When i click on any options from my desktop, it automatically points to the first file/options/folder etc. I have done the reboot of my OS to Win 7 as well, still the problem Exists.
When i use my chrome and hovering down the web page, its not moving down, Automatically, it comes to the first options of the Web page.
After Multiple Refresh of pressing F5, problem will be solved, After sometime Problem again Restarted.

Someone please help me in this Laptop Problem.
I have a site at


where people can login and design a web page. But there's an intermittent problem.  If the page is refreshed by clicking the Chrome "reload" icon, instead of reloading the same page,  the browser somtimes loads


There are two prolems with this URL.  First, is repeated and second,  index.php is replaced with login.php.  login.php is a valid page.  It's how people log in.   But why is it loaded here?

Another clue:  the browser only puts in the bad URL if I clear the Chrome cache before I reload the page.  But even clearing the cache doesn't always generate the error.

It looks like maybe a mod_rewrite problem, and I do have some rewrites in the config file, but nothing that would do this.

I can't think of a mechanism that would cause the login page to get loaded in this case, especially with an extra

Does this make any sense to anyone?  
Thanks for any ideas.
Hi All ,

Need your help to understand why Favicon Icon is not showing up for a single site collection in IE 11 only, I have tried deleting IE cookies , Cache , hard refresh , IIS reset, Flush DNS etc but nothing worked, any suggestions ? below is scenario .
Single web application with with 2 site collections http://SC1 and http://sc1/sites/sc2

In IE :
Favicon show up for http://sc1
Favicno does not show up for http://sc1/sites/sc2

In Chrome :
Favicon shows up for http://sc1
Favicon shows up for http://sc1/sites/sc2

Thanks in advance.
Hello All,

Chrome Extension ID where will able to Create GPO User Configurations or Computer Configurations?
Which is the Correct Method to follow?
I have a network that I need to create some Google Chrome Polices on Windows PCs.
I need to have Chrome NOT remember the Google account when the browser is closed.
I have public PCs where users are logging in to Chrome and then the next user can access their personal settings in Chrome which is the problem.
I am not on a domain, just a workgroup.
I cannot close the browser, by this

Open in new window

in Chrome browser. What to adjust?
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[Video] Oticon Case Study

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I have a scenario where i want to open my asp:hyperlink url in google chrome while my default browser is IE10.
code is

<asp:Hyperlink ID="Hiperlink2" runat="server"
            NavigateUrl="">Test Reports</asp:Hyperlink>

Can somebody help??
A big thanks in advance!!!
Hi All,

We are having issues with Google chrome at out sites. We have multiple wyse terminal that connects to A Dell server through RPD connection. We are experiencing a situation where multiple users can not open chrome. It seems that only one connection can be opened at a time. This is not the case with IE.

Has any one experienced this issue?

Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

I have an issue with Google Chrome not loading a specific website. It will begin to load and then keep spinning in the upper left. It will eventually load, but then will not accept my password for login. The site works on Edge and IE and on other machines.

I brought Chrome back to its default settings and when that didn't work, I reinstalled.

Why is this and what can I do to remedy this annoying situation.
I have users who gather research from government websites, for each subject they are printing 5 or 6 webpages as separate pdf's.  

A macro would help (IE,  but Chrome might be ok) so they can click a button on several webpages, then click to complete saving it all to a single PDF would be just the thing.
VBA or Javascript script as a button on the browser perhaps?

With these workstations  we use PDF Creator (we use Version 1.7.3), which has a  useful"collect/wait" feature, just need to figure out how to use it in script.

I'm a programmer trying to learn a little css. I am doing a tutorial and I cannot see what is setting the width of the main-nav on this page

I think the tutorial assumes more css knowledge than I have. I  am not 100% sure where the nav bar it gets its width from. On my machine the browser styles give the body a default margin of 8px. I'm guessing then the body width is the window width less the margin. I am then guessing the div with id #container inherits the width from body and then the nav which is inside this inherits its width from the container div. But when you inspect the element I can't see this inheritance hierarchy showing this. Also not being a css person I was wondering why the nav is rendered as a block as that is not in the css unless that is again inherited

I can see the display block is inherited from body but not the width. Is there a way of seeing this inheritance?

Thanks in advance
Hi All,

Is there any website where we can find the msi files for common applications eg. Chrome / team viewer etc.

I have received several complaints about users unable to attach files using OWA. I am running Exchange 2010. I have tried Chrome, Firefox and IE..Help? I did also allowed popups on all 3

I can able to open chrome in vba but not able to click a button.

Could some please help me on this?

Button ID: tab-1195-btnInnerEl

Sub click()

'Set objgc = CreateObject("ChromeTab.ChromeFrame")
Shell ("C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" & " -url")
Shell ("C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" & " -url")
Application.Wait (Now + TimeValue("00:00:15"))

End Sub
Have a new Dell laptop with Win10. Edge was working normally until I joined our domain, now it opens for a few seconds to a blank page then shuts down. This seems to be a common problem but none of the fixes I have found via Google have helped. And ideas? I've already installed Chrome and Firefox but we will be deploying more of these laptops in the near future and some users will insist on using Edge.
Problems using Powershell and Active Directory?
Problems using Powershell and Active Directory?

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I have a MS Access application running on a RDP server (2012 R2).  One of the things, I want to be able to do is to allow the users to click on the website link (in a record) and go to the contacts website, or see the address via the postcode.  However, I don't want them to be able to download anything or have too much access to other sites (so it should hide the address bar).

There is an ActiveX function in Access, but this is very limited.  Ideally, I'd like to use something like Chrome in Kiosk mode, but before I start investing time in that area, I could really do with some guidance from you guys.
I am using a 2015 15" MacBook Pro, i7, 16GB RAM, Sierra 10.12.6. The sound quality is poor, especially when I use Bluetooth earbuds. After some research, I tested and purchased the Boom 3d Audio Enhancer. Ever since I installed it the palyback from some apps echoes. Primarily Chrome and our video conferencing app, Zoom. I uninstalled it and removed all of the files from the Libraries, restarted the coreaudio daemon, reloaded AppleHDA.kext and rebooted after each step. I even reinstalled Chrome.

Does anyone have any other ideas, other than wiping and starting over?
In IE when I pin a website to my taskbar, when I open it, and then later click the same pinned icon, it opens the same window that is already open.

If I pin a website to the taskbar using Chrome, when I open it, and later click the same icon to open it again, it opens a new window. So sometimes I'll alt tab and see I've opened the same website numerous times when I only want the original one I already opened.

I know I can hover over the Chrome icon and see a list, but I don't always know whether it's opened or not, so just clicking the icon in IE was great! It opened it or just made it the top window if it was already opened.

Can Chrome function that way? It's super annoying that it doesn't.

I have a system with IE that crashes immediately upon being opened.  We have uninstalled versions back to IE 9 and installed back to IE 11 but the issue persists.  The user can use Chrome without issues. The OS is Windows 7.  What other avenues have worked for people with repairing IE?
I have a Terminal server 2016 that users keep complaining that is very slow when they start a browser. It use to be with IE so I told them to try Chrome and they said that is the same problem.
When any user start chrome the CPU jump way high.
Any idea what can cause this or if is anything I can do to increases performance on the server.
It's a Hyper V machine and it's about 18 users on it
I have a single user that no matter what browser he uses it eats up all the available RAM on his PC.

For example, this morning he opened Chrome and let it sit there. A few minutes later, Task Manager showed that Chrome was using 2.5GB of RAM.

We see the same thing if he uses Internet Explorer.

This causes other programs to run slowly.

Any idea why this is happening?






Chrome is a free web browser created by Google. Originally released in 2008, it has grown to become the most used desktop web browser (as of October 2016).