Chrome is a free web browser created by Google. Originally released in 2008, it has grown to become the most used desktop web browser (as of October 2016).

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I'm looking for way to configure IE, Chrome and Firefox to save bookmarks (if not cookies, history, etc as well) to an alternate location.    In this case, a useras Onedrive folder, which is a local folder.    I'm not looking to export or backup.
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Trying to print to a local printer using Citrix on a Chrome box
I am working on a project on Angular 5. I have as of now just created the templates and nothing else is written in the code, but when I am serving it on the chrome it just crashes the chrome. There are no errors since I have not changed the code at all in the templates generated and the templates were generated using ng g c name --spec false. Some of the components are nested as well but that shouldn't be the problem. This is what it looks like..

Insecure connection warning in Internet Explorer and Chrome. Both are the latest version and we have all of Windows updates installed. IE sometimes allows to proceed through the warning as insecure connection while Chrome does not. IE also displays sometimes information about not being able to find revocation certificate information for that website while Chrome does not do that. Even though both browsers display those insecure connection warnings, the website addresses are https;//. Weirdly, we had this problem in Chrome on Friday, then opened IE to check if that will work and it opened fine without warning. We have BitDefender antivirus installed. The issue occurs on few computers, Windows 7 Pro x64 and Windows 10 Pro x64. All computers are Dell OptiPlex.
We are trying to use Google Chrome in --app mode  launching a specific website, however the right-click menu is accessible.  What is the process (command line or other setting) to disable the right-click menu?  We have also tried the --kiosk mode, that stops from utilizing the right-click method, however the right-click toolbar shortcuts are still functioning (ie. Ctrl+T - open new browser window).

What is the process to disable the Google  Chrome right-click toolbar feature when using --app, and what is the process to disable the right-click toolbar shortcut keys when utilizing --kiosk mode?

Any suggestions or assistance would be greatly appreciated and rewarded!
google chrome

how can I edit the auto fill

I spelled my username incorrectly and now it is saved

Regarding SSRS datepicker. It is not showing/working in google chrome. Is there any way I can try to make it work? Can I use class or Id to make it as datepicker using jquery? Any suggestion.

Hi, My local host (http://localhost:8080/) is working fine with Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) version. But context root (http://localhost:8080/context-root) is not working??

While opening the product through IE11 the http://localhost:8080/context-root, its not showing any page, it's simply showing blank page. In that there is showing below two errors

SCRIPT1003: Expected ':'

File: context.js, Line: 1980, Column: 50

						iframe = $('<iframe src="' + jsFalse + '" name="' + name + '" style="display:none"></iframe>');
						form.attr('accept-charset', 'utf-8');
                        [b]iframe.bind("load", {form,collider} ,winLoader);[/b]

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The error was mentioned in bold. and Another error is:

SCRIPT5009: '$' is undefined

File: default.js, Line: 1, Column: 1

$(function () {

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But the same localhost cite is working fine with chrome and Mozilla. Can anyone help me on this. Thanks in advance
I received a call from one of the offices I support with the following problem:
Unable to print receipts and emails from our remote desktop session:
Turns out they are using Chrome V65.0.3325.146 to access these application sites.
In the application they have links to print the receipts, emails, statements, etc.
I had them right click on the display in one of the sites and select print and it printed the web page successfully.
I also had them print from applications installed on the remote desktop to the same printer successfully.
I had them log into the web sites on their local computer where they also use Chrome and all of the printing worked fine.
I then had them check the Chrome version on their local workstation and they had version 64.0.3282.186.
While they were looking at the version it displayed there is a new version of Chrome and it is currently being updated.
It completed the update and required them to re-launch Chrome.
The version of Chrome now reflects 65.0.3325.146 - Same as the Remote Desktop Server
Once re-launched I had them try the printing again from the different sites and sure enough the printing failed in the same way as it does on the remote desktop server.

It appears there is no way to roll back Chrome to an earlier version so this is an inconvenience that needs a fix.

Has anyone else experienced this and found a fix. Could it be a plugin... Java or Adobe that is not working with this version of Chrome?
Failed to load No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin '' is therefore not allowed access. The response had HTTP status code 403. If an opaque response serves your needs, set the request's mode to 'no-cors' to fetch the resource with CORS disabled.

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I am getting the error message above in the Dev Tools console window in Chrome.

Website is running on Apache.

Can I fix this, or how can I troubleshoot this?  I've looked at information on CORS and it is difficult for me to digest or understand how to fix this.  I am also brand new to Apache web server.

Thank you!
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How to intercept websites JavaScript in Chrome... basically I want to prevent JavaScript links that open in a new window on all or specific websites. Because usually these types of links are spam.

There are extensions for Chrome which allow you to inject JavaScript (like "Custom JavaScript for websites"), but is it possible?
I want to use google chrome to visit my website each page of the resources directory to check the files  they are in a numerical order.  

format is htttp://

There is about 1800 files.


So is there a way to get chrome to visit each page and do it at a pace like 20 secs delay.
I'm using Chrome Enterprise Bundle 64 bit in several RDS servers 2008 R2 and 2012 R2, and we have high CPU usage in all cases.
How can I turn on the status bar in chrome?
My organization email open easily by internet explorer and Microsoft edge  
example, url: but in google chrome it can not open util write https,
its erorrs:

You don't have authorization to view this page.

I'm Reynaldo I'm starting with an adult website I already have my hosting and domain I'm working with a theme of XWPthemes I need help I have problems with google chrome to enter my site send me this message This page is trying to load scripts from unauthorized sources such as can i solve it can you help me please
Copying and pasting from web browser (I.E 11 or Chrome) crashes Word 2016.   If a known fix is available that's great if not,  A work around to grabbing info off a website and creating word document.


Go Raps!
The attached  javascript code works on W3Schools using a  Windows browser  but not on Mac Chrome or Safari browser. I started by using the Try it example for the slice operator. I inserted some code from a routine that returns CST from (Central Standard Time). It works when I do the exercise inside w3schools on a Windows browser. When I repeat the same process using w3schools on a Mac Chrome browser it doesn't. It complains when encountering the slice operator.
<!DOCTYPE html>

<p>Click the button to extract the second and the third elements from the array.</p>

<button onclick="myFunction()">Try it</button>

<p id="demo"></p>

function myFunction() {
            var x = new Date();
            var c = x.toString();
            var tz = " ";
            if (c.indexOf("(") > 0) {
                var e = c.slice(c.indexOf("(") + 1, c.indexOf(")"));
                var f = e.split(' ');
                f[0] = f[0].slice(0, 1);
                f[1] = f[1].slice(0, 1);
                f[2] = f[2].slice(0, 1);
                tz = f[0] + f[1] + f[2];
            } else {
                var f = c.split(' ');
                tz = f[4];
    document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML = tz;


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Chrome on windows 10 opens to blank white screen.  Same with Canary.  Tried fresh installs, registry cleanup, no sandbox, turned compatibility on/off, launching incognito from command line, cleaned for malware.   I'm stumped.   Upon launching Chrome I get a blank white screen, no bars, no menus...only the minimize/fullscreen/close window icons in upper right.  5 Google chrome processes open in Task Man using total of 93MB memory.  No other resources.
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I setup a GPO for Chrome.  Everything is good except that when I launch the browser, the first tag is not my default webpage.  I put an * in Block access to a list of URLs to block all websites except for list of "Allow access to a list of URLs".  

The welcome page is being hit and blocked.  Please see the attached.  

How do I disable the welcome page to be bypass when I open up Chrome?

Also, how do I know my version of Chrome works in Group Policy?

Many Thanks...
I'm getting the URL access denied message when attempting to access Google Chrome. Please advise.
Recently multiple users connected to a domain running Windows Server 2008 R2 are experiencing Chrome crashing, it's happening on various web sites and affects both Windows 7 and 10 users. Here is the event log information from when it crashes:

- <Event xmlns="">
- <System>
  <Provider Name="Application Error" />
  <EventID Qualifiers="0">1000</EventID>
  <TimeCreated SystemTime="2018-02-15T22:05:37.000000000Z" />
  <Security />
- <EventData>
  <Data>C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe</Data>

I'd tried, flushing DNS, uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome, resetting Chrome. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Worst thing Microsoft has perpetrated on the world: "Fall Creators Update".  Besides scrambling all of my desktop icons and shoving them over the left side of the screen, my biggest problem, and the purpose of this question is:  Microsoft has decided that all file associations should point to Edge.  And in addition, if I need support, I must talk to someone in the Philippines, starting at level "-1" (minus one).  After four calls over several months, I am now waiting on a "Level 2" tech to call me back.  Here is what I have tried:  Going to Control Panel and setting Default Programs; and I have tried right-clicking on files, selecting the program I used to use (with Open With), and putting a check mark in the box that says "Always use this Program".   The next morning, everything has been reset overnight by Microsoft to Edge.  I don't use Edge, it is junk.  I use Chrome.  But I am afraid to remove Edge; it probably isn't possible, and even if I did remove it, Microsoft would reinstall it later tonight.  Sorry about the rant.  Anyone know how to stop Microsoft from resetting my file associations?
I have a few users with Windows 7 and Chrome is running slow.  Sometimes on first startup then it's OK.  Sometimes it's just slow.
Tried to re-install but get same problem.

Any ideas?  Were there a Windows 7 update that causes Chrome to run slow?
pdf showing as chrome html file. how to instead show as adobe pdf document?






Chrome is a free web browser created by Google. Originally released in 2008, it has grown to become the most used desktop web browser (as of October 2016).