Chrome is a free web browser created by Google. Originally released in 2008, it has grown to become the most used desktop web browser (as of October 2016).

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CHrome  getting  403 Forbidden - what is wrong?
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Has Powershell sent you back into the Stone Age?

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Computers running OSX (Not sure what version) all of a sudden are having problems resolving DNS.  This is all within the same household.  The family can go to a local coffee shop and experience the same issues while connected to WIFi there when no one else is having the problem.  The latency only seems to be an issue when you're using a web browser.  If you run nslookup from the console or ping, no problems are evident.

  • DNS resolution from the console is instant no matter what.
  • Flushed DNS Cache
  • Reset PRAM
  • Reset SMC
  • Tried different browsers, DNS resolution in all browsers takes 30-60 seconds per domain.
  • Ran ESET Cyber Security Pro to see if anything popped up there, nothing did.
  • Going to run Malwarebytes to see what it finds.
  • Tried different DNS, and

Please advise.

Can I have script to clear google chrome browser history.

I have tried other scripts also but these are deleting bookmark also.
moreover I need help push this script to user though gpo.
I have 20 or so computers in my office.

we have had a problem where when you first launch a browser, the first tab to come up takes upwards of 45 seconds to a minute to load.
concurrently opened tabs open up right away, but that first tab once you launch the browser (chrome) takes so long it's becoming unbearable.

my first instinct was maybe it's DNS, and i changed that to and, but the problem continues.

we use a cloud based application, so we are constantly using the network -- it's not arp resolution.

but the occasional times we have to look something up, we have to wait 30-45 seconds for the first browser tab to open.

this only happens on a few computers, the rest are ok



We have exchange 2007 on our network. One of our staff have brought a chrome book and will it be possible to access the exchange emails from the chrome book.
Is there any mail client that I can install on the chrome book to access the exchange emails.

Thanks and any help will be great.
Hi, I cannot get IE11 to show my secondary homepage when launching the web browser. I am working in a domain environment with Windows 10 Enterprise.
I have applied my IE policies via GPP but cannot get the second tab to show. Internet Options shows my second homepage listed, but he only manner that IE displays my secondary home page is when I click on the home button.

'Disable changing secondary homepage settings' is also set via GP. I have this working in Chrome and Edge, but running out of options with setting this up with IE.
Registry also reflects correct URL for the secondary home page. Also tested setting up via Policies and Preferences with no luck.
Frequently I receive the message as shown in my attached jpg. How do I fix this problem?Screenshot of error message from Chrome
For some reason now in Chrome when I login to gmail it won't load unless I go incognito.  All I get is a white page.  Any ideas?  I have updated to the latest Chrome but that did not help.
Chrome OS - WiFi connection constantly dropping on Acer 15 Chromebook.
I am using a Windows laptop running IIS to host our website, and a TP-Link wifi extender to create a private network for the Chromebook to connect to, but the chromebook keeps dropping the wifi connection. The network connection does not have internet access
From the Device-Log: Network Error [time] Default network in unexpected state: HOST (/service/1)State: idle
the above error repeats every minute in time with when the chromebook drops connection.

We have a suite of other laptops (Dell Inspiron) which connect without issue and load the website correctly.

I have been advised that the chromebook is actively looking for an internet connection, and if it cannot fine one on the network it is currently connected to it will drop it and try to connect to a different network. If this is the case, is there a way to stop or bypass the requirement for internet connection and connect only to the private network connection?
I tried to install chrome enterprise and clicked a reg file from the installation folder. Now chrome and chrome canary cant run when I click them. I tried reinstalling, restarting and nothing seems to help...  

Here is the pastebin with the reg source code:
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Hi I am trying to making a google extension, I want to check if a url is open in a tab eg  "" and if it is get a value in a script var on that page.
I just have no idea how to do this. I have added the url in the manifest.json but have know idea what i need to put in the background worker.
It only needs access to one web page so don't want to say have access to all tabs.

the script var on that page is
var user = {"id":123,"email":""}

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I want to get the ID and email, then save that in the extension, and update it if it ever changes. This way they only have to go to page once for my extension to work, but if they do change their email and they revisit the page then it auto updates and saves it back to extension.

please help.
I created a GPO rule for my company's users in order to acccess o365 share point intranet as a home page in Chrome and IE. I did run a pilot testing and looks like didn't work. What could be reasons? Urgent!!

Note: assigned this GPO to users not to the system.

Background:  I'm working with a small school who is interested in bringing live text into their athletic streams.  The most cost effective yet easily editable solution for students is to use a Google Sheet.  The solution is great, but now they've evolved to wanting the "white" in the cell background to become transparent.

Question:  I'm working with OBS studio (  
I use a local Chrome browser source going to a Google Sheet as one of my media layers.   Works great.

The next thing I need to do is make the white background of a cell(s) to be transparent rather than the classic "white".  I've attempted a ChromaKey filter on the source and unfortunately I can't get the ChromaKey to filter on the browser source.

It has been mentioned to use CSS and change the "white" to "transparent".  Maybe even simply using the inspect aspect of Chrome for the local browser.

Is this something easily attainable to someone starting from scratch on the subject?
I have the following code which works on IE and Chrome and iPad (iOS), but not an iPhone (iOS)

Does anyone know why - does iPhone IOS have a restriction that isn't on iPad (iOS)? Any insights would be appreciated.

#myVideo {
    position: fixed;
    right: 0;
    bottom: 0;
    min-width: 100%; 
    min-height: 100%;
  	 z-index: -1;

<video autoplay muted loop id="myVideo">
  <source src="GreIDD5Tech1.mp4" type="video/mp4">
  Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

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I have Windows 10 pro (All uptodate), HP SLICE hardware, running latest google chrome... all videos, youtube, daily motion, msn, and streaming media... it will delay the video for 5 to 10 seconds but audio continues.   Happens everytime,... seems like this started in the last few weeks.  No chrome extensions... all have been disabled while troubleshooting.  I can allow or block popups and ads in settings and get same result.  Cant figure out what is causing.   I have uninstalled chrome and reinstalled to no avail.   If you use IE or Firefox... no issues whatsoever with video... so this is isolated to Chrome.  When the video freezes.. it appears all of chrome is freezing at the same time... you can't click on anything, settings etc... until it unfreezes.   Please help
Google Chrome wav player display problem.  It looks like Google Chrome changed the display when a wav file is played. It used to be a short (18px high) rectangle. Now it is a taller (50px high) with rounded corners.  I have a script that displays the Chrome player in an iframe which I had to redesign because of the change. However I can't get the player display to align on the left:small wav displayWhen I make the iframe wider, the Chrome player display just moves to the right:wider wav display
Anyway to move the Chrome wav player display to the left margin?

Here is the code I'm using:
<a href='sample.wav' target='newframe'>
<div style='display:inline-block;height:50px;overflow:hidden;border-radius:25px;'>
<iframe name='newframe' frameborder='0' height='50' width='375'></iframe>

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If I remark out the line with div inline-block (line 2), I get the same thing with square corners.

Also you may notice the play slider above is very short. If I play a wav file from another site it is longer:wav display with longer sliderIs there someway to get a longer slider?

Scanning for browser plugins over a network...which tool(s) would be best suited?
Scanning for applications is pretty straightforward, but I would like to scan for Firefox, Chrome, etc. plugins/add-ins. Does anyone here have experience with tools that can accomplish this?
Problem: Difficulty downloading attachments or gmail in Chrome browser even after non-destructive refresh. This procedure did remove all software. I have Windows 10 64 bit on my hp desktop. It was functioning slowly, so I did I refresh without destroying all files. I did back up all my files onto an external hard driver.  Chrome browser is acting very slow,considering I just cleaned the computer.

I do have tons of bookmarks and a number of extensions. But if I go into gmail and try to download an attachment such as a photo, it hangs and takes forever. I just did a destructive refresh to my Windows 8.1 computer, and it is much faster, as you would expect with a clean computer.

Microsoft edge, on the other hand is very fast in comparison. But Chrome was never this bad, ever. I did update to latest version. Please help. Thanks in advance.
Can't upload pictures from macbook the library option is greyed out in chrome, but I can select everything else fine.
How do you know if your security is working?
How do you know if your security is working?

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Our customer has a hotel with wifi access points all converging towards a Zyxel n4100 hotspot
Since the beginning of the month, they are receiving the following error when they try to browse: "Can't connect securely to this page" or “Your connection is not private”
They also obtain a message indicating the the certificate used by server is invalid.
This only happens with Google Chrome version 67 onwords. Something regarding the HSTS security.
Any ideas on how to bypass this situation?
Hello Experts:

This is an issue with my machine.  I cant get Chrome to launch.  This happened a couple days ago and I wound up uninstalling it.  I was OK for a coupe days, but now it won't launch again.  Task manager say sit's running, but nothing on the screen. I  checked the Goggle help forums and either the suggestions weren't relevant, or I had already tried them.  Reinstall is the last resort, and there's no place to communicate with anyone.  On the Forum I get a notice saying the server is down and I should reload.  So I came here.

Anyone have any thoughts?


I creating one  product, i kept that product in public place, that box provide some wifi hotspot. If connect in that wifi it redirect to our webapp, that box better view in chrome browser.In some mobile it will open on webUI browser or some other browser it will open on default browser. Now I need to redirect that app to chrome by on click button using js
whenever I try to start  MVC application from Visual Studio 2017  I am getting this error with Chrome but I can run FireFox or IE with no problemerror.JPG

I am in need of a script, preferably in PowerShell but open to alternatives, that will configure the home page for both Edge and Chrome on Windows 10 devices. I know this is configurable using GPO's, however my organization does not utilize a typical Domain Controller but instead uses AzureAD which provides limited functionality (no access to GPO's).
My research has not been fruitful. Any assistance that can be provided will be MUCH appreciated!
In Google Chrome Settings we enabled "Show bookmarks bar".

After setting up the bookmarks as we wanted, after a while we noticed what we modified has been returned as before (like we have not modify out Bookmarks Bar).

We have iCloud and it always synced ok, but for some reason the Bookmarks after a while, all reset to its prior stated.

We have Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer.  and in out mobiles, Safari in iPhone/iPads

What is going on and how can we fixed his?

To see the effect and maybe it could be fixed,
  • We disable iCloud setting to not sync Bookmarks chrome.
  • then we went into the computer and disable iCloud extension.
  • then deleted all bookmarks in chrome.
  • We went to iphone/ipad and restarted both device (didn't touch the safari bookmark, in both device its the same)
  • Went back to iCloud and enable chrome sync
  • Went back to chrome and re-enable icloud extension

By re-enabling & restarting we though chrome would download from iCLoud, but its empty.

Please advice.






Chrome is a free web browser created by Google. Originally released in 2008, it has grown to become the most used desktop web browser (as of October 2016).