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Chrome is a free web browser created by Google. Originally released in 2008, it has grown to become the most used desktop web browser (as of October 2016).

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I'm trying to install the Citrix Receiver on a Windows 10 machine using google chrome.  I'm getting this error and it's not the first time I've seen it.  I've never been able to find an answer as to why it will not install.  Any help would be appreciated.  See Attached...citrixerror.png
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I was trying to use different applications via firefox or chrome in Win7. The problem I ran into was that some of the popup windows would have OK or Cancel buttons at the very bottom. And those button would just conveniently go UNDER the task bar. It was such a pain that I moved the task bar to the right side of my screen. But now my browser windows are going under the task bar on the right side. This is more of an annoyance than stopping work. But I'd like it if none of my windows ever went under the task bar. Is there a property somewhere that can be set that would keep my windows from doing that? TY

I normally use Chrome on Win10. I have Edge (circled below), IE and Chrome in my taskbar (correct term?) at  the bottom of my screen.
Every so often (when I start Chrome?), a pop-up of sorts appears above the Edge icon, suggesting I use it b/c it's better than Chrome.

I find it annoying. Any way to turn off?

We have a web-based database front-end that we can access over the public internet (i.e. outside our network) (address is along these lines - http://frontend.company.com.  Up until this past week, we could access it via any browser.  Now, however, I can't access it from my home network (laptop and PC) through any Chrome - the browser in which this app works best.  I can access it using IE and Firefox.

Chrome returns this message (also attached):
    This site can't be reached
    The connection was reset.

Oddly, though, I can access it with Chrome when browsing Incognito.    I've searched through all settings and can't figure out which one might affect something like this.  

Any suggestions?
I changed the setting on a friend's system to enable auto fill in the Google Chrome settings. We checked it on a few web pages and it was fine. Now he says there is no auto fill. I've seen the instructions on how to set it with an article found using Chrome search.

Why does the setting not hold?
Word 2016

I need to display a Word document on the right-hand side of the screen so that I can view my open Chrome window on the left. Normally, my Word application takes up the entire screen.

I discovered a workaround:
1. Bring up a second document.
2. View side-by-side.
3. Switch to the open Chrome window.
4. Click on the Word icon on the bottom of my screen, then select the doc that displays on the right.
 Pair of word thumbnails    

It looks great.

However, I'd love to do the above w/o resorting to a second open window.
Word and Chrome Happy Together
Can it be done?
Hello Everyone,

I would like to ask your help on how I can, through my SonicWall,  prevent my users from installing any extensions from the chrome web store.

I tried to block all VPN app through App Control Advanced and from app rules but still, some VPN application in the web store is working.

How I can block all these extensions from being installed and the one already installed to stop working?

Thank you in advance.
I am currently having an issue with the chrome GPO ManagedBookmarks. I have tried doing this through the Group policy and through a GP Registry file. Chrome shows that there is a managedbookmarks policy if i go to chrome://policy.

The json is showing as empty when it is not.

I have tried the example JSON from here.

Got any ideas.

I want to install this


I get a message that Visual Studio needs to install it.

In VS, I went to Tools --> Extensions and Updates but I dont see "Debugger for Chrome". I searched "online" in the screen

I see these when I search for Chrome

I have a customer using a W2K12 server. It is a DNS and unfortunately their server domain is the same as their internet domain. Their web site is hosted elsewhere (the IP address of the web site is say So I went in to the DNS on their server and made a Host(A) record called www and pointed it to that IP address.

   All was well until they has a new ad agency re-write their web page. So I went in to their DNS on their server and changed the Host(A) for www to the new IP address. If I fall out to the command prompt and ping www.company.com it resolves to the right IP address but.... whenever they open either IE or Chrome and type in http://www.company.com it redirects to https://company.com (http to https) and there is nothing on 443 so they get the "Page Not Found" error.

Where is this redirection from http to https taking place and how can I end it?
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I am trying to get an chrome add-on called local links do deploy to all chrome browsers in are network.

in the group policy Computer Configuration/Policy/Administrative template/Google/Google Chrome / Extensions

I configured the policy name " Configure the list of force-installed apps and extensions" and from reading online i am suppose to format the line it this fashion" jllpkdkcdjndhggodimiphkghogcpida;https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/locallinks "

When it was deployed all it did was uninstall from the people who had extension installed. and lock out the ability to manually download it.
Is Chrome OS gaining popularity like Windows or MAC? Do most programs that work with Windows or MAC work with Chrome OS?
After Google chrome upgrade (62.0.3202.75). We are enable to play swf file into Chrome browser.
It start downloading when we try to play swf file.

We have enable flash settings in chrome --> settings --> Content section.
This started here:

I am seeing things that I don't understand:
Using this URL
https://webmail.centurylink.net/mail#1 or ... /mail#2

The following observations are ALL ON THE SAME COMPUTER (as a test platform).

Internet Explorer gets the up-to-date mail page.  Either #1 or #2.
Oh, except that I had it remember the password.
So, I deleted the passwords.
Now I get
http://mail.centurylink.net/zimbra/mail#1 and the mail on the page stops at Sept 30.

Google Chrome gets the right mail page at:
with the up-to-date mail.

Firefox gets the wrong page at:
http://mail.centurylink.net/zimbra/mail#1 and the mail page stops at Sept 30.

If I use an appropriate IP address, I can see both pages in the same browser .. or at least I was able to do that once.

I've checked DNS results and just cannot find what's causing this.

On the problem computer, the same (bad) page shows up on all the browsers.

I need some guidance so I can fix the problem computer.  Please?
Internet Explorer 11 is the default web browser for our organization and it has to remain that way.  We use a Wordpress Avada theme for our intranet homepage and have links to various business sites, some of which work better in Chrome.  I know you can create desktop shortcuts to open sites directly in Chrome rather than your default browser:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" https://yourwebsitehere.com

Is there a way to do this same thing within WordPress or Sharepoint links?  I am doubting so but I thought I would ask.  I don't want to create desktop shortcuts for some sites that require Chrome and would rather just have all links on Wordpress for ease of use.  Again, I have to have IE 11 as the default browser for a variety of reasons.
I have a customer who uses Gmail via Chrome (just a web page). When she goes to send a new email and starts typing in the "To" field her contacts are listed but she can only see maybe nine and cannot scroll down to see the remaining. There is no scroll bar. How can she see more than nine and scroll to see the others?
We have set up a OneDrive account (Office 365 essentials) as we need to share some files (3,000). These are held in many folders and sub-folders.

According to the documentation you can drag and drop these (current location on a user's Desktop) to the OneDrive page when using Edge or Chrome. This isn't working.

How do you Drag and Drop folders into OneDrive?
Hello Experts
I cannot connect to an FTP site. I get the following message:

"Unable to open ftp://ftpaddress/  The Internet site reports that the item you requested could not be found. (HTTP /1.0 404)"

I tired it from Internet Explorer, IE in compatibility mode, Chrome, Windows Explorer and I also used Filezilla, none of them worked.

Filezilla showed this in log:
Command:      open "ftp site name" 22  
Error:      Network error: Software caused connection abort
Error:      Could not connect to server
Status:      Waiting to retry...
Status:      Connecting to ftp site name...
Response:      fzSftp started, protocol_version=8
Command:      open "ftop site name.com" 22
Error:      Network error: Software caused connection abort
Error:      Could not connect to server

 I'm running Windows 7 Pro on my workstation.   I can access other FTP sites without issue.

What is strange is If I remote into my home computer running Windows 8, from the office, I can connect to this FTP site without issue.  

Any help is appreciated.

I need to set up pc, laptop, and tablets to project wirelessly to a 70" monitor/hdtv in a classroom.  What's the best way to do this? Will chromecast mirror desktop send everything to the monitor, not just chrome compatible apps?
Threat Trends for MSPs to Watch
Threat Trends for MSPs to Watch

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Dear Wizards, I got this error when browsing vCenter; Adobe Flash player was installed with latest version but did not help.

Could you please assist? Many thanks in advance.
Dear expert,

I have taken over a server from someone who is no longer with the company.  The server is not yet in production and I an entrusted to get it up and running and into production.  In going through the motions and checking out various things to see where the server stands, I came across this ... whenever I click on something in IE, I get the message "Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds"?

The server is running Windows 2016 Essentials as the OS.  The IE version is 11.

I have researched this issue before sending in a question.  I have tried the following:

1. I have reset IE (restarted computer as instructed).
2. I have reset IE -and- clicked on delete personal settings (restarted computer as instructed).

So far nothing I do seems to work.

I was attempting to download Chrome when I this message came up.  Also, if you don't mind, in trying to download Chrome, a second issue occurs.  When I get to the download chrome website, I click on 'Download Chrome' and nothing happens.  I can scroll up and down the page, but when I click on the 'Download Chrome' link, nothing happens.  My guess is that these 2 issues are related somehow with IE's security settings.

Any assistance you can give on these 2 issues is appreciated.

On this page: http://ruback-jewelry-sale.wizewebz.com/ if you click "RSVP" button a modal opens.  In Chrome and Safari the placeholders show up and if you type in the boxes you see your black text input.  

But in FireFox for some reason the placeholders are not showing and if I type in the input boxes the text does not appear.

Any ideas on the cross browser issue?
Good afternoon,

Mozilla seems to have stopped displaying images on our website.  We noticed it today, but not sure when it started.

Our website is https://ppar.com.  This is a 2012R2 Server running IIS 8.5.9600.16384.  Our websites reside on this server.  We have a valid cert for this website.  The images reside on another server running Server 2016 with IIS 10.0.14393.0.  The images server also has a valid cert.  The time on both servers is correct and both certificates have not expired.

When I try a valid link ( https://photos.ppar.com/matrixlarge/11/8120075-1.jpg ) in both Chrome and Firefox, it works in Chrome and fails in Firefox with the following error:
"An error occurred during a connection to photos.ppar.com. Invalid OCSP signing certificate in OCSP response. Error code: SEC_ERROR_OCSP_INVALID_SIGNING_CERT"

I'm beating my head against a wall...any help?

Attached images.
Good morning,
I use Google Chrome as my primary browser. I do have access to Microsoft Edge.
This past weekend I suddenly noticed that in Chrome every manually entered text or numbers are displayed with white text on a white background. I have no problems with Edge, as I am creating this using Edge. How can I change my font color?
I use Chrome and wonder what I need to install into Visual Studio Code in order to debug inside of Visual Studio Code.

I do not want to use the Chrome debugger, since I waste so much time  searching for the file to debug. I wand to set breakpoints in Visual Studio Code.







Chrome is a free web browser created by Google. Originally released in 2008, it has grown to become the most used desktop web browser (as of October 2016).