Chrome is a free web browser created by Google. Originally released in 2008, it has grown to become the most used desktop web browser (as of October 2016).

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Can anyone recommend  a ruler for Google Chrome where I can draw an area on a web page with the mouse (similar to Snipping Tool) and get the dimensions in pixels.  

Thanks in advance.
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How does one clear search terms saved in Chrome on an Android?   It seems all the search terms used are saved for autocomplete  even those used incognito   mode, which one does not want saved. :(
I'm migrating my website to a secure server, and there is an issue with a page which isn't loading all the content.  Google Chrome Developer Console reports an "uncaught DOMException".  I'm not a programmer, and don't know how to interpret or correct this.  I've uploaded a screen shot.

The website is under development on a server which is not open to the public.  If you are sufficiently interested in visiting the page in question, the Windows hosts file would need to be modified by adding "".  In that case, the page with the issue could be visited at    Otherwise, perhaps the screen shot is adequate for you to provide some guidance for me.  Thank you. Screenshot of DOMException error
Hi Experts,

Auto play option is not working in ipad pro on any browser.  I had checked chrom://flags/#autoplay-policy is not available on chrome browser.  I am not able to auto play audio safari also.

the code which i use to run is javascript and the code is

adio = document.createElement('audio');
adio.src = "audio/Stolen - Audio - Marjorie Foster.mp3";
 adio.currentTime = 0;;

Open in new window

Please help me in solving this issue.  I want to play the audio when the browser opens that page.

with many thanks,
Bharath AK
Hi Experts,

In Ipad pro there is no zoom - 100% + option on chrome browser.    in safari also it is in maximized zoom level.  How can I set it to fixed 100% on ipad.   I have to use my fingers  to reduce the zoom on the browser screen to be in right size.  Please help me in resolving this issue.

With Many thanks,

Bharath AK
Changing default webpage for Chrome (Mac).

It is getting difficult to find this, where there are so many features now.

How do I set the default webpage on creation of a new tab?

JS,php,PDO user signup dosn't actually inject data into database, but returns success and shows no errors in Chrome Developer's Tools.
Server error log shows "[26-Jun-2018 18:30:12 America/Denver] PHP Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected 'was' (T_STRING), expecting ',' or ';' in /home/pricelea/public_html/_modules/registration-PDO/register.php on line 51" But I can't see any syntac error here.  How can I track down what's going on?
I have around 12 different Gmail email accounts that I use.

Currently, I have to click on the gray circle with the initial in it (in the upper right-hand corner of Gmail) and then select whichever other Gmail email account I want to open or log in to (or click the Add account button).

There are also times when I don't have the Gmail webpage open and I want to launch my Gmail for an account that is different than the email account that I last opened. So I have to click on my Gmail shortcut, wait for Gmail to load my main email account and then click on the gray circle and select the other account I would like to open.

Is there any way I can simplify this process by saving a URL below my Chrome address bar that will automatically load the particular Gmail email account I want to open? If so what is the process or URL address that needs to be saved within this favorite that will launch the Gmail email account that I want to open?

Also if particular Gmail email accounts can be launched by using a particular URL address then I can have Chrome default to opening several tabs with each tab containing a different Gmail email account every time that Chrome is launched.

Being able to do this will save me quite a bit of time.
Looking for a way to automatically add Google calendar events from a website that is filtered for my state.  This Website Events Page    

I have looked into IFTTT, and general google searches and have not found anything thus far.   I have IT scripting/automation background but have little experience in this realm.  Looking at the page through the developer tools in chrome, I didn't see an easy way to pull the data.

Is there a tool or way to pull this data, perhaps coupled with an online tool such as IFTTTT, that would create /update events in a secondary calendar in google?
Push Google Chrome using BatchPatch.  I'm using BatchPatch to deploy updates, I can't seem to figure out how to do a silent installation of Google Chrome.
Problems using Powershell and Active Directory?
Problems using Powershell and Active Directory?

Managing Active Directory does not always have to be complicated.  If you are spending more time trying instead of doing, then it's time to look at something else. For nearly 20 years, AD admins around the world have used one tool for day-to-day AD management: Hyena. Discover why

Chrome Prompts for Credentials. we have ADFS SSO running in our environment. Previously it was working fine in IE/Chrome/Edge suddenly ten days before team noticed that the sites are asking for credentials. we fixed in Edge by adding the ADFS site to Intranet site in IE but issues with Chrome still persists.

when open sharepoint site, a dialog box comes saying ADFS site asking for Credentials.

on checking the sharepoint in chrome, we see the FedAuth cookie for the site is showing to Expire as the browsers session Ends, Not sure if this is the issue.

No recent patches done. Patching was done almost three weeks before.

Any suggestions are highly appreciated.
0 issue with typing in specifik fields.

I'm having a problem with 1 specific user.
The user cant click on "from", "to", "Cc", "Bcc" og "Subject" fields when typing a new mail.
She can tab and shift-tab between them, and it works, but it is a bit glitchy.

Altso.... Her signature isn't shown, as she is writing the e-mail. But its there when the mail is sent, and she can see the signature in "send items".

She is using af MAC, we have testet Safari, Google Chome and Firefox - same issue on every browser.
We have also logged into her mail, on my computer (PC), same problem in Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, ON MY computer - same thing happens.
When i log in to my profile, we can click in the fields and everything works as wished - on both computers.

Any ideas?

I hope i explained myself alright.
How can I retrieve all active tabs content (DOM) developing a Google Chrome Extension?
Some other IT administrators within a certain company I am consulting for would like to install and use the Google Chrome web browser within Server 2016.

Will this create any problems for the Server 2016 OS?
How can I email a web page via Outlook with an extension in Google Chrome?
Customer is saying that she has to keep entering in user password for her word press site every time ...
I need a batch downloader that can handle a site where the downloads are presented as a variable, as in "".

The site does require an initial logon.  I'm using Chrome, so a chrome plugin would work.  Even if I had to copy/paste the list of URLs, that would be fine.

I've tried about 7-8 freeware packages and they all download the login.aspx page.  GRR!
Hi Guys,

I have a 'www' A record added to the forward lookup zone in DNS for the company website (hosted externally to the local domain).

I can ping from any workstation internally and it resolves to the correct external IP.

However, I am unable to open the site.
Initially I thought it was a browser cache issue, but it happens in IE and Chrome.  The record was inserted last week, but it still gives error:

The site can't be reached
server IP address cannot be found

nslookup gives the correct website address and external IP.

Any ideas will be appreciated,
I have pushed Chrome home page set up GPO to users in domain wide. i see the GPO is applying but it is not launching the page i have set in the GPO. user has windows 10 pro OS. i applied URL at home page as well as startup page in the GPO.
Managing Security & Risk at the Speed of Business
Managing Security & Risk at the Speed of Business

Gartner Research VP, Neil McDonald & AlgoSec CTO, Prof. Avishai Wool, discuss the business-driven approach to automated security policy management, its benefits and how to align security policy management with business processes to address today's security challenges.

We have a Windows Server 2016 ADCS server and I am recently trying to get it to generate certificates that work with Chrome extra. But no matter what I do when creating the CSR and adding the SAN names to the CSR, they do not appear in the certificate. It

Chrome gives this error:

You connection is not private
Attackers might be trying to steal your information from xxx

This server could not prove that it is; its security certificate does not specify Subject Alternative Names. This may be caused by a misconfiguration or an attacker intercepting your connection.

What do I need to do on the ADCS server to ensure SAN names are properly added to certificates?
We have an own PKI.
I have created a new certificate for some web services.
I just want to get rid of the cert warnings when I open the site.

When I open the site with IE all is fine and no warnings.
But with CHROME I still have this warnings.

Do you know what I can do ?
Hello experts,
 I have created a browser in visual c#, the simplest following the examples over the internet.
but I keep getting this message: " An error has occurred in the script of this page...
object does not support property or method 'aDDEventListener' "

but on main browsers like IE and chrome, this error message does not appear.

NOw I have already tried the following three methods to no effect:

Method 1:
1.      Click Start, and then click Run.
2.      In the Open box, type Regsvr32 urlmon.dll, and then click OK.
3.      When prompted with the DllRegisterServer in the urlmon.dll succeeded message, click OK.

Method 2:
1.      Open the Java Virtual Machine. To do so, visit the following Java Website:
Please Note: Since the website is not hosted by Microsoft, the link may change without notice. Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy of this information.
2.      Close all instances of Internet Explorer.
3.      Click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click Internet Options.
4.      Click the Advanced tab.
5.      Under Browsing, click to clear the Enable third-party browser extensions (requires a restart) check box.
6.      Restart Internet Explorer.

Method 3:
1.      Open Internet Explorer.
2.      Click Tools, and click Internet Options.
3.      Click the Advanced tab.
4.      Under Browsing, click to select the Disable Script Debugging checkbox.
5.      Click OK to close all windows, and then restart …
Is Microsoft Edge more secure than Google Chrome?  If so, why is that?  Will Chrome or other browsers catch up?  Doe it make sense to use Edge since is ships with Win 10 and may be more seamlessly integrated with Windows Defender?  Looking to reimage some pcs in a small private school and I want to increase our security as transparently as possible.
If I have web pages stored locally on my hard disk (HTML, Javascript, images), and I browse them with Chrome, they seem to be very slow to render: 4-5 seconds per page.

Is there a way to get faster browsing of local content with Chrome?  Is this a security setting that can be disabled for local content?
Internet Explorer 11 doesn't allow me to download Google Chrome.
 When I attempt to do so - I receive a message that says something about this page or site can not be contacted or found from IE.

However I can download FireFox from Internet Explorer  successfully. And I can even download Google Chrome from FireFox.
Note : This is on a Windows 10 and 7 workstation.

So whats wrong with IE 11 not being able to download Chrome ?  And How can I resolve this problem.






Chrome is a free web browser created by Google. Originally released in 2008, it has grown to become the most used desktop web browser (as of October 2016).