Chrome is a free web browser created by Google. Originally released in 2008, it has grown to become the most used desktop web browser (as of October 2016).

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is there a Serious Chrome virus?

Came back to computer after about 2 hours, chrome screen TOTALLY black.

Later, got an error with a red screen, said microsoft was fixing, so I thought obvious virus trying to drag me in further.

Tried to close chrome (Windows 10), close task, disallowed.

Restarted Windows, OK for now.

Using Avast anti Virus.
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A few years ago we looked at a product named IE Tab for Chrome by Blackfish.  Back then, we weren't convinced of the security because, from what we understood, ulnerabilities of the IE version you selected would be present.

We are revisiting the solution due to the ease of use it offers our users but the jury is still out on the security of it.

Security experts, what are your thoughts? Any recommendations on security settings for it? Are there any other products or methods you would recommend in it's place?

Thanks again,
Steph M
Good moning !

I use this code to edit the quantity of products from a button. With Chrome it goes very well but with Firefox it sends me an ajax error.
This happens when I change quantities quickly.
If I click on Chrome several times, everything is fine, but on firefox it crashes.
Can you guide me please?

function BTN_EDT(i){
	var $button = $(this);
	var val_R = document.getElementById("ARR_NumId_" + i).value;
	var val_Q = document.getElementById("ARR_Quantite_" + i).value;
		type : "POST",
        url: '_produit-update.php',
        cache: false,
		data: {val_R:val_R, val_Q:val_Q},
        error: function(e){console.log('Ajax Error',e);alert('Erreur Ajax');},
        success: function(response){console.log('Ajax Success',response); location.reload(true);}

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Thank you in advance
I have a user attempting to connect to a website after logging in she is getting this error.   She had tried multiple browsers such as chrome IE edge.  

Http failure response for 0 Unknown Error

Any suggestion?   She has tried this from 4 different offices from 4 different external IP's

The website host thinks its something on our end I dont think so.
Somehow Yahoo has weaseled it's way into becoming my default search engine. I want Google, NOT Yahoo. I'm using Chrome.

How do I fix this, and (if possible) prevent it in the future.

I have a Chromecast and an Android.
I have websites I watch television on via Chrome (on my Android) which I d like to see on my TV (via Chromecast) but there is no option to cast Chrome Android to Chromecast. The web video is not available via any other Chanel then the website and has absolitely no option either to cast (checked that).

I can mirror the screen of my Android to my Samsung TV but quality is so bad that this is no option.

Please advise howto.
Computer is Windows 10 v1903 running both Malwarebytes Premium and ESET NOD32 Antivirus.

The behavior occurs with both the Edge browser and Chrome.

The behavior is that the browser window, whether it was set to full screen or not, very rapidly reduces somewhat in size then expands back to its previous size multiple times in succession over a period of several seconds. This behavior is intermittent, but frequent. The behavior occurs regardless of whether or not there is something actively in the browser window, e. g. typing while composing email in Gmail.  I've watched it happen while I've been remoted into the computer just passively watching both Chrome and Edge.

In addition to scans from Malwarebytes and NOD32, I've run online scans from from Norton and TrendMicro.

I have not a clue what might be cause this bizarre behavior that's making it very difficult to work on the computer, and would appreciate any suggestions.

Hello i keep getting this smart search page as default. i deleted and reinstalled google Chrome but its still there.

is this an infection. I run Malwarebytes but it didn't detect anything. ( see attached pic).

Can someone send me step by step instructions on how to remove it please.

Thank you,smart search default page
We have google already installed on a few hundred computers.  I'd like to default the below setting to 'on', but not force it, so users still have the ability to change it themselves.  I found a group policy to force it, but I just want to change the setting once for everyone.  There must be a way.  Can't find a setting for this in the registry.

'Download PDF files instead of automatically opening them in Chrome'
I have a page I put the code on to have the accordion style of FAQ's at

Unfortunately, it won't open up.  I am not familiar with how to troublehoot javascript issues in Chrome.

I followed the directions from this article:

Please help me to understand why the accordion won't open up.
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Mac (Mojave) Browser Speaker Failure

My speaker works fine, but sometimes, when I play a video in the browser, there is no sound.

I see the volume is set to max. This is true for Chrome, Safari, and probably other browsers.

I saw the other day, I had that problem but right clicked and saw a menu. I chose "unmute" to make the sound play.

It's as if there is a mute which is not supported by certain web pages.


I would like to know if anyone can help me configure in a easy to understand steps how the Adblock app works? I have it installed on my Chrome browser as an extension. I am having every time to click RELOAD in order to block the ADS, it works fine for that particular page but once I go to another Tab or Window , the ADS are back again. I want to know an easy and simple fix to block the ADS before I navigate to a given website if it's possible or once I am there to block the ADS for once and for all for future access to that website? I am open for other alternatives/recommendations from the Experts as long as it is  to easy and simple apps to use to block the ADS.

Thank you,

Thank you for looking at my question,

The IT department have installed Webmin on a MySQL server. I have written a bit of php code and saved it to the correct place on the server.

The code is a simple table and begins like this:
<?php # Script 1.0 - Section1.php
      require_once $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . '/CESTrack/Includes/configinc.php';
      //require_once $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . '/CESTrack/Includes/mysql_connect.php';
      $Page_Title = "KLTD E-D1";
      include($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . '/CESTrack/Includes/CESTrack_Header.html');
      echo '<h2>CES Tracker</h2>';
      echo '<table width="100%">';
            echo '<tr>';
                  echo '<td align="center">';
                        echo '<table width="80%" border="2">';
                              echo '<tr>';
                                    echo '<td colspan="16">';
                                          echo '<h2>HONKER LTD CES DASHBOARD</h2>';
                                    echo '</td>';
                              echo '</tr>';
                              echo '<tr>';
                                    echo '<td width="13%" align="left">';
                                    echo '</td>';
                                    echo '<td width="13%" align="center" colspan="3">';
                                    echo '</td>';
                                    echo '<td width="13%" align="center" colspan="3">';
                                          echo'<h2>SENQ Enq/Quotations</h2>';
                                    echo '</td>';
                                    echo '<td width="13%" align="center" colspan="3">';
                                          echo'<h2>SENQ Orders</h2>';
                                    echo '</td>';
                                    echo '<td width="13%" align="center" colspan="3">';
                                    echo '</td>';
                                    echo '<td …
Yesterday I got an interesting SPAM that looked very much like the scam you see here.

I right clicked on the shortcut and copied it to the clipboard then pasted it into chrome on my test machine.  It takes me to what appears to be a legit bankofamerica website.  I have attached a screenshot.  I did not enter my passwords, but it sure looks 100% legit to me.

Here is the url:  https:/ / imm/ PaymentCenter/ Index/ 8404?csbi=644077671&b0=20190916192841396056
I have added a space after each / to make it safe.

I've been told that some legitimate looking URL's will automatically redirect me to a bogus website, but how does that work? If the domain controller does the redirecting wouldn't avoid a bogus address? Or does the redirecting occur on the routers that the packets hop through?

In other words how can this particular link get me in trouble?
Hi, I have just noticed that when I try to make Firefox smaller by clicking on the center (square) type icon on the upper right, it just kind of re positions the full screen but does not make it smaller.  I tried it on Chrome and it worked just fine as well as Excel and Word.  I want to have an excel document take up the left half of the screen while I look stuff up in Firefox on the right side of the screen.  I've never run into this before and would appreciate your help.
I've got issue of Adobe flash player in Chrome and how to set it up properly?
In GAFE how do I add our domain to the login page so that when a student logs in they don't need to add every single time? Instead it's already auto populated and they can just type in their username?

Thanks in advance!
Hello all,
In Google Chrome, I am getting an error that states This site can't be reached.
If I try the same site in Internet Explorer it works great.
This is a WIndows 10 Pro computer hooked up to AD, where the DNS is from the main AD server.  No other computers are having this issue.
I did the following:
Restarted the DNS client
Reset TCP/IP
Ran Network Troubleshooter
Reset Google Chrome settings
Reinstalled Chrome
After each thing I tried, I rebooted the computer and tested and get the same error.
There is NO proxy being used.
I have no idea what to do next to fix this error
Thanks in advance for your help,
Kelly W
We have a vendor installed site on a local server in IIS.  They said the site only works in Chrome.  The site allows tickets to be printed by clicking a button called "PDF" which then generates and downloads a PDF.  For some tickets it works and others get "Failed - Network error".  It's not random, the same ticket either works every time or doesn't.  We can download those same tickets that don't work in Chrome, in Edge and Firefox without issue.  But Edge and Firefox have other view issues so we can't just switch to them.  Everything else within this site works fine in Chrome.  We've already tested disabling AV, UTM services, etc.  Those had no affect.  I'm thinking this issue lies in IIS or the code of the site.
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Can you add charts using  Microsoft PowerPoint Online?
For instance, let us say that you use Google Chrome to login to or and you open the Online version of PowerPoint, can you use a Google Chrome extension to add a chart to a PowerPoint file?
Does a Google Chrome extension exist that will allow you to add charts to PowerPoint Online?

We host several internal sites (intranet, and utility).  Oftentimes, when we access them, we get that pesky UNTRUSTED or UNSECURE warning from Chrome.  

I've set up an internal certificate server to try to authorize them, but because many of them (my intranet sites / helpdesk sites) use OpenSSL, it's not playing nice with my windows AD Certificate Services.  

Do any of you have a good procedure for how to register sites using OpenSSL to a MIcrosoft On-Prem Certificate server / CA?  

Thank you!
0  that test says the page isn't mobile friendly, and the screenshot shows this:

But I can't replicate that in Chrome. It looks fine in Chrome. How can I test and fix this issue? Thanks.
Is there an extension for Chrome that will perform the same thing as the default home page?
Problem: When  opening Chrome, it prompts for which e-mail address to use.
Note: Outlook is configured with two different Microsoft Exchange Online accounts.
Goal: I need to have Chrome only select one e-mail address, and not present the different e-mail address menu.
Printing an article from the web in Chrome, the last line of text on a page may get cut-off horizontally and the rest of the line shows up on the next page.

- Using a different printer from the same workstation makes no difference (same problem).
- Using Chrome on a different workstation: works fine (problem is gone).
- Using Firefox on the original workstation: works fine (problem is gone).

So if it was a system or printer driver setting, wouldn't Firefox exhibit the same issue?
But if it is a Chrome setting, which one? I couldn't find any difference between the two workstations.
Could anyone help?
I'm trying to fix an annoying CSS bug on a WordPress site that I'm developing and am hoping that someone here can help me.  If you view this page in either Firefox, Edge, or IE11 and scroll down to the bottom -- you'll notice that the 2 social icons are being displayed to the right of the 3 links (ie: Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Sitemap).

This appears to be being achieved using this CSS rule:

.widget-pages ul {
    list-style: none;
    columns: 2;

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... where "columns: 2" is suppoedly splitting the 5 different list items into 2 separate columns.  

However, .. if you view the same page using either Chrome or Opera, ..the Instragram social icon is for some reason being displayed at the bottom of the first column instead of at the top of the 2nd column.   My assumption was that the CSS would try to evenly split the 5 different list items into the 2 different columns - with the first 3 list items being displayed in the 1st column, and the remaining 2 in the 2nd column.  But obviously this isn't the case.

How can I fix this?  Is there any way that I can tweak this CSS rule somehow so that it forces the last 2 list items to be displayed in the 2nd column (in Chrome and Opera)? If so, how?

- Yvan