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Chrome is a free web browser created by Google. Originally released in 2008, it has grown to become the most used desktop web browser (as of October 2016).

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Why do searches redirect to “SuddenLink.net”, instead of my default browser search engine? Can I prevent this?
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Been a couple years since we set up Citrix and roaming profiles, and I'm not an expert!  Started using a Chrome extension on Xenapp server that is getting corrupted for users.  Saw https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX238525 that says to add it to Folders to mirror.  

Just want to make sure I'm doing this right in Citrix studio policies.

Enable folders to mirror


AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions

See attached, is this correct?

Thank you!
Hello and Good Afternoon Everyone,

            I am needing step by step procedures for enabling popups for Google Chrome.  The reason I am needing this information is that I am setting up a Lumiman wireless bulb using the web app at alexa.amazon.com.  Whenever I select the Smart Life skill and select Enable, I get a message indicating "Make sure popups are enabled within your browser".  

             Any guidance on accomplishing this goal will be greatly appreciated.

             Thank you

is there a way to make chrome the default browser using psexec and command line
I tried
psexec @listofcomputers.txt -u username -p password -h "c:\program files\google\chrome\application\chrome.exe" --make-default-browser

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and it does not work with windows 7.
can someone help me out please? need to make it the default on over 100 computers.
Hello Community Members

I have Edge as "MY FAVOURITE" browser BUT also access/use Chrome and Firefox

Trying to organize My favourites EDGE as have about 30 bookmark folders BUT CANNOT seen to do it lol

Want to:

      1) A-Z and/or Z-A
      2) Use Categories / Keywords
      3) And Tags and Colour Management
IF not Keywords and Tags (are) the same - thing ?

Has anyone got some idea of any apps ALREADY there for this OR an extension for the browser

Or know a coder/programmer who could do it ALSO I have Visual Studio Community (just installed a few days/weeks ago) and do it My-self !

Time and your help AND advice is SO MUCH VALUED !

Best ALWAYS Paul M
Hi Experts,

Hover style is not working normally, where as on developer tools on chrome browser with force element state hover I am able to see the results not on normal mouse over or hover

the style I am using is


.cardoverlay:hover {

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the html I am using is

 <img src={thumbnail} alt={i.title} className="card-img card-img-top"
             <img src={getOverlayImage(LOCAL_URL_PREFIX,i.type)} className="cardoverlay" style={{width:"300px",height:"260px",top:"0",left:"0",

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Please see the below image as reference
with force element style hover

without hover forced hover on dev tools and with normal hovering

Please help me in resolving this issue.

With Many thanks,

Bharath AK
I have just installed Google Chrome on my new PC. The problem is that when I go onto some websites they are displayed as text only Which is blue writing on a white background -is there any way that I can fix this? I am running Windows 10 Pro
This has happened for the last two days:
Before I leave the office I hibernate my windows 10 pro laptop.
When I get home I resume using the laptop.  

In the lower right hand corner there is an annoying window advertising "google chrome * www.benverified.com"
I used procexp64 to determine that the process is ShellExperienceHost. which is located at C:\Windows\SystemApps\ShellExperienceHost_cw5n1h2txyewy

This pop up looks exactly like a legitimate windows message, which makes me wonder "is it fake or is it legit?". But I don't believe that microsoft or google would advertise like this.   The problem went away after I ran Hitman. This  antivirus program did not detect any viruses, but it did  remove a bunch of adware cookies.  

Anybody have any comments and or suggestions?
I'm following a (newbie) tutorial on YouTube on REST API.
On Chrome I have installed the Extention Restlet, as in the tutorial (where it used to be called DHC). I can see that it is installed when I look chrome: //extensions.

But how do I open it? It's supposed to give me a Postman-like page.
It should appear when I click Apps on the Chrome browse, but doesn't.

Thanks for any help.
I am getting frequently below err message  while watching videos.
The browser I am using is Chrome.

Error Code

please advise how to fix this issue.
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how can prevent Chrome Extensions from being installed without an administrator password?

is there a way to do this via the registry / NTFS or GPO?

thx in advance.
I just joined experts exchange today so please let me know if I post something incorrectly.  I have an html page that contains the following javascript:


My default email program is Outlook 2016.  When I execute this code on IE11, Firefox, or Edge it correctly pops up a blank email window from Outlook 2016.  When I execute this code in Chrome, I get the correct blank email window from Outlook 2016 but I also get another blank browser window as well which I manually have to close.  Is there any workaround to not have that extra blank browser window pop up in Chrome.  Thank you for any replies.
I want to know what are the experts recommendation to the best method to block the annoying ads in chrome Edge? It seems every time I visit a website medical, department store etc. I am being bombarded with heavy artillery of ads. It makes me not want to surf the web anymore. Please help.
Formerly, (can't recall if it was on this computer or my previous PC), when I click an email link in a web document, it would spawn an Outlook form populated with the email address.

Now, however, it take me into Windows Mail (which I may have accidentally configured):

Mail formHow can I reconfigure Windows to spawn the outlook window? This issue occurs in both Chrome and Edge.

Need something that will always display the percentage of zoom level I am currently at in Chrome.

Does anything like that exist?



I'm trying to find out if I have any scheduled tasks running between, say, 5pm and 6pm. I'm having an issue with a web application (Zendesk) where something seems to log me out around that time of day (or maybe my authentication expires).  Occurs under Chrome Version 69.0.3497.100 (Official Build) (64-bit).

So, I'm thinking that some process (Google related possibly) may be running and causing this issue.

I've gotten into the task scheduler, and am wondering if there's a way to search for any tasks that run during a certain time interval. Either from this screen or some other screen.
Turning in now for the night, but will check back in the morning.
Windows Authentication in Chrome does not works as expected from AD/Domain environment.

It works perfect in Firefox after adding the http://app.domain.local to network.automatic-ntlm-auth.trusted-uris

It works also good in Edge and Internet Explorer after adding the URL in Local Intranet - Sites.

I expect it to work in Chrome too. But I am always being promted. Any ideas?

I have tried with or without Negotiate security method for Windows Authentification. I am currently using only NTLM.

Chrome version 69.0.3497.100 64 bit.
IIS 8 and MVC (Webform) (newer version) ASP.Net app
Chrome's default bookmarks display seems like a mess to me.

Need an extension to better display / navigate bookmarks that DOES NOT require me to share my bookmarks with the platform.

So that the re-organization and spiff new display is generated on my side rather thatn a bookmark services side.

Want an extension which uses code run on my machine rather than sharing all my bookmarks over to the extension, them repackaging them, and sending them back to me in the new format.

A privacy-first bookmark organizer.

Anything like this made / available?
Is there a "feature", app, utility or ANY method that will tell Windows 10 to NEVER change my Chrome startup page unless I specifically authorize it? I want my startup page to ALWAYS be https://www.google.com   Somehow it seems that something is able to change it at will to something else. Lately I am getting Home Depot's main page. I need some way of locking the page I want in CONCRETE as much as is possible. Does anyone have any suggestions that might work for me.
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I have a new Windows 10 installation on an Asus AMD board. I cannot change the default web browser from Microsoft Edge to anything else. The default programs window disappears after I attempt to apply a browser change.
Need another toolbar for Chrome.

Something under the bookmarks toolbar.

Want to show all my extensions there.

Anything I can do?
Whenever I am using Chrome and there is something that requires Adobe Flash Player(AFP). I get a message saying click to enable AFP. and when I do that another pop-up box says run flash allow -block. See screen capture. In spite of every time, I say yes to run flash it keeps coming up every time there is AFP need in what I am trying to access. Is there a way to enable AFP to run without being asked every single time?

Thank you,


Hi Experts,

Within Chrome, or any web browser is it possible to show spelling errors on a website? I don't mean on a form, but particularly on a web page's published content.

I am working on a complex questionnaire, and I am using just code within NetBeans, and actually strings so I need to see if any errors?

Thank you,
Why does Flash not remain allowed on a website in Chrome ?
(Moderator Edit: attachment removed to alleviate security concerns... see author response below)
Hi All,

I would require to restrict users in a domain to prevent deleting the history in google chrome browser through Group policy. Is there anyone who could help me on this?

PS - We are running with Server 2008R2 and client machines are Win7, Win 8, Win 8.1 and Win 10

Also Google ADMX has been installed in Group policy server.

Kindly advise and thank you in advance.