Citrix is the synonym for the virtualization and application infrastructure systems developed by the company of the same name. Main areas are application virtualization, Software-As-A-Service (SaaS), cloud-computing and networking. The two most well-known are Citrix XenApp or Citrix CloudPlatform.

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From Citrix NetScaler Enterprise VPX 1000, where can we get the information to which SF server user is connected to?
I have 2 Citrix StoreFront servers.
Citrix 7.15 and 6.5 Environments.
We are running XenApp 7.15 on Windows 2016 sitting behind Storefront and Netscaler.

While finishing up the configuration, I am looking into the LHC.  In the past,(XenApp 6.5)  we had a scheduled task to run dsmaint compactdb/lb daily.  In reading, I see that the LHC is still present, but with the new architecture and Delivery controllers in reading it doesn't necessarily sound like this is a recommended maintenance item to do unless I plan to force an outage.  However; maybe I'm misinterpreting.  This is the article I'm reading,

Any insight as to what you do in your farms?

We are pulling the plug on allowing our users to access our Citrix farm via Secure Gateway/Web interface.  They will be forced through Netscaler/Storefront.  

To ensure people switch, we'd like to have the initial page show a static page.  I've been playing around with what to point to but not having much luck.  We are going this route as we want to be able to switch back quickly in the event we have an issue with a Region around the world.

Secure Gateway/Web Interface sits on Windows 2008 R2 currently.


I have a GPO which I have configured folder redirection in User Configurations.  I login to a Windows 7 computer and I am seeing the attached error.  When I login a Windows 10 computer, folder redirection works, and I am seeing the MY DOCUMENTS folder is being redirected to our profile shared.  

Anyone who knows how to resolve please advise.  

Many thanks.
The client notebooks (Windows 10) of our company can only access the Internet using a proxy in our security infrastructure. When they are connected to an external (W)LAN, they use Citrix Netscaler VPN for connecting internal services and our secure proxy. That perfectly works.

If they try to access an external WLAN with a captive portal web page though (for example in a hotel), they have to disable the proxy first, so that the captive portal can be loaded.

If users are allowed to remove the proxy, users easily find out, that they can access the web bypassing our secure proxy.

Do you have any idea how to connect to a WLAN with a captive portal when a company proxy is mandantory? Is there maybe a WLAN-connection-client with an internal browser and individual proxy settings?

Best regards!
Citrix XenApp 6.5, WebInterface Service Site is not working for one Windows 2008 R2 HSD. Giving below error.
Citrix receiver could not be connected to the server. please check the network connection.
After I prohibited the problematic HSD, users are able to access the WI Service site from their Citrix Receiver.
Please suggest, what configuration I have to check on HSD to troubleshoot the issue.
Trying to find a document to secure the Citrix Director when you have multiple Delivery Controllers when my workstation crashed.    Sad part is I was pretty far into this, but can't find the document again _ my bad for not marking it.  I have already setup the Virtual server and server group on the Netscaler.  However; I need to do the last piece to do the redirect to secure this so I can point to the VIP for management.

Basically, I am trying to publish the VIP in DNS to access Citrix Director from a published app so I don't need to publish each individual one and this to be https and not http.

Any thoughts on where this document is?  I can't believe I can't find it.  

Thanks in advance.
Citrix ADC VPX 1000 Management CPU always using 100%. As per the below carlstalhood article, we can change CPU Yield to YES from Default. But this change required VPX 200 and lower only. If I do the same change on VPX 1000, is it effective? or is it hamper VPX performance? Please suggest.

NetScaler 12 packet engine consumes 100% of the hypervisor CPU. VPX 200 and lower only have one packet engine, so it’s probably consuming around 50% CPU.
Citrix ADC VPX packet engine consumes 100% of the hypervisor CPU. VPX 200 and lower only have one packet engine, so it’s probably consuming around 50% CPU. -- is also recommending the same setting change. But not given any supported VPX Version.
Citrix ADC (NetScaler) 12.1, how can I get to know, who did the last reboot in the NS VPX?
From NS VPX console or any Putty commands, please share.
Before rolling into production, want to upgrade our XenApp 7.15 environment from CU3 to CU5 on Windows 2016. Referenced   Looking for any known issues and any database schema changes (that I need to request from the DBA's).  I'm not seeing a lot of issues noted here, but wanted to check in and see if anyone has had any issues.

We are not using XenDesktop only XenApp (VDA).

I realize 1912 is out and would love to go there, but the License Server requirement is our hold up until users are off of XenApp 6.5 Completely.

Thanks in advance.
I am stuck in this user profile migration and need some assistance.  

I am working on a directory called USERPROFILES which contain username sub-folders.  Each subfolder contains a "My Document" which I am getting an access-denied even login as the administrator.  

From the root folder USERPROFILES, I go to the advanced security settings>replace all child object permission... and add administrator as the owner, I am getting an error saying access is denied on the my documents folder in each user profile.  

Please advise how to fix this.  


I am trying this command to copy profile of users only in my text file from an old server to a new server, and I am getting %%i was unexpected error.  

for /f %%i in (userprofiles_v1.txt) do robocopy.exe "\\oldserver\userprofiles\%%i" \\newserver\userprofiles /MIR /COPY:DATSO /W:5 /R:10 /V /LOG:C:\users.log

Would someone advise how to correct?

Please advise if there is a better way.  What is the equivalent command in powershell (if using powershell is better) ?


I need to migrate a lot of roaming user profile folders from an old server shared to a new server.  

I login to the old server as a domain admin but I do not have permission to the folders unless I take the ownership.  

What is the best way to copy the folders to the new server?

Please advise.  

We are running Netscaler MPX9700 FIPS devices (11.1.57) with StoreFront to access our XenApp 6.5 and new XenApp 7.15 environments.  I have found recently that our Mac Users are getting the following message "You have not chosen to trust "GeoTrust TLS RSA CA G1", the issuer of the server's security certificate" when trying to launch a published app.  PC users are not having this issue with Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox.  MAC users on the other hand see this issue if using Chrome.  They are using version 1912 of Citrix Workspace.  

The Mac users are able to get around this message by installing the certificates in their browser.  From reading, this is something I need to address on the Netscaler rather than users having to address something on their side.  I believe our PC users will receive the same message when they move to a newer Workspace client.  We are currently using Receiver 14.12 on the PC side.

I'm looking for more information as the Certs on the Netscaler are not showing a missing path and can't determine what is missing.

Thanks for any help to point us in the right direction.
Hello.  We are using Netscaler with StoreFront 3.15 pointing to a XenApp 7.15.  Since we no longer have the option for a list of apps and have to use the grid, wondering if there is a way to create additional folders within a Category to help with organization?


Thanks in advance.

As of two months ago, a Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 end user has experienced slow payables posting.  She is not aware of any changes, from two months ago.

She uses Citrix with local modified reports dictionaries located on the Citrix box.  The PJOURNAL job is running and is successfully removing these from the companies.  They reboot the SQL box, every night.  She is not the only user experiencing this issue and it is occurring in all companies.

Is there a "silver bullet" that will allow for speeding up the posting?


Software Engineer
Dear all,

we are trying to publish Adobe Acrobat DC 2015 into a Citrix Session. Environment is:

- Windows Server 2016, all updates applied
- Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, 1903
- Citrix Workspace, 1907

So far, this is working fine, except one thing:
If you try to open a document from a network drive, Adobe Acrobat will state: " Error opening Document".

In Detail:
If you access a network drive using Windows Explorer, this error will display and the PDF won't open.
If you open up the same location in Windows Explorer using UNC path, double clicking the PDF will open it.
If you open the same document from the published App it doesn't matter if you access it by UNC path or network drive.

Same applies also to TXT Files. Error message is a little bit more detailed: " Network drive could not be found".
I guess this will apply to all other file typs as well, i fwe would extend out testing.

Any help on this is appriciated.

Best Regards, Brummelbart

We provide a hosted application to our customers and have recently moved away from Citrix to RDS. Since then we have had multiple customers (and I have personally experienced this myself) reporting that when copy-pasting from their local desktop into our application over RDS, the values are intermittently being pasted in twice (using the 'CTRL' + 'V' on the keyboard).

In terms of frequency, I was performing some configuration in a customer's system last week and I'd say every 10th value I pasted, would go in twice (roughly speaking). But then on other days, it doesn't seem to happen at all. My keyboard is in perfect working order and this only happens when accessing our application in the RDS environment, this issue was not present via Citrix.

My local environment is Windows 10 and we run Windows Server 2016 Datacenter in our RDS environment.

I've done some general Googling, but nothing seems to fit. I'm doing some further testing today to see if the issue presents itself when RDP'ing directly onto one of the servers (rather than logging into our application), but was just wondering if anyone had experienced anything similar?

Thank you

Hello.  We have an Access 2010 Database using a workgroup security file in our existing XenApp 6.5 Environment.  The parameters are set using a custom app and the credentials are passed on the Launch line.  For example on the XenApp 6.5 Command Line I have the following:

"\\NetworkLocation.domain.local\APPLIC\Launcher\Launcher.exe" app97-ST12010 encrypted password

Path to custom app, looks for the app97-ST2010 in an ini file and the passes the encrypted password to the app.

So I'd like to create a batch script or other type of script to open an access 2010 database using security workgroup file and passing credential information to work in XenApp 7.15.  I've tried a few different variations but no success within Citrix Studio.


Thanks in advance.
I recently updated Windows 10 to version 1909. Prior to the update I was able to log into my workplace application that uses Citrix with no issue. Now I can log in via wireless connection on my laptop, but cannot log in on my PC that is connected to my home network via ethernet.

I have tried using the compatibility trouble shooter and even when it tried running the application it fails.

After opening up the application, I enter my user Id, password and security code, and a window comes up where I hit a button to connect. In the past, the receiver pulled down an ICA file and a status bar opened up showing the status of the connection. Instead of it progressing to completion, it now stops with "connection in progress" and goes no further. When it finally times out, I get an error stating Unable to connect to the server, there is no Citrix SSL server at the specified address.

As stated before, I can connect via wireless but not ethernet. I am using the same address, log in, etc., on both laptop and PC.


With actual updated and new functions  and services of Windows Terminal server, do you think it can replace Citrix?

I just want to your opinion.
VMWARE Horizon View 7.x Query: How can I get the last 10/20/30 days session details?
In the console, I can see only the last 2000 events.
I don't' have a Vrealize product to get reports.
In this case, as per my knowledge, I should use SQL Query.
Please suggest or provide such SQL Query.
If we have any other ways to get the past reports, please suggest.
XenServer 7.1 CU2 Error: Enabling HA on one of the pool throws an error: Internal error:Xha_scripts.xha_error(15)
My Citrix Environment as below:
Citrix Environment: Citrix XA 7.15  LTSR CU3
Provisioning technology:  MCS
HSD/ VDI OS: Windows 2016
Profile type:  AppSense
Hypervisor: VM XenServer 7.1 CU2
- are all users affected? NA
- Last changes made? NA
- Target/Client OS  VDA is W2k16
--Problem Statement: Enabling HA on one of the pool throws an error: Internal error:Xha_scripts.xha_error(15)
Please suggest.
Citrix XA XD 7.15 VDA Registration troubleshoot help request.
Citrix Health Assistant - Troubleshoot VDA Registration and Session Launch:
VDA registration:
VDA Machine Domain Membership
VDA Communication Port Availability
VDA Services Status
Windows Firewall Configuration
Communication with Controller
Time Sync with Controller
VDA Registration Status
Session Launch:
Session Launch Communication Port Availability
Session Launch Services Status
Session Launch Windows Firewall configuration
VDA Remote Desktop Services Client Access Licenses
VDA Application Launch Path

When any one of the parameters not available or communicating, this tool will give only Error. It won't give the Solution.
For Example, VDA Communication Port Availability, and Session Launch Communication Port Availability: This Tool won't tell us which ports are required to enable or Communicate.

My Query is, Especially, TCP and UDP  port communication for VDA Registration, need a script.
That script should provide list of ports available and what ports are not opened.
Is there a way to renaming the icon name I have published in Citrix storefront?  I have some icons I'd like to trim off some of the characters when displayed.






Citrix is the synonym for the virtualization and application infrastructure systems developed by the company of the same name. Main areas are application virtualization, Software-As-A-Service (SaaS), cloud-computing and networking. The two most well-known are Citrix XenApp or Citrix CloudPlatform.