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Citrix is the synonym for the virtualization and application infrastructure systems developed by the company of the same name. Main areas are appli...

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Troubleshooting Solution

Microsoft Access database get dramatically slower as day progresses

Our database runs quickly first thing in the morning.  As the day progresses it slows dramatically. …

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Enforce File Type Associations  In a Windows 2016 …

Enforce File Type Associations

In a Windows 2016 published Desktop, Citrix users are able …
Troubleshooting Solution

How to configure an Ivanti policy to restrict users from changing the time zone.


Citrix Cloud

VDA version: 2203 LTSR cu1

VDA OS:  Windows 2019

O365 Outlook 

Citrix users can update

Advice Solution

MS Access : Is it possible to know who locked a file?


Hello Expert,

We use citrix to deploy MS Access for our user. And an access file in a shared drive


Deploy and update a Microsoft Access application with one click

Deploying a Microsoft Access application in a normal Windows environment is not difficult but takes a few steps. The method and script provided here will - literally - turn the process into a one-click process for the user, even in a Citrix environment.
Troubleshooting Solution

Citrix PNagent Pass-through Authentication Change & Re-Install Problem!

I have been using PNagent with prompting user credentials on a MetaFrame XPa farm for several years.…
Troubleshooting Solution

How do I configure Azure VMs to autoscale through Citrix Cloud?


How do I configure Azure VMs to autoscale through Citrix Cloud?

the requirement is to power off the


XenDesktop vs. VDI-in-a-Box: Which Citrix VDI Solution to Select?

Perhaps the best way to answer this question is first to define what is a VDI solution. VDI, short …
Troubleshooting Solution

How to further troubleshoot an MS Access database corruption in a Citrix Environment


I have a Citrix app which runs a MSAccess frontend, .accde in each users Temp folder on one of 4

Troubleshooting Solution

FSLOGIX is not saving the credentials for Office 365 applications like Outlook or MS teams


Hi Citrix Experts


In the new Citrix environment XenDesktop


We are using Microsoft FSLOGIX  and we

Troubleshooting Solution

PowerShell Script Request: "I want a report of VMs having 16 GB of RAM."


PowerShell Script Request: "I want a report of VMs having 16 GB of RAM." 

Citrix 1912

Troubleshooting Solution

Citrix print jobs go to queue, but disappear

-Windows Server 2003 64-bit, Citrix, for server
-Windows XP/Vista for workstations

Free Citrix Tools and Training

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Troubleshooting Solution

Unable to connect to Citrix

Hello Gents.  I have an issue with a Citrix user attempting to login to an application called Time …
Troubleshooting Solution

When 1 Citrix server fails we cannot connect to the other.

We have to new Xenapp 6.5 Citrix servers.  I didn't build them.  The company that did has explained …
Troubleshooting Solution

Citrix Pvs PXE booting

Hi All ,

Do I need to set any DHCP if I will use PVS PXE booting only ?  now I am booting the …
Troubleshooting Solution

Configuring Citrix Secure Gateway / Web Interface for Inside and Outside Users on PS4


I am struggling more than a month now to get Citrix Secure Gateway/Web Interface working for …

How Client VMs stream vDisk from Citrix PVS Server

Citrix Provisioning Server (PVS) streams the contents of the vDisk to the Client VMs (target device)…

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