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Citrix is the synonym for the virtualization and application infrastructure systems developed by the company of the same name. Main areas are application virtualization, Software-As-A-Service (SaaS), cloud-computing and networking. The two most well-known are Citrix XenApp or Citrix CloudPlatform.

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Windows Sevrer 2008 R2
Citrix XenApp
App-V 5.1 with June 2017 Servicing Release
Shared Content Storage mode
Mandatory profiles
Citrix PVS image

App-V publishing used to work OK, but then when I upgraded Office 2010 to Office 2016 I decided to update the mandatory profile on the image.  The main reason for this was so that I could unpin the 2010 shortcuts from my Start Menu, and pin the 2016 ones.  I've updated this mandatory profile a few times before, so I know the procedure.

However, after updating the mandatory profile, I have a problem with App-V publishing for all my steamed apps, where it's as if the client can't find the packages.  Without repeating myself, here are details of the symptoms of the problem https://www.experts-exchange.com/questions/29048240/App-V-publishing-refresh-broken-on-logon-error-19203-interval-refresh-still-works.html

Now, in the above post, I begun lokoing at AppSense as a possible cause, and opened a call with their support.  But after a while spent looking at this, it became apparent that the problem existed without AppSense as well, although not as often.

But one thing I've noticed since then is that this is related to my new mandatory profile.  If I go back to my previous mandatory profile, then my App-V apps work every time.

Do you know if App-V needs specific files/registry entries to be inserted/removed from the mandatory profile to make it work?

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I have a client that is using Citrix Receiver 4.8 connects to a cloud hosted erp solution. This solution integrates a Office 365 Pro license which is used to edit forms with the application. The application required access to the cookies within ie 11 when making changes to templates within application. In the ie settings I have granted this and I still get an error stating that it needs access to the cookies. I have reset all ie zones back to default. I have disabled the trend micro AV. According to the vendor all ie settings are correct. What else can I change?
Hi all,

I have prio question regarding a setup which is ongoing;
Thanks for contribution.

- Customer has an existing Office365 environment, currently only email services are in use
- E-Mail should stay in the cloud  @Office365
- There's now an existing on premise AD with users for a Citrix infrastructure, already built and ready for use
- Customer still want's to be able to login to cloud to change the password, same as on the local on premise Citrix environment
(password sync and write back, both)
- So there are 2 "domains", one on premise, one in the cloud

- User should use the on premise logins with outlook / exchange from the cloud
- Link the environemnts via Sync the on premise to the cloud, or migrate to a single environment

Way forward:
I'm looking forward to sync the on premise ad to the cloud with AzureAD connect.
Am I right, that i would have 2 ADS afterwards? How can I combine that scenario?
There are around 20 users - so can be handled manually if required.

Is there annother approach required?
- E.g. Sync on premise via azuread connect and migrate the mailboxes to the new synced environment

Thanks for clarification and hints,

Regards Teggra
Good afternoon,

I've got an issue where I can't get Chrome extensions installed on my image, I put it into write mode, drop the change user/install into the command prompt, install the chrome extensions and it doesn't update them to version 5.

The chrome extension is the legacy browser support

We're on Xenapp 6.5

What's the best way to get chrome extensions updated so they work first time for the users, is there somewhere on the xenapp server I can put them?


We have purchased a company (Microsoft Exchange 2010) and will be migrating them to our Microsoft Exchange 2013 environment. In that process, we will need to migrate their SMTP sending devices to our exchange environment. This process is:

- entering the devices' IP into our Exchange 2013 reinjection list
- updating that device with the new SMTP server address of our exchange server

Issue: previous exchange environment operated with an injection list of all IPs: so they did not maintain a list. They also operate with a Citrix Netscaler load balancing device which is what they advertise to their devices as the SMTP address.

Question is: how can we effectively find the devices in this Exchange 2010 environment that are using the exchange server to send email with. For example, scan to email printer.

Suggestions please?
How can I export a report on our Citrix 7.8 environment which details Application Name, Folder Path, Servers and Users?

I was able to get the information I need from a 6.x environment using the following PS script:

Get-XAApplicationReport * | select DisplayName, FolderPath, @{n=”Servers”;e={[string]::join(” ; “, $_.ServerNames)}}, @{n=”Users”;e={[string]::join(” ; “, $_.Accounts)}} | Export-Csv c:\temp\app-list.csv
I have a client with about 30 users that work at home about 50% of the time.  They continue to have connection issues logging into Citrix, RDS and now a Parallels server.  The problem is not what we are logging in to, which is what they think.  We have the users mostly hardwired to their router so we aren't dealing with wi-fi issues.  There are various internet vendors (Comcast, Verizon, ect) mostly in the DC area but some scattered across the eastern states.  Everyone works fine for awhile (like the last two weeks, barely a problem) but then we have various issues that turn out to be a user working from home, locking a file or getting disconnected repeatedly.  We might have 10 users logging in from DC office to Berkeley without any service disruptions during that same time.  

Before we start ripping servers out, I think we really have to make sure that the WAN is working correctly.  That starts with home internet.   Most of them are running a company provided VOIP phone at home.  It doesn't seem related but maybe it is.
So we have a product list for our company in Excel 2016, that has about 800 lines, and maybe 10 columns, and a few different formulas. The file itself is about 3mb. Our company is on a Citrix server where we have about 20 people logged in at the same time. The problem is when they cut and pastes lines/columns from one sheet to another, Excel will freeze up. This has happened often in Excel, and not necessarily with the product list (although more often with the product list) it then shows as "not responding". I'll log into our server, check the resources and I can see this one particular users' excel is using 15% of the 4 processors we have, which is crazy. I've read a bit about this on various sites, and they mentioned going in and cleaning out the temp file for this particular user, I've done that (removed about 50mb from the temp folder), and it still happens. It also doesn't seem to be just this one user, I've received complaints from others as well, specifically regarding Excel sheets and freezing. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Hello Experts

We just migrated to a new citrix enviroment, and everything has been working fine, except for office.

at random times, office will just shut down with a "out of license" error, not giving the users a chance to save.

We have 20 users online, and we bought  50 EDU license (we are a school).

We logged on to our VLSC and we are barely reaching the limit.

Any ideas why this is happening?
I need to clear the logs on my Xenserver running OS 6.5. Not being a linux guru, how do I get this done? Thanks
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Our server is in Amazon AWS.  Windows Server 2016.  Running Citrix VDA(XenDesktop) 7.13

Basically, Enhanced Securtiy Configuration is disabled on the host, as well as every possible place in Group Policy.  Yet, whenever a new user logs in and runs IE, it says "Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration is enabled", but a refresh, or reload of the browser, and it goes to Google.com, which we set as the home page.

We're removed, re-added policies, and are stuck.
Hello Experts,

We are looking for a free solution to re-use old PC as thin client without disks. these PCs are going to boot from PXE to point this thin client to Citrix Receiver or Vmware Horizon

Please need your support

Thank you
Adel Barashed
We are currently running VS Team Explorer 2017 (Version 15.2) in a Citrix environment.  This is running on 2012r2.  We have multiple users that run the system and a few are seeing issues with the application crashing within about 30 seconds after starting up.  It does not appear to be the application directly, but maybe something related to it.  The application actually starts, and if you click fast enough you can actually do things, but after about 30 seconds or so, we get a crash and it closes.

This does not effect all users, just a few.  We have tried resetting their Visual studio parts in the Registry, and Appdata folders, as well as even taking it as far as resetting their profile.  

In the logs I get a .NET crash, and then the Application Error.

Application: devenv.exe
Framework Version: v4.0.30319
Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception.
Exception Info: System.InvalidOperationException
   at System.Security.AccessControl.CommonAcl.ThrowIfNotCanonical()
   at System.Security.AccessControl.CommonAcl.AddQualifiedAce(System.Security.Principal.SecurityIdentifier, System.Security.AccessControl.AceQualifier, Int32, System.Security.AccessControl.AceFlags, System.Security.AccessControl.ObjectAceFlags, System.Guid, System.Guid)
   at System.Security.AccessControl.DiscretionaryAcl.AddAccess(System.Security.AccessControl.AccessControlType, System.Security.Principal.SecurityIdentifier, Int32, …
Hi Team,

We are planning to implement Symantec DLP endpoint in our network which includes Windows, Citrix HSDs and Citrix VDIs.

Could you advise how the endpoint agents need to be installed on the hosts/clients in the Citrix environment?
Also, I am not able to see a Symantec article which details about the supporting Citrix versions, can you shed some light on this please?


Citrix not able to load applications. We are login but application not able to load?

When I click the application it run for 3 Sec and it disappears.
HI Expert
usually i issue these commands manually
i want script to issue in order to cover this task
can you write a simple script for me to cover this two steps

1- change the path of your working directory!!!!!
 cd c:\program files (x86)\Citrix\Licensing\LS

2- execute this command in order to delete all occupied licenses.
for /f "tokens=1,2" %i in ('udadmin -list ^| find /i "_ud"') do @udadmin -f %j -user %i -delete

3- exit and finish

thank you in advance
This is using 5 Xenserver 6.2. All the while, we were using Acronis backup and replication version 11.x. However, this is the outdated version and tends to fail the backup operations. The only way when the backup is failed, we have to uninstall, reboot the system, and then re-install the Acronis  from the scratch. Is kind of frustration. Our management decided not to upgrade to use the current Acronis version 12. In fact, we are out of budget to get any replacement.

I heard that using the Citrix Xenserver XE commands, we can automate the backup operations without down the VM. Please shed the light on how to get this done, and other alternative way.

Thank in advance.

I need a batch file script to execute from a citrix.  We need to publish 10 Websites in single page. User will select and click the website they want to use.  We used for Menu.hta and loading sites file into Menu. We are using Excel now for this but not looks good. can anyone provide script with other ideas to help me on this?

After implemented SSL in websites it becomes very slow. Application Websites are hosted in  Windows 2008 R2 Server and the same published through IE via Citrix Xen App. It tooks around 80 Secs to load starting page once it opened response is good. But our users start complaining about the slowness of startup webpage. Can someone assist me on this plz..
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I am cleaning some Citrix / RDS servers and I wonder if it's safe to compress the MSO Cache folder via the NTFS folder property (built-in file system compression) ?

Have you ever done that and is it a risk or does it have an impact for the installed Office ?

What is Citrix recommended reboot schedule for Delivery controllers ?
We did recently move our Citrix xenapp78 license server to another VM. Only the one server out of 9 others is producing this warning.
What do we need to do to correct or stop the messages. See below)
Note: message indicates pool name "Xenserver01"
 that pool had only the one server in it and we have removed the server from the pool so there is only the VM xenserver01.

Field            Value
-----            -----
Name:            GRACE_LICENSE
Priority:      3
Class:            Host
Object UUID:      3696a106-7a71-448d-94d4-8d64c7b5bb6b
Timestamp:      20170914T07:03:17Z
Message UUID:      d71eebc4-523b-b5a0-11c4-2fa588a6c820
Pool name:      xenserver01
Body:            The license server is unreachable. However, a grace license is given, as a similar license was successfully checked out recently.

I am trying to install the Grammarly plugin on a Citrix server for all users.
This is a Word and Outlook plugin (grammar and spell checker).
The plugin will only install in admin mode but will not install for all users.

The plugin will install itself in

C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\\Grammarly\Grammarly for Microsoft Office Suite 

Open in new window

of the admin user account. The .DLL used in Word is the following:

C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Grammarly\Grammarly for Microsoft Office Suite\6.6.116\09D34098D5\GrammarlyShim32.dll

Open in new window

I tried to copy this directory to the same location of a user account.
Then I open word and try to add the .DLL as an addin, but it doesn't work.
No error message, the addin/DLL will just not appear in the list.

I am not an expert with Office plugins, I would like to know if there is a way to activate the plugin for the standard users ?

Were having an issue where, users password are expiring and they are having a diffcult time changing passwords within a citrix environment. Please let me know what others are doing or if there is something that needs to be enabled.

Hi  expert

I keep getting this errors "User not found"  after i created the account and assign the correct password  and profiles.

Need help for the followng






Citrix is the synonym for the virtualization and application infrastructure systems developed by the company of the same name. Main areas are application virtualization, Software-As-A-Service (SaaS), cloud-computing and networking. The two most well-known are Citrix XenApp or Citrix CloudPlatform.