Citrix is the synonym for the virtualization and application infrastructure systems developed by the company of the same name. Main areas are application virtualization, Software-As-A-Service (SaaS), cloud-computing and networking. The two most well-known are Citrix XenApp or Citrix CloudPlatform.

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Hi Team,

We use USB Buffalo DVD drives in our environment on our Wyse THIN OS 3040 devices. We also installed latest driver on citrix servers, still when we try to connect to citrix session it showing an error in device manager as STATUS _DEVICE_POWER_FAILURE(This device cannot start. Code10). Tried installing latest drivers but still problem remains same.

Is there something i am missing, or any other driver need to be installed? Can someone help me here.

Thanks in advance, your help is much appreciated.
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i am getting this error when user tried to log in outlook

event -42267
event log system

source bnistack

event id -84

message- mio worker thread-too many retries
What type of file “Permission settings or Corruption” would cause the following And How would it happen.

Internet links to websites Disappear in IE favorites in two users RDSuser folders.  

There is a total of 100 users and only two have this problem.
This is happening an Citrix environment, on Windows 2008r2 servers.
i have outlook 2010 installed in my citrix environment

we have enabled cache mode for users and their .ost file are being saved in 1 common file server for all users.
they are using shared desktops based on xenapp.

we are about to go for upgrade to outlook 2013 or 2016

so when we upgrade can we git rid of cache mode in outlook 2016

as i believe we have enabled cache mode in outlook 2010 as it is required as per citrix environment.

also disabled indexing as it is causing high cpu usage in citrix servers

so in nutshell

1) can we enable indexing when we upgrade to outlook 2016 but can it again cause high cpu usage on citrix servers

any solutions for that?

2)also if we enable online mode in outlook 2016 how users will get back their emails as they are in cache mode at present with outlook 2010

outlook is configured on premise to use office 365 mailboxes as users are in office 365.
" how we share  the same Vdisk on shared storage to different delivery groups"

i have citrix environment in my work place.

most of the datastore has citrix hosted shared that are on cluster. in citrix VM

so 90% of users have shared desktop having non persistence disk.

i also see delivery groups and machine catalog in studio where we have different desktop under delivery groups


all applications are installed on xenappserver, we have version 7.6

have delivery and storage controller.

my question:

we have outlook 2010 installed on xen app server, so all users in all different delivery groups  are using same instance of outlook 2010?

also we must be having seperate vdisk for each desk top groups, so outlook 2010 is installed on each vdisk and it is done through MCS?
i just want to understand 1 thing

i see a citrix environment in one company

90% of users are using xenapp having non persistence desktops.

i see seperate DHCP scope defined in one of citrix servers.

when i do ipconfig, i see address coming as 10.x.x.x

we have on premise AD where users are synced through AAD sync to office 365 and mailboxes in office 365

outlook is 2010 and is configured on premise in stalled on xenapp and published to studio

my question:
there is group policy called outlook GPO for outlook users whose cache files shoudl be enabled

i know this is bit vague

but if DHCP scope is defined in citrix server and dekstops are getting IP'S from there

how come group policy called outlook GPO is working for outlook users

when there is no DHCP scope defined in AD

I MEAN HOW that GOP is geeting affected in outlook where citrix has its own DHCP

is that some thing AD has in its users and computers accounts for cirtix servers and then it si working?
Citrix XenApp 7.15 CU2 PVS "Server Desktop (HSD)" session Print issue: Problem with the excel and word Printing slow.
It prints finally after 2 to 3 mins
Citrix 7.15 LTSR CU2 - PVS
Windows server 2016 VDA
MS Office 2016
Why would Windows 2008r2 “DFS / Distributed File System Namespace  Cause internet links to websites to Disappear in IE favorites in two users RDSuser folder.  There is a total of 100 users and only two have this problem.
Note: There is a total of 3 domain controllers, and 10 servers which is in a Citrix environment ; The fact that these are Citrix servers may not matter. The servers are 2008r2.
Can we check by whom and how the below changes happened on Winword.exe properties, we were getting authentication problem while opening Word file on citrix server. After below issue got resolved but need the root cause

•      browsed the Location D:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office16
•      Clicked on properties of Winword.exe
•      Clicked on "compatibility" tab
•      Under the settings,  unchecked the box "Run this program as an Administrator
winword.exe orphan process run in task manager we not able to kill, only way to resolve reset the server. Please help to determine the root cause

“ Access denied” while opening WinWord files. Tried to kill Winword.exe process but again access denied error. Tried to kill user but is not populating in task manager, also not able to kill user session at Citrix end, process WINWORD.EXE is locked with user account. Same process run normal for other users. It's only a dummy process.
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We are setting up and testing out Citrix XenApp 7.17 and we have

- 3 Microsoft terminal servers
- 1 master server

It appears how this version of Citrix XenApp updates the terminal servers is that you make the change on the master and test it.  The when you are ready the Citrix Studio software clones the master server and replaces the 3 terminal servers.  As we are testing this out I tried to push some updates (new clones virtual servers) I have run into this errors message from the vsphere client:  "Snapshot hierarchy is too deep".

I originally thought it was a Citrix error; but, I now think that this is a VMware error.  Please see the screen shots and how many snapshots we have associated with that master virtual server.

I wonder if I should "delete all" snapshots or what I should do.  Ideas?
I am having and issue with Citrix Receiver on one of the system I manage. I get the error message "This version of Citrix Receiver does not support the selected encryption. Please contact your administrator."  I found several topics suggesting corrupted registry entries and to use the clean-up utility.  I have done all that. I finally resorted to re-imaging the system and starting from scratch. This worked for about and hour until the user restarted the machine.  I have several other systems with the exact same setup that don't have this issue.  Where is this coming from? Has anyone resolved this issue?
Citrix XenDesktop 7.15 PowerShell Script Required for VDA agent uninstall and new VDA agent install.
i.e XenDesktop 7.15 VDA Agent Uninstall and  Install 7.15 CU2 VDA Agent.
What will I need to do and consider when changing our Microsoft licensing from a type "MAK" to "KMS" keys?

We are in the process of upgrading our Citrix environment and the new version of Citrix 7.17 requires/recommends that you use KMS style of Microsoft licenses.  We were always using MAK types of keys for everything; but, MAK types will not work well with this new Citrix server farm.  Every time there is a update of software then the new terminals (which are cloned from the Citrix Master server) the licensing breaks and we need to reactivate for ever user manually.

Anyway, I am working on this with a consultant; but, i am trying to get as prepared as much as possible.  My questions are:

1.  Having a Microsoft KMS licensing server on premises allows for the licensing to be managed locally.  Will we need to change the already existing Windows Servers to use a different Product key than what they have already been using?
       a.  Windows Server 2012  R2
       b.  Windows 2008 R2

2.  If yes, how can we change the product keys in the best way?
       a.  System - properties?
       b.  Use a command from DOS?

3.  Will we need to change the Microsoft Office licensing Keys (from MAK to KMS) on the devices that we are already using?
       a.  PC's, Laptops, etc.
       b.  Anything that has the company Microsoft office

4.  If yes, how can we change the product keys in the best way?

5.  Are there any other "gotcha' concerns to consider when …
Citrix Temp profiles issue:
Citrix XenApp 6.5
Roaming Profiles
In Citrix server’s user’s profiles after deleting from servers, they are not getting created again, When logging in temp profiles are getting created.
Is it good to run delprof on servers to clear user local profiles?
What is the step to be followed for profile issues best practice?
Excel causing freezing and hung Citrix session.

Environment details:

Citrix 7.15 LTSR CU2
VDA: Windows server 2016
Office : MS Office Prof 2016

When users trying to add/remove data, the application completely hung and then finally session has to be sign off or cleared.

It's not happening every time, it is intermittent issue.

Any clue or suggestion will be much appreciated.


I am trying to add KEYWORDS to an existing batch of Citrix applications to allow the use of application filtering by keyword on Storefront. Below is the command I am currently using:

Get-BrokerApplication -Name PARTIALCOMMONNAME* | Set-BrokerApplication -Description "KEYWORDS:keyword"

and when testing this works great. However, there are some applications which contain an existing description which ideally I would like to keep. Is there a method to insert a new description rather than overwriting it?

Many thanks

i am new to citrix, we have right now installed outlook 2010 configured in citrix environment to connect to office 365 exchange

we use VDI with non- persistence disk, we log in to individual  desktop with citrix receiver installed

we need to upgrade outlook 2010 to outlook 2016 , do we need to go citrix studio to upgrade  outlook 2010

i am not sure how the connection happens when we connect through citrix receiver on our desktop and open outlook 2010 which is configured to connect to office 365

can some body explain how the connection happens from vdi to where actually outlook 2010 is installed so i can do the upgrade
i have 2 questions of same topic.

1) we have outlook 2010 client configured in citrix environment (on premise) which in turn is configured to use office 365 portal , as mailboxes are on office 365.
we need to upgrade to outlook 2013 or 2016, which product should we go for . and are there any steps needed to upgrade from outlook 2010 to outlook 2016 or outlook 2013

how do we configure upgrade in citrix environment as they are desktop profiles in citriz , is there any steps or article.

2) we recently faced a soft delete mailbox in office 365, that was due to the user AD account was disabled in on premise so we had to reenable the AD account and resync through AAD
sync in order to get the mailbox out from soft delete

so my question here is the user account was not in azure active directory then and only in on premise AD ,

had the user been in azure active directory and not on on premise and the mailbox could still go to soft delete?

so in order for all user accounts in azure active directory do we need to get rid of on premise AD?
we have ADFS set up

Any body could explain?
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citrix receiver could not log you onto the store

We have users that access a Citrix server (2008 R2) through which they access files shares on a different Windows Server (2003).  Side note, these aging servers will be replaced soon.

The two servers are not on the same LAN.  They are connected via a 20MB VPN tunnel.  

The issue is that there are several PDF files that users need to open.  However, at random, the receive the following error when attempting to access the files:
Acrobat Reader: There was an error while reading a stream.

Perhaps the issue is due to latency.

Are there any ways to modify Adobe to handle these slower connections more efficiently?  Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Thanks in advance.

i have citrix environment in my office.

i log in through username and password  on citrix platform and i am on my desktop

i click on my outlook icon on desktop which is outlook 2010 and it takes to my mailbox which is on office 365 portal.

my question:

1) is my outlook a desktop profile on my windows 7 machine?
2) how my outlook on my cirix platform connecting to my mail box in office 365 portal
3) when i use outlook web access ( to check my mail i see only 3 emails in OWA mailbox vis a vis 100 emails in outlook which is configured on my desktop

i am bit confused.
I have a powershell script that we are using to launch a short cut in our Citrix environment, the powershell runs on login to the device so that the user doesn't have to manually launch the application.

When the application exits, we need to run a separate application that does some other business related clean-up.

Currently we are using these two commands in our powershell script:
Invoke-Item -Path "$pathtoshortcut\citrix1.lnk"
Invoke-Item -Path "$pathtoshortcut\citrix2.lnk"

Open in new window

Using the above code the first citrix link executes followed immediately by the second and what I need is for the powershell script to wait until the user exits the application and THEN launch the second.

I've tried to utilize start-process in this manner:
start-process "$pathtoshortcut\citrix1.lnk" -wait
start-process "$pathtoshortcut\citrix2.lnk"

Open in new window

However, again everything launched immediately.

I've also tried
& "$pathtoshortcut\citrix1.lnk" | out-null    [i](This resulted in an error)[/i]
"$pathtoshortcut\citrix1.lnk" | out-null    [i](Nothing launched here)[/i]

Open in new window

when i click on user namein to column in new email in outlook 2010 and go to properties i see work number listed which i cant find in AD profile in attribute editor
for some reason cant know from where the work number is getting populated user is in office 365

user (OUTLOOK 2010)uses citrix to connect to offic e365

is anything we can do to correct
What setting is required to use double monitors in Citrix full desktop environment. If user wants to use laptop and extended monitor by connecting from external or home ?

Environment: Windows 2016 Server
Xenapp - 7.15 ltsr







Citrix is the synonym for the virtualization and application infrastructure systems developed by the company of the same name. Main areas are application virtualization, Software-As-A-Service (SaaS), cloud-computing and networking. The two most well-known are Citrix XenApp or Citrix CloudPlatform.