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Citrix is the synonym for the virtualization and application infrastructure systems developed by the company of the same name. Main areas are application virtualization, Software-As-A-Service (SaaS), cloud-computing and networking. The two most well-known are Citrix XenApp or Citrix CloudPlatform.

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I need to mount a lab with Citrix Xenapp 6.5. Where can I download the trial version?

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Citrix Environment: Citrix XA 6.5
HSD/ VDI OS: Windows 2008 R2
Profile type: Roaming
Hypervisor: VMWARE ESXi 6
- are all users affected? Only One User
--Problem Statement: XenApp 6.5 HSD User is trying to access Published app inside HSD. Which is not successful. Local Profile is not creating in XenApp server.

In Citrix Xen App 6.5 where can I check where the user profile is located or load? Users load their Citrix Desktop from their workstation so I just wondering where that station is load and located.

I have an OData query to get a historical list of HDX sessions (username, start/end times, protocol, Delivery Group) from Director. What's the easiest way to extract the data from the XML and produce a simple table of the fields above? I tried using Chrome's Advanced REST Client, but while the XML response came back fine, the client couldn't parse it successfully.
The actual query:
http://ddc.company.com/Citrix/Monitor/OData/v3/Data/Sessions?$filter = StartDate ge datetime'2018-12-02T15:14:49' and StartDate le datetime'2018-12-03T03:14:49' and CurrentConnection/Protocol eq 'HDX'&$select = StartDate,EndDate,CurrentConnection/Protocol,Machine/DesktopGroup/Name,User/UserName,User/FullName&$expand = CurrentConnection,Machine/DesktopGroup,User 

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We currently publish Citrix apps for a client that is interested in implementing SSON, such that their AD logins will work with our Citrix platform.     Given our current specs below, can someone describe what our path is to implement SSON for a client accessing our resources?    Thanks in advance.

App Server: Windows Server 2012 R2
Citrix Version: Xenapp 7.9
Web Server: Citrix Secure Gateway and Web Interface running on a Windows Server 2008 R2
hi experts

we have xendesktop 7.12  and we provide win 10 for our users

and we are using citrix profile management

but our users keep reporting  that win 10 default apps keep resetting

i tried to change some registry settings but nothing help

i am still try to figure out a solaution

Note : in the same site we have xendesktop with win 7 and xenapp with win server 2012 but we dont have this issue only with WIN 10

any advice here ?

i used this but dose not really help in my case


just  rememberer we have this problem on xendesktop (( user use rooming profiles ))  

thnaks in advance
We have Citrix Xenapp 7.15 update 1.

We have two delivery controllers. we noticed when we restart one of the two, we run into issue launching apps for about 5 minutes or so.  We noticed when we look at studio, it shows that VDAs are readjusting to point to the "up" delivery controller. This could take up to 5 minutes, during that time, logging in is temporarily on hold, and so is launching applications.

Any idea why that happens and how we can reduce that time before we restart a DC?
I am running into this issue on a Xenserver 6.5 Installation.  I'm looking for an expert who can help recover the disks or guide one of our IT guys on a way to investigate it more thoroughly.

Our Xenserver installation is running into the following error:

The problem is when the virtual machine boots it shows this error in console:

« Processor 1: Xen® Virtual CPU

XS Virtual IDE Controller Hard Drive (0MB)
XS Virtual ATAPI-4 CD-Rom/DVD-Rom

iPXE (http://ipxe.org) 00:04.0 C900 PCI2.10 PMM+00100010+00111020 C900

Press F12 for boot menu.

Boot devide: Hard Disk - failure: could not read boot disk

No bootable device.
Powering off in 30 seconds »

Additionally XenCenter storage tab reports the size correctly but shows occupied space is much larger than it should be.  We moved all the remaining working VMS off the machine, and it's still showing the same occupied space size.  Path also does not show up correctly.

I need someone who can diagnose and correct the issue of VDI not available, VDI failed to load immediately.  Someone who we had working on this says that the "identity has been lost"

This is really far beyond my expertise and am hoping that there is some sort of way of saving these VM'sShows that 99% of the drive is used. Other image will show that the VMS are no where near that size including the snapshots.image-2-.png
hi citrix experts

in citrix director if you want to provide support for a user you can shadow to his session and the user has to say yes to see his desktop

i know we can disable that the user wil say yes so we can as help-desk shadow to his session without user approval

from where i can disable this

kindly advice
We have about 50 Dell Wyse 3040 Thin Clients and we have just installed the Wyse Management Suite to try to get a handle on what we have and also be able to standardize the versions with more ease. It looks like a great piece of software. I am used to 10Zig management where it will do a search on our network for all its devices so we can add them to the interface however I don't seem to be able to find anything in the software or the manual that offers such an option with the Wyse Management Suite.

Is there anyone familiar with loading currently running devices into a new install of the WMS? I don't see anything such as an import either except for importing from another software package.
Thanks in advance.
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We have one issue where WebEx recordings with mp4 format are playing without clarity inside VDI's.
But the same WebEx recordings are playing with clarity outside VDI.
XenApp XenDesktop 7.15
Windows 10 VDI
Good day. A few days ago we migrated out Citrix Xenapp 7.16 databases from SQL 2008R2 to SQL2017 using the script in the following article: https://discussions.citrix.com/topic/383898-migrate-xenapp-76-database-from-sql-2008r2-to-sql-server-2014/
I am not sure if it is related but i am now getting the following error when trying to open Studio: A working 'Trust' service could not be found.
Anyone had this before? Any assistance would be appreciated.
Been a couple years since we set up Citrix and roaming profiles, and I'm not an expert!  Started using a Chrome extension on Xenapp server that is getting corrupted for users.  Saw https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX238525 that says to add it to Folders to mirror.  

Just want to make sure I'm doing this right in Citrix studio policies.

Enable folders to mirror


AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions

See attached, is this correct?

Thank you!
Citrix XenApp XenDesktop 7.15 MCS Deployment " What permissions required on Active Directory" for an Administrator AD ID?
I have received an error "You don't have permissions to create computer account" while creating or spinning HSD (Hosted Shared Desktop Windows 2016) using Golden Image in 7.15 MCS deployment.

We are using AD Group and members of the Group should have all required permissions for 7.15 deployment and administration.
1. SQL server permissions --?
2. Studio Permissions -- AD Group should member of the full administrators.
3. Hypervisor Permissions -- VMware permissions: https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/xenapp-and-xendesktop/7-15-ltsr/install-configure/install-prepare/vmware.html
4. Active Directory Permissions -- to spin new VDI or HSD VMs from Studio --?
5.  Any Other component permissions -- ?
What alerts we can configure email alerts from Citrix Director?
Citrix XenApp XenDesktop 7.15 LTSR
No MS SCOM or any other orchestrator.
Citrix XenApp 7.15 CU2 VDA Agent installed on Windows 2016 Server.
On Studio trying to create new HSD Server using MCS.
VMWARE ESXi and Vcenter 6.5.
Created AD Computer account and on summary page click on Finish, Snapshot is creating and received below error.
A snapshot could not be created from the specified virtual machine.
When I try to create a machine catalog from Master Image, without prior creating a snapshot the machine creation will fail.

Error LOG:

Error Id: XDDS:02C84D06

    Citrix.Console.Models.Exceptions.ScriptException A snapshot could not be created from the specified virtual machine:

       at Citrix.Console.PowerShellSdk.ProvisioningSchemeService.Scripts.SnapshotVMsScript.CreateVMSnapShot(String vmPath)
       at Citrix.Console.PowerShellSdk.ProvisioningSchemeService.Scripts.SnapshotVMsScript.RunScript()
       at Citrix.Console.PowerShellInteraction.PowerShellScript`1.Run()
       at Citrix.Console.PowerShellSdk.ProvisioningSchemeService.BackgroundTasks.SnapshotCreationTask.RunTask()
       at Citrix.Console.PowerShellSdk.BackgroundTaskService.BackgroundTask.Task.Run()

DesktopStudio_ErrorId : FailedToCreateSnapshot
    Sdk Error Message : The create snapshot operation failed.
    Sdk Error ID : Citrix.XDPowerShell.HostStatus.FailedToCreateSnapshot,Citrix.Host.Sdk.Commands.NewHypVMSnapshotCommand
    ErrorCategory : NotSpecified
    DesktopStudio_PowerShellHistory : Create Machine Catalog 'Windows  Test'
The company I work for just recently switches ISP's and for now I'm running both parallel until the end of this month. We are currently using Citrix for our employees in are other branch offices to access certain applications. They all use the Citrix Receiver to log in.

My question here is how do I go about changing the external IP address for the XenApp? Right now on are firewall we have the 1:1 NAT configured and when I changed that external address to one of the spare IP's provided by the new ISP and then try to connect to our Citrix server it cannot connect to the Citrix Store. When I launch the Citrix Web interface and open the secure access it is set to Gateway Direct and IP address is set to Default. The only IP that I see is the internal one. I cannot for the life of me see where I can change the external address for the website. The FQDN is set to citrix.energyservicesinc.com.

The web interface version we are running right now is version and XenApp 6.5. I read on that you can change the external IP by entering altaddr /set command, but when I try this using command prompt it say's it's not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. I know I'm missing something here, but cannot seem to figure it out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and if you need more information let me know.

hi citrix experts

We have in our environment Citrix users profile problem. we have XenApp 7.12

We are using Citrix user profiles and we do this via delivery controller policy

We do folder redirection for (( desktop – my documents – download – APP data – contact – links – pictures – start menus – etc ))

But recently our user profiles getting bigger so much and I found the biggest directory



I found online this links  which shoes which paths I have to include


here the configuration but with AD GPO but we use Citrix policy from delivering controller


I have two questions

1-      In the delivery controller policy, I can add the exclusion directory  and exclusion files but I don’t know the syntax

Should be like this      AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache

Or like this the all path from the shared file system     \\filerone\CTX-Profiles\%username%\UPM_Profile\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache

2-      After I configure this policy and let say it worked what will happen to the data inside the old users profile some of the users has more than 6 GB \INetCache directory. it will be removed automatically or I have to do it manually

And any side effect to user work
On 29th October, 2018 Citrix has released XenApp 7.15 LTSR Cumulative Update 3. Any known issues reported specific to CU3 ?
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Hi experts

I have performances and quality issues with xenapp and Skype for business
I read that I have to install on xenapp servers real time connector software
And on the client real time media engine

Do I have to do anything else like policy or something els

Plus we have 7.12. So do I have to install 2.1 connector because it came with xendesktop 7.12 media or any new version it is ok

And the same for client it has to be the same version on the servers or dose not matter

Kindly advice
Citrix XenApp 7.15 MCS Hosting Configuration: post Storage selection, Network Selection: No VMWare vSwitch Network is showing.
Please find attached file.
Please suggest how can I get VMWare vSwitch Network.
We are testing the following scenario for a classroom.
We have a thin client that will be used in a meeting room. The thin client will be connected to a monitor and also connected to a big LED display.
I have two questions:
1.      How can we connect to a remote desktop session on either a client or a server desktop using a thin client?
2.      Will two displays work over a RDP session.
Do we need something like citrix Xendesktop or vmware horizons for getting this scenario work. or can I connect a thin client directly to a demote deskop.
I am considering adding a GPU to my Citrix VDI environment.  
The current hardware is brand new:
  • HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen10 (2)
  • 256 GB RAM
  • 10 GB NIC
  • Non-Persistent Disk model

The workload is standard MS OFFICE, Internet, some simple education videos from time to time.
I was thinking adding the Nvidia GRID.  I know there is licensing for this system so I will take this in consideration.

Has anyone deployed a GPU to their VDI environment and was it worth it?
We are looking to Import the Published application from a delivery group to another Delivery group on the same Site.
Around 70 Published apps are there in the delivery group and we want to Import all the applications.Is it possible to export and Import the published applications on the same Site .

Version : Xendesktop 7.15
OS : 2008R2
I have windows 10 and also a citrix log on.

When  I start up PC I have to log into windows 10 with a user name first and then log into citrix using a user name and password.

This works fine but the issue is when I log off and someone else goes onto PC.  I am logging off  citrix and then logging off the windows 10 PC. When I go back onto it the following day its lost all my settings.
Am I doing wrong in logging off windows PC too and should I just switch user?

Also noted that things go wrong when i log onto PC as one user and then log onto citrix as someone else.  Is this not allowed?

Any thoughts greatly appriciated.






Citrix is the synonym for the virtualization and application infrastructure systems developed by the company of the same name. Main areas are application virtualization, Software-As-A-Service (SaaS), cloud-computing and networking. The two most well-known are Citrix XenApp or Citrix CloudPlatform.