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Citrix is the synonym for the virtualization and application infrastructure systems developed by the company of the same name. Main areas are application virtualization, Software-As-A-Service (SaaS), cloud-computing and networking. The two most well-known are Citrix XenApp or Citrix CloudPlatform.

Citrix XenApp 6.5 License Query: I have existing Enterprise edition License server and workload servers.
We have advanced edition Licenses. So now we would like to merge both in to one server. Is it works?
I configure maschine catalog for master image on citrix studio.

I have esxi01 and esxi02.

Citrix studio server ,sql server, master image server 2016  on the same server Esx02.

Can i choose custom ESXi server some how ? or machine katalog wizard makes automaticaly

Can i say machine catalog like make master image on esxi01 not esxi02?

Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 – Creating a Machine Catalog

I am very new on Citrix and try to learn it. I installed Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 on my VMware lab. I think Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 installation and connection to the VMware success.

Now i am next part  Creating a Machine Catalog .There are somethings not understood. Can some one assist and create together.

what i have :

Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 installed on windows 2016 server. (server name CX01)
Citrix Studio.

Thank you
I build Citrix Xenn desktop server. Test Lab

Can some one help me to publish application?

I go to citrix studio .unfortunattly ver litte knowledeg.

Thank you
i want to create my CITRIX 7 lab with server 2016 VMWARE HOME LAB

1 server management
1 server Citrix Desktop1  where user login
1 server Citrix Desktop2  where user login

can some one help me?
Citrix Cloud with Azure Windwos 10 Support for Microsoft KMS and MAK Activation with Machine Creation Services?

XenDesktop Support for Microsoft KMS and MAK Activation with Machine Creation Services
as per above Citrix Article, MAK is not supported for MCS.
But this article is Modified: 19 Jun 2018. So is it still valid?
We have Citrix Xen App 6.5 +windows server 2008 R2

Citrix Farm 3xserver installed on  windows 2008 r2

I want to install and publishing for all Citrix Desktop user FIREFOX  Because under Citrix Desktop Internet Explorer very old..Can some one give a giued how can suscess it. And before publish do i need to care about someting.?

These are at the moment PRODUCTION server i do not want something meke a mistake .

Thank you
How to replace a WildCard .pfx file in Citrix NetScaler with another Wildcard .pfx file?

The WildCard certificate instlaled and used with our Citrix NetScaler and Citrix Systems is about to expire.  I see that the current system is using a .pfx file and that seems to be the easiest way to keep everything together.

In the past(other employers) it seems that using a wild card certificate was not very easy and it was always confusing.  My question is "How to create a .csr and obtain a new WildCard SSL/TLS certificate from a Certificate Authority to use on the NetScaler and the SotreFront Server?

I have an idea from: https://www.carlstalhood.com/netscaler-12-certificates/ but I wanted to verify my information from someone who has done this successfully  in the past.  Should I do the following or perhaps a varaiotn of the follwoing(What is best design)?

1).  Create an RSA (Private Key) from the NetScaler.
       a.  Reference: https://www.carlstalhood.com/netscaler-12-certificates/
       b.  Specifically search for the section: To create a key pair on NetScaler
            Configuration - Traffic Management - SSL - SSL Files -  KEYs
       c.  Keep the private key 'Un-Encrypted' ????
       d.  and follow on-screen instructions.

2.  Then create a CSR from the NetScaler - Configuration - Traffic Management - SSL - SSL Files -  CSRs
       a.  Reference: https://www.carlstalhood.com/netscaler-12-certificates/
       b.  Specifically search for the section: …
Citrix Xeanapp desktop windows 2008.

Our users connect citrix over Web browser https://mycitrix.domain.com.(netscaller)  webpage ask username and password for login  We want second Autentication TOKEN. We generate Token from Mobile app.but we do not know we can login page change and add this Token login space .

How can i add on this web login :

Token password :

I have created CSR on Citrix Netscaler(.pem key format)
and public CA gives me option when uploading CSR to choose:

Does any of this technology gives back .pem format certificate to install?

e.g. digicert has Citrix option but I have rapidssl public CA
Any advice what is the best way to complete the process of cert installation.
Does Citrix netscaler need .pem certificate to upload?
According to this article pem format is: .pem,.crt and .ca-bundle

Thank you
Citrix xenapp 6.7 windows 2008 .Our users login Citrix Desktop login(citrix receiver) at home .  I want to block their local printer. I do not want they can use their Local printer under citrix Desktop sesssion.

Can you please help?

Thank you
I have a  server Citrix Xeanapp 6.7 .one of my client works at home with her Laptop and She can open Citrix session over Netscaller.

She has a HP 404nde  Printer at home and connected USB to her laptop .She has when she log in citrix desktop seesion ,she can see Universell Printer (from laptopname), till here i think every thing is ok.

But when she open word or pdf document for printing and choose Universell Printer (from laptopname) under Citrix desktop seeion BUT NO PRINTING FROM LOCAL PRINTER AT HOME:

Can you please help?

Thank you
We are a very basic Citrix Environment, we are using Citrix XenApp 7.6. We hae a delivery controller server, a storefront server and 4 app servers.
We have one delivery group
with the 4 servers part of that group.
All our users connect using a full desktop. the citrix environment load balances the four servers and balances the environment. We have 80 users. Rarely do we have all 80 conencted. During these particular times we are haveing many more people connecting remotely.
In particular we had to install a software application on one of the severs for 3 people to use.  The software cannot be installed on all 4 servers at this time.
My Question:
What do i need to do to have the three people have access to the one server I need them to connect.
At this time I put the server in maintence mode so nobody accesses that server now.
As I said we have one desktop published . called Citrix Desktop.  I was thinking of creating another desktop called XYZ Desktop. but it seems that will be part of the same delivery group so once i take it out of maintenance mode  all other users will also connect to this server.
I'm niot the Citrix expert in my company, so maybe I'm just not seeing something basic and easy.  Hopefully this is understandable and I can answer any further questions
OUr Citrix NetScaler VPX is using an SSL Certificate Wildcard and this Wildcard Certificate will expire soon.  We have a new WildCard Certificate from a CA; but, I am not sure how to repalce the currently used certificate with the new one.

I have found a few web sarticles giving me and idea; but, I do not believe they are exactly relevant to my situation.

For example, this video show how to import a Certificate from a local Active Directory network.  But it does not show how to bind it to the Load Balancing server: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=px2Twok4UI8 

I am not sure if I need to convert the certificate or link it to an intermediate certificate or not.  Anyone with experience?  

Lets assume that that the new wildcard is configured in .pfx format and it is combines the server certificate with the intermediate certificate.
Hi Experts

When we installed our Citrix XenDesktop environment we put all core servers

(( DB – DC – PVS – SF – etc )) and the whole servers and workers  in one VLAN   and this VLAN has only  256 IP

My question if I will put new workers on other VLAN the workers will be able to boot from the PVS server (( VDISK )) or not

Or do I have to do any special configuration on PVS servers to be able to serve two different VLANs
I have a GPO dedicated to mapping drives for my entire company on there desktop/laptop; however, I need to add a special mapped drive for when the log into our Citrix infrastructure.  I have created new GPO and in the User section added my Mapped Drive and set it to map to %userprofile% and set the drive letter.  I set that GPO to be applied to certain users when they log into Citrix, but it doesn't map the drive.  I have tried setting the Loopback on that policy to merge, but still not luck.  I've even tried to change the variable to c:\Users\%username%, but still no luck.  And I tried a batch file that works if you run it while logged in, but won't run from the Logon Script portion of the GPO.  I really want to do this with the Mapped Drives function of the GPO, but I'm at a lose.  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
Looking for a script that can be used remotely to kill a specific process for a specific user on any server in the Citrix farm.  
Also is it possible that there can be an Input Box that I can enter the Username and process name?

Thanks in advance.

need to install 3rd party certificate on the Citrix Netscaler.
I know procedure to create CSR but I’m not sure about the part when it comes to submit CSR to CA.What type of certificate should I get out after submit to CA? .PEM cert?Does publi CAs provide .PEM certs?
I currently have a Citrix NetScaler VPX 200 and I would like to enable 2 factor authentication. I'm new to setting up 2FA and any advice would greatly be appreciated.

The goal is to have the user sign into the Netscaler web portal and authenticate with their domain (LDAP) credentials. Upon successful login, the user is required to enter a passcode/one time password that they would receive from an SMS message or ideally a code using an authenticator app (Microsoft or Google authentication app for example.) Once the user enters the one time password, the user can access the VPN or ICA portal.

When researching what is evolved to enable this, it looks like a RADIUS server is required. I do have a Windows Server 2016 RADIUS server, but it doesn't seem to support what I'm looking for, unless Microsoft's terminology is different. I've opened a case with Citrix, but the only thing provide is links to setup RADIUS on the gateway, which I already found before opening the case.

Has anyone been able to accomplish this? Thank you for your time.
Hi Experts!

Does someone know a fast way to map network shares? I am continually having to manually map drives for users (login script seems to be hit and miss at the moment) So I
am manually copying/pasting drives into Citrix Desktop via cmd > net use copy list of drives and pasting them one at a time to map the drive.
Is there a script or tool that can achieve this?


Hello.  Still struggling to switch StoreFront stores and have functional apps after authenticated.  Env is NetScaler, StoreFront, XenApp 6.5 (Current), to Netscaler, StoreFront, XenApp 7.15 (Which works until switching to default store)

In StoreFront_NetscalerGateway_UsedbySt.png
What is setting this function "Used by Stores" within StoreFront?  Is this what is actually be used as it references the STA's.  When switching the Default WebSite/Store within StoreFront this is not changing.  If this is needed, how is it set?

Thanks in advance.
I need to upgrade netscaler firmware to address CVE-2019-19781.
Citrix have following 2 links for firmware download:-
Which link should I use to download the package?
These are virtual appliance on ESXi.

1. One Netscaler current firmware is NS10.5: Build 55.8007.e.nc.
It has following features enabled:-        
 Feature                        Acronym              Status
-------                        -------              ------
 Load Balancing                 LB                   ON
 Content Switching              CS                   ON
 SSL Offloading                 SSL                  ON
 Rewrite                        REWRITE              ON
 Responder                      RESPONDER            ON
 AppFlow                        AppFlow              ON
Shoudl I download the "Netscaler Gateway 10.5.e" frimware for it from the https://www.citrix.com/downloads/citrix-gateway/ URL?
If I choose this one then the latest one is from Sep 25, 2017 which won't cover this CVE.

If I choose the "Netscaler Gateway 10.5" frimware then the latest is Jan 24, 2020 which shoudl cover this CVE.

If I choose the "Netscaler ADC release 10.5" frimware/virtual appliance for it from the https://www.citrix.com/downloads/citrix-adc/ URL then the latest is from Jan 24, 2020 which should cover this CVE.
Which one shoudl I choose?

2. Another netscaler has firmware - NS12.1: Build …
Citrix XenApp XenDesktop Dabtabse sizing Query: For how many users I can use SQL Express?
Do we have any SQL database sizing sheet for different workloads? If yes, pelase share here.
Citrix 7.15 MCS, 4 DDC's. all the controller will broker the sessions?
Hello.  Env:  Netscaler MPX9700, 11.1, Storefront 3.15 (On Windows 2012R2) - 2 Stores.  XenApp 6.5 (1 store) & XenApp 7.15 (2nd Store).

I have switched my Secondary Store in StoreFront 3.15 to be the primary store, so want Netscaler/Storefront to use XenApp 7.15 Store as its primary.  

In Netscaler, I updated the Netscaler VIP and the StoreFront VIP (Under Traffic Mgmt) to use the existing IP set in DNS.  I am able to authenticate to either store.  However; when launching an application in either store, I receive the following errors.  (Attached).  What I don't understand is why this would occur?    I can put the IP's back and swap the default websites on Storefront and all works as expected.  Additionally this poses concern if another store was introduced or new IP's required for whatever reason.  Since it's getting authenticated and attempts to launch the app which sometimes registers in Director as a timeout failure, I'm confused as to where the communication is breaking on the way back and why that would be different?

I would simply change DNS however; two reasons I don't want to do that.  #1 - If I do that without understanding what is happening here, will I ever be able to get rid of the secondary store?  Secondly, we have already distributed the externally facing VIP's and some clients have already updated there whitelists.

Thoughts?  Thanks in advance.






Citrix is the synonym for the virtualization and application infrastructure systems developed by the company of the same name. Main areas are application virtualization, Software-As-A-Service (SaaS), cloud-computing and networking. The two most well-known are Citrix XenApp or Citrix CloudPlatform.