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Citrix is the synonym for the virtualization and application infrastructure systems developed by the company of the same name. Main areas are application virtualization, Software-As-A-Service (SaaS), cloud-computing and networking. The two most well-known are Citrix XenApp or Citrix CloudPlatform.

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Citrix not able to load applications. We are login but application not able to load?

When I click the application it run for 3 Sec and it disappears.
What does it mean to be "Always On"?
What does it mean to be "Always On"?

Is your cloud always on? With an Always On cloud you won't have to worry about downtime for maintenance or software application code updates, ensuring that your bottom line isn't affected.

HI Expert
usually i issue these commands manually
i want script to issue in order to cover this task
can you write a simple script for me to cover this two steps

1- change the path of your working directory!!!!!
 cd c:\program files (x86)\Citrix\Licensing\LS

2- execute this command in order to delete all occupied licenses.
for /f "tokens=1,2" %i in ('udadmin -list ^| find /i "_ud"') do @udadmin -f %j -user %i -delete

3- exit and finish

thank you in advance
This is using 5 Xenserver 6.2. All the while, we were using Acronis backup and replication version 11.x. However, this is the outdated version and tends to fail the backup operations. The only way when the backup is failed, we have to uninstall, reboot the system, and then re-install the Acronis  from the scratch. Is kind of frustration. Our management decided not to upgrade to use the current Acronis version 12. In fact, we are out of budget to get any replacement.

I heard that using the Citrix Xenserver XE commands, we can automate the backup operations without down the VM. Please shed the light on how to get this done, and other alternative way.

Thank in advance.

I need a batch file script to execute from a citrix.  We need to publish 10 Websites in single page. User will select and click the website they want to use.  We used for Menu.hta and loading sites file into Menu. We are using Excel now for this but not looks good. can anyone provide script with other ideas to help me on this?

After implemented SSL in websites it becomes very slow. Application Websites are hosted in  Windows 2008 R2 Server and the same published through IE via Citrix Xen App. It tooks around 80 Secs to load starting page once it opened response is good. But our users start complaining about the slowness of startup webpage. Can someone assist me on this plz..
What is Citrix recommended reboot schedule for Delivery controllers ?

I am trying to install the Grammarly plugin on a Citrix server for all users.
This is a Word and Outlook plugin (grammar and spell checker).
The plugin will only install in admin mode but will not install for all users.

The plugin will install itself in

C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\\Grammarly\Grammarly for Microsoft Office Suite 

Open in new window

of the admin user account. The .DLL used in Word is the following:

C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Grammarly\Grammarly for Microsoft Office Suite\6.6.116\09D34098D5\GrammarlyShim32.dll

Open in new window

I tried to copy this directory to the same location of a user account.
Then I open word and try to add the .DLL as an addin, but it doesn't work.
No error message, the addin/DLL will just not appear in the list.

I am not an expert with Office plugins, I would like to know if there is a way to activate the plugin for the standard users ?

Were having an issue where, users password are expiring and they are having a diffcult time changing passwords within a citrix environment. Please let me know what others are doing or if there is something that needs to be enabled.

delete this question
We don't use the Universal printer driver!
I have some old citrix servers (win 2008R2 std) where all the drivers where loaded; in fact there was no printing policy in place at one point and all the drivers were autocreated!
We built some new servers (win 2008 R2 std) and now and we set a new policy to block autocreated drivers and also added a policy to to map the default printer too in the Citrix session.
I used XPDM (Xenapp Printer Driver Manager) to replicate the drivers to all the servers (from the old ones to the new built ones).
I still have some AX user that cannot see the printers or see them but cannot print when connected to one of the new built servers?!!!
Now when I point any of those users to one of the old Citrix servers he can print successfully!
I even replicated all the drivers i found on one of the old server that print successfully to a new server and still have printing  issues!
What is the problem???
Could it be possible that this tool shows the replication done but in fact it is not?
I haven't tried to install the driver manually on one of the new machines to verify that, but that would be a good test i guess to install it manually after it has been replicated and see if that works!
Thanks for your help.
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Hi  expert

I keep getting this errors "User not found"  after i created the account and assign the correct password  and profiles.

Need help for the followng

I am connecting to work pc using Citrix Receiver, just updated to 4.9, hoping it will fix my issue, but no...

So, here is my issue...

I have 2 monitors
I login to my web sites XenDesktop app (not sure what it is)
After login, I download an ica file which I open it with Citrix Receiver...
It is full screen and spans multiple monitors...
The issue starts here... After that I remote desktop to my pc in the system room which is full screen...
But this one uses one monitor, and my other monitor stays black all the time :)

I want to use my other monitor, while I am working, like using browser or watching tv :) whatever...

But I cannot... Citrix spans my 2 monitors, and Remote Desktop uses one off them...

Now, how can I disable this multi monitor spanning?

Hi experts

we want to move from our old XenApp 6.5 which running on windows server 2008R2


XenApp 7.12 and we will use windows server 2012 R2

I just created a test server and started to test applications

I faced one problem related to startup directory

some user request to use startup directory . with windows server 2008 r2 we had no problem

but now with my test XenApp windows server 2012 r2 we got an error

please check the attached file which will show the startup directory for win 2008 R2 and win 2012 R2

please any idea how can I fix this make it work like 2008 r2

I found something on youtube but I never test it and I don't know if this the right way for XenApp servers

kindly advice
We are testing win 10 with xendesktop 7.14.1. All of our windows 7 images work just fine. I install my master and use powershell to remove the bloatware on it e.g. mail, candy app thing, solitaire skype  and such and I get the image to look about where I want it.... I also use GPO for a few of the settings as well, eg. remove store....etc... So I use mcs and spin up a few and some of my gpo changes don't apply, and most of what I removed with powershell  back, eg. solitaire, skype etc and some of the tiles are there again.. ( I think I was reading the tile thing I have to fix with an xml file in GP, which is fine but shouldn't the stuff removed with powershell stay gone?
Also, my pinned apps powershell that I run within the gpo logon script is not running....
Any ideas of why those apps are there on the clones?  TIA
In Windows 2012 Server, which is a Citrix server, when I right click on the Start button regular domain users are able to see Computer Management.

How can I hide the Computer Management environment from just Domain Users.

Also how can I hide Event Viewer.
Hi, i need to know that i have to login in the citrix receiver using powerhsell. Firstly i have to login in the Cirtix receiver using powershell and then i have to login in the application which i can access after login in the citrix receiver.
Is there any way to login in the citrxi receiver resides application using the powershell??

Thanks in advance.
Users connect to Citrix Session from linux Wyse thin clients and have dual screen's however outlook will not maximize on one of these screens, however if you move it to the other screen it will maximize without issue.

if you connect to the citrix session from a windows PC the issue is not present and outlook will go full screen on both screens. , however up until some updates applied last night this issue was not present at all.

server is a VMware VM running 2008 r2, and office 2013.

anyone have any ideas?
Citrix 6.5, web interface server 5.4

2x Citrix Web servers - both configured identically.  We have noticed that if you log into WI server 2 and launch the ICA session then it works without issue.  On WI server 1 it does nothing.

Both work in Chrome (prompts for ICA download so not automatically) and apps launch ok on both, just not desktops.

Externally these servers are accessed via the Netscaler and look to work without issue but the fact WI server 1 doesn't work locally is bugging me.  It generates an event ID 21002 every time a launch is tried - we have reset ASP.net and followed every KB and tip going but to no avail.....

I am new to XenServer, coming from VM ESXi, which I presently will say prefer.

New env looks to have either the free or essentials version, but I not sure.  I see two XenServers with Pools under them in the XenServerCenter, but only one of the two(bottom) allows access to alerts where you can set alerts, which I believe indicates it's licensed!?

Pool1 w/two host - XServer 6.1 Build 59235p DBV:2010.0521
Pool2 w/Two host - Xserver 7.2 Build 2017-05-11 DBV: 2017.0517

The first of the two(top) shows it's pool and hosts listed on top, does not allow setting alerts and says licensing upgrade required.   So, I am assuming this setup, being managed through the single Xcenter console, is not licensed?  

Either way, under the aforementioned pool and hosts there is a vmhost that tends to be high in CPU when you check the top tier Xenserver/Pool performance tab where I see 21 CPU # listed.  I have to go to each vmhost and it's performance tab to find the specific vmhost with the corresponding high CPU usage.  Is  there any free ty in apps or scripting options that could ty things together and definitively tell you which Host is reflecting high resource use, cpu  in particular in this instance but memory, too, etc...?

Thank you.
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Running server 2008 r2 and citrix xenapp 6.5.. We have had a GPO in place for locking computers and citrix desktops after a 30 period. We have been fighting with end users to lock their computer when they are away from their desk and most users are good about but some just don't do it. So we came up with a plan for frequent offenders we would create a new OU and throw them in it and configure a GPO that would lock their computer after 3 mins. So we did that and it works for users that have a PC but users that have use a thin client and run a citrix desktop it doesn't work for. Any ideas how we can get this scenario to work?
I am a physician using a citrix app downloaded on my microsoft surface pro4 from the windows app store. I use a dragon medical practice edition 2 to dictate in to the EMR. At present, I can copy and paste within the session, but cannot copy and paste anything on to an outside document, for example cannot do copy and paste from the EMR session in to a microsoft word document on my surface pro4. this issue was not happening with the hospital provided citrix application which my guess is a older version, but I do not wish to use it as it is slow with the dragon dictation. Also, I noted that I cannot send commands through dragon, like enter template which usually uses the copy and paste function. Any thoughts or work around to this issue?

Mohammed Shareef
We have one user that receives:   Error: not a privileged user when she attempts to connect through the web interface to our Netscaler for VPN access to our network.   Assuming this must be something incorrect with her local client software but can't figure out what or why?  We have tried re-installing it.   We have 200+ users using the same web url and method to connect from home and do not receive this error.  Can anyone help with some basic instructions?  We are not sys admins and they have not responded...we just need to get her working.   Thanks for any assistance.
Here's the situation:

We're a Citrix shop.  Most of our users launch XenDesktop session on iGel thin clients with multiple monitors.  That works fine.

I launch my XenDesktop the same way, but sometimes, I need to launch a XenDesktop session inside my XenDesktop session.  That is, I sit down at my iGel, launch my desktop (full screen, multi-monitor), then once I'm inside Windows, I log into Storefront and launch a different desktop.

I need that second desktop to appear Windowed, not full screen.  Right now, that second desktop opens full screen/multi-monitor, and I have to use Shift-F2 so that I can drag it sort-of-out-of-the-way.

The rub here is that I know that in the past, this worked fine.  I could open multiple XD sessions within Windows via Storefront Web and they would open in window-mode and I could minimize them while I worked.  Then, somehow, my Receiver decided that all my future XD sessions had to be full screen and I was borked from there on out.  Resetting my receiver doesn't help.

Any ideas?  I don't want to go editing delivery groups, master ICA files, or anything else that might effect most of my users' sessions.  I just want my sessions to launch in window mode when I launch them from my desktop receiver client.

I have a citrix environment on which users connect to.
For e-mail their is an Office 365 configuration with ADFS which syncs the usernames and passwords for single-sign on.

Now sometimes a different user quickly wants to check its e-mail while another user is logged on to the terminal. But when he goes to the webpage of O365 and starts typing his e-mail address, the logged on user is automatically logged on and the different user can't check its mail.

Is there a change that can be done so that this becomes possible?
We already tried with inPrivate browsing but also here it automatically logs on with the currently logged on windows user.
I am using a mail merge wizard within the Raiser's Edge database.  The merge wizard is conditional upon one field and a letter template is set up for each value in the letter field.  There are six separate letters.  The format is perfect in 5 of the 6 letters.

The merge field is a receipt number field that sits within table cell within the Word document.  ALL letters are based on the same template.  The field is formatted in each letter as Calibri 11. In 5 of the letters, the field comes out in Calibri 11.  However, for the 6th letter condition, the receipt number comes out in Tahoma 8.  I have tried using the MERGEFORMAT and charformat switches with no luck whatsoever.  In fact, when I tried the MERGEFORMAT switch, the field value completely disappeared.

I have removed this letter and have started from scratch and it just keeps happening with this particular letter code.

This is a database that is hosted through a Citrix server so I can't access the Normal file.

Does any one have any ideas that I can try?  I have been leaving this and coming back to it for the better part of a month and really need to figure out what is going on.

Thank you in advance for any help provided :)






Citrix is the synonym for the virtualization and application infrastructure systems developed by the company of the same name. Main areas are application virtualization, Software-As-A-Service (SaaS), cloud-computing and networking. The two most well-known are Citrix XenApp or Citrix CloudPlatform.