Citrix is the synonym for the virtualization and application infrastructure systems developed by the company of the same name. Main areas are application virtualization, Software-As-A-Service (SaaS), cloud-computing and networking. The two most well-known are Citrix XenApp or Citrix CloudPlatform.

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Trying to print to a local printer using Citrix on a Chrome box
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Citrix users loosing default printer. How to solve?
We have to rename the MS Sql DB Datastore server for XenApp 6.5 environment. Anyone know how it's going to impact the Citrix environment and what Changes we need to perform on session servers or WebInterface servers?
Client has two Citrix XenApp 6.5 systems. One of their users accesses both Citrix systems from various locations.

In Ireland he has his home and own office space. When he access either system from either of those locations and opens any Excel document and tries to print to his local printer (in both in home and Dublin offices he has HP OfficeJet 6700) Excel prints and document as hundreds of pages, content printers on first few pages and then hundreds of balnk pages. In Print Preview it shows 1 of XXX for all/any Excel documents.

If he logs onto either Citrix system in out London HQ and prints to our Canon devices, the Excel documents print correctly
If he emails same documents to his own Office 365 and then prints to his HP OfficeJet 6700, in either Dublin location, (i.e. outside Citrix) they print correctly.

Any ideas folks?
When a user is logged on to a Citrix session, is there a way to not have the "X" in the top right corner, so they cannot use it to close Citrix?  Or is there a way to force them to use the "log off"
1) how much bandwidth will use by each user:-
-to access a virtual desktop
-to access a virtual application

2) How many users can use a server machine at same time by creating sessions.

3) what the configuration of a server required for 1000 desktop Users and how much cost difference between citrix setup for 100 user and normal physical desktops.

4) Is the web based applications can be access by application provided by citrix app virtualization.

5) The vm's which were created using machine cataloge can use the ram and hdd dynamically.
By Application.ActiveWorkbook.Path

Yesterday I got

but today I had

within Citrix, to the same physical file inside Citrix. I know Citrix can be running physically on different Windows servers. Is there a way to ensure that we can ALWAYS HAVE ONE PHYSICAL PLACE (or path), to one file within Sharepoint?
Just upgraded to Citrix receiver 4.11 and it is defaulting to touch screen settings...I cannot find where to change?
Thanks! Patti
Our environment:

Citrix Secure Gateway 3.3.4
Web Interface 5.4
XenApp 6.5 on Windows 2008 R2

Hello.  We are seeing an increase in users getting disconnected from apps with errors such as "The network connection to your application was interrupted.  Try to access your application later, or contact your help desk".

In the Citrix Secure Gateway logs, noticing a pattern:

Unknown 0 PROXY
Service received error invalid-ticket from STA STA3AE7728C3BAE, client IP ip.x.x.x connection dropped.

This however; is random.  Been working with networking team and they are not finding network related issues.

I have seen two possible scenarios on the Citrix end.  

#1 - a memory leak in the CSG app that will occasionally leave an error such as Event ID 1000, Application error with faulting, CtxSGSvc.exe.  However; this does not correlate to the failures.

#2 - We have both Session Reliability, Auto Client reconnect and ICA keep alive timeout set in the Citrix Computer Policies.  I have seen where you should disable session reliability.

I just wanted to some feedback as to what others have done to resolve these random drops as changing the policy will affect all users.

Thanks in advance.
Hopefully an easy query.

Can I upgrade Citrix Licensing Server 9.1.x to the latest version 11.4.x, or will this cause any issues for XenApp 6.5
I was unable to locate info regarding this on Citrix Forums,
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Hi experts,

I am going to explain my setup in short then will ask the question regarding to the backup process.

I have 2 physical servers grouped in the same pool under XenCenter.

I am using Xenserver as my platform to host VMs. When I installed Xenserver, I selected thin provisioning (instead of using LVM, I want to use the ext). After I installed xenserver I was able to spin up VMs. When I use the xe commands to locate my VMs, can see the associated .vhd files associated with each VM. I can simply copy the .vhd file from a local drive of phyiscal server (server 1) and import that .vhd file via XenCenter and spin it up in another physical server (server 2).

I wish to know if I have like 5 copies of snapshots with one of my VM on physical server (server 1) and I can see each snapshot is associated with a corresponding .vhd file. I tried to spin those .vhd files in physical server (server 2) but I got an error message: the selected file is not a valid virtual disk file. I am wondering if I can actually spin it up from the .vhd of snapshots?

I was able to spin one up without the snapshots but with the snapshots I assume that I can select the proper .vhd of the snapshot that I want and the system will be able to spin that up automatically. I am wondering if there is a different method to spin snapshot or it is impossible to spin up the snapshot? Thanks
We are having an interesting issue with our XenApp Desktop environment.  Several of our users have reported that upon login and launch of the Published Desktop, their session opens with the High-Contrast Theme activated.  The users are able to manually turn off the high-contrast theme, but they are not initiating the session with that theme turned on.  We don't believe the users are accidentally turning on the theme with the keyboard shortcut (Left Alt + Left Shift + Print Screen) due to the distance between those keys.

Has any one else seen anything like this in Citrix or Remote Access Servers?  We are using XenApp Desktop 7.14.1 installed to Windows Server 2016.

I have a small Citrix Xenserver running XenDesktop and a variety of other servers.  I just had a DC start consistently maintaining 100% CPU with 70% utilization just because of system interrupts.  This just started yesterday and I have not made any changes to the environment aside from plugging in a 3 TB external HDD to the host.

I ended up restoring the DC from a snapshot of a few weeks ago and the problem stopped.  Now, another virtual server is suffering from the same thing.  I am working this on VPN so the increased latency doesnt help.  I cannot even move my mouse for a good 6-7 seconds.

Rebooting into safe mode seems to halt the issue but when I go back to standard operating, the system interrupts start again.  This entire environment is basically useless until I can get this resolved.

I have two 3 TB USB HDD plugged into the host and I had someone unplug the one that was just plugged in but no go.  Any help is seriously appreciated.

I am having PVS 7.15 CU1 and planning to deploy WIn10 using supported WIn10 version as per CTX224843. But once Vdisk is created successfuly. It fails to stream.
I was getting error " System thread exception not handled".

I have also seen this there are known issue per CTX229052 and Citrix is still working. what is fix. I have attached error screenshot.

I setup a GPO for Chrome.  Everything is good except that when I launch the browser, the first tag is not my default webpage.  I put an * in Block access to a list of URLs to block all websites except for list of "Allow access to a list of URLs".  

The welcome page is being hit and blocked.  Please see the attached.  

How do I disable the welcome page to be bypass when I open up Chrome?

Also, how do I know my version of Chrome works in Group Policy?

Many Thanks...

I have to use for the very first time an Xen-server for an project but every time I tried to import an ovf file I get the message :

"Host CPU features reduced","The CPU feature level on host 'xen-server' has been reduced.","xen-server","Feb 14, 2018 9:10 AM",""
I don't get it
The Xen-server is installed on a computer with an Xeon processor over 16 Go of ram with 1 To of hard drive space so I don't understand I've update the Xen OS but the problem stays.
I've spend hours to search for the answer so if someone can please help it'll be great

Best regards.
I've built a Windows 2016 XenApp server as a PVS vDisk.  I've set up a mandatory profile for the users to log in with.  When I boot up my test VM on this vDisk in Standard mode and log in with a domain user, the logon takes about 3 minutes, which is unacceptable.  However, every subsequent logon into that is much quicker, about 1 minute - and this is true whichever user logs in, whether it's the same user who logged in first, or another one.

This happens no matter how I log in too - whether over a XenApp published desktop or logging in locally via the XenCenter console screen

This is not due to the logon session remaining in a Disconnected state, because I have the 'Delete cached copies of roaming profiles' Group Policy set, so the profile folder, and the corresponding registry hive, disappears correctly on logoff. Also the Users tab of Task Manager shows that the session is gone.

On that first (slow) logon, here are the sections of the logon process that I feel are taking longer:

# When the username is displayed in the middle of the screen, it shows 'Other user' first for about 10 seconds, before changing to my username.

# It stays on 'Please wait for the user profile service' for about 10 more seconds.

These two stages happen so quickly in subsequent logon that I hardly see them at all.  Then, it goes through the Group Policies quite quickly.

# Then it seems to stay on 'Applying user policy' and 'Applying user personalization' for about 15 seconds each …

I have a Windows 2012 server.  This is an AD domain member server.  

For some reason, I am not able to access the admin$ or c$ from other member servers.  

Windows firewall is disabled.  Antivirus software is temporary disabled.  

How can this be fixed please?

How can i know if an is running via a hosted environment say citrix server?

So i can run a delphi app in local machine or via citrix server. When running through citrix server the application should run straight away and while running from the local machine it should ask for login credentials.

How to do this, any clue please?
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Running Citrix Secure Gateway, 3.3.4, Web Interface and XenApp 6.5.  We have 11 different servers running CSG/WI that point to the same XenApp 6.5 farm.

We recently updated 2 of our Citrix Secure Gateway's to 3.3.4.  There have been a few different issues.  We have noticed an increase of the following in our logs which has impacted the user experience.

(OS 10054)An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.  : core_output_filter: writing data to the network

SSL handshake from client failed

Service received error invalid-ticket from STA STATICKET, client IP IP.x.x.x connection dropped.
An error occurred when processing incoming CGP downstream data
[info] CGP forwarding session stopped: client IP [IP.x.x.x:8471], username [user@domain], destination server [IP.x.x.x:2598], resource [Application].
[info] Request STA STATICKET to resolve ticket for client IP IP.x.x.x.
[warn] Service received error invalid-ticket from STA STATICKET, client IP IP.x.x.x connection dropped.
An error occurred when processing incoming CGP downstream data
(70007)The timeout specified has expired: apr_pollset_poll Fail: timed out.
[warn] SSL handshake from client failed
(70007)The timeout specified has expired: apr_pollset_poll Fail: timed out.

We have ensured that the IP's are the same.  We are allowing TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 in the Secure Gateway.  We previously had this set to TLS 1.0 prior to the CSG 3.3.4 patch.…
The URL content redirection from server to client is not working for a particular link in the Citrix published application. All other links I have tested are opening up on the client browser. Only this particular link is opening up on the server browser. The ValidSites registry key in not setup on the server or the client machine. The firewall used is Fortinet Firewall and the firewall logs also doesn't show any blocked links from the site

We are looking to implement Windows Hello for Business in our environment.

On Citrix Environment:

XenApp 7.16
Windows 2016 Backend and VDA
Netscaller VPX NS11.1
Azure MFA (On-Prem) Radius
StoreFront 3.13
On AD side we meet all the requirements for Windows HFB

We introduced MS AD FS On-Prem as part of the Hello For Business prep.


Since Windows HFB works using Hardware TPM( or Software Substitute), curious how Citrix will handle that with a XenApp shared Desktop environment.


Any Thoughts, Links for Citrix+ Hello For Business, guidance, etc are welcomed.

I'm trying to get list of published apps and users from Citrix XenApp 6.5 with this procedure from MS Access:

Sub sCitrix_Apps()
    Dim mfFarm
    Dim mfApp
    Dim mfGrp
    Dim mfUsr

    Set mfFarm = CreateObject("MetaFrameCOM.MetaFrameFarm")
    mfFarm.Initialize 1

    For Each mfApp In mfFarm.Applications
        mfApp.LoadData 1

        Debug.Print "Published Application – " & mfApp.Appname
        Debug.Print "    Groups"
        For Each mfGrp In mfApp.Groups
            Debug.Print "        " & mfGrp.GroupName

        Debug.Print "    Users"
        For Each mfUsr In mfApp.Users
            Debug.Print "        " & mfUsr.UserName
End Sub

But 1st line of code gives me error 462: The remote server machine does not exist or is unavailable.
What I might be doing wrong?
Thank you
I have been unsuccessful in get a domain account logged into CentOS 7.4.  I am trying to install the Citrix VDA for VDI desktop access but cannot get logged in to continue.

-Installed Winbind and configured it and PAM
-I have verified join was successful by running net ads testjoin
-realm list shows  FQDN for domain-name and all-caps FQDN for realm name
-login format is domain\%U
-wbinfo -u shows all domain users successfully

When I try to SSH into localhost, it fails with domain accounts, saying "permission denied"

Logging in through GNOME with syntax DOMAIN\\user fails with Sorry, that didnt work.  Please try again.

Been stuck on this for over a week.  Thanks.
Hi Team,

We are using Wyse 3040 thin OS in our environment and experiencing an issue where USB sticks & CD/DVD drives are not detecting on 3040's. The connectivity of the flash drive on the 3040 is very hit or miss, depending on which Citrix Server the user connects to. on few devices we can see USB is detecting and others not. Can someone help me on this issue.

Thanks in Advance.






Citrix is the synonym for the virtualization and application infrastructure systems developed by the company of the same name. Main areas are application virtualization, Software-As-A-Service (SaaS), cloud-computing and networking. The two most well-known are Citrix XenApp or Citrix CloudPlatform.