Citrix is the synonym for the virtualization and application infrastructure systems developed by the company of the same name. Main areas are application virtualization, Software-As-A-Service (SaaS), cloud-computing and networking. The two most well-known are Citrix XenApp or Citrix CloudPlatform.

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Citrix XenDesktop 7.7 Enterprise Edition
Windows 2012 R2 VDA
Local Profiles
VMWARE ESXi 6.5 Hypervisor
Manual Provisioning. No MCS or PVS.
Error: in Studio, VDA not registering. Virtual Desktops (Server OS) Appear as "Not Registered" in the Console
Troubleshoot Steps: TIME synchronization is fine, both DDC and VDA are in the same timezone. DDC FQDN is pinging from VDA server, so DNS is fine. VDA Agent 7.7 installed and configured with DDC.
While testing with "Citrix Health Assistant" tool, geeting all 3 stages failed error.
What else I have to check? Only one VDA server having this issue. Created a new VM and getting the same error.
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App Name: Remote Analyser
Citrix Environment - XA 7.15 LTST CU4
Provision Method - MCS
VDA OS - 2012 R2
Profile- Local
Hypervisor - ESXi6.5
All user affected and while starting it is detecting display but getting this error after this.
Error: Could not retrieve all Settings. please restart Remote Display Analyzer
Please suggest.
Please provide Citrix 7.15 "Interactive Session Time and Total Logon time" slowness troubleshooting free tools
Looking for recommendations.  I need to put in a request to get our production environment ready to go for XenApp 7.15 though we are still working through base configuration in non-production.  

Since the Delivery Controller's in XenApp 7.15 do not also act as a XenApp box to deploy applications as they do in 6.5, I wanted to throw out here what I'm thinking to support roughly 600-650 concurrent users.

Current Design (XenApp 6.5 Farm):

1 - License Server
•      4 – XenApp 6.5 - Main STA’s
•      5 – XenApp 6.5 (1st  Subnet) - Main STA’s
•      13 – XenApp 6.5 (2nd Subnet)

Proposed for XenApp 7.15

1 - License Server
•      2 – Delivery Controller’s (Scout, Studio, Delivery - STA)
•      2 – XenApp 7.15

•      4 – Delivery Controller’s (Scout, Studio, Delivery – STA)
•      3 or 4 – XenApp 7.15 (1st  Subnet)
•      13 – XenApp 7.15 (2nd Subnet)

Any thoughts are appreciated.

When right clicking on a file with an random unassociated file extension and selecting the Open With option I am subsequently presented with a list of applications that the OS suggests to open the file.
Here's the kicker.
The application (Nitro PDF) that I need to be on the right click menu isn't and because it's Citrix i can't browse to the executable when using the "Look for another app on this pc".
There must be a registry settings that allow you to:
Add an application to the right click Open With menu when the file has no file association.
Every app that is there by default must be there as a result of a registry setting.
Has anyone managed to add one via the registry?
I'm looking for some  assistance with nFactor; where the requirement is to configure the Two Factor for two different Tokens "RSA" & "DUO"; the security group will define the model of Token
First Authentication: LDAP
Second Authentication: RSA if a user is a member of "Citrix-RSA"  Security Group and DUO if the user is a member of "Citrix-DUO"
On the Storefront (1903) desktop, is there a way to get rid of the box around the icon, get rid of the star, and disable the description altogether instead of hiding it? If I can't get rid of the box altogether, can I shrink it, along with the icon and fill the white space around the box with color and maybe a different color in the box. I can find most of this stuff using google or microsoft inspect, but to translate that to the style.css is not obvious to me. Also, when I shrink stuff, the positioning is out of whack and it is not apparent how to get it to line up straight and even. Even without shrinking things, some desktop names get shortened and even longer names  show up  altogether. Any help on any of this is appreciated.
How do I properly export Root, EnterpriseCA, and Domain Controller Certificate from Domain Controller Windows Server 2012?

Then, how do I import these certificate to Citrix Load Balancer 12.0? I need this for LDAPS setup for Active Directory Sync with the Cloud Vendor?

How may I increase the time out threshold for Citrix Director?

At my work we use Citrix Director version 7.15 and the default login session time out threshold is 4 hours.  I wish to increase the session time out limit and I found the following web site:

You will want to scroll down to the section "How to extend the time out value for browser sessions?".  I found another website confirms the steps but this other web site suggests that I will need to restart IIS:

My questions are as follows:

1.  Has anyone ever tried this before?  

2.  I wonder if I will need to restart IIS?  Will I need to restart IIS (Internet Information Services)?

3.  The Director server is also 1 of the Delivery Controllers and the Citrix Studio server as well.
      a.  Will restarting IIS cause a problem for the Citrix users?
      b. We do use a separate server for Citrix StoreFront.

4.  Is there a better way to increase the session timeout?
We are currently facing problems with Citrix Workspace App and XENAPP 7.15 on Windows Server 2016.
Some Clients show up a black screen after selecting the application. The window remains black (see attached screenshot below).
This issue mainly occurs ina  dual screen environment.

Citrix Workspace APP
Client OS: Windows 10  Pro - 1809
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Citrix 7.15 CU4, MCS, Windows 10 Latest Build and Windows 2016 SBC, Skype for Business.
Skype for Business audio and video call inside Windows 10 VDI/ Windows 2016 SBC, What components I have to install in Master Image?
Also, at the Client machine side?
Is MS Teams audio and video call works in Citrix VDI/SBC?
Now that we're rolling out our Netscaler / Storefront (3.15) environment with our XenApp 6.5 backend, the question came up around user experience.  I overlooked that they used to be able to set screen size and was wondering if this functionality exists somewhere in StoreFront - still looking....   I've attached the screen shot where they used to go in WebInterface to adjust those settings.  

Thanks in advance for your assistance.
We have Citrix VirtualApp 7.15.
The internal URL takes user to the netscaler VIP.
There is only on DC configured to authenticate users and 1 RSA  server.

We are having issue where  apps open after 5 min or 10 minutes after clinking on them . Sometime if the users are logged off due to idle timeout , on next launch it takes time or it will not even launch.
Storefront server is not logging any errors.
User profile store is accessible.
If I login to the application servers through rdp then they seem to be fine.

How can I troubleshoot this issue?
Xenapp LTSR 7.15 CU2 environment.
One of my colleagues has updated the GPO to modify the "argument" field value for one of our shortcuts to a application. We can see that it updates on the Citrix server in the correct locations (if I remote desktop to the ctrix application server) except the user start menu in citrix desktop..
 We use Citrix app layering .
The start menu is not redirected.
Hello, we needed to virtualize a server whats physically damaged, and had to export it via Disk2VHD - but when booting the newly ran VHDX it crashes and wont boot.
We can get to Safe Mode and review the Boot Logging file, which Ive attached.
Can you guys review this file and tell me what you think??
I am suspect of LMIMIRR.SYS as its the one I don't recognize. But not sure which would cause the system to fail.
These servers were VM's on a Citrix box.ntbtlog.txt

I need to configure the IE add-ons to open PDF in our  IE browser - please see the attached.  

Would someone advise how to do it in GPO?

citrix profile corruption on all servers, user backup profile. used is unable to access citric recover. urgent. how to fix this
Environment:        Netscaler in front of StoreFront 3.15 on Windows 2012.
Backend:              XenApp 7.15  (2 Delivery Controller & 2 XenApp Servers on Windows 2016, so 4 VM’s)

Summary: We are currently using the Netscaler/Storefront configuration to front-end our XenApp 6.5 Server farm and IS working properly.
We are setting up a NEW backend XenApp 7.15 farm to replace the existing 6.5 farm.  We will continue to use the same Netscaler’s & StoreFront Systems.  We will need to run parallel for a short time.

Recommendation:  It was recommended to just provision a second Store on the StoreFront systems to point to the new XenApp 7.15 servers – done.  Once tested, we just remove the old 6.5 store and wolla.  So, this is the direction we are trying to setup, but not working.  Explaining what is happening below:

In Netscalers, we have added the following under Netscaler Gateway for the 2nd Store:
1.      Configure NetScaler Gateway Session Policy
2.      NetScaler Gateway Session Policies and Profiles
3.      STA to the New Delivery Controller under VPN Virtual Server under Netscaler Gateway

Question: Do I need to setup a secondary Virtual Server with a new VIP on the Netscaler under Traffic Management, Load Balancing, Virtual server?  From the recommendation I have not done this.

The XenApp 6.5 Farm is using port 8080 to talk to it’s STA’s.  

Question:, we’ve tried both port 8080 and port 443 for the …
Citrix XenDesktop 7.15 MCS Machines in the non-persistent pool go into update failed state intermittently. once we run a repair for the VM from SCVMM the machine is working as expected. I am seeing this only with non-persistent machines and not persistent ones.

Also, this does not happen for all the machines in the pool. This issue happens on around 100 machines out of 500 and each time it is a different set of machines

Citrix Xendesktop 7.15 LTSR CU3
SCVMM 2016
Hyper-V host: windows server 2016 DC

1->Issue is occurring in all windows 10 non-persistent Desktops for the users using MCS.
2->At the time of the issue,  we are seeing that the machines are in “Update Failed “ state. Through SCVMM we can see failed jobs.
3-> we observed that when MCS triggered any power related activities, like Reboot or Shutdown through SCVMM, those non-persistent Win 10 Desktops are going to “Update Failed “ state. Also, we observed that the differential disk value has been changed. this might the root cause.

Citrix asked us to contact MS as they suspect it to be an issue at the hypervisor layer.
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Citrix Environment: Citrix XD 7.15 LTSR CU2
Provisioning technology: PVS
VDI Windows 10
Profile type: UPM with Roaming
Hypervisor: VMWARE ESXi 6.5
Is it okay to build win10 as a base image for PVS in Citrix?
Any suggestions.. or feedback is much appreciated
Windows 2012r2
Citrix ver 1903
More specific error
The Citrix servers timed out while waiting for a machine in desktop group (my storefront named group) to power off for user <domain>.com\lisa35. This message was reported from the XML Service at address http://<storefront server>.<domain>.com/scripts/ctxmcp.dll [MachineControlProtocol.TRequestPowerOffMachine].
Users experience logoff of citrix xenapp session
28 pooled servers - one image
I have an issue :

-with Citrix 7.15 LTSR with a standalone Server 2012 box on VMare ESX
-Virtual Apps
-using local profiles

Where users that try to sign into the storefront URL and launch apps, the app will just spin, but nothing launches (Citrix Reciever doesn't launch at all). The ONLY fix is to delete the Windows profile and let the user sign in to have their profile recreated. I've reached out to Citrix support and they are suggesting that I look at the Application Event viewer logs, but there aren't any logs that correspond with the time this happens. This is any user, and is sporadic.

I have a feeling I might need to look elsewhere in the event viewer logs but I don't know where. Just curious that if anyone else out there that uses local profiles on Citrix Virtual Apps (XenApps) , have run into this issue.

We have PVS in current environment and looking to move to MCS as DaaS adoption is on road map and PVS is not supported on public cloud.
Can someone recommend a plan on how to move from PVS to MCS. Requirements will change: what design decisions do we need to consider. Most of our experience is with PVS.

Any expert advice is highly appreciated.

Citrix service record application not deleting from MAC
We have been asked to turn on  NetScaler Flow Logs.
Where can I turn this on on the netscaler?
And if it is already on then how can I collect logs for last few months?






Citrix is the synonym for the virtualization and application infrastructure systems developed by the company of the same name. Main areas are application virtualization, Software-As-A-Service (SaaS), cloud-computing and networking. The two most well-known are Citrix XenApp or Citrix CloudPlatform.