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Citrix is the synonym for the virtualization and application infrastructure systems developed by the company of the same name. Main areas are application virtualization, Software-As-A-Service (SaaS), cloud-computing and networking. The two most well-known are Citrix XenApp or Citrix CloudPlatform.

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We currently are using Citrix Xenapp 7.8.  Not having any problems, so my question is should we upgrade to 11?  If so why?
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Suddenly today all Citrix Apps are appearing within a Window  (ie borders,   backgound and a title) - see Notepad.exe attached.

Yesterday they were appearing  as a seamless app (is that the correct term?).

Why would thishave changed and where is it configured?
Hello Experts - I am doing a fresh install of XenApp Server 6.5 on Server 2008R2.  When I click Add Server Roles I get the following error:

XenApp Server Role Manager\Startup\StartupIndicator.exe exited with error code -1.

Googling this came up with a few work-around, none of which worked for me.  Any ideas on what I can try?
HI Citrix Experts

i have this issue


To be honest this is not the first time I make golden image
But this is the first time I have such an issue
In the old time, I got the same problem with XenApp 6.5  PVS 7.0 and I fixed it by applying windows update KB2550978  
Now with XenApp 7.12   PVS  7.11  I got the same issue but applying KB2550978 does not help
I am a little bit confused kindly advice .
-What hypervisor are you using?   Vmware vsphere 6.0.0, 4600944
-What version of PVS are you using (target device software version and PVS server version )    7.11
•      Your windows updates are applied before imaging    I did 100 % plus I applied KB2550978 in order to avoid such issue even before I install any Citrix software on the image
•      followed this install order for preparing master VM for imaging https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX131481    I did this step by step other images worked very well with these steps just this which I use windows server 2008 R2 failed
•      You may want to test with just the OS updates and the bare minimum software needed i.e hypervisor tools and target device software, but no extra software installed on the master before imaging (sometimes the issue can be caused by some applications/software on the master)   I do this all the time in any imaging just build the OS – VMware tools – windows updates – Citrix imaging …
Hi I am a physician using dragon dictation and use the citrix receiver to login to the EMR. I use the citrix receiver downloaded from the windows web store. The issue with this dictation is that some of the letters towards the end of the dictated sentence do not show up in the dictated text. for example, "25 year old male with headache' will be dictated as "25 year ol". when you check  the recognition history in the dragon dictation software the words are fully recognized but only partially entered in to a dictation. I am using windows 10 based PC. Any thoughts.
I am unable to access our VDI environment using:


However, I can access VDI using the https url:


The first two urls says the url is invalid and is not redirecting to https like it should be.

I have confirmed there are no routing rules within our firewall and our Netscaler/Storefront is correctly setup.

Any ideas?
we use citrix profile management so our users of approx. 600 all have a citrix UPM roaming profile which resides on a windows file server. I have spotted that each users profile is accessible by the domain users security group so in theory if users new where they were they could look into each others. I am wondering though would there ever be any sensitive information in a UPM profile, it mainly just seems to be certain logs from user applications, which I guess could show browsing history. So I am leaning towards it being less of a risk unless of course anyone could think of any other examples of the type of info that would reside in users UPM profile,

I have Windows 10 pro 64 bit O/S.

I installed Citrix Receiver.

After successful authentication using IE 11.0, when I click on a citrix application, IE 11.0 is not launching the application and there is a open option displayed for the .ica file extension at the bottom of the browser.

I am not able to find the default application under the folder ICA Client to launch the .ica file in IE 11.0.

Please help me resolve this issue asap.

Thanks for your support.

Warm Regards,
 I have a network with users running Win7 and Win10 64 bit, both of the operating systems are have Interenet explorer 11 running. However when there try and connect to Citrix gateway via IE there page cannot be display even when there try and view the site in compatibility mode. I would appreciate any assistance with this
hi experts.
is there any similarity's between  vmware mirage  and pvs.??
please let me lnow
Free Tool: SSL Checker
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Free Tool: SSL Checker

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One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

We are on Xenapp 7.8.  I just found out that our Netscaler license did not belong to us, but to the company that set up Citrix.  Who is now gone.
I got a temporary Netscaler license.  When The Citrix rep called me to give me pricing, it is $7000.  

I spoke to the guy who set up Netscaler and he told me that the SSL certificate could be pointed to the Store Front, which would eliminate the need for Netscaler.

All we use Xenapp for is "Desktop".  We don't deploy any apps.   Is it OK to not use Netscaler?
I have been developing and distributing Access applications to clients for over 15 years.  As part of the project development process I meet with the IT rep from each client and explain the installation requirements.

I always specify that each user must have their own copy of the front end application, linked to the backend DB.  Up until now this has never been an issue and the installations all were accomplished without issue.  I have some clients whose users connect thru Citrx.  I am not a hardware/network/communications person at all so I don't completely understand (or care) what this means.  However, as with other client's we had out pre-install meeting.  I explained how that each user needs their won copy of Access and the IT people implemented that.  I think said each user has there own work space and they copy the application accde to each work space.

On my current Access 2013 project with a SQL backend, I recently met with the IT person from the client.  They are also using Citrix and will have in the ballpark of 100 users.

When I explained the need for each user to have their own copy of the application, he had an issue.  He mentioned zenapp servers, load balancing and some other things I didn't know or care about.  He wants every user to use the exact same accde loaded in one place on their network.  I explained that wasn't possible because the application used local work tables and global variables.  He asked if the application could be …
Dear EE,

I have Citrix Xen App 7.6 in China Azure Cloud.
Configured all the components on the single server.

My network team published the IP and now I can access the Citrix URL from my country.


Page successfully opened there is no issue with it. Please see attached file.

I can successfully login there is no issue with it.

But when I click my published application it downloads ICA file.

And starts some processing please see attached file.

It gives me error please see attached file.

Your kind support is required.

does anyone know where the icon for the receiver 4.9 resides?  I need to reset it because it's stuck and I can't find it anywhere.
Hello I'm trying to configre our Citrix Farm for smart-card pass through following the instruction in the following article:

Not sure when they say Web Interface is the our Web Server?  Or is this something else?
What is the recommended amount of RAM and HDD space for a virtual machine these days for a normal user and a developer?

When we are trying to connect to citrix we are getting

This site can’t be reached
citrix.ephs.ealing.sch.uk refused to connect.

Checking the connection
Checking the proxy and the firewall

It was working and since this weekend it is not working at all. How do I trace back where the problem is and where do i start?

I am new to this and I cannot figure out the life for me why this virtual is coming up as unregistered. I followed our KB - reinstalled VDA 7.6 rebooted and still nothing. Any experts in this area?
I have a Citrix environment and looking to use Server 2016 for Shared Server desktop (VDA).  

I received the 2016 RDS User Cals but when I go to apply it I don't see a 2016 RDS Option. This license server is 2012 R2.
Am I missing something here..I am having a hard time excepting that I have to run a 2016 server just to apply 2016 RDS CALS

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We are currently running a hybrid Citrix environment consisting of XenApp 6.5 ( 80 servers; Windows 2008 R2 ) & XenApp 7.12 ( 60 PVS servers; Windows 2012 ) with Storefront 3.9, NetScaler v12 and Dell WYSE thin clients running ThinOS firmware versions 8.3 and 8.4. We are only utilizing Citrix for application virtualization ( not VDI ).

We are seeing mass Citrix disconnects daily on the thin clients approximately the same time BUT not always the same thin clients. I do not believe this to be a Dell issue but I have checked my timeouts in Storefront & server ICA connections and haven't found anything that would result in this behavior.

Can someone point me in the correct direction or is/has also experienced this issue?

Forgot to mention, the thin clients are only displaying a tracking board with no human interaction what-so-ever ( possibly idle sessions ).

Thank you much.

We are preparing to upgrade our version of VMware.

Currently we are at VMware version 6.0 Update 2.
Planning to upgrade to VMware version 6.0 update 3.

I am researching to make sure different applications and equipment are compatible with VMware 6.0 update 3.  I have update the Citrix NetScaler program;but, I am  to sure how to research if our Citrix XenApp servers?

Question:  How may I check if Citrix XenApp Server 6.5 is compatible with VMware 6.0 Update 3 (build 5050593)
Hello we're attempting to force users to log into Store Front using either their CAC or PKI Certs.  Reading the below article


Under Smart Cards, it says "you configure Citrix Receiver for Windows for pass-through authentication and enable domain pass-through authentication to StoreFront."  is there a way to centrally configure Citrix Receiver, or does this have to happen locally on users machines?  Our domain has only user accounts, the only machines are our servers.

I recently took a XenDesktop 7.x 201 class to help me over this obstacle I have with StoreFront being unreachable by receiver clients or web browser. I've even gone step-by-step with the lab exercises, which had worked in the lab, to no avail.

Virtually everything else seems to be working great, but that dire piece. So, my StoreFront server has a Domain cert granted by my CA and it's bound to the Default site using "mysite.storefront.com" in the Common Name and Friendly Name fields.

StoreFront has my Delivery Controller registered and I have a Machine Catalog and Delivery Group made.

I'm more than happy to go back and forth with troubleshooting, if any of you have the time, but I cannot sneakernet my Citrix Receiver logs (which I enabled) or any other logs.

I'm working with Windows Server 2016 in a VMware environment.

Thanks in advance!!!
On trying to fetch Application Usage Report from Citrix Delivery Services Console I am getting the following error-

"The selected database is not a Resource Manager summary database"

The Summary database is configured in SQL Server 2008 R2 and DSN has already been created with the name "rmsummarydatabase". The Summary Database connection is happening properly.

Summary Database Configuration is showing the following -

Need your help to resolve this issue so that I can generate Reports.
Hi Experts

I have problem with one USB device  manger on Citrix receiver

some devices  work automatically and some I have to make check box on usb device manger on citrix  receiver

and some I cannot check this redirection box

I don't know where the issue

I checked the policy on deliver controller I found it ok (( please check the attached file ))

so I think I have to change something on the windows registry which related to citrix receiver

and also I have the same issue on thin clients

it is look like this issue 100 % related to citrix receiver on windows and on thin client

but I don't know how to fix it

please check the attached files







Citrix is the synonym for the virtualization and application infrastructure systems developed by the company of the same name. Main areas are application virtualization, Software-As-A-Service (SaaS), cloud-computing and networking. The two most well-known are Citrix XenApp or Citrix CloudPlatform.