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Citrix is the synonym for the virtualization and application infrastructure systems developed by the company of the same name. Main areas are application virtualization, Software-As-A-Service (SaaS), cloud-computing and networking. The two most well-known are Citrix XenApp or Citrix CloudPlatform.

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Good day. I have removed one Xenapp delivery controller and made another primary. I have changed the storefront and studio to point to the new one. I have updated the STA in netscaler. I can connect to citrix resources internally fine but externally i now get the following error: Connection to the server "x.x.x.x:1494" was interrupted. Please check your network connection and try again.
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Wonderful day,
I am looking into creating a Citrix lab, what type of software and hardware I would need to purchase? Do I need to get a NetScaler?
How to change date format in a windows 2016 server from US format to UK format without GPO?
UK and USA regions users are accessing one Citrix XenApp 7.15  Application, Each region has it's own DATE format.
Citrix Admins don't have Domain Admin Privileges. So we can't change or add GPO at the domain level.
We have admin privileges on the Server level.
The required setting is DD/MM/YYYY (UK) DATE Format on one Citrix server.
Currently, US DATE format MM/DD/YYYY has updated on the server.
Tried to add below registry modification, but it's not applying to Citrix session. i.e ICA session.
HKEY_Current_USERS\ Control Panel\International]

I am newbie to Citrix Netscaler. ;)

I have create a loadbalancer to some https servers. I works as expected.

Is it possible to use content switching on the VIP (of the loadbalancer i just created)?

https://my.domain.com -> VIP ->
https://* -> VIP -> (to one of the https servers)

Thanks in advance.

Is there a way for users outside of our office where the Citrix servers are located to change their AD password?

When I tested and set the users password to prompt at next login in AD, it required them to change it when they logged on to Citrix.  However, then it takes them to the login screen again and they cannot get in because the AD password did not change.
HI Experts

just a question

some vendors dose not let you get the certificate even if you pass the exam without attend their training

for example  Vmware  so even you pass VCP exam you are not VCP certified till you attend the training

my question

what about

Citrix  -- Veeam  - Microsoft  - SAP

if anyone knows kindly update me

Please provide me with a list of Citrix versions and their approximate release dates.
Citrix error "There are no apps or desktops available to you at this time"
Citrix XenApp 7.15 LTSR
NetScaler 12.1 VPX
SSO configured through GPO's.
When login to StoreFront URL is working fine.
But login to NetScaler StoreFront load balance URL is giving above Error.
Configured SSO as per CTX133982 and followed CTX200583 /CTX233380
Please suggest.
Are there any ways of obtaining the full version of Citrix software for training purposes so that I can practice setting up and troubleshooting Citrix in my computer lab at home for free or at a discounted price?

I need to do things like practice publishing applications such as Microsoft Office, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and other applications using Citrix so that I will be fully familiar with doing, supporting, and troubleshooting this on the job.
Citrix NetScaler ADC 12.1 48.13 nc ---StoreFront, Director, LDAP Virtual Servers are down when I configured with SSL. But they are UP, when I configured with http.
Please suggest how to troubleshoot.

Edit: I will leave that there but I think I initially misread your question, but the same steps are true of SSL - can you telnet from the NS to the SF / XA servers successfully, as a start.
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I have a new Citrix virtual desktop environment running in AWS, the server are running on general purpose M4 instances at the moment but i noticed the users are using a lot of memory per session. To increase the number of users per server I would like to use R4 instances which have more memory. Just wondering if anyone has used R4 instances for Citrix and if they have ad any issues.
Great day experts,
I hope all is doing well. I was wondering does anyone know of any virtualization labs books or software that would give you a step by step (or close to it) that I can purchase? As an example, I have purchased "Lab Manual - Enterprise Network Solution Volume II: Setup An Enterprise Network From Scratch - Step By Step Guide For Dummy".

VMware, Citrix
XenApp 6.5 - Published applications disappears during launch.
Citrix XenApp 6.5
Windows 2008 R2
Checked all Registry setting as per above Citrix article.
Other Apps on the same server launching, but only one app not launching. It disappears during launch.
i.e While launching, all GPOs and Profile steps are completing, app screen almost visible, then after disappearing.
Please suggest.
How can we use the secondary Citrix NetScaler Server, in an H.A. pair to safely test out new configurations before the same changes are propagated to the other NetScaler?

We have 2 x version 12.0 Citrix NetScaler Servers in our environment.  They both are setup for auto-sync and propagation by default; but according to websites:

- https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX124439 
- https://docs.citrix.com/zh-cn/netscaler/11/system/high-availability-introduction/configuring-command-propagation-high-availability.html

There are commands to that can be executed to turn the HA Sync and HA Propagation off and then back on later.  At my company we would like to test out a 2 factor authentication option (during a planned maintenance window) and see how that works before it is available for all of the users.  I am thinking of doing the following:

1.  Enable the 2 factor authentication settings on the Authentication server.
       a.  Whatever it may be, that is a separate topic from this question.

2.  Then after the Authentication server is ready, disable auto-sync and auto-propagation on the NetScaler HA-Pair.

3.  Then configure the secondary NetScaler to work with the 2nd factor Authentication server.
        a.  Then plan a maintenance window to temporarily make the secondary NetScaler Server into the new primary NetScaler Server.
        b.  When I fail over the primary server, the secondary server will then become the new 'primary' server …
Citrix XenDesktop 7.15 CU2 MCS VDI Windows 10 Cortana search and edge doesn't work.
We have tried various profile exclusions, registries, rebuild however nothing helped.
In Master Image, both Cortana and Edge are working.
Please suggest.
Is Azure Market Place "Citrix NetScaler" can authenticate with "On Prem AD" using  "Site 2 Site VPN" connection?
How many seconds Azure "Citrix NetScaler" token will be valid for Authentication?
At On Prem side, ADFS required?
Please suggest
How to Make ica file prompt for username and password.

I saved a link from internal webpage, the link is an ica file. When I run the ica file it prompts me to enter username and password which is good.

On another computer, I did the same thing, however when I open the ica file, it will directly open the application that it is linked to instead of the Prompt for username and password then the application should open if correct credentials entered are authenticated in Active Active Directory

I need to be prompted for username and password when running the ica file
any help on this issue.?

Thank you
Required PowerShell Script to get Citrix XenApp 7.x Inventory as like below Script (below script for XenApp 6.5 Inventory)
In this below script, we can add or remove columns in the output CSV file.
Similar to editable PS script required for Citrix XenApp 7.x Inventory.

PowerShell XenApp 6.5 Inventory:


# Load XenApp cmdlets
#Added Accounttype
add-pssnapin Citrix.* -erroraction silentlycontinue
# Create variables
$outpath = [environment]::getfolderpath("mydocuments") + "\XenApp_Published_App_Report.csv"
$xaapplist = get-xaapplication
$appreport=foreach ($application in $xaapplist) {
get-xaapplicationreport -BrowserName $application.BrowserName
Get-XAAccount -BrowserName $application
# pipe appreport variable and select required objects for output
$appreport |
select-object BrowserName,
@{n='accounts'; e={$_.accounts}},
@{n='servernames'; e={$_.servernames}},
@{n='workergroupnames'; e={$_.workergroupnames}},
colordepth |
#Export results to a CSV
export-csv $outpath
Citrix Hosted Shared Desktop (Published Server OS Desktop) Office 365 or Office 2016 Installation and Licencing requirements.
1. Citrix Hosted Shared Desktop (Published Server OS Desktop) Office 365 or Office 2016 Installation: Office 365 will work for 5 devices with one user license. In Citrix HSD how can we eliminate that device license count?
2. To install Office 365 or Office 2016 on Citrix HSD, do we need any extra license?

Please clarify.
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Citrix Workspace App
What is the difference between Citrix Workspace App and Citrix Receiver?
Shall we use Citrix Workspace App as replacement of Citrix Receiver?
If yes, How can I use Citrix Workspace App for SSO.
For Citrix SSO on HSD (Hosted Shared Desktop, i.e Server OS published desktop) I have to install Citrix receiver with /SSON switch.
In the same context, how can I install Citrix Workspace App for Citrix SSO?
Please suggest.
Citrix Standalone Storefront Server. This is the IIS server. Created Citrix URL. i.e Website
Now the website has created with default FQDN of the server Hostname. Which is very lengthy. It is not a user-friendly URL.
So I would like to change the URL with a user-friendly name. Like https://myvdi.domainname.com.
First I have created DNS record (Canonical name) and SSL Certificate to myvdi.domainname.com
Bind the SSL certificate in IIS.
But I couldn’t able to resolve the myvdi.domainname.com URL.
Do I need to do any configurations in IIS? Please suggest.
Citrix XA 6.5 PVS Server Desktops sessions are getting disconnected. RDP to the xenapp server we see message saying "please wait for local session manager".
Citrix Environment: Citrix XA 6.5
Provisioning : PVS 7.13
OS: Windows 2008 R2
Profile : Managed by appsense
Hypervisor : No virtual servers, all are physical server.

Problem Statement: We have issue were user desktops session are getting disconnected and on reconnecting they get aback screen. On trying RDP to the xenapp server we see message saying "please wait for local session manager". It stays that way for a while and after about 2-3 hours or so, comes back to life on its own. This is happening intermittently on maybe 1 or 2 servers in a day out of 70+ servers. The servers are not repeated either.

Troubleshooting: We had a new Vdisk rollout which had only MS patching done. The vdisk has worked fine for about 8-9days without any issues. KB4073578, KB4054521, KB4048960 , KB2483177  were the 4 patches that went in.
Have verified them and not getting any relevant known issues for these.
When server is stuck, tried to remotely connect to the services on the affected computer which was successful, stopped the appsense service and started back again, but no response. Event logs did not give much info either.
How can I completely disable IPv6 from all network adapters on a Windows 7 Pro. computer?  The use this method to roll-out that configuration change to hundreds of computers?  Is there perhaps a script?

What I am looking for is to disable or un-check the ipv6 settings.

I want it to be grey'd out or disabled.

According to web page: https://techjourney.net/disable-turn-off-ipv6-support-in-windows-10-8-1-8-7-vista/

I have tried opening a command prompt as administrator and running
reg add "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip6\Parameters" /v DisabledComponents /t REG_DWORD /d 0x000000FF /f

Open in new window

But after I run this command I think IPv6 is disabled partly; but, I still see the check mark on the adapters indicating that it is still enabled.  

Question1: How can I disable the ipv6 for all adapters on a windows 7 Pro. PC?  My manager specifically asked me to do the un-check box, to make it look disabled.

Question2:  How can I use that method for a mass deployment to change the config on hundreds of devices?

Question3:  How can I verify that IPv6 is indeed disabled?

Before the registry changes, if I ran an ipconfig all, under "Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection"  I saw
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :  ###.##.##.###
Then I saw
DHCPv6 Client DUID. . . . . . . . : ##-##-##-##-##-##-##-##-##-##-##-##-##-##

After the Registry changes, I do not see any reference to DHCPv6 Client DUID. . . . . . . . : ##-##-##-##-##-##-##-##-##-##-##-##-##-##
Currently, most of our network infrastructure consists of VM servers in a Citrix Xenserver environment. We use Citrix Xenapp for all in house applications.
Our MS 2012 Domain Controller is standalone physical server.
We want to virtualize the existing server and import it into the Xenserver (XVA or OVF/A format.
I am looking for a straight forward method to export the physical server and import into a compatible Citrix Xenserver VM.
The solution required for "one-way clipboard redirection for XenDesktop 7.15 cu2"
Citrix Environment: Citrix XD 7.15 LTSR CU2
Provisioning technology:  MCS
HSD/ VDI OS: Windows 2016 /Windows 10
Profile type: Roaming / UPM
Hypervisor: VMWARE ESXi 6.5






Citrix is the synonym for the virtualization and application infrastructure systems developed by the company of the same name. Main areas are application virtualization, Software-As-A-Service (SaaS), cloud-computing and networking. The two most well-known are Citrix XenApp or Citrix CloudPlatform.