Citrix is the synonym for the virtualization and application infrastructure systems developed by the company of the same name. Main areas are application virtualization, Software-As-A-Service (SaaS), cloud-computing and networking. The two most well-known are Citrix XenApp or Citrix CloudPlatform.

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Where does the call home feature actually 'call' to in XenApp 7.15 LTSR CU3?

I am setting up a new farm running XenApp 7.15.  We are a Windows shop that uses Citrix XenApp not XenDesktop at this time.

So I typically think of call home as going back to the vendor, in this case Citrix.  Is that the case?  I see some other instances where the Telementary service won't start because it can't call home.  

I am looking for more information, but if someone would be able to assist, that would be appreciated.

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We have problems with Microsoft Definition Updates on Windows 7 Clients. According to Woody there is a problem: 

Error 1
Error 2
All physical devices are affected. Are you also affected? Are there any workarounds?

how to remove google chrome for users in published Citrix desktop. Urgent. Need this solution by tomorrow. Thanks.
We want to remove citrix desktop from users selection when the log into citrixreciever. We want to unpublish citrix desktop. What would be the best approach. Thanks.
How can we improve citrix/ ims performance?
We have 3 xen servers, almost 300 + users
Issues with performance, slowness, memory spikes, ims db logfile truncation... please advise
Is this bandwidth related ?
Hq is in 300 fiber
Heard Citrix corp office Hacked. We use citrix products. Is this concerning for us too. We use Citrix products. Thank you.
Hi EE,

We have an application that we just migrated the database of our setup is as follows:

Microsoft servers Windows Server 2012 R2
Applications are distributed via Citrix XenApp 6.
Application in question uses SQL auth.

The issue is when we migrated the database and repointed the connection strings the application doesn't login via Citrix see the error below. However, when we are connecting to the DB from the server the application is installed on there are no issues.

"||AXAPS04|0|System|7/03/2019 4:13:40 PM|-2147205987|[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Cannot execute as the database principal because the principal ""guest"" does not exist, this type of principal cannot be impersonated, or you do not have permission.||AMPRO Standard|5.0.14|AMPRO|5.0.14|basStartup|CheckDatabase|3|||"

I'm at a loss how to diagnose this, I have checked the GPO and Folder permissions and rebooted the application server no fix.

Any assistance is welcome on this opaque issue.

Thank you.
On a Netscaler MPX v11.x is it possible to see the bandwidth being used by a particular VIP?
How about for a particular SNIP?
I want to restrict internet access on my Citrix servers, and only allow them to access a few specific sites. Back in the day, I used Microsoft ISA server for this, and it worked really well. It gave a robust set of hierarchical rules which allowed to set access exactly how I wanted it.

However, ISA server has gone away with Forefront taking it's place. I really don't want to do Forefront.

Is there anyone proxy product out there that does what ISA server did? Most proxy products I've found have extremely limited rules based access.
I need some assistance in sizing a citrix Xendesktop VDI solution for a training environment.

200 shared desktops running on 4 xenapp virtual servers ( need sizing for the resources to be assigned to each xenapp server as each will host 50 users) simultaneously

70 pooled windows 10 desktops ( recommended memory and vcpu)

30 dedicated windows desktops (recommended memory and vcpu)

we will have a VMware cluster with 4 physical hosts. along with the VDI solution we will be hosting some 32 infrastructure and application servers and these will be consuming around 70 VCPU's , 350 GB Ram and 9 TB storage.

the remaining is of rthe VDI Solution

our total capacity is

physical hosts: 4
total Physical cores: 128
total Memory: 768 GB
total Storage: 18000 GB RAW storage.

4 hosts each host is HP proliant DL380 Gen 10 with 32 cores, 192 GB ram

the storage we have is HPE MSA 2050 with 2X(HPE MSA 400GB 12G SAS MU 2.5in SSD) + 20x  (HPE MSA 900GB 12G SAS 15K SFF ENT HDD)

I had asked this question before but closed the previous question. appreciate if I can have any indication either in a sizing calculator or any calculation that shows if there is any bottlenecks in the resources that we have. we are about to start this deployment and want to identify if there are any resource constraints that I can flag before commencing the project. any advise or calculations form the experts is appreicted.
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We have newly deployed Xenapp 7.15 LTSR CU3 on Windows 2016 OS. While launching published applications through Storefront from Win 2016 VDA, our session stuck on Windows Sign in prompt. We are not getting user id & password option. We do have RDS security policy is in place “Always prompt for password upon connection”.
But while launching published desktops, we are getting prompt to enter userid & password options. Does anyone has seen this issue?
We are using NetScaler VPX.
We identified the Issue: We do have RDS security policy is in place “Always prompt for password upon connection”.
If we disabled this policy, issues has been resolved.
But as per security team, this policy is must.
Do we have any Citrix article where it confirmed that, this policy has to disable?
We have a Hyper-V Citrix server that 3 days ago would not let any MS Office products run.   The Software Protection Service would stop.   We uninstalled all Office software.  We also identified the cause of the service stopping was a Microsoft Office patch on 2/15.

The problem now is we cannot get Office to reinstall.   I turned on Verbose logging and Shaun Vermaak of EE checked the logs and found no errors that would stop the installation.  

We have tried installing Office with full install and partial install.  It fails every time.  We are installing it with Full Administrator permissions.

My next option is to pay Microsoft $499 to fix it.

We are in a fully outsourced environment and I have reason to believe our Managed Service Provider has access to our AD passwords.  I am a domain admin, and have never seen an option myself for this.  We are in a Citrix environment and use O365, all of which are synched to our on-prem AD via Azure.  Would any of these conditions permit admins to be able to view our users' passwords?
We are planning a VDI solution using Citrix Xendesktop. As part of the VDI solution we have an internal Netscaler VPX to load balance the Citrix Storefront servers. As part of the deployment we also have two exchange servers and I am looking for a load balancing solution for the Exchange servers also. my question is if I can use the same Netscaler Appliance that I wil be using for Citrix Storefront servers to load balance exchange servers as well. I may have to create an additional Virtual server on VPX and does that impact any licenses for the Netscaler or can I use it without any additional cost.
need help in VDI sizing for a citrix vdi solution.

we need to purchase hardware to host 300 concurrent sessions.

we will have 4 Xenapp servers to host 200 users- task workers

70 pooled windows 10 virtual desktops- medium load

30 dedicated windows 10 desktops- high performance users

please do not consider the resources required to host infrastructure components. need sizing only for VDI
we are planning for a VDI solution for 500 concurrent users. we have selected the citrix xendesktop environment and I just want to confirm all the Microsoft licenses required for our scenereo.

user categorization: out of the 500 users

- 300 will be xenapp users accessing published applications hosted on windows 2016 servers
- 100 will be pooled windows 10 desktops
- 100 will be dedicated desktops.

the solution will be hosted on 4 servers hosts each with 2 processors and 16 cores per processor running VMware esxi.
the solution will have 4 xenspp servers to host the 300 users
the solution will have 200 windows desktops as vdi.

clients will access the applications and desktops using thin clients

I want the licenses we need for the environment.
 windows server licenses,
RDS  licenses
citrix has proposed 500 concurrent user licenses for their solution and are there any additional licenses that we need to consider from Microsoft other than the RDS licenses?
for windows 10 will have 200 MDOP licenses.
we have taken into account the SQL server licenses already.

as we are in the final phases I don't want to have any surprises at the last moment so asking experts if I am missing out on anything?

we are planning to deploy a VDI solution using the Citrix xendesktop and Xenapp. we have purchased a Netscaler VPX to load balance the storefront server. we will have two storefront servers load balanced by the netscaler VPX. since it a small environment for 300 clients we are planning to install the storefront and the delivery controllers on the same machines. now my question is can I load even the delivery controllers that the storefront server uses by the same netscaler vpx.

I want to create two VIP on the netscaler VPX. one to load balance storefront servers that users use. the second VIP that Storefront used to load balance the Delivery controllers that are installed on the same servers.

We have been hit with audits.  We are in the process of standing up a new farm to replace, but the audit is currently against our existing XenApp 6.5 farm running on Windows 2008 R2.

One item we need to disable is "Sticky Keys".  I have gone through the forums and tried to manually set the reg key, loaded via script, but not having any luck.  Seems all the posts are really old.  So, maybe they no longer are valid.  So, looking for a way to set this via Group Policy or Citrix Policy to disable sticky keys as we can't allow users this option.

Additionally, I have added comments to my other ticket, How to lock down "Open Command Windows here" when accessing certain auto-generated printers on XenApp 6.5, if you have further thoughts around locking down printers.

Any help is appreciated.  This particular audit is finding all kinds of gems.
We have an Access database on a Win 2012 R2 server locally.  The backend and frontend are separate and each user has there own frontend.  

When they use it from the office where it is stored the performance is very poor.

When they access it via Citrix, it is extremely fast.  

This makes no sense to me.  Why is it faster over an MPLS connection?

How can I improve local performance?
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Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 LTSR and  Windows 7 VDI (Persistent) , VMWARE  ESXi 6.0
power state of Vm's showing as  unknown. They will be back normal once Vcentre services are restarted..
Please help.
Script Required: Citrix XenDesktop 7.14 to 7.15 LTSR CU3 Win10 VDA agent upgrade Script.
Current Environment: Windows 2012 R2, Citrix XD 714
Tobe Environment: Windows 2016, Citrix XD 7.15 CU3
Control Layer Servers (DDC, SF, LIC) already upgraded to 7.15.
Now we need to upgrade all our MCS Windows 10 VDIs.
We don't have SCCM  or any automated deployment tools.
So we would like to deploy through Scripts.. So please share a PS Script to achieve the target.
Shall we use or any free Domain names for Testing Purpose? Shall we get public SSL certs for those domains?
I would like to test Citrix NetScaler Gateway URL with FAS and SSO in Citrix & Azure Cloud. For this I need one Domain name with public SSL Certificates.
Please suggest any Free Domain names which can used for 10 to 30 days over internet with above features.
I have just renewed my Citrix licenses but I no longer have the option of obtaining a Citrix Access Gateway Platform License.
My gateway access in version 5.0.4 requires this license and my users can no longer connect.

Can we still get this license or do we need to do a big update of my platform ?

I contacted Citrix customer service to get information, if other resellers have answers it can be useful to me.
Microsoft Outlook 365 crashes when right clicking an attachment within an email and selecting save as or save all attachement. please see attached for clarification.
The printers connect successfully, however when they try to print to them the jobs seem to disappear. Attempting to print again, the printer shows offline in the session even though the Windows 7 OS can communicate with the printer fine. We disabled all functionality with Webroot and the issue persists, however when we flat out uninstall it printing from Citrix works as expected.






Citrix is the synonym for the virtualization and application infrastructure systems developed by the company of the same name. Main areas are application virtualization, Software-As-A-Service (SaaS), cloud-computing and networking. The two most well-known are Citrix XenApp or Citrix CloudPlatform.