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Cloud computing, also known as on-demand computing, is a kind of Internet-based computing where shared resources and information are provided to computers and other devices. It is a model for enabling ubiquitous, on-demand access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources. Cloud computing and storage solutions provide users and enterprises with various capabilities to store and process their data in third-party data centers, relying on sharing of resources to achieve coherence and economies of scale.

Can you use Direct Connect to reach an AWS public IP address? We have a service that is critical to
our business that's reached via the Internet. There were some intermediary routing problems and
we couldn't reach it for a time - long latency and packet drops. Since we already have some
Direct Connects to AWS for getting to our VPC - I wondered if there was any way for me to
route traffic destined for publicly facing services with public IP addresses to be reached via
the direct connect circuits instead of the less-guaranteed Internet. Thank you for any insight.
Looking for a domain to domain migration project plan.  Windows Server 2016 to Office 365 environment, more concerned with permissions and groups, however would like to see the full blown out project plan if available.
Apologies if I'm out-of-line posting this kind of question... and I looked in EE to see if I could find a "Community" forum for off-the-wall discussions... (There used to be one, yes?)

But my question relates to investing in NTNX stock.  Cheerleaders of it say that it'll be huge - but I can barely even find out what they do, aside from the bland descriptions relating to simplifying cloud deployments... Is it a platform like AWS or Azure?  How is it so revolutionary?  Has it got a solid future?

Please feel free to point me to another forum if needed... just not sure where to start here with this question... or whether to pursue it at all on EE.

Looking for recommendations for a business class website that requires load balancing, IIS, SQL Server.

Looking for hosting.
Looking for migration.

i want someone you have used or are using. I can google and get results. I want experienced recommendations please.

We use Rackspace now with 2 auto-loaded websites and they are constantly crashing and we've had nothing but excuses for a year now.

So we need a firewall, load balancers, and sql server, DDOS protection, etc.

We are interested in migrating to Azure and get hosting/migrating from partners who know what they're doing.


Added Clarification:
We want to move our server to the Azure platform.
We want to find partners who can be in charge of our migration.
We want to find a good hosting provider (if that's still a thing, we don't know how that works.)

hi guys

I'm looking to get some certifications, both in Vmware and Microsoft and possibly Cisco down the line. But of course, like anything, it would be good to have an environment where one can play with the content and setup a lab and try out the features.

I can use a test network at work that is segregated from production, which all sits on Vmware and Cisco switches, but do you guys know of any good providers whom you have used to setup a test lab with? I'm assuming people will say Amazon EC2 servers or even Azure, but any information will be useful.

Is Azure Market Place "Citrix NetScaler" can authenticate with "On Prem AD" using  "Site 2 Site VPN" connection?
How many seconds Azure "Citrix NetScaler" token will be valid for Authentication?
At On Prem side, ADFS required?
Please suggest
Need a FREE survey web tool

I need free because of how I plan to deploy it to numerous businesses. But, I need some features also.

Mostly, I need the ability to export the questions, then import them into a different account.

Am i asking too much?

Need a good cloud survey tool

I need a robust survey tool that enables me to develop a few "parent" surveys, but create an unlimited number of "child" surveys, which can inherit questions and answer, word for word, OR add and delete questions and answers.

Without a system to manage this, I see it could easily get way out of control, especially as customizations roll in.

I also need this survey to be anonymous so that clients can send my URL to their customer list without fear they will be losing their customer list.

I hope to get notifications when a survey has been completed.

What tool can you suggest?

Need to create WordPress based photo album

I have a WP site and find the format of Flickr a bit unworkable. For example, I want to provide a URL to my tour attendees, and show my photo library after they provide their First Name and an Email address.

Do you know of any WP plug ins that could help me create a virtual tour image photo gallery?

We are using OneDrive for Business for Office 365. Get-ODStatus returns  StatusString: NotInstalled when OneDrive is clearly running.
Is there a free useful solution for a multi people thread... kind of like a forum that is closed for a certain group.

I want to be able to talk about multi subjects and that if someone new comes in he can easily browse through the subjects and see the comments.

again like a thread or forum.
Hi guys

We have a load of designers and photographers at work. They currently save their content onto our local fileserver. However, due to the size of their files, the content grows and there is only so much we can backup every single time and get rid of from the local server to make space again.

We have dedicated bandwidth of around 150Mb/s on a business line, so no contention.

Therefore, I began looking at Office 365 products and One drive. We are right now testing out the E5 plan, so it comes with unlimited storage. However, the ridiculousness of this system is when you setup a server to have your One-Drive onto so that people can be mapped to it in the same way as they are with the fileserver, but then begin to drop files into this folder and watch your local servers disk space get smaller and smaller and smaller!! What on earth would be the point when it is eating our local hard disk space?!

Am I looking at the wrong product? Should I perhaps be looking into Azure servers? I basically need to have people work directly onto the cloud so that they can save their content onto folders on servers in the cloud where I don't have to worry how much space I have.

Any ideas or even solutions you can think of that can be of help would be great.

Thanks for helping
Need to publish a photo library on the web

I need a mobile friendly way to show 50-100 of my photos on the web, and be able to customize various search methods for users to search quickly through the images.

What tools are there?

In the long run, I will use my website to host these. In the short run I need convenience and speed to market.

I would pay a small monthly fee if there were a few with advanced features.

I just realized, Facebook could be a great place for this.

We are looking to save data contents at least a bit over a terabyte to a cloud solution.  We are not looking for daily cloud backup rather maybe once ever 2 months.  We were thinking purchasing an account in Google, Apple, Microsoft, Mega, Box, DropBox etc. (those that we already know and have with 2gb, 15gb thru 50gb free accounts in).  

We are looking for a cloud provider, that coud be one of the above or one we have not consider, that would suffice the amount of space we need.  However, considering EE vast experience, can you provide info as to:

  • which cloud provider is best for this type of task?
  • Which one uploading is fastest?
  • Which one is  has the optimal security requirement?
  • Also, which is most economical?

Pleasea advice.
Can I protect my images on Google Photos?

I may use Google Photos to provide access to my photos to a large number of people. I am doing this to support a live tour I plan to give. But, can people (strangers, really) delet my photos?

I hope be able to also block them, in some way, from backing up my entire folder of image to their PC.

So, what kinds of limited access can I provide to Google Photos?

I've been using the Azure ML Studio and it is great.

I get the basics of what ML is and what it does. But now I'd like to learn it in more detail - understand the deeper issues, the math behind it, what the different algorithms do and so on.

But I don't know where to go for this. Most of the introductions to ML use Python and TensorFlow. Ideally I'd like to stick to Azure ML Studio but I just can't find anything that tells me about the theory of ML rather than how to use Azure ML Studio.

I'm talking about books or courses - I think ideally a book but either would be fine.

This book might be promising:

Predictive Analytics with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning 2nd Edition Paperback – 19 Aug 2015
by Valentine Fontama (Author), Roger Barga (Contributor), Wee Hyong Tok (Contributor)

But I'm concerned it doesn't give the background - the reviews seem to indicate this.

Let me know if you have read a good book or completed a good course that explains the math of ML and would be something I could use with the Azure ML Studio.

I have been a VMWare Workstation user for several years.  I've been running on a local PC at most two or three VMs at a time.  Problem is my PC is max'd out on RAM at 16Gb and when I run the VMs my local hosts environment runs low on resources.  

I know that VMWare Workstation allows you to upload VMs to a remote server such as VMWare vCloud Air.  I don't know much about these cloud environments and pricing.  

My question is, are there any economical cloud hosts that are cheaper for a single developer with only a couple VMs?  vCloud Air looks expensive for even the OnDemand option.  I'm just looking for an affordable way to push the load off from for my local VMs to run in. Are there any good options?

i use aws-sdk for javascript to give user choice to enable/disable 2 factor auth for login. i have 2 issues: UI is capturing user phone and updates cognito phone_number attribute. (updateUserAttributes) First issue is with this stage, it updates the number but returns empty object instead of

    "CodeDeliveryDetailsList": [ 
        "AttributeName": "string",
        "DeliveryMedium": "string",
        "Destination": "string"

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Second, i am trying to send user a verification code with getAttributeVerificationCode with the following payload:

const params = { 
  AccessToken: auth.accessToken,    
  AttributeName: 'phone_number'

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and i am getting "CustomMessage failed with error Cannot read property identity of undefined" error. Any ideas?

i have heavy computations i need to run in excel.

i am looking for suggestions on a cloud based service that has a lot of CPUs in a desktop like environment for me to have a UI, like
Tagging in Azure and AWS -

We have thousands of servers withing both the AWS and Azure Cloud providers.

We need to apply the following tags to all the resources as well as any new resources created in any of cloud providers.

BusinessUnit:      Identify business unit e.g. Finance, Marketing, Human Resources,            
Owner:      The email distribution name of the team,            
CostCentreCode:      Used to identify the cost centre code for cross charging,            
Name:      Used to identify the individual resource,            
ApplicationID:      Used to identify resources that are related to specific applications,            
Functionality:      Used to identify the purpose of the resource, i.e. web, message broker, DB,            
Environment:       To identify Production, PreProd, UAT, Dev, Test, Performance, Security etc,            
Schedule:       Identifies whether the server should be powered down at certain times,            
Monitoring:      Required if server is being monitored or not,            
Geography:      This should contain the Oxford University Press' geography the resource group is utilised by,            
ExternallyManaged:      3rd party support details such as HT2, CirrusHQ, Avallain, Cognizant,            
Backups:      Backup schedule and to where            

what is the best way to implement this ? do know anyone know a script i can utilise to deploy this in both environments?


Received this security alert from MS cloud. Is this a safe activity and how to troubleshoot this whether security breach? Tks.

Anyone can share any free or low cost cloud services for
me to run scripts (ideally 64-bit VMs)

I want to use imagemagick on the cloud, i have a Bluehost account that says it's available

I have very limited experience in unix (or whatever the operating system is?) and I'm unable even to find out how to get to a command line to test this.

This question is just to get me kicked in the right direction, so any of the following would be a good start:
1. getting onto a command line and verifying the statements form the link above
2. creating a simple script file that i can run on the server somehow
3. a dummies summary of how imagemagick could work on bluehost

Attached screenshot of some of the bluehost advanced options.


Related question resolved:
Hi everyone,

I am going to build one cloud based application for multiple customers / businesses, based on that i have few questions.

1) what is the best practice to handle database,  
a) One db for all customers, then what about performance?
b) or is it one db for one customer?

2) let's suppose, if there is power cut (never but due to some reason) or internet down at customer site, in this case what shall be our responsibility?

I am looking to use a  MY Cloud Pro 4100 series NAS box  for backing up  Windows Server\ SQL Data locally and then send it to Amazon S3 cloud. The servers I am talking about are 3 Windows servers

2 of the 3 servers are VM-* the servers do  have SQL databases

I  would like to backup  the data locally on the NAS and then send it to Amazon
Has anyone done this?

What I originally wanted to do was install the backup software on the NAS and  have the data back to it and then to the Amazon s3 cloud

Cloud Computing





Cloud computing, also known as on-demand computing, is a kind of Internet-based computing where shared resources and information are provided to computers and other devices. It is a model for enabling ubiquitous, on-demand access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources. Cloud computing and storage solutions provide users and enterprises with various capabilities to store and process their data in third-party data centers, relying on sharing of resources to achieve coherence and economies of scale.