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Cloud computing, also known as on-demand computing, is a kind of Internet-based computing where shared resources and information are provided to computers and other devices. It is a model for enabling ubiquitous, on-demand access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources. Cloud computing and storage solutions provide users and enterprises with various capabilities to store and process their data in third-party data centers, relying on sharing of resources to achieve coherence and economies of scale.

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Dear EE,

How can i rename AZURE CLOUD VM.

If i have created VM001.
Now i want to change this VM001 to VM_001

Ensure Business Longevity with As-A-Service
Ensure Business Longevity with As-A-Service

Using the as-a-service approach for your business model allows you to grow your revenue stream with new practice areas, without forcing you to part ways with existing clients just because they don’t fit the mold of your new service offerings.

What is the optimal way to use Dropbox?

Only being a very occasional user of Dropbox, there are some users in an office here that seem to be struggling with it! (Yes, I'm baffled too as to how
such a simple app could cause confusion...)

All users on Windows 10 laptop clients.

Small MS Office files

For starters I'm guessing, it's best to have the APP installed on the PCs?
Hello Expert

I got a customer that have an AWS environment.
I have never work with AWS before and i am trying to connect to the VM. But i cant because to connect it require a SSH key, but i dont have that and also the previous tech dont have that either.

What is the best way for me to gain access to the VM

Thanks in Advance
Does any Serverless Framework/Platform support a multi-cloud deployment? Meaning deploy the same API to multiple cloud providers. Can it be done with load balancing?
Hi I have vb web application , I want to deploy that to Google Clouds Platform, I am using Oracle database in that Web Application, I am confused which method to use, Either Google App Engine .NET Flexible Or Compute Engine or something else
Looking for feedback on what products to consider for o365 sharepoint cloud backup of working data and backend?

What input on most important things to consider when weighing options, conventions and gotchas?

Thank you.
Hi I am planning to move my .net website to Google Cloud Platform, Is it simple or it will take lots of effort to do that, Please tell me some tutorials which can help me
Migrate Exchange Server 2016 from onsite to the cloud.
We currently have onsite a domain eg running onsite. On this site we also have running an Exchange Server 2016 that provides emails to the staff. The problem we are having is that its now working out too costly to run the exchange server onsite as the server needs to remain operational 24 hours a day. We have some storage space in the cloud to add 1 server. I have added a vmware server to this space and now want to host 2 virtual servers.

The local subnet mask is
The cloud subnet mask is

The local site to the cloud is able to communicate no problem via a  site to site vpn.

In the cloud will be the following 2 virtual servers.

1. A secondary domain controller.
2. Exchange Server.

The secondary domain controller has the ip of and is replicating no problem with the local dc that is on

I want to now setup the new exchange server and am not sure on what to do. The plan is to setup a new exchange and then move the mailboxes from the current local exchange to be pushed to the new cloud exchange. I will then look to demote and remove this local exchange so that the only exchange is now in the cloud.

The local dc will remain as the plan is that this dc will switch on during the daytime during working hours and then shutdown at the end of the shift along with a local storage server.
We are unable to find a common cause of these CPUs maxing out.  Seemingly random users utilizing multiple and single Remote Desktop instances, some have been idle and some lock up while working.  Once ending task/process, CPU returns to normal and the connection can be re-established with no issues.  Until it happens again.

Servers are hosted in AWS using EC2 instance.  
15+/- concurrent sessions on server at once.
Applications vary but mostly DocStar, Chrome and Outlook.
All workstations are on latest WIn10 Pro version and updates are current.
Sophos Endpoing on server and workstations

We've checked system/application logs on both server and workstation but no warnings, errors or log entries appear at the time of freeze up.
Is anyone aware of a Cloud Desktop solution that I can use to provide a VMWare Workstation 14 based Virtualisation lab environment for students?

We want to provide a cloud desktop to the student with 32GB RAM

Can Citrix XenDesktop (cloud offering) do this?

AWS Workspaces doesn't provide nested virtualisation (vt-x disabled). However, can build a solution utilising AWS i3.metal instance. Unfortunately this is not available in Australia at this point in time.
Amazon Web Services
LVL 13
Amazon Web Services

Are you thinking about creating an Amazon Web Services account for your business? Not sure where to start? In this course you’ll get an overview of the history of AWS and take a tour of their user interface.

I am creating an site to site VPN where the client is editing large photos and video files that are hosted on cloud server. What is the best way to connect  to get the best speeds?
We are creating a cloud server for a customer who will be accessing it via a UNC path/mapping the path for them.  they will use Active Directory on the cloud server to authenticate them to the mapped drive or data path.  can someone confirm if User CALS are needed for this method of use?

the PC's themselves wont be domain joined to it but their will be active directory on their with a domain.  they also wont RDPing to it.
I am want to ask some devops questions.
Where in Devops we us Python scripts.
Hi Expert,

If there anyone working on Oracle Retail V16 SaaS Interface here,
Cloud anyone please guide how to prevent Duplicate file processing to SaaS using PL/SQL or UNIX?

Thank You!
Hi, im building out a colocation rack to host data for some clients.

I am wondering what software platform you used (like vmware), and how you separated each clients network? Also, curious on backups as well!

I am looking into purchasing AWS dedicated hosts for licensing reasons. I am assuming that when the hardware running a Dedicated Host fails, all instance hosted on it also fail. Does anyone know what happens in this event?

Our healthcare application needs to be implemented in a hospital, the application is very critical in nature.  The entire application is basically writing images and reading it back and forth for multiple editing.  Yearly atleast 1.5TB of  images will be generated. At any point of time there will be 300 concurrent users. manipulating the images .  Per Image size will be approximately 250 KB.

So my questions is ,
1. How to determine the best server configuration for the above specs
2.  Should we go for on premise server or on cloud
3. We have looked at the Amazon S3 and Digital Ocean Spaces option , which is the better based on cost and performance
4. Need to desice keeping in mind the solution should work for atleast 6 years.


i can't resolve the hostname like or private cloud hostname as well.


Industry 4.0 is no longer new to us, but I would like to know a bit more on its implementation in real world case studies.

For those really had implemented (or going to implement) Industry 4.0 in their corporation's network, what things to focus and how the corporation adapt it through the whole transformation process.

Can you share your experiences in Industry 4.0 implementation?

Feel free to comment and discuss, thanks.
Active Protection takes the fight to cryptojacking
Active Protection takes the fight to cryptojacking

While there were several headline-grabbing ransomware attacks during in 2017, another big threat started appearing at the same time that didn’t get the same coverage – illicit cryptomining.

I have a public API endpoint that I am pulling a json file every 30 mins. Right now I am using a python pandas dataframe to pull and upload the file to a cloud storage bucket and then sending to pub sub to process and place into BQ. The problem with this is that the file name stays the same and even though I have  gcs text stream to pub sub if it reads the file once it never reads it again even though the file attributes have changed. My question here is can any one help me with code that will pull from an api web link and stream the data directly to pub sub?

Sample code below:
import json
import pandas as pd
from sodapy import Socrata
from io import StringIO
import as gcs
from google.oauth2 import service_account

client = Socrata("", None)
results = client.get("xxx")

# Convert to pandas DataFrame
results_df = pd.DataFrame.from_records(results, columns =['segmentid','street','_direction','_fromst','_tost','_length','_strheading','_comments','start_lon','_lif_lat','lit_lon','_lit_lat','_traffic','_last_updt'])
# send results to GCP
gcs.Bucket('test-temp').item('data.json').write_to(results_df.to_json(orient='records', lines=True),'text/json')
Hi, need help to create 1000 VMs to map with direct network ID from python script to call API but it didn't well.

Direct network error: private cloud contains network[1c948756-db50-4871-b03d-d911ecdcae16]', 'code': '400'}}"

Virtual Private Cloud no issue but just can't ping the IP from Python Script being created but when using UI to create and point to the direct network is okay.

Where can i find the right API call to query the direct network ID?

You see click on the below link to download  from google Drive to view the creation process for better understand.


ps advice how to resolve the error. Tks

I have a potential customer that is using ERP software that was developed in the late 70's/early 80's and will only run on Windows NT.

Does NT exist in the cloud environment and would I be able to image the current machine and spin it up on a virtual?

how to solve this error. ps help. Tks.

line 68, in <module>
AttributeError: 'list' object has no attribute 'Apppend'

i need more than one system-volumes but created on volume only in the cloud platform. Ps advice. Tks

start_number = 1
number_of_volumes = 10
volume_id = []

for i in range(number_of_volumes):
    vol_no = start_number + i
    create_volume_url = ""
    body = {"volume":
            "size": 60,
            "availability_zone": "az0.dc0",
            "volume_type": "ssd",
            "name": "vol" + str(vol_no),
            "multiattach": False,
            "imageRef": "c54d05fa-5ad8-425e-be56-e60ede395230"
    headers = {
        'content-type': "application/json",
        'X-Auth-Token': token

    result =, json=body, headers=headers, verify=False)
I'm trying to transition from a Sys Admin to Dev Ops by getting training done first. Does anyone have recommendations for GCP training. I have seen plenty of Azure and AWS but no current GCP training that was created within the past year or so. I'm already taking courses on Experts Exchange, CBTNuggets, and PluralSight. They training stuff they have it fairly outdated if there's anything at all and I'd prefer to keep it on the cheaper side since I'm already paying for 3 other sites as it is.

Thanks for your input,


Cloud Computing





Cloud computing, also known as on-demand computing, is a kind of Internet-based computing where shared resources and information are provided to computers and other devices. It is a model for enabling ubiquitous, on-demand access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources. Cloud computing and storage solutions provide users and enterprises with various capabilities to store and process their data in third-party data centers, relying on sharing of resources to achieve coherence and economies of scale.