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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing, also known as on-demand computing, is a kind of Internet-based computing where shared resources and information are provided to computers and other devices. It is a model for enabling ubiquitous, on-demand access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources. Cloud computing and storage solutions provide users and enterprises with various capabilities to store and process their data in third-party data centers, relying on sharing of resources to achieve coherence and economies of scale.

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I've been using Dropbox for years, the 1 TB account and I think it's great.  I have some clients that use Google Drive and they think it's great--until lately.  One of the users deleted a bunch of random files in many different folders.  Being familiar with Dropbox, I was thinking that it was going to be simple to restore these deleted files from the trash.  I would just go in there (past the meatloaf from last week, egg shells, etc) and sort the trash folder by date deleted or date modified and restore the data back to its original location. Apparently, it's not that simple.  The trash is all mixed together.  It has a "last modified" and "last opened" column option but there is no chronological sorting when those options are selected.  Please say that I'm missing something here.  I googled, "google drive restore by date deleted files" in hopes to find someone else that had this issue.  I found an old Google productforums page and the conclusion by the Google Drive tech was, "Thank you for posting and sorry you're running into this issue. The only way for you to restore files on specific days is to do it manually."  So, no sorting in the trash?  You must restore the whole thing and then sort through it?  I checked out Dropbox again and I see that you can sort the deleted files by date/time deleted.  Please let me know if you have some experience with this or if Google Drive is not a good option.  Thank you!
Put Machine Learning to Work--Protect Your Clients
Put Machine Learning to Work--Protect Your Clients

Machine learning means Smarter Cybersecurity™ Solutions.
As technology continues to advance, managing and analyzing massive data sets just can’t be accomplished by humans alone. It requires huge amounts of memory and storage, as well as high-speed processing of the cloud.

Saya mau menyetingphp server dibandrol saya

I am new to Hadoop.  I have a question regarding yarn memory allocation.  If  we have 16GB memory in cluster,  we can have least 3 4GB cluster an keep 4 GB for other uses.  If a job needs 10 GB RAM, would it use 3 containers or  use one container and will start using the ram rest of the RAM ?
Hello- at our organization we are using Windows 10 with Office365.  Users have Office365 apps installed locally and typically use those over the web versions due to the increased functions available in the local versions as opposed to the web versions.  We are also encouraging the use of OneDrive for storing files.   When users boot up, they typically connect automatically to OneDrive for Business.  We do the initial configuration for them on their machine which consists of logging into the Office 365 web portal, clicking the OneDrive tile, allowing it to set up...then clicking 'Sync' which then prompts for their credentials to open OneDrive for Business which we enter for them.  One Drive for Business than syncs and creates the local folder and they are off and running.

This seems to work well, but we do have a user (power user) facing challenges as we migrate in this direction and we need to understand why before it happens to more and more users as they move toward using One Drive for Business to save files.

Occasionally the user will be working in a OneDrive saved file and making changes.  He will then suddenly get prompted with and Office 365 login screen along with the message 'Upload Failed'?  This is odd, because he is already logged in to OneDrive because he is working in a file from OneDrive.   He also will sometimes get the message 'Upload Blocked' and he is told he will 'need internet for this" ??  See figure 1.

Similar to this... see Figure 2... he is …
Weblogic in Docker containers ?

has anyone ever been able to use weblogic oracle in a Docker contianer ?

I would love to hear how you did it , any links and advice is appreacated
It's easy to add 'classic' printers to a GMail account so that they can be used via Google Cloud Print. However, I've not been able to find a way to add a new 'classic' printer to the account in a way so that the printer can be used to print something. There is code on Github that can add a new 'classic' printer to the list. However, you can only get as far as creating a print job, I cannot actually print the job on the designated printer.

So, my question is how, programmatically, to add a 'classic' printer to a GMail account and print with it if you already have an existing list of printers. If there's some kind of existing program I can use, that's an acceptable answer. If there's code to do this, my very strong preference is a.NET language.

Note the requirement to do it using a program, I've recently identified a likely way to add a printer using a hardware solution.
I am having this issue that I have ( I think ) trased to an AMAZON ami that has changed and does not allow SSH anymore

can I access an older version of an AMI ????

CentOS Linux 7 x86_64 HVM EBS 1602-b7ee8a69-ee97-4a49-9e68-afaee216db2e-ami-d7e1d2bd.3 (ami-6d1c2007)

west coast AMI

(cannot SSh)

CentOS Linux 7 x86_64 HVM EBS 1602-b7ee8a69-ee97-4a49-9e68-afaee216db2e-ami-d7e1d2bd.3 (ami-af4333cf)

terraform v0.10.7
google cloud platform
various .tf files for creating backend, variables etc


i am able to create multiple vm instances and also multiple additional disks (boot_disk is working fine on each instance) but I want to be able to attach those additional disks to each vm accordingly without having to have individual resource adds for each vm (if that makes sense!).

the code I have so far is (which works ok for building multiple compute instances and also multiple additional disks): note (I have commented out the attached_disk which errors atm)

*** START ***
# vm1.tf

variable "node_count" {
  default = "3"

resource "google_compute_disk" "test-node-1-index-disk-" {
    count   = "${var.node_count}"
    name    = "test-node-1-index-disk-${count.index}-data"
    type    = "pd-standard"
    zone    = "${var.zone}"
    size    = "5"
resource "google_compute_instance" "test-node-" {
    count = "${var.node_count}"
    name = "test-node-${count.index}"
    machine_type = "${var.machine_type}"
    zone = "${var.zone}"

    boot_disk {
    initialize_params {
    image = "${var.image}"
#    attached_disk {
#        source      = "${google_compute_disk.test-node-1-index-disk-(count.index)}"
#        device_name = "${google_compute_disk.test-node-1-index-disk-(count.index)}"
#   }

    network_interface {
      network = "default"
      access_config {
        // Ephemeral IP
We have three sites. One main , 30 users and,  two branch with 5 users each.  We deal with large files , Photoshop, in-design, .........
I need the files to be replicated between the offices and also it would be nice to have some type of sync mechanism if the user is on the road.  We have about 15 TB of data. Dropbox does not work since it will not run on Windows servers. I like to keep my Windows servers around. We also have a lot of Mac users. I don't know if Azure cloud could help in this case. Thank you, Hamed
I am currently setting up a training room where I want everything to be automated. I have door style windows on a slanted roof that currently needs to be opened manually. The problem is that the windows are very high, and it is not practical to try and open them manually.

They are side hung escape windows with wooden frames and dimensions 660x1180mm.

I want to convert the windows so they can open automatically, preferably using a remote or voice commands using my SmartThings hub or Amazon Alexa. Would this be possible?

Would you be able to guide me to the type of window opener/actuator that would best suit my window and what else I would need to get to be able to use my SmartThings hub or IFTTT event triggering.

Any solutions would be much appreciated.


Modern healthcare requires a modern cloud. View this brief video to understand how the Concerto Cloud for Healthcare can help your organization.

Hi experts!

I recently created a LinkedService in Azure Data Factory to copy data from an on-premises MySQL databsae to a SQL Azure database. I followed the walktrought guide in the official Microsoft Azure documentation. However, when I check the Pipeline I notice it runs with no errors, an small 5 min. duration, but none row copied. So if I got to the LinkedService definition I notice an error saying "Credenciales no establecidas" ("Credentials not set").

Any advice on what is causing this error?

Please check in attachments screenshots of the error, as well as LinkedService/Data Copy Activity definition and Pipeline runs logs.

Help will be greatly appreciated.Logs-copy-activity.JPGLinkedservice_definition.JPGCredentials-not-set.JPGCopyactivity_definition.JPG
This very well could be and/or end up in the gigs section, but i need to collect some more information - education.  

I have an access database that, put simply,  tracks real estate comparable sales (data/pictures) , ties it together with a subject property,  and then outputs a report....

I wish to recreate this database so that it will be able to be access by multiple people in two - possibly more locations.  I've been reading up on Google Cloud - various flavors of SQL and think it can be done, but it I am more willing to pay someone to do this rather than learn something new...  I do however need to understand why choosing solution is A is better than solution B.
Please suggest me what are the latest cloud technologies
Hello team,

We have created a vpn tunnel (VPC) from our physical office to Amazon. The tunnel is active but I can't connect to any of my Ec2 machines using the private ip address. Is there anything additional that needs to be done in the amazon side to make this work? I'm not sure if there's a firewall or something I will need to configure as well.

Thank you!
please suggest,my requirement is ,our 5 managers are visiting some companies individually,they are need to access folders in mobiles,at office we have upload company profiles,separate separate folders are created,no one access other folders.if ask others give shared link that files option also required, i have checked onedrive and icloud and dropbox and flipdrive,there is no security on folders and also required unique login.we will share
I have about 30 000 files which are a mix of jpg, png, mov, mp4 and potentially others.  Total size is around 70GB.  I've collected these into a single folder structure and left an upload to google photos running, and then used the desktop uploaded and left that for a week to upload any that were missed.

Now, I'm not sure which have uploaded successfully and which haven't.  The 'log' created during the upload is not helpful when working out which files haven't uploaded.  I've done a download of the photos from google photos through their backup system.  However, I can't just windiff between the two folders as they have different subfolder structures.  I've tried doing an xcopy of files to a single folder but some of the files have the same name (although different dates) and I may miss out on file-extensions that I'm not aware are in the listing.

Does anyone have any ideas or scripts I could run to make the problem easier to solve, or to come up with the final list of files that haven't uploaded?
I'm not sure whether I should move my contact center to the cloud or have it stay on premise?

Can you please suggest the best Cloud-Scale Monitoring tool for infrastructure and applications.


Can you please suggest the best and cost effective Enterprise Cloud Storage/Sharing against Dropbox, box.com, and egnyte.com
We are evaluating it for our new project.

What does it mean to be "Always On"?
What does it mean to be "Always On"?

Is your cloud always on? With an Always On cloud you won't have to worry about downtime for maintenance or software application code updates, ensuring that your bottom line isn't affected.

We would like to try a few different hosted server providers based in the uk for hosting cloud servers for our small business clients eg 1 - 2 servers upto 100 users max. Most are 5 - 10 users though

We would rather use a UK based supplier and secondly one that is tried and tested.

Can you guys recommend any reliable providers ?
I have project in which I  have to create few users where I have to give view only permission and some time limited with certain rights.

How can it be done. >???
Hi ,

I have created one cloud image qcow2 for SLES 12U1 and inbuilt cloud-init too . but strange thing is this it boots sucessfully first time and we can work on it.but when we reboot it says unable to find /dev/sda1 or waiting for device.

I tried to change entries in fstab and grub.cfg with UUID but still same issue.

Please help might me i am nit changing it right but i refered links to do that and same issue.

same kind of thing happening with SLES11U4.
We have a windows file server with similar structure described below:
Folders:                                  Groups                          members/access
Group01                                 group1                          user1      /   full control
Group02                                 group2                          user1 and user 2 /full control.
Group03                                 group3                          user3
....and so forth.    (pretty standard.....and each group folder is mapped with a specific drive letter for all users that need it).
Due to bandwidth limitations, VPN is not an option and we're looking for an online storage vendor that provides such structure.
Dropbox and box dont as they cant be mapped.  Looked at Egnyte (which maps windows drives) but it does it at a top level under a folder called SHARED...   anyone have anything else that can map it on windows with the specific drive letters directly to the group folders?
Hi All ,

I need some info with respect to hybrid cloud Infra,Could you please help me.

Question : We are planning to migrate my Onprem (Private/DC) Environment to Public/Hybrid cloud Environment I want to know what are the Activities/Tasks will fall under our (On Prem) scope and what are the activities/Tasks will fall under Vendor Scope ( AWs, Azure),

I need the tasks details which falls under Implementations prospective as well as daily/Weekly/Monthly Operational prospective, Please provide some info or URLs which can be helpful,

Does Cisco provide a computing resource manager (e.g. VM) that can reserve computing resources for some specific time in the future?

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing, also known as on-demand computing, is a kind of Internet-based computing where shared resources and information are provided to computers and other devices. It is a model for enabling ubiquitous, on-demand access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources. Cloud computing and storage solutions provide users and enterprises with various capabilities to store and process their data in third-party data centers, relying on sharing of resources to achieve coherence and economies of scale.