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Cloud services are services made available to users via the Internet from a provider's servers. Cloud services are designed to provide easy, scalab...

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Troubleshooting Solution

Is there a better way to download big files in google Drive?


Hello, There are two questions about Google Drive. 

First is there are more than 100 files with size


12 considerations before migrating on-premise services to the Cloud


With the spotlight very much on Cloud technology within the IT industry, it’s difficult to avoid the


Long overdue in writing this simple article to share with my…

Long overdue in writing this simple article to share with my friends and family who have iPhones.
Troubleshooting Solution

Is there a way I can grant roles to user in AWS RDS rather directly granting privileges to users?


How to grant MySQL(8) roles to users in AWS RDS?. The following queries work on mysql servers other

Troubleshooting Solution

Cannot reinstall DropBox

From Windows - cant delete file.

From DOS - same. 

C:\Program Files …
Troubleshooting Solution

Timestamp documents


To compliance with the requirement, we need to timestamp some documents (PDF, Excel, word). Is it

Troubleshooting Solution

Office 365 to be shared to my daughter.


I have purchased a personal Office 365 license , and it seems that I can share this license to my

Advice Solution

What are some options to backup a large amount of data to the cloud?


We're looking for some suggestions to backup on prem data to the cloud.  Our customer currently has

Troubleshooting Solution

How to Best utilize cloud server (OwnCloud)

I have Owncloud configured on a dedicated VM running Server 2012 R2.
I have plenty of storage on a …
Troubleshooting Solution

Doing a backup of local files on Windows 10 PC- should I be backing up local Dropbox files


I am backing up data on my Boss's Windows 10 PC and storing backup on external hard drive.
Advice Solution

Moving O365 licenses,

We are going to move our O365 licenses from one country to MX Azure cloud services, I wonder if …

Hints & Tips when preparing for the AWS (Amazon Web Services) Certifications

Hello to you all,

If you are seeking to become certified in the leading Public Cloud provider -- …
Troubleshooting Solution

Isn't $900 for 1TB of Cloud Storage for 1 year a little expensive?

Acronis wants almost $900 for 1TB of Cloud Storage for 1 year. Isn't that a little outrageous? Why …
Advice Solution
Troubleshooting Solution

Copy a series pix from Google Drive to an Excel


Hi Experts!

I am looking for a way to export a series of pix in my Google drive to an excel doc.  I

Troubleshooting Solution

Steps of migrating users to office 365

I am being tasked by my IT Director to research the steps that we need to do in order to start the …
Troubleshooting Solution
Troubleshooting Solution

How can I get better speech to text from a cassette tape recording using Google Cloud Services

I tried to us Google Cloud's Speech to Text to transcribe a recording which was originally on a …

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