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CodeTwo is a software development company with over 51,000 customers around the world and a well-established position in Microsoft Exchange Server,...

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Troubleshooting Solution

Hub transport role and CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro

we have 4 exchange servers
EX1  has     hub transport  & client access
EX2  has     hub …
Advice Solution

Will the trial version of Codetwo for O365 impact on prem signatures during testing?


We are in the early stages (test mode) of migrating on prem exchange mailboxes to exchange online.


Use PowerShell to create and license users in bulk on Office 365

Create and license users in Office 365 in bulk based on a CSV file. A step-by-step guide with PowerShell script examples.

New freeware from CodeTwo to automate bulk upload of user …

New freeware from CodeTwo to automate bulk upload of user photos to Office 365
Hi …

How to back up Exchange Server 2007 using NTBackup (free)

This article explains how to install and use the NTBackup utility that comes with Windows Server.
Troubleshooting Solution

Signatures in Intermedia Hosted Exchange

We have been using CodeTwo signatures which is amazing at getting images and custom signatures. …

New Cloud-based email signature manager for Office 365

We are happy to announce a brand new addition to our line of acclaimed email signature management products – CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365.

How to deal with a message stuck in Outbox using MFCMAPI

Sometimes Outlook might have problems sending a message. There may be various causes- corrupted PST, AV scanner etc. The message, instead of going to the Sent Items folder, sits in the Outbox indefinitely.

To remove it you can use a free tool called MFCMAPI

How to enable Local Continuous Replication with Mount Points in Exchange 2007

Local Continuous Replication is a cost effective and quick way of backing up Exchange server data. The following article describes the steps required to configure Local Continuous Replication. Also, the article tells you how to restore from a backup created using LCR.

How to analyze link clicks in email signatures and disclaimers on Microsoft Exchange

Marketers need statistics and metrics like everybody else needs oxygen. In this article we explain how to enable marketing campaign statistics for Microsoft Exchange mail.
Troubleshooting Solution

Email Attachment Management Tools

Hi all

i need advice to buy commercial tool which meet this requirements

1- take the received…
Troubleshooting Solution

Exchange migration


I'm about to migrate out exchange 2007 server to exchange 2016, and have found Codetwo …
Troubleshooting Solution

Certificate or Client Secret in registering Codetwo for O365


We are in the testing stage of migrating from Exchange On Prem to Exchange Online. We are using a

Outlook time zones

How to display two time zones in Outlook 2016 calendar

By default Outlook 2016 displays only one time zone in the Calendar. The following article explains how to display two time zones in one calendar view.
Troubleshooting Solution

Synchronize calendars between two seperate Exchange servers

I have a client that has an exchange server.  He have been given an exchange account on one of his …
Troubleshooting Solution

Creating a domain-wide Outlook signature file

I'm not a group policy guru.  Nor am I an Outlook signature guru.  Thus, I'm lost.

I've been …
Troubleshooting Solution

AD Connect - sync AD information and not Exchange info - using CodeTwo Migration tool

I want to use AD Connect only to sync AD information and not Exchange info for I'm migrating on …
Troubleshooting Solution

I need to migrate my 2003 exchange server to 2008 R2 and Exchange 2010.  Are there step by step instructions for this?  It will be an "on Premises Only install.

I need to migrate off of 2003 server and exchange to 2008 R2 and exchange 2010, are there specific …

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