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ColdFusion is a server-side rapid application development platform originally created by Allaire and now sold by Adobe, implementing the dynamic ge...

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Troubleshooting Solution

CF Spreadsheet Header Row printing on every page


Good morning, Im working with the spreadsheet functions in Coldfusion (2016), converting from using


Preventing SQL Injection & Cross Site Scripting using ColdFusion

This is an updated version of a post made on my blog over 3 years ago. It is unfortunately, still …
Troubleshooting Solution

CFFILE upload help

I am trying to upload file to the server using jquery ajax, but getting an error message Invalid …
Troubleshooting Solution

using queries and conditions in cfscript


Good morning, Im trying to get some help with using a CFLOOP statement or some other way within a

Troubleshooting Solution

ColdFusion 2021 API Manager won't start


ColdFusion 2021 Developer edition and ColdFusion 2021 API Manager.

I can't get the API Manager to

Troubleshooting Solution

Using loops within cfscript (Coldfusion) and creating spreadsheets


Good morning, Im trying to find some help with using conditions within CFSCRIPT while using the

Troubleshooting Solution

issues the dates as they are being used as mathematical calculations


I have a CFM Code where the date calculation has been done using a mathematical operator and this

Troubleshooting Solution

Why is my call to CFPOP sometimes causing the error: java.lang.NullPointerException


I am trying to figure out why my call to CFPOP is sometimes giving me the error:

My call to CFPOP is

Troubleshooting Solution

How do I query a query and test for a number in an integer list


I have a query that returns data and one of its fields is a list of integers. I want to query this

Advice Solution

Inserting Records Between 2 Data Tables


I have 2 tables with primarily identical fields (1 table has an additional field). Looking for

Advice Solution

Restricting Public Access to CFIDE


Hello. I am trying to restrict public access to the CFIDE directory in ColdFusion. However, I don't

Troubleshooting Solution

Show only 1 occurrence of each headline with a count greater than 5.


Show all results with a total count greater than 5. There are hundreds of different headline

Troubleshooting Solution

cfspreadsheet date formatting


We are generating a new spreadsheet using cfspreadsheet.  We start with an Excel template, copy it,

Advice Solution

Website Visitor Tracking Using Coldfusion


Can anyone recommend a good method or possible coding for tracking visitors on a coldfusion-based

Troubleshooting Solution

Help with CFTHREAD and variable scope


I have a query that returns a list of unique ids. I want to loop through the query results and

Troubleshooting Solution

how to clear selections in datatable


I am using datatables (https://datatables.net/). My tables contain a column with checkboxes. I get

Troubleshooting Solution

Sending Emails Using CFSchedule

I have a coldfusion form that allows sending an entered text message and a pdf attachment to email …
Troubleshooting Solution

Item Duplication in query


Have a shopping cart function in coldfusion. when items are being sent from the product details page

Troubleshooting Solution

sql and coldfusion - have column name with * in it

I need to be able to select * from a table and also rename a column like isrec# to isrecnumber

Troubleshooting Solution

Is it possible to confirm someone has attached a document to a form using Cold Fusion before they can submit the form?

Is it possible to confirm someone has attached a document to a form using Cold Fusion before they …

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