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ColdFusion is a server-side rapid application development platform originally created by Allaire and now sold by Adobe, implementing the dynamic general purpose CFML programming language. The term ColdFusion is sometimes colloquially used to refer to the CFML language (Cold Fusion Markup Language), but can also include discussions of the server software implementation. ColdFusion runs using a customised version of Apache Tomcat. Earlier versions are bundled with JRun.

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I have create a .jsx file from photoshop and using cfexecute to run it. If I use cfexecute from the web it does not execute the script . If I take the script and execute it locally using ExtendScript Toolkit then it works like a charm. I do not know what do to make it work through  the web .

<cfexecute name="C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS2\photoshop.exe" 
arguments="C:\inetpub\wwwroot\websites\myscript.jsx" timeout="6000" variable="returnedResults" 
      errorVariable="returnedError"  ></cfexecute>

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the script is here

#target photoshop

$.localize = true;

var inputFolder = new Folder("/c/work_space/2018/pdfs")
var saveFolder  = new Folder("/c/work_space/2018/JPEG")

function createFolder(fptr) {
  if (!fptr) {
    Error.runtimeError(19, "fptr");  // Bad Argument

  if (fptr.constructor == String) {
    fptr = Folder(fptr);

  if (fptr instanceof File) {
    return createFolder(fptr.parent);
  if (fptr.exists) {
    return true;
  if (fptr.parent && !fptr.parent.exists) {
    if (!createFolder(fptr.parent)) {
      return false;
  return fptr.create();


if (inputFolder != null)
var inputFiles = inputFolder.getFiles("*.pdf")

for(var i=0;i<inputFiles.length;i++)

var fileRef = File(inputFolder + "/" + inputFiles[i].name)
var pdfOpenOptions = new PDFOpenOptions
pdfOpenOptions.antiAlias = true
pdfOpenOptions.mode = OpenDocumentMode.RGB
pdfOpenOptions.cropPage = 

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MacOS Sierra plug-in configuration a qualified success.  However, I have no CFB perspective.
Install log says:
Installation: Successful with errors.
6454 Successes
0 Warnings
2 NonFatalErrors
0 FatalErrors
Non fatal errors being two occurrences of
Modify Text File - Single File:   /Users/barrygbrunning/eclipse/java-oxygen/ ts/Info.plist
                          Status: ERROR
                          Additional Notes: ERROR - Unable to locate ASCII text file to be manipulated. Deferring...
Indeed there is no such file, whereas there is a file /Users/barrygbrunning/eclipse/java-oxygen/  At the install log errors referenced path /Users/barrygbrunning/eclipse/java-oxygen/ are located folders: configuration, droppins, features, jre, plugins, readme and the eclipse.ini file, but no info.plist.
The implied "Deferring..." action seems to have not happened.  Any suggestions as to what I might do to recover the situation?  What should have happened to an info.plist somewhere? How might I get the CFB perspective to manifest in Eclipse?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.
I have the page that show a table and in one of the table cell I show a progress bar implemented in bootstrap. When the page is shown in HTML it works fine . When I convert the page into PDF the progress bars disappears
I am trying to convert some coldfusion code to jsp and there are some tags like cfargument,cf:loop,cf:return,cf:location.. can anybody tell me what to use in place of these tags in jsp?
How many folks here are security experts in ColdFusion?

I have a search (with drop downs and input boxes) and results page using ColdFusion and Access. Displayed on the results is a link to a new search page with some criteria automatically filled for the user, and will click on the submit button to view the results.

Note: the search and results are on one page of code

How can I alter my link to automatically submit to view the results in lieu of having the user click submit?
Link code:
<a href="Search.cfm?RE=#RE#&JU=#JU#&SE=#SE#" target="_blank" ><font size=3>#RE#-#JU#-#SE#</font></a>

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I am trying to create a simple HTML table and for some reason the columns in the header are not the same width has in the body. My code looks like:
	<table class="table AdTableStyle1 ManageSched" id="UserSchedule" border="1" cellpadding="4" cellspacing="0">
				<th >Day</th>
				<th >Date <span style="font-size:10px">(mm/dd/yyyy)</span></th>
				<th >Start Time</th>
				<th >End Time</th>
			<cfloop index="thisRow" from="1" to="#arrayLen(">


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We have a computer with Coldfusion on running website on a localhost. I tried to add a new website but by doing this I now cant connect to any local website.

I've clearly done something wrong but I dont know how to fix it.

Can anyone guide me into a repair

CFGRID runs into JSON Parse error while fetching data. However, sometimes 20K records come back in the grid while at other times, the error would display for 700 records.
In a.cfm I have:
<CFSET VerObj = New cfcomponents.VerFold.Ver_Users()>
<CFSET VerObj.Functiion_1(userid)>

In the next few template, c.cfm, I need to call a different function within Ver_Users.cfc I can do the same thing:
<CFSET VerObj = New cfcomponents.VerFold.Ver_Users()>
<CFSET VerObj.Function_2(userid)>

If I need to call the same cfc again from yet another template down the road and I keep doing this I think it is very awkward and repetitive? the purpose of using .cfc is so that I can reuse or call the functions by just doing:

<CFSET VerObj,Function_1()> or
<CFSET VerObj,Function_2()>

from anywhere without keep instantiating the cfc, am I correct? is there any example on how I can accomplish This?
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Has anyone implemented SAML 2 using Coldfusion?

We would be the service provider and the identity provider for a single sign-on (SSO).

Seeking any sample code, CFC or anything to help jump start the project!

The following script is producing invoices.  It was working fine in 4.5, but my server has upgraded to CF 7.0.  The first invoice is produced, and then I encounter the error,  I have removed all addresses from the database except for the 20 or so valid ones from people who bid in the auction.  I am not a CF expert, and I am freaking out a little bit.

Here is the code:


<title>SEND INVOICES</title>


<CFIF ParameterExists(ID) IS "NO"><CFSET ID=0></CFIF>
<CFIF ParameterExists(PASS) IS "NO"><CFSET PASS=0></CFIF>

<CFQUERY name="checkclose" datasource="DJS">select * from times where type='auction'</cfquery>
<CFIF #checkclose.enddate# LT #CreateODBCDateTIME(now())#>



<CFQUERY name="highbidder" datasource="DJS" maxrows="1">SELECT * FROM bids WHERE lot = #lot# ORDER BY bid DESC</CFQUERY>



I currently use a cfdiv to bind to a data file (data.cfm).
This data.cfm file simply creates a CFquery and a html Table..

When I use ColdFusion.Navigate I can refresh the above div (called div1) easily.

However I have changed m CfDiv into a std html div and I am trying to use the $ajax.load function to reload the div.

I believe my calling code is correct.


However it seems jquery just ignores the server side code in my data.cfm file.
If I makes a blank data.cfm with a few lines of html the do refresh ok.

But not my data.cfm with what I need.
cfquery and cfoutput & table.

Any help would be appreciated..
I'm trying to integrate a coldfusion app with MS sharepoint. Both sites are within the intranet so it shouldn't be anything network related. I'm able to browse to the wsdl file from a browser but the cfsharepoint tag part gives following error:

Unable to read WSDL from URL:

Here's my cf code snippet:
      login = {domain="",
      username="uname", password="pwd"};

            <cfsharepoint action="getlistcollection"
                  login="#login#"      name="result">

<cfdump var="#result#">
I have a JSON feed which dumps a Facebook Page timeline feed. For some reason, Facebook allows a linked URL to be part of the actual message that is sent via JSON. So if I had a FB post that included a link to a Youtube video, it comes through the JSON feed like

'check out my cool new video'

I'd prefer to strip out the url string from the JSON result and have it just give me

'check out my cool new video'

I know this has something to do with ReFindNoCase() or another similar thing, but I don't know how to write the code to strip it out and just leave me the message without the long url string.
Currently we are migrating from coldfusion 6 to coldfusion 2016.

<cfloop index="RSG004_i" from="1" to="#RSG004_dt.num#" step="1">

I want you to tell me how to deal with this error.
Thank you.
We are looking to upgrade our coldfusion server (v 6.1) running server (2003) to a new server (server 2012) and ColdFusion 2016.

Looking for a solution/upgrade path.. If I need to upgrade first to a lower version.

If its not semi simple then possibly moving to another dev language.

Thanks in advance!
I've been using's code in my Application.cfc file to check for malicious input through FORM and URL variables, but I'm running into issues with hyphenated variable names (specifically Google's reCAPTCHA.) This is the code I use:

<cfloop collection="#form#" item="formelement">
    <cfif isSimpleValue(evaluate(formelement)) AND refindnocase(sqlregex, "#evaluate(formelement)#")>
        <cflocation url="messages.cfm?message=invalid">
        <cfset StructClear(form)>

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And this is the error I'm receiving:

Variable G is undefined.

Which makes sense, because it's looking at g-recaptcha-response. What do I need to do to my code to allow it to accept hyphenated variable names?

i m not able to access ColdFusion pages and admin page in our application. It is throwing 500 error with ROOT CAUSE:
coldfusion.server.ServiceFactory$ServiceNotAvailableException: The Debugging service is not available.

I m getting below info in the logs when starting CF server. We are using CF9 on unix server. Please help.

04/26 05:02:19 Information [main] - Starting scheduler...
04/26 05:02:19 Information [main] - Starting WatchService...
04/26 05:02:19 Information [main] - Starting debugging...
coldfusion.server.ParsingConfigFileException: [/export/home/web3b2/coldfusion/coldfusion9/lib/neo-debug.xml]coldfusion.wddx.WddxDeserializationException: WDDX packet parse error at line -1, column -1. Premature end of file..
      at coldfusion.server.ServiceBase.doDeserialize(
      at coldfusion.server.ServiceBase.access$000(

04/26 05:02:19 Error [main] - Unable to initialize Debugging service: coldfusion.server.ServiceException: [/export/home/web3b2/coldfusion/coldfusion9/lib/neo-debug.xml]coldfusion.wddx.WddxDeserializationException: WDDX packet parse error at line -1, column -1. Premature end of file..
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Dear Guys,

I am having issue on protocol in Adobe ColdFusion application. I tried changing it manually on applicationlib.cfm file, but its not reflecting on the browser.

Do I need to build the application after making changes or any other method need to be followed?

Please help on this.
We are facing an issue with verity collection going down in two instances of a server but it works in third instance. Collection is in same shared path in the server. Each time we have to run the instance specific url to delete and recreate the collection. Can anybody suggest what can be the root cause of this. We are using CF9 and unix server.
Is there anyway to check if the CF server is running fine or have gone down ? I want to notify my team if the server is gone down.
CF version : 9 & 5
OS : unix
If I want to exclude subfolders inside the folder name mysitefolder from my search results. What should I do? thanks.

      key="\\mysitefolder \"
      extensions=".html, .htm, .cfml, .doc, .pdf, .xls, .xlw, .pps, .ppt"
I'm trying to drive a sub report off of a CFC that only get the data needed for the subreport.

                    <cfreport template="rptWorkOrders.cfr" format="pdf" query="wolist" overwrite="yes" encryption="none" permissions="allowprinting">
                        <cfreportParam subreport="WOItemDetail" query="cfc.Application.Support.getWO2PrintItems('#param.WO#', '#session.userauth.subid#')">

I get the error Element WO is undefined in PARAM.  WO is the name of the param defined on the main report to be passed to the subreport.

Basically I  have a query (WOLIST) that drives the main report; for each report, I need to print a sub report with just the items related to the parent report, the field on the cfr that links the two is called wo.  I want to use that to call a cfc on the subreport for the query to drive the subreport.

We have been using cffile tag to read PDF template that has some variables which are replaced by form data using form submit using REPLACE tag. and the modified string is written back to a PDF file which user can download.  Version of coldfusion is CF10.

This has been working fine until we switched the server and now the dynamic PDF is only showing the form variables the actual PDF content is missing. What can be the issue?

I am putting the sample code here
<CFFILE action="READ" file="C:\INETPUB\showingassistant\ShowingAssistant\contracts\Agent_CC.pdf" variable="NewDoc">
<CFSET NewDoc=Replace(NewDoc,"%fName%",Form.fName,"ALL")>
<CFSET NewDoc=Replace(NewDoc,"%lName%",Form.lName,"ALL")>
<CFSET NewDoc=Replace(NewDoc,"%pEmail%",Form.pEmail,"ALL")>

<cfheader name="Content-Type" VALUE="application/pdf">
<cfheader name="Content-Disposition" value="attachment; filename=businessPlan.pdf">
<cfcontent type="application/pdf"><cfoutput>#NewDoc#</cfoutput>


ColdFusion Language





ColdFusion is a server-side rapid application development platform originally created by Allaire and now sold by Adobe, implementing the dynamic general purpose CFML programming language. The term ColdFusion is sometimes colloquially used to refer to the CFML language (Cold Fusion Markup Language), but can also include discussions of the server software implementation. ColdFusion runs using a customised version of Apache Tomcat. Earlier versions are bundled with JRun.

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