Components are those devices that are internal to a computer -- the PC boards, the central processor (CPU), the memory (RAM), disk and video controllers and so on.

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Can anyone recommend a non-APC model of UPS.  Specs should be similar to this:

The dimension I need so its not sticking out so much.  Taller and wider OK.
I'm not familiar with non-APC brands.  Hence asking.  
Thanks in advance.
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i have here a KVR21R15D4/16 module - and would lliek to know what motherboards accept this ram type
i could not find such a search on crucial, kingston, or corsair sites ( but i know it exists)
I own a Dell 5810 Tower Workstation. It does not have bluetooth. Can anyone suggest from personal experience the hardware item I would need to give this machine bluetooth capability? I would prefer an item that is available from Amazon. I have free slots in the machine and naturally free USB slots available.
I have some NEMA 23 stepper motors here I want to use in a CNC fabricator.  The motors are Minebea / Astrosyn 23KM series.  The specs are readily available from Minebea - except for the thing I really need to know, which is the connector.

The connectors are the same on all motors.  The connectors are about twice the size of those found on the very common NEMA 17 motor cables sold on fleabay

They are six pin connectors with 2.54mm pin spacing  The square pins readily accept Dupont type connector wire sockets.  The connector external size is 18mm length by 6mm width.  Two slots are cut on one side of the connector for keying -- unlike a NEMA 17 type motor connector where the single side key is over pins 2 through 5, on this connector the two narrow keys are over pins 1 and 6.

I do not want to solder directly to the pins.  While Dupont sockets fit, imo neither those sockets nor the associated wires are to be trusted with 5 amp inductive loads.

1.  What is the designation for this connector?

2.  Where can I find the connectors, or cables, at a price that won't break the bank?  At this time I only need four.

Minebea stepper
I purchased a "USB3.0 to HDMI Adapter, USB to HDMI Converter with 1080P for Windows 7/8/10 Computer ONLY ( NO MAC / Linux /VISTA)" from Amazon.

The link for this item is here.

No matter which USB port I plug this device into it shows with a yellow exclamation point in device manager and the monitor I have connected to isn't recognized.

I need the Windows 10 64-bit drivers for this device.

According to this device's Amazon page, the drivers can be found by googling "Download - Hoplaza".

However, when I google "Download - Hoplaza" and click on any of the URLs or when I try to go to the website the website opens and says "Database error, Error establishing a database connection."

I have posted a question about this on the Amazon website but haven't received any responses yet.

Please provide me with a valid URL address of where I can download the drivers for this device.

Here are the hardware IDs for this device:

Need a handsfree headset for a landline

I have a land line and need a handsfree headset. What Male connector do I need?

This is an alert received from IBM 3650 M4 server. Please see the alert as attached. Obviously, this is the alert configured through iLO. We log in to the iLO and found nothing wrong (or warning) on any hardware. This alert is frequent once or twice in 3 months' time. However, when it occurs, no impart and disruption to our production. Just curious what are those components, such as, system internal expansion board 1, ENET[CIM:ep1], ENET[CIM:ep2], ETHERNET[IMM:ep1], ETHERNET[IMM:ep2], and so on. If possible, can this be disabled? or else?

Thanks in advance
Where are the least expensive places for purchasing a used Intel S2600cp server board from?

I need to replace an existing defective board and am looking for the lowest prices for purchasing a replacement system board from.

I already have the processors and the RAM I just need to purchase a replacement server board.
My computer power starts and goes off back on and then back off all time.

I unplugged the monitor the power does not turn off.

I removed the graphics card (was added to the computer) the computer does not power on.

I changed the power supply, removed memory one by one, changed the graphics card.

Please advise
Experts, I am looking for a paid CA Devtest Service Virtualization tutorial online. The tutorial offered by CA requires me to provide a company email address which I can't at the moment. Does anyone have information about any websites that offer the training? Any inputs appreciated.
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I do not know the WebSphere MQ environment and I have to remove two queues manager and 2 channel.
Which mq commands from unix command line should I use?

Here are the current queues, with the flag "to be canceled   >>>>" those to be removed.

display CHANNEL (*)

to be canceled   >>>>display CHANNEL (EAIINTATL1.ZI6E3IT)             CHLTYPE(RCVR)
to be canceled   >>>>display CHANNEL (ZI6E3IT.EAIINTATL1)             CHLTYPE(SDR)

   start chl (ZI6E3IT.OTOEAI1_INT)

QUEUE(MN1U)                             TYPE(QLOCAL)

to be canceled   >>>>#ZI6E3ITQA2
display CHANNEL(ATLASINT.ZI6E3.01)              CHLTYPE(RCVR)
display CHANNEL(ZI6E3.ATLASINT.01)              CHLTYPE(SDR)

to be canceled   >>>>#ZI6E3ITQA3
Have a client with 5 sites, each running on a 6KVA APC smart UPS
Each site is equipped with routing and switch gear, plus 2 powerfull Dell Rack mount servers.

I need to configure theses HyperV host and VMs to gracefully shutdown when UPS has about 40% battery run-time left
Then once power resumes, I need hosts and VM to auto start up again.  This has to work 100% as the site are on average 200-300KM apart and the furthest site is 600KM away from my office.

Please will someone send me the exact parameters to get this right. All UPSs has an SNMP card installed and the hosts already have to Power Chute client installed and configured, but I need to confirm if my config is 100%.  Please i need the best practiced way to do this as well could you advise if the UPS should also initiate a Self shutdown in the event that input power fails.  

UPS and Current Firmware is as follows:

Model: Smart-UPS RT 6000 XL
Position: RACK
Firmware Revision: 452.18.W
Manufacture Date: 10/04/12
i have hp windows laptop and hp extended monitor

my laptop when i connect to power cord and remove from cord displays too bright to my eyes

how to keep default brightness value all the time

please advise
What are the warranty details for a "SAMSUNG PM863a MZ-7LM1T9NE 2.5" 1.92TB SATA III Solid State Disk - Enterprise" hard drive?

I am considering purchasing this type of solid state hard drive and need to know what type of manufacturer warranty is provided for this hard drive.
What is the best adapter or cable for connecting Microsoft Surface Book 2 to an external monitor using a Display port cable?

I have already tried using a general purpose USB C to HDMI cable adapter to connect this  Microsoft Surface Book 2 to three different monitors using an HDMI cable but nothing has appeared on the external monitors when I have done this (even though I have updated all drivers).

Microsoft Surface Book 2 info: 13.5 in. 512GB i7 16GB with GPU.
Dear Guys
We are having problem with lighting strikes on my equipment like for example my switches. This is the setup
Can some send me a documentation on grounding ICT equipment and also how to protect lighting strikes from the power side like for example if I am getting power from the generator how to protect
i have an old ACS45 Altec Lansing sound system, with 2 speakers and a sub woofer - that i'mm trying to repair
now i have found that the sub woofer is not working, it emits a very faint hum, the 2 speakers do work fine
i tested the woofer sound chip, and it works fine also
it works with compader chip - NE572
anybody knows how to diagnose  these things, or has come across a schematic diagram   of this system ?
What URLs can I go to so I can look up the warranty info for Microsoft Surface laptops?
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Are the power supply to SATA hard drive power cables the same for both the Corsair AX1200i and Thermaltake TGB1200W power supplies?

Is it safe to interchange these power supply cables between the two power supplies?
Please provide me with some URLs where I can purchase Thermaltake TGB1200W hard drive power cables that connect to the power supply and then plug into SATA hard drives.
Please provide me with some URLs where I can purchase Corsair AX1200i hard drive power cables that connect to the power supply and then plug into SATA hard drives.
Trying to get an original (or close to original) X284G Battery for our Dell Inspiron 1525 and stumbled across quite a few options on eBay.

This seller seems to be receiving quite a bit of good reviews for this particular battery model:

I'm not a shill and not trying to promote this product and just wondering what other options/places/products that you guys would recommend if it were you.

Thank you for your time.
Hello All;

I have an intel s5000psl
For the last few weeks it has been randomaly shutting down on its own.
The latest time, was sometime early this morning.
When I tried to boot it back up, it would...

I would toggle the on/all switch on the PSU
And it would do the [Amber/Green] in 3 sets.
Then it would cycle on all the fans for about 2-seconds and then stop.

I completely removed everything from the board, and tested.
1-CPU / 1-Ram module
And still the same thing.

Took a break, and then came back, and wa-la, it booted with both CPU's and 2-sticks of ram.
So, I added in the remainder of the ram modules and it booted up and ran for about 20-minutes and then shut back down again.
I have not been able to get it to book back up since. (Been trying this go around for about 2-hours. Re-seating the memory and everything and still no go)

Is it the PSU (or) is the MB board?

Thanks for any information.
How do I deploy an App Volume environment from the beginning. I know the VDI environment will be a considering factor.  What factors should I consider?  Is Horizon View required within the infrastructure for a simple App Volume deployment?   What are the components required to package applications? For example: provisioning VM, Writable Volumes, App Volume Server? How do I create the Golden VM image and why?.








Components are those devices that are internal to a computer -- the PC boards, the central processor (CPU), the memory (RAM), disk and video controllers and so on.