Components are those devices that are internal to a computer -- the PC boards, the central processor (CPU), the memory (RAM), disk and video controllers and so on.

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I just added a new PC to my system.  I am using a Dell monitor that I had from before.
The screen quality is not all that good.  Is this a problem of the video card on the motherboard
or is it a problem of the quality of the monitor?  How do I determine which it is?
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Dell XPS 8930 W64/Win 1809

Headphones don't work when plugged into front or back audio jack. Audio is Reatek HD. Have twice uninstalled/reinstalled Realtek driver. Only way headphones work is to plug them in before you boot...and leave them. If you pull the earphones plug out and reinsert, the jack does not work again. The sound controller is something called WAVE audio.  Now when I want to use earphones, I have to plug them in and restart the computer.
I have just purchased QuickReport 6.0 Professional and can't get it to compile. to illustrate this I have created a trivial application as follows:
The missing file that appears to be missing is QuickRp.h  (NOT QuickRp.hpp)
I have contacted QBS software for support and they are experiencing the same problem and haven't come up with a solution so far after three days.,
any help would be appreciated.

I have a simple Form (Windows VCL 32bit application) with a TQuickRep control placed on the form and a TQRBand.
The header file of the project is as follows:
class TForm1 : public TForm
__published:     // IDE-managed Components
                TQuickRep *QuickRep1;
                TQRBand *QRBand1;
private:                // User declarations
public:                   // User declarations
                __fastcall TForm1(TComponent* Owner);
The first attempt to use it with Embarcadero C++ builder XE 10.1 Berlin gives an error messages when I attempt to save the project prior to compilation:
“Unable to find header file for component: QuickRpt”
Pressing cancel results in the same error message being displayed 6 times in total.
The code doesn’t compile as the header files are missing and the compiler error “Type name expected” is given (naturally)
The installation ran without any errors using the downloaded file QuickReportv6QR6DXE10_1_Berlin_W64_installer.exe
The PC is a Dell Precision laptop running 64 bit windows 7 Professional …
I have a Surface Pro 4 with a cover keyboard that has stopped working. It was working in January while we were travelling. When we returned home, I only used the Pro 4 with its docking station. I had occasion to use it off the docking station the other day, and the keyboard is not working. I looked under keyboards in device manager and there is no surface cover type listed. There are four HID keyboard devices listed. I looked at their properties and none of them seemed relevant and they were all working properly.

Booting up to the UEFI shows a Type Cover listed there; I disabled, rebooted, and enabled it with no result.

I'm running all the latest updates on Windows 10. I don't know how to check for latest on firmware.

I have also tried the 2-button shutdown and startup.

Any suggestions?

Laptop: Sony Vaio
Model: SVF152C29M
Product name: SVF1521B4E
BIOS Chip: Winbond 25Q64FVSIG
Motherboard: DA0HK9MB6D0 REV: D

The problem:
- The keyboard and the touchpad are not working at all anymore.

1) Assuming I will be able to replace the Nuvoton NPCE985LLA0DX part, can someone tell me if this component needs programming or do I just buy it new and replace the existing one?
2) If NPCE985LLA0DX requires programming, then with what programmer do I have to program it and from where do I take the code/image to program it?

MotherboardKeyboard controllerBlock diagram
I've researched this a bit and can't find a definitive answer to my question:
Can I safely uninstall Intel Management Engine Components.  It seems to be using quite a bit of resources and I'd like to disable or uninstall it if I can do so w/o upsetting things.

Here are some of my components:

OS: Win 10 Pro

CPU: i9900k

Cooler: Noctua NH-U12S

MOBO: ASUS TUF Z390 Plus  

RAM: Crucial 4 x 16gb:

SSD:  Samsung 850 Pro 5112gb For programs only. Data stored on 3 other HDDs

GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 1080

PSU: Seasonic 850W

Case: Cooler Master HAF 932

Monitor: Phillips BDM43OUC 43” 4K

Software Programs I Installed:
Office 360
Adobe Creative Cloud
Think or Swim (trading platform)
NinjaTrader  (trading platform)
Jigsaw (trading platform)
Bandicam (screen recording)
Avast, Malwarebytes, Superantispyware, CCleaner

Com-Addins  keeps disappearing from my existing excel sheet

They are acrobat and apparity addins
My questions are about re-linking the kernel and rebuilding the kernel environment.
What does "rebuilding the kernel environment do"?
Is it required when re-linking the kernel?
How can I boot the old kernel if the new kernel fails, or has some wrong behavior?

I am afraid what will happen if the new kernel won't boot, or if there is erratic behavior with the new kernel.
How can I boot the previous kernel that was working fine?
Will the old kernel have trouble if I said "yes" to rebuild the kernel environment when creating the new kernel?

NOTE:  I see this when unix boots if I wait 60 seconds, or hit the enter key

OpenServer Release 5
hd(40)unix swap=hd(41) dump=hd(41) root=hd(42) auto

Sizing memory
....................  many rows of dots

I suspect that during the 60 second wait, I can type something to invoke the old kernel.
What do I type?
I have not found any documentation on this in man boot(HW)

Why am I doing this?
I have SCO OpenServer 5.0.7 Host Edition with Maintenance Pack 5
Host Edition does not include Networking.
Enterprise Edition is needed for networking.

I don't know why, but I have some network components on the server.
Perhaps they were installed by Maintenance Pack 5
inetd and ftpd are running every time the system starts.

I tried to add the Intel PRO 1000 LAN adapter with TCP/IP.
I was prompted to re-link the kernel.
I hedged.
I can't afford to end up with a system I can't boot.
I need to know if I can get …
I currently have an Nvidia Quadro P2000 card, and I am installing (2) 50" 4K monitors, that require a 40' HDMI cable.
My video card is Displayport, and I don't want to have to have an adapter from Displayport to HDMI, so i've been looking for
Display port to HDMI 40' that does 4K and I can't find any.

Should I change my video card and go with a video card that is HDMI?   If so, what would be a good one that supports 5 or 6 monitors, full 4K resolution?

I'm thinking at this point, I might just try a 40' HDMI cable with a Display port adapter, but the HDMI cable will be in the wall, so I can't replace it if this
setup doesn't work.

Any suggestions?
Hello all,

I need to use an old component suite (IMSR) with an old Delphi 7 project. I just have docs and help for this components but I can't find some description on how to send inline graphics using attachments. The requirement is to add some little icon-like graphics and one or two company logos in the mail footer.

So if I had those graphic files available on disk, how can I send them as inline graphics within a HTML mail, rather than as attached files?

Currently, I can send simple HTML files by writing HTML-style text into the mail body. I just don't know how to add attached files and refer to them from HTML mail.

Any help on this is appreciated.

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need driver for i9-9900k graphics Intel UHD Graphics 630 IGP running on Windows Server 2016
Wanted to get verification on these so if you do not know please do not answer else other members that do will assume the question is answered.
This motherboard and memory question. What is the absolute max Memory with all specifications maxed (speed throughput that "BUS pipe  thing"out I can use on this machine. I hope to get more use out of it. Since memory is so inexpensive. This Mother board
2019-05-29CS_MotherBoard.pngI can see it says DDR2, 8192 and 4 slots I have 4 chips with 1024 in each so I figure I can double it? Here are the slots...minus one that got cut off in screen capture.
2019-05-29_CSSlotsMemory.pngIn addition I thought that these two were good candidates but i am not sure how to spec these out with MGHz and Speed. DO they need to match all the specs seen here or are there things I can improve on and purchase something faster in the specs not shown here.
I thought this one from Crucial

or this one from Samsung

Your  thoughts and opinions appreciated. Thank you!
I'm trying to figure out pricing for Server 2019, I'm looking at Performance Tab in Task Manager, it shows 16 Logical Processors, & 8 Cores.  Does this mean 8 cores per processor, or just flat out 8 cores?
I'm building a binary classifier in weka. It will be used to check using AI whether the strings in test data belong to Swing UI or not.

@relation SwingComponents

@attribute DataTypeText string
@attribute SwingComponent {yes,no}


JPanel, yes
JButton, yes

Currently, I'm experimenting with StringToWordVector filter and then, for example,  Naive Bayes. I'm not sure if I'm doing it correctly. The goal is to pass some test data and receive a classified set, or in other words a Swing UI set.

Test example
@relation SwingComponents

@attribute DataTypeText string
@attribute SwingComponent {yes,no}


JPanel, ?
SomeOtherFooBar, ?
JButton, yes

If possible, please instruct regarding the filters that I should use and the algorithm.

The result this should produce will be something like JPanel, yes  SomeOtherFooBar, no  JButton, yes

I'll use this in an app that scans all lines of a .java file and determines which lines belong to the UI. This allows to later copy all UI lines from the .java file into a new file. We are doing this to extract relevant Swing UI components without extracting any application logic.
I am developing components with Delphi 10.3. Now I have the following problem: when I uninstall the package I get the error "Exception EPrivilege in modul rtl260.bpl at address …". I have to end the process and restart Delphi. After this the component is no longer installed, so I can rebuild and install it. Uninstalling again, same problem. Has anybody an idea how can I find the wrong code in the component?
I have a PC that rebooted unexpectedly.  It's brand-new, out of the box.  I'd like to "stress-test" it to check all its hardware components - motherboard, memory, etc.  Can you recommend a product that you've used?  Thanks very much.
I have a new Gigabyte B450 AROUS M motherboard.  Everything seems to work fine, even installed the OS on the SSD with nothing else connected.

However, right out of the box the board (with older firmware), I had a HGST Ultrastar He10 10TB drive that wasn't detected.  So I thought maybe it died even though it is brand new. However it works on a USB 3.0 to SATA adapter fine on this computer with this board as well as another computer.  So I updated the firmware from Gigabyte to the latest version.  Now the BIOS seems to hang at boot with the drive connected.  However, when I disconnect it, it is fine.

This is a new drive and a new board and both seem to be fine until they are connected together.  

I have tried multiple different power plugs in the case as well as multiple SATA cables and SATA ports.

Any ideas on what to try now?
what cpu can I put in this machine
currently it has
Machine Type Model: 77471TU
k330b desktop
Intel Pentium G620
see attachment for more details
Hello Expert,

I am looking for a monitor with speaker (smaller the better), desktop, and/or motherboard that will produce the greatest internal decibel sound and will work with Windows operating system.  Also this sound will not be used for music or bass but rather an alert (that i need to investigate something) and I would rather not have to deal with external speakers that could unplug themselves.  The loudest that I have found so far is the  Sceptre E246 F series monitor which has 2 10W speakers.

I am also open to any other other windows device that will fit this need,

Thank you!
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My USB Audio Recorder has an ON/OFF switch which broke and needs to be replaced. The replacement should ideally be the same type of switch. From the photos, do you know what this switch is or which component could replace it?

Photo 1 
Photo 2

I do not know the vendor of the USB recorder. It seems like a generic white label device that's sold by different re-sellers. A user manual is available from multiple brands, for example:

I have not found a vendor, hence I do not know the type of the switch they've used.

The switch has only 2 positions: ON vs OFF. When it's ON, the device will be on and recording. When it's off, the device stops recording and records can be accessed via USB. Now, when the switch is broken it's mechanically damaged and the device is always in the recording mode.

The product, whose vendor is unknown to me, is for example on amazon:
Doing some cleanup around the house. Realized I have 3-4 PC's sitting around only used for clients who refuse to update older machines. I keep the older software on them for those special situations. I also have large hard drives on them. I thought it might be a good idea to do one of a few things. Your wisdom appreciated other than the obvious throw them away!
  • Salvage any and all components HD's Wireless Adapters Graphics Cards USB etc.  I am guessing that some of the HD should work universally right?
  • Move some of them over to a new modern Motherboard 64 bit with more horsepower RAM performance. ( I realize that the problems I may run into are compatibility, non-supported drivers OS issues and probably BIOS stuff. )
  • I was thinking by consolidating some of the data I might be able to get some more use like backup space etc.
  • Take the hard drives and create some kind of file server and or printer server with a machine or two.

Out of Curiosity, I was wondering since several of these have older OS's on them would it be of any value to keep a few older OS with software that works with it Crystal Reports Business Object Enterprise. Tableau Desktop on some of them. Is it possible to put them on a box that at StartUp allows me to pick and choose what OS I startup with?
  • One - XP, 2 HD
  • Two - Vista for Business, One - Win 7 Pro
  • One - 2012 Win Server Dell PowerEdge 830. Can Windows 2016 Server be obtained for low cost in developmental purposes? Used to have Biz Spark.
We have jumped from a 17 inch monitor to a 22 inch. The 22 model is black in color and 1/2 inch thick and the setting buttons are on the bottom of the screen and not clearly marked. We went to the control panel and there are about 20 resolution settings. We played around with some of those and on those far higher than 800 x 600 got us "input not supported."

What would be the best place to start for step 1 in getting the settings the way we desire: Control panel settings for displays "or" the settings offered on the monitor.
The width is fine but the height is leaving off too much.
I have Power Supply and Motherboard from HP Z420 workstation. I bought a case for it: Corsair 275R. The problem is that HP's PSU will not fit there at all and even if it did, the CPU cable would not reach the top of the motherboard where it is supposed to be plugged. So I have a new PSU: Corsair VS550. The problem is that ATX and CPU plugs are different on HP's power supply and Corsair's one. See attached pictures. Does it mean that HP is custom that I won't be able to get PSU for that motherboard or I can't use that specific Corsair I have and have to get something else? or am I missing something else?

Thx in advance
We are having issues with our PKI infrastructure. We have an offline root ca and an enterprise subordinate CA running on windows 2012 r2.
I want to verify the health of the pki.
1.      Is the root CA certificate valid
2.      Is the root CRL still valid
3.      Is the subordinate CA certificate valid,
4.      Is the subordinate CA CRL still valid.
Certificates issued earlier and were working fine are now showing errors like “revocation check failed”.
How do I verify the PKI components are healthy and are valid.
SITECORE: Key differences between Core, Master and Web

I am new to Sitecore and seek a simple explanation of the key differences between Core, Master and Web.

Also, is Sitecore considered a form of "cloud computing"?







Components are those devices that are internal to a computer -- the PC boards, the central processor (CPU), the memory (RAM), disk and video controllers and so on.