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Components are those devices that are internal to a computer -- the PC boards, the central processor (CPU), the memory (RAM), disk and video controllers and so on.

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I have a request for 150k and 500k minutes per day.  And I am not sure what capacity I need to set up. Please advise.
Thanks guys
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Technology Partners: We Want Your Opinion!

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This is using Amazon web services. This EC2 instance was created using Elastic beanstalk. Using this Elastic Beanstalk, 1 EC2 and 1 S3, plus some other components are created. This EC2 is also having php and MySQL, so it is a LAMP server. It is used to serve dynamic web applications.

Now, I want to setup cloudfront for SSL cert and faster data delivery. I follow the normal steps > choose web delivery, configure origin, distribution, and cache behaviour. I also made use of the route 53 for the public hostname to be pointed to relevant cloudnet. I waited this cloudfront distribution to be "deployed". However, when I access to the web with https, an error message prompts:

cloudfront attempted to establish a connection with the origin, but either the attempt failed or the origin closed the connection.

What would be standard ways of setting up this cloudfront to work with EC2 (LAMP)?

I have the need to get a BOM with all components , currently using Tc. CK86 , but this doesn't give enough information, so I want to do this by SQL, I come from oracle background and dont know how could I get this done in DB2 R/3, I do not have access to query builder or quickview , but i do have read access via SQL, I'm currently trying to figure out a way of getting this info using tables :

MAST Material to BOM Link

Does any of you  have a solution for this?

In Oracle I did something like the following:
	,sys_connect_by_path(msil.segment1, ' @ ') AS "BOM TREE"
	,lpad(' ', LEVEL, '') || msil.segment1 Cod_Component
	,msil.description Desc_Component
FROM mtl_system_items msi
	,bom_bill_of_materials bom
WHERE msi.organization_id = 332
	AND bom.bill_sequence_id = bic.bill_sequence_id
	AND nvl(bic.disable_date, sysdate) >= SYSDATE
	AND msil.inventory_item_status_code = 'Active'
	AND msi.inventory_item_status_code = 'Active' connect BY prior bic.component_item_id = bom.assembly_item_id
                  WITH msi.segment1 = trim(:parte)
        ORDER BY 2

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I am trying to install the KB4019215 update on the server but it getting re-offered on the Windows Update website.

Below mentioned troubleshooting steps followed by me.

1) Reset the Windows Update components.

2)  Re-registered the Windows Update related .DLL's.

3) Renamed the SoftwareDistribution and Catroot2 folders on the server.

4) Cleared the Windows\Temp folder on the server.

5) Download and manually tried to install KB4019215 update on the server but failed.

6) Server booted in SafeMode with Networking Mode and tried to install the KB4019215 update but failed.

Windows Update Log:

2017-06-13      03:00:24:245       244      1034      AU      ###########  AU: Initializing Automatic Updates  ###########
2017-06-13      03:00:24:245       244      1034      AU      AIR Mode is disabled
2017-06-13      03:00:24:245       244      1034      AU        # AU disabled through Policy
2017-06-13      03:00:24:245       244      1034      AU        # Will interact with non-admins (Non-admins are elevated (User preference))
2017-06-13      03:00:24:338       244      1034      AU      WARNING: Failed to get Wu Exemption info from NLM, assuming not exempt, error = 0x80240037
2017-06-13      03:00:24:651       244      1034      AU      AU finished delayed initialization
2017-06-13      03:00:24:651       244      14c0      DnldMgr      Asking handlers to reconcile their sandboxes
2017-06-13      03:00:34:511       244      14c0      Report      REPORT EVENT: {C471A419-A208-435E-88E2-FB10E4375E98}      2017-06-13 03:00:24:213-0400      1      183 [AGENT_INSTALLING_SUCCEEDED]      101      {D2281849-7314-4DA5-BED1-9E8E4D74B4ED}      200      0      AutomaticUpdatesWuApp      Success      Content …
Please provide me with recommendations for purchasing the best heavy duty backpack that will be able to carry three laptops.

I have already gone through several backpacks that simply aren't very heavy duty and develop problems like zippers unzipping and holes because they are unable to support the weight or bulkiness of carrying three laptops.
I'm using a plugin architecture where the Host app (actually WinForms) doesn't know about the components until runtime, then loads them (from  but Winforms) .
My simple problem is, when I click VS F5/Run it doesn't rebuild unless i Rebuild All (very slow) , even if i delete the dll folder, its seems to be using the previous one - does it get locked in memory of something? Is there a post build script i could run to purge and delete the plugin when build the host?
Have a PC that did not start and beeped 6 times (HP) so I removed the graphic card. I tried a different card but gave the same result (6 beeps).

I ran HP system diagnostic everything passed.

I get an error when trying to run windows update (code 80072F8F)

In device manager everything seem to up to date (no yellow flag)

I want to update this PC which is currently running window 8 to windows 10.

Can I do the install as is, or first get to the bottom of the issue?
Hello Everyone.
I'm an Exchange Server newbie. I'm trying to set some server components state, and I found something.
I'd like to know there are multiple "-Requester" parameter value, so anybody please tell me: What's the meaning of each Requester value?
Set-ServerComponentState $Server -Component HubTransport -State Active -Requester Maintenance
Thank you so much


Michael hOGGATT
I am considering buying some used RAM from a friend.

I would like to benchmark the RAM speed before and after the installation of the new RAM.

What would be good and simple utility for doing so?
Preferably a portable program that doesn't require installation.

Industry Leaders: We Want Your Opinion!
Industry Leaders: We Want Your Opinion!

We value your feedback.

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Yeti Cooler, Amazon eGift Card, and Movie eGift Card!

I am having a great deal of difficulty typing. For some reason it
seems to be only on the laptop and only when I am on the web.  Although I just
typed an email and it was a jumbled mess.  When typing the words are sometimes jumbled and lag behind the typing up to 4-5 seconds.
I've tried rebooting, resetting the browser and going into the mouse settings.  Not sure what is causing this for sure.
I have vmware workstation on my window 10 and several vm machines and servers .
all machines (file) I keep on a separate drive (not the same as the os and application) would you recommend using a ssd or sas instead of the stranded sata or there is no need
Running Windows Server 2016 Essentials. Windows server Backup completes 'with warnings' 9 nights out of 10. The message is: Bare metal recovery backup and system state backup both report One of the system components is not consistent in the shadow copy created for backup. Detailed error message: The writers timeout expired between the freeze and the Thaw events. Can anybody help me find out what is causing these VSS writer timeouts?
I have a Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard server with a very strange issue that I can't seem to solve.

Windows is fully up to date and an SFC scan comes back clean reporting no issues*.

*There were some issues previously that I repaired with SFC and DISM that did not seem to have any effect on what I am writing about below.

After about three to four days of up time this server will start having application crashes appear in Event Viewer and the server will start missing scheduled non-interactive tasks like server backups. The applications that crash seem to be exclusive to Windows components themselves: wbadmin.exe, ceipdata.exe, aitagent.exe, lpremove.exe, & schtasks.exe are the ones that I see consistently every time in the logs.

I have attached snippets from three separate crashes:
Once this starts happening services like the scheduled defragmentation of the drives and Windows Server Backup will miss all of their schedules with a corresponding application crash in the Event Viewer. The only remedy I have found to keep the backups running is to restart the server after hours every couple of days. It is worth noting that if I manually run the defragmentation or server backup it runs and completes without issues.

Given that the applications only seem to fail when not initiated from the GUI I started looking into issues revolving around non-interactive Windows tasks and came across this …
Dell Venue 5055 Pro.
Windows 10 32Bit Home.

This tablet has the rear light on all the time.  I have searched and don't see any info on how to resolve.  So I am coming to the Experts instead of wasting hours on google.

If anyone has anything for me to try.  Let me know.

Thanks very much in advance.


We have some issues with a switch that is currently overheating.

I don't need help with that problem as we are reviewing the air-conditioning and have a temporary unit on the way.

My question is around the sensors that have issues and what components are actually overheating at the moment.

The particular sensors are XNN and CONAN:-

Module Sensor                     Temperature          Status
1      Air inlet                  54C (56C,68C,71C)              ok
1      Air inlet remote           43C (46C,59C,62C)              ok
1      Air outlet                 52C (66C,76C,79C)              ok
1      Air outlet remote          40C (60C,71C,74C)              ok
2      Air inlet                  58C (56C,68C,71C)         warning
2      Air inlet remote           43C (46C,59C,62C)              ok
2      Air outlet                 54C (66C,76C,79C)              ok
2      Air outlet remote          42C (60C,71C,74C)              ok
3      air inlet                  54C (45C,60C,70C)         warning
3      air outlet                 53C (61C,76C,86C)              ok
4      air inlet                  48C (45C,60C,70C)         warning
4      air outlet                 55C (61C,76C,86C)              ok
5      Air inlet                  37C (50C,66C,72C)              ok
5      Air outlet                 57C (73C,80C,92C)              ok
5      XPP                        105C …
I have a second hand SONY VAIO Series E notebook with Windows 10.

Last night, I ran it on battery and at 5% battery it shut down on its own  (not hibernate)with a little pop sound.

I immediately attached the original power charger and there was no charging.

My first guess was that either the motherboard or the power adapter gone south as there was no green light on power adapter and no charging light on notebook.

I opened up the three pin in the socket of the power adapter and saw there was a 3A fuse itself.  I replaced the 3A fuse with a 5A fuse and there was green light on power adapter. However, when I attached the power adapter to the notebook, the green light turned off within 15 seconds and I can confirm that the power adapter is dead now from the smell.

The good news is the notebook can be powered on after 15 seconds of "charging".

I have forgotten all my lessons in electronic circuit.

Is my motherboard having a problem? Will it burn another power adapter?

Why changing the fuse will burn the power adapter?
I have several new Dell laptops that explicitly say they take DDR3L 1.35V memory. - Latitude E6440, E5550, E3460...
I have Patriot Viper PV316G160LC9SK so-dimms that are 1.35V but say they are DDR3, not DDR3L.  Can I use the Viper memory in the  Dell Latitude computers?
Hi experts,

I have a text file containing names of component service dlls.
I need to check these com dlls in actual component services and report the status if they are running fine, stopped or not installed or missing.
Independent Software Vendors: We Want Your Opinion
Independent Software Vendors: We Want Your Opinion

We value your feedback.

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Have a Dell  PowerEdge T710 which has two power supplies. I want to put a UPS battery backup, and want it on the main not the fail over. is there a way to know which of the two is the main and which is the fail over?
How can I removed some item from my vb6 components list so I can browse and put them back in from the correct location.

O.S. Windows 10

See attached screen shot
I have an old Dell server that I would like to use to run a backup function. So, I would like to connect external USB 3 backup drives to it. The problem with that scenario is that the Dell server has USB 2 ports. It does however have a PCI-E slot which is 1st generation. If I were to put a third generation PCI-E card in it with USB 3 ports on it, would I see an improvement in backup speed over just using the USB 2 sockets?
Six hours after boot-up the screen went black. Over a period of several minutes rare glimpses of a popup error lower right. Display Driver Stopped Working. Then black screen. Then I was able to read more of the message. Intel Graphics ....... Stopped Responding ........
Black screen. I waited a few seconds and got a chance to click start then shutdown and a screen to wait on some program or forced shutdown. I chose forced shutdown. The program was not a Windows program.
The system did shutdown as far as nothing on the screen but the green light on the tower stayed on and the two fans inside gained speed such that they could be heard. They run normally but never heard. I removed the side panel and waited as maybe they would stop and the system would fully turn off. I waited maybe 10 minutes and then manually turned the system off. And back on. The system booted normally, the fans working normally. Not noticing anything abnormal at the moment but only one browser open and no programs.

Observations on why the system did not totally shutdown and why the fans gained speed and did not turn off, etc.
Error message and implications, etc.
The touchpad on my Dell Latitude E6410 laptop works fine at home but is jerky at the office. The only difference I can think of is different wireless networks. Both networks are on Suddenlink and use the same model router: TP-Link TL-WR841N.  The IP of the home network is and at work is  The touchpad driver is Dell (ALPS) v 8.1200.101.127. The Dell website and Windows update state it is up to date.

Any ideas for this weird problem?
Hello All;

In Visual Studio, I have NewtonSoft added to the "NuGet"
The "Bin" folder has all required resources.
I have these in the top.

Imports Newtonsoft.Json.Linq
Imports Newtonsoft.Json

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Running the project from VS, it works great.
Running the project from its web folder gives the error.

Compiler Error Message: BC30451: 'Newtonsoft' is not declared. It may be inaccessible due to its protection level.

On this line.
Dim playList = Newtonsoft.Json.JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(Of VidList)(jsonString)

Open in new window

What else do I need to do, in order to run the NewtonSoft components outside of VS?






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Components are those devices that are internal to a computer -- the PC boards, the central processor (CPU), the memory (RAM), disk and video controllers and so on.