Components are those devices that are internal to a computer -- the PC boards, the central processor (CPU), the memory (RAM), disk and video controllers and so on.

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What are the warranty details for a "SAMSUNG PM863a MZ-7LM1T9NE 2.5" 1.92TB SATA III Solid State Disk - Enterprise" hard drive?

I am considering purchasing this type of solid state hard drive and need to know what type of manufacturer warranty is provided for this hard drive.
What is the best adapter or cable for connecting Microsoft Surface Book 2 to an external monitor using a Display port cable?

I have already tried using a general purpose USB C to HDMI cable adapter to connect this  Microsoft Surface Book 2 to three different monitors using an HDMI cable but nothing has appeared on the external monitors when I have done this (even though I have updated all drivers).

Microsoft Surface Book 2 info: 13.5 in. 512GB i7 16GB with GPU.
Dear Guys
We are having problem with lighting strikes on my equipment like for example my switches. This is the setup
Can some send me a documentation on grounding ICT equipment and also how to protect lighting strikes from the power side like for example if I am getting power from the generator how to protect
What URLs can I go to so I can look up the warranty info for Microsoft Surface laptops?
Are the power supply to SATA hard drive power cables the same for both the Corsair AX1200i and Thermaltake TGB1200W power supplies?

Is it safe to interchange these power supply cables between the two power supplies?
Please provide me with some URLs where I can purchase Thermaltake TGB1200W hard drive power cables that connect to the power supply and then plug into SATA hard drives.
Please provide me with some URLs where I can purchase Corsair AX1200i hard drive power cables that connect to the power supply and then plug into SATA hard drives.
Trying to get an original (or close to original) X284G Battery for our Dell Inspiron 1525 and stumbled across quite a few options on eBay.

This seller seems to be receiving quite a bit of good reviews for this particular battery model:

I'm not a shill and not trying to promote this product and just wondering what other options/places/products that you guys would recommend if it were you.

Thank you for your time.
Hello All;

I have an intel s5000psl
For the last few weeks it has been randomaly shutting down on its own.
The latest time, was sometime early this morning.
When I tried to boot it back up, it would...

I would toggle the on/all switch on the PSU
And it would do the [Amber/Green] in 3 sets.
Then it would cycle on all the fans for about 2-seconds and then stop.

I completely removed everything from the board, and tested.
1-CPU / 1-Ram module
And still the same thing.

Took a break, and then came back, and wa-la, it booted with both CPU's and 2-sticks of ram.
So, I added in the remainder of the ram modules and it booted up and ran for about 20-minutes and then shut back down again.
I have not been able to get it to book back up since. (Been trying this go around for about 2-hours. Re-seating the memory and everything and still no go)

Is it the PSU (or) is the MB board?

Thanks for any information.
How do I deploy an App Volume environment from the beginning. I know the VDI environment will be a considering factor.  What factors should I consider?  Is Horizon View required within the infrastructure for a simple App Volume deployment?   What are the components required to package applications? For example: provisioning VM, Writable Volumes, App Volume Server? How do I create the Golden VM image and why?.


Hello everyone,

I have no idea how this laptop developed a cracked screen and have been using it for the past two years but just wondering if we could get the screen replaced as the touch screen functionality doesn't work on the left side of the crack.

Anyway, contacted Dell support regarding this and their recommended part number DT2CR costs a total of $221 which is obviously a very expensive replacement for an old laptop.

Could someone recommend something similar at Amazon or eBay? That would be tremendously helpful.

Thank you so very much for your time.

serial on old laptop that works with device looks like this 1 plugserial on old laptop that works with device looks like this 1 plug

Is there external serial port

like a cd drive that plugs into usb
or hard drive that plugs into wall and usb

usb to serial
ethernet to serial
hdmi to serial

does not work with this rare old device

i want to plug into wall to provide power

if there is no other way to run serial using this laptop then the answer is "no"
I'm looking to get a new UPS for my office. I'm trying to determine the best route to go with the UPS I purchase. I currently have three Dell Ultrasharp u2412M LED Monitors, a Dell T5400 PC, a Dell Latitude D5430 laptop with a docking station for the laptop, Logitech speakers and sub woofer, phone, wireless headset, and charger for iPhone and mini ipad for my music. I want to get a UPS that will support the monitors, PC, docking station for my laptop, speakers/sub woofer and charger. The phone and wireless headset would be nice, but isn't necessary.

I was looking at the following UPS:

Would this support all those devices? Would I need more battery back up than that? Should I get smaller UPS, but several of them to support the various devices...i.e. one for the monitors, one for the PC/docking statation/laptop, and one for speakers and charger?

I'm trying to determine the ideal configuration to support the devices using a UPS. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Exists any problem if I combine 5 WD NAS HDD and 5 Segate NAS HDD the same speed and cache to create a RAID?  or they need to be the same brand?
i need to test an m2 SSD on another desktop
i assume i best use an adapter card, but which
here the specs of the SSD :
can you suggest me a good one, with affordable price?

i think about buying this one :
or this one for usb :

any pro or cons for both are welcome

w10 compatible of course
My LG tv won't turn on. The power light comes on but nothing. Lg 37lc7d.
What are the best USB to SAS cradles or adapters that will allow me to connect a 3.5" SAS drive to my computer's USB port?

I have some SAS drives I need to examine and copy data from and need a solution I can quickly plug into any computer with a USB 3 port.
Hello Experts:

I'm adding a Radeon VEGA 56 Video Card to a desktop system.  The stock power supply is 280 Watt.

The machine has an AMD A10 9700 3.5GHz Processor and a 512GB SSD HDD.  32GB RAM

Will this work or do I need to upgrade the power supply?


I am new to Angular and using Angular 6 CLI. Problem I have is, I have a JSON object that I am getting data from http.get and then trying to parse out different JSON blocks in an object. Then I am passing these objects to respective components. I can see that in the subscribe block the data is populated correctly but outside subscribe block, those objects are 'undefined'.

So from any .ts file, the objects outside subscribe block is undefined. However, I could access data from template files that is from .html files.

for example,  below is where I am calling service from "Component A" so component A has "myappRoot", "myapp", "myproblem"..etc all objects of custom type defined. The custom type is basically interface which I am exporting from index.d.ts file. So objects are populated  inside subscribe block is fine. But if I do console.log(this.myproblem) it comes as undefined outside ngOnInit(). If I pass this object to "Component A HTML" file like {{ this.myproblem? | json}} it prints correctly. but if I pass it to some other component B like <app-component B [myproblem] = 'this.myproblme' ></app-component B> and try to do console.log(this.myproblem) in component B.ts file, it comes as undefined.  Is it due to async nature of observables? How do I solve this?

ngOnInit() {
    // lets  make a call and initialized the root object and children
    this.myproblemService.getmyproblem().subscribe(root => {
      this.myappRoot = root;
      this.myapp = root.myapp;

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WIndows 10 1803 update has caused File Explorer not to work.  It will not open...

Here is more info on system etc.

• Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise, 64-bit (build 17134)
 Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6400 CPU @ 2.70GHz 2.70GHz, 1024KB Level 2 cache
 M0UKT22A LENOVO - 1160
 8,192 MB RAM
 ST500DM002-1SB10A 465.76GB IDE

Have looked online but have not found a fix yet.
Dear experts,

I have wireless keypad for my laptop -windows 10.

I use it both for my  normal text typing as well as for c language.

Is there a separate set-up required for keypad when using it for typing languages syntax (for instance || and \)

The reason is I do see the key strokes on the keypad but when I type it types different characters.

Kindly guide me to switch between these two requirements.

Thank you
I built a desktop.  When I switch on the power and push the power button, the system fans come on but nothing else seems to come on.  Also, the system fans only come one when the 24 pin power cable is plugged in.  If I unplug the 24 pin and just plug in the 8pin CPU power, nothing happens.  No display activity, no USB activity, either way, they are plugged in.  Everything is brand new.

First, should I be plugging both in?  One thing I have noticed is that the motherboard is a Gigabyte Z370N WIFI with has a 4 pin heat sync plugin.  I have a Corsair H55 heat sync which has a 3 pin plug.  Since the motherboard is designed for a four pin plug, I wonder if that is why nothing will turn on?  See the image of the motherboard specs.

Also, one thing to note, when I turn on the power switch on the back, a light flashes on the motherboard once quickly, then nothing.  But as mentioned before, as long as the 24 pin cable is plugged in, the system fans still stay on.  

Another Test: Tested the ThermalTake TR2 Power supply with the 24pin Paperclip test. The fan in the Power Supply runs just fine.

Gigabyte Z370N Cooling Fan Specs
I am installing a Gigabyte Z370N Motherboard with a Powerspec 430 power supply.  I have connected the main 24 pin power connector, but I was wondering if I needed to connect an additional power connector for the CPU?  It looks like there is an 8 pin connector on the Motherboard.  I have a split 6pin / 2 pin and a 4 pin connector.   Do I need to connect to it, I'm not sure which cable to connect or what slot. Do I connect the 4 pin to the 6 pin connector?  If so,Gigabyte Z370N WIFI which side?  See image.
Dear Experts

We have mounted 2 nos of Dell Poweredge R730 with dual hot plug, redundant power supply (1+1) 750W and one L3 switch and one router to expect 4 hours power backup how much capacity UPS is required i,e 750W * 4 = 3000W and other network equipment's Router, L3 swtich auraba in total 3500W not sure if this how to calculate please suggest how much capacity of UPS required and for the backup of 4 hours and also how much capacity of power socket 15Amps or 20Amps for the power chords to connect.
please suggest
Asus Motherboards will not boot.  CPU fan spins for 5 seconds then stops, no post, no beeps.  Have tried multiple CPUs, multiple RAM sticks, multiple power supplies, and 3 different Chassis.  I've also bench tested this (MB/CPU/RAM/PSU) without success.  This happens with 5 motherboards, all the same type, brand new from ASUS: Z370-G.  I've swapped all the components I can think of.  Any Experts can think of something I missed?  It's hard toi believe an entire box of MBs is bad, but seems to be leaning that direction.