Components are those devices that are internal to a computer -- the PC boards, the central processor (CPU), the memory (RAM), disk and video controllers and so on.

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what cpu can I put in this machine
currently it has
Machine Type Model: 77471TU
k330b desktop
Intel Pentium G620
see attachment for more details
Build an E-Commerce Site with Angular 5
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Build an E-Commerce Site with Angular 5

Learn how to build an E-Commerce site with Angular 5, a JavaScript framework used by developers to build web, desktop, and mobile applications.

Upgraded from ColdFuison 10 to ColdFusion 2016; all my UI components do not work.
They render as a grayed out area.
Using 0 as a baseline, I am looking to conduct a t-test. In fact, I want to perform a t-test on each of these 10 values. Here are the 10 values in list format. These 10 values correspond to standard deviation. However, I am not sure if I need more information than just the standard deviation to conduct the t-test.

list=[0.00330, 0.0022, 0.0018, 0.0016, 0.001, 0.0013, 0.0011, 0.00, 0.001, 0.0007]

So again, Before I do anything code related,I need to know if more components are required to conduct these t-tests in the manner in which I describe above. (These standard deviations were generated through a bootstrapping process, if it helps anything to know)

But, if I do not need to furnish any further information, I would appreciate any help in generating the code for the t-test.
I just now am finding out about the KMTimeLine component.  It is a multimedia timeline control similar to older version of Premiere.  It appears to have been released as BETA in 2001 for Delphi 5.0.  Nothing further was done with it.

I've Googled and contacted people associated with the control in hope to purchase it or get the source to be able to compile it with current compiler, but no success.  My last effort, before re-inventing the wheel, is to reach out to the EE community for help.  There was a similar question asked back in 2004 and someone mentioned they had the source and contacted the author for permission to redistribute.  The question was marked resolved.  

In posting here, I'm hoping for some sort of success as well.

Details about this component down below (most of the links are dead).
Merchant listing:

Product homepage :
New ubuntu 18.04 server build. Running zfs for datastorage for backup. Receiving Errors about ata2.00 failed command: WRITE FPDMA QUEUED.

Please see attached screen shot.

What does this mean? Are my drives going bad? or is it a motherboard issue?

Any guidance would be appreciated.
I would really like to get rid of cable TV. The only reason I keep it is so we can record shows with the DVR. I  have been reading about DVRs that don't require a cable connection. I have a Netflix account and Amazon Prime.
If I get rid of cable TV I would still have high speed cable Internet because it offers the best speed for the price in my area. what equipment would I need to dump cable?
Do I need a wireless capable Smart TV?
What about a fire stick?
What kind of recorder box do I need?

Thank you.
Using Joomla! and RSForm! Pro components
In a form, I added a date field. It shows a nice calendar
I want to limit the available dates to one month in the future, but also only mondays and thursdays can be selected, and a couple of fixed mondays.thursday should be disabled.

We have a HP Workstation xw4200 with Windows 2003 server installed on it.

This unit is usually left on all day every day.

This unit has worked fine for years with no problems.

Yesterday, I noticed that the server had turned off.

When I pressed the power button this this unit, the following occurred in sequence:

1. Green power LED appeared for 6 seconds
2. 1 second with power LED not lit
3. Power LED blinked RED 6 times, once per second, then 2 second pause (Beeping sound heard for every time power LED blinked RED)
4. The 3rd step repeated 4 times after each 2 second pause (total 5 times)
5. The 3rd step repeated but with no sound heard

I pressed on the power button on this unit and the power LED was no longer lit.

Any time I try to turn on this unit, the same 5 steps as above occurs.

1. What could be the reason for these beeps?

2. How can we solve our problem and get this server to boot?

Hello everyone.
I have a INSIGHTPOWER UPS (aka Delta UPS) and I configured the snmp at UPS webportal with community 'deltaups' (without quotes) Digging on the internet i have finded this OID to the UPS:


With a gui named "SNMP Tools" i have the same OID:

The UPS is discovered fine in opsmgr 2016:

The same OID in discovered network device:

The SNMP Service and SNMP TRAP service are both disabled.

In opsmgr i've created a new group with the UPS, when i create a new monitor and put the OID i receive this message:

i've tested ".", "","OID.","OMG.", LMAO."... and nothing works.

What i missing? The ports is open.

I have a Dell U2717D monitor running at 2560x1440p and recently bought another one, so that makes 2 U2717D. I have at home a Dell Optiplex 7050M ( i5-6100T 3.20 GHz + 8 GB RAM + SSD 256 + Intel® HD Graphics 530) it has the folowing ports  1 Display Port and 1 HDMI. I also have a third 23 inch Dell monitor. So my question is...

Is it possible to daisy chain the two U2717D and connect them to the optiplex using the Displayport and also connect this 3rd 23inch monitor usind HDMI making a total of 3 monitors setup? Will this system be able to handle those screens?

I would like two monitors running at 1440p and the smaller just at 1080p for report writing.

thank you for the support
JavaScript Best Practices
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JavaScript Best Practices

Save hours in development time and avoid common mistakes by learning the best practices to use for JavaScript.

My computer keeps freezing or stuttering for about half a second. This happens after a couple hours of the computer being on and in use. It freezes every half a second actually, I don't know why this is happening and any help would be appreciated. I have updated my GPU drivers as well as checked for viruses and have found nothing. It doesn't just happen in file explorer the stutters occur in games as well, anything really. I clean my computer every couple weeks just to get the dust out of the system to the best of my ability. I've had my computer for just under 2 years, and the components in my computer are as follows:
CPU-i7-7700k @ 4.20GHz
GPU-1070 (MSI)
Ram-16gb DDR4 Dual Channel
Motherboard-MSI Z270-A PRO
128 Intel ssd
2 tb toshiba hard drive (SATA)
800w power supply
Windows 10 Home 64-bit
These are the most important parts that i can think that would be of any help, I have included i clip i recorded in shadow play of what the stutters look like in case anything like this has happened before. Thanks again to anyone who can help me with this and if there is any information that i have not included let me know please and i will try to update it.
In Enterprise Architect, how do you turn functional requirements into use cases?

I have tried to open the Relationship Matrix and then added use cases through it. But it seems like that is not the intended process.

The process I am looking for will be smooth.

I have requirements that I need to put into requirement groups. Then use cases I need to put into use case groups. The system is rather big.
Can you guide me to any example where EA is used and has the full tracebility of requirements to use cases, domain model, interfaces, and components?

I want to understand how to get from requirements to components, interfaces, and operations in EA
Is their an iPad based app for vendors, staff, etc for physical access to items or locations within an organization?  Does that system keep proactive reminders along with some sort sign off system that a recurring punch list items have been accomplished (training, rotating backups, etc)  or do I need to cobble this together through a series of existing technologies?  Basically, there's a lot of NIST based mandates.  The physical access controls except for patient intake (for a medical practice) is pretty rudimentary but I like to take physical and administrative components of security for compliance to another level without having to reinvent the wheel.  The only thing I can think is key fob that can apply to some of these items but that has it limitations especially when lobby don't have doors to the employee working environments.  Surveillance cameras come to mind as I reading this but that does not grab names of vendors along with other recurring activities that must be done in order to maintain compliance.   I found the keyword phrase "visitor management system" and iLobby came up on Google but I wouldn't mind a more holistic solution.  Anyway, thoughts?
Looking for GPU upgrade options for a Dell PowerEdge R510 Rack-mount server.  We are integrating a security surveillance system and the client that we intend to run on the server will require a higher definition output than the standard built-in VGA that the PowerEdge R510 Server offers.  Are there any solutions for upgrading or adding an internal/external Hi-Def GPU card?

We have a .Net application currently being hosted on win 2003 servers. As a migration activity we are planning to move/upgrade the application
to win 2012 servers. the Existing legacy application has COM+ Components since we are moving to new framework we are trying to find appropriate way
how we can handle this COM+ Components to new .NET framework and win OS.

QQ: Can we convert the COM+ to Active X and then deploy on the new env. Will this work and if yes . then can somebody share with me
the details as how to do this migration activity.
I have a Windows Deployment server with windows 10 image which works fine. Now I am trying to implement an answer file ( doing it with WindowsSystem Image manager) but keep getting prompt for language and locale although it is set in answer file. I have tried setting it in "1 windows PE" , "4 specialize" and "7 oobeSystem" components - still getting that prompt.
I have read on few websites that login info should be set and I have tried that (set it in "7 oobeSystem" component  ) - no luck, still getting language and location selection prompt.
Here is my answer file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<unattend xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:unattend">
    <settings pass="oobeSystem">
        <component name="Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup" processorArchitecture="amd64" publicKeyToken="31bf3856ad364e35" language="neutral" versionScope="nonSxS" xmlns:wcm="" xmlns:xsi="">
        <component name="Microsoft-Windows-International-Core" processorArchitecture="amd64" …
Have a client with 5 sites, each running on a 6KVA APC smart UPS
Each site is equipped with routing and switch gear, plus 2 powerfull Dell Rack mount servers.

I need to configure theses HyperV host and VMs to gracefully shutdown when UPS has about 40% battery run-time left
Then once power resumes, I need hosts and VM to auto start up again.  This has to work 100% as the site are on average 200-300KM apart and the furthest site is 600KM away from my office.

Please will someone send me the exact parameters to get this right. All UPSs has an SNMP card installed and the hosts already have to Power Chute client installed and configured, but I need to confirm if my config is 100%.  Please i need the best practiced way to do this as well could you advise if the UPS should also initiate a Self shutdown in the event that input power fails.  

UPS and Current Firmware is as follows:

Model: Smart-UPS RT 6000 XL
Position: RACK
Firmware Revision: 452.18.W
Manufacture Date: 10/04/12
i have an old ACS45 Altec Lansing sound system, with 2 speakers and a sub woofer - that i'mm trying to repair
now i have found that the sub woofer is not working, it emits a very faint hum, the 2 speakers do work fine
i tested the woofer sound chip, and it works fine also
it works with compader chip - NE572
anybody knows how to diagnose  these things, or has come across a schematic diagram   of this system ?
In Delphi 10.2 Tokyo:

I created a package called TestFrameCompPkg that has a frame TTFrameComp as a component. The package build and install work as expected.

My problem occurs at design time with the ShowEdit and ShowLabel properties. When I place the component on the form, the property changes don't Hide and Show the ToolBar components in the IDE. But each does function normally at run time.

How do I get the show/hide properties to function at design time?

Code Example is below:

object TFramComp: TTFramComp
  Left = 0
  Top = 0
  Width = 800
  Height = 291
  TabOrder = 0
  object ToolBar1: TToolBar
    Left = 0
    Top = 0
    Width = 800
    Height = 29
    Caption = 'ToolBar1'
    TabOrder = 0
    ExplicitLeft = 192
    ExplicitTop = 48
    ExplicitWidth = 150
    object Edit1: TEdit
      Left = 0
      Top = 0
      Width = 121
      Height = 22
      TabOrder = 0
      Text = 'Edit1'
    object Label1: TLabel
      Left = 121
      Top = 0
      Width = 31
      Height = 22
      Caption = 'Label1'

Open in new window

unit FrameComp;
  Winapi.Windows, Winapi.Messages, System.SysUtils, System.Variants, System.Classes,
  Vcl.Graphics, Vcl.Controls, Vcl.Forms, Vcl.Dialogs, Vcl.StdCtrls,
  Vcl.ComCtrls, Vcl.ToolWin;
  TTFramComp = class(TFrame)
    ToolBar1: TToolBar;
    Edit1: TEdit;
    Label1: TLabel;
    function GetShowEdit: boolean;

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OWASP: Forgery and Phishing
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OWASP: Forgery and Phishing

Learn the techniques to avoid forgery and phishing attacks and the types of attacks an application or network may face.

I have a Gigabyte z370n wifi MB.  It supposedly supports 3 displays. 2x HDMI and 1 Display Port.  My 2 HDMI's work but only mirrored.  The 3rd Display port does not work. It is using an adapter that is HDMI to display port. So there are two issues. Why won't the Computer pick up that it is multiple displays so I can expand separate displays and two, why wouldn't the display port work.  I am not using an additional GPU.  I'm only using the built in for now.  I was thinking maybe some software might help, but I couldn't find any drivers or software on the Gigabyte website.  Thoughts?
I'm trying to automate a campus solutions business process through an app engine calling CI's.  One of the components has a OK/Cancel popup warning box on the save event (under certain data conditions) that require the user to click OK on before it will save.  Is it possible to code the CI to issue the OK response, so the CI can complete the save?  

Hi Experts,
I got an invitation from someone to upload something to their google drive, however when I click on new button, the upload options are disabled and a message appears stating "you are working offline, and some functions are not avail.."
What is the cause and how can I change it?
Thanks in advance
Unable to install CommVault Agent on a Server 2008 Standard server. 32 bit
Server had commvault agent on things broke (not sure why )  decided to reinstall agent
[/b]Steps followed

1 .Uninstall all the installed backup components from the server
2. reboot the server
3. reinstalled agent received

Windows MSI installer returned an error-code: '1612'.
3896 4024 04/18 20:21:22 Uninstalling files/packages for WindowsFileSystemiDataAgentCore platform from previous install if any
3896 4024 04/18 20:21:23 Uninstalling files/packages for WindowsFileSystemiDataAgentAdvanced platform from previous install if any
3896 4024 04/18 20:21:24 Executing process : "C:\Windows\system32\msiexec.exe"  /x {8AA6E8F0-966B-4CF9-8929-2518C78DA8DC}  /qn  EXECUTEGALAXYUNINSTALLER=FALSE EXECUTEQUNINSTALLER=FALSE MSIRESTARTMANAGERCONTROL=Disable
[b]3896 4024 04/18 20:21:24 Windows MSI installer returned an error-code: '1612'.
please inform me to how to connect ir sensor with plc module and what is the apply voltage to ir sensor and output configuration.?
I have an HP Pavilion 27-a030 PC that will not power on. We tested multiple Power supplies with same wattage,voltage, and amp output as the original to no avail. After i tested RAM, Network card, and all other devices plugged into the PC to see if one of them was causing the issue. Finally decided it was the motherboard, we replaced the board and have the same issue on the new one. I wouldn't think the CPU would cause this, and if it was a bad CPU i would think it would still boot but have some error codes and then shutoff. We however don't have a spare CPU to test on the machine and would like to know it was that piece of hardware before dropping $$$. Any other ideas?