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Components are those devices that are internal to a computer -- the PC boards, the central processor (CPU), the memory (RAM), disk and video controllers and so on.

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Where is the setting to Force how often IE 11 checks for new page versions in the GPO, I've looked in User Configuration > Admin Templates > Win Components > IE but can't seem to find. Or maybe it has to be set via Registry Key??

I need to change IE to check for newer versions of stored pages > "Every time I visit the webpage"

Using Win 7 64-bit.

Thank you in advance for the help.
Free Tool: Path Explorer
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Free Tool: Path Explorer

An intuitive utility to help find the CSS path to UI elements on a webpage. These paths are used frequently in a variety of front-end development and QA automation tasks.

One of a set of tools we're offering as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

We have an HP ProLiant DL385 G7 server with an AMD Opteron 6128 processor.  Based on this chart, I believe it's a G34 socket.  What's the highest CPU I can install?  Based on the socket type and top wattage, I'm considering the AMD Opteron 6176.  Will it work?

Based on these specs from HP, it looks as though the server can handle Opteron 6282SE with a whopping 16 cores, but the power requirements are higher (120 watts vs. 80 w. for my 6128).  Can I simply upgrade the power supply as well, or do you think it would require a different motherboard?

I'm not sure what BIOS version we're using.  Does HP normally update the BIOS so the CPU can be significantly upgraded?

Thank you in advance for your feedback.
I have this password-protected .mdb database. There is a table I need to copy into a different non-protected mdb database. I need to perform this task using Borland Delphi 7 ADO components. help?
I have a AMD FX 9590 on a gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 R5 motherboard running Windows 10 pro and it keeps freezing on me when I check the event log there are loads of corrected hardware errors processor core events and I cant figure out how to resolve them. The machine is only 6 months old. The bios is updated I never over clock it or mess with the bios in any way and my power supply is a 1000 watt corsair

I also have a full tower thermaltake case with a liquid thermaltake cpu unit and 4 large fans but home very dusty and so it runs hot
PLEASE somebody help!! I have read that it could be a voltage issue but don't have a clue what to do
hi i have a project for you :
Configuring a Virtual Network.
creat a virtual networking components that VMware Workstation provides.
For this solution we hard that our solutions is to make 10 VM for one service :
1 Vm for Dns
1 Vm for DHCP
1 Vm for LDAP
1 Vm for Samba
1 Vm for Syslog
1 Vm for NTP
1 Vm for NPM

all these VM with Ip static.

I have Mac Address and IP, for each VM, it's yet done.

In fact is Building a simple server to provide DNS, DHCP, NTP  DHCP
to support  different appli and share this VM for 20 developpers

at the end, we'll deploy app with ansible, that we had roles yet written.

going to be a paid project,
What are the best electric screwdriver sets for repairing laptops?

I need to purchase several sets for employees who will be repairing laptops.
I have use other db components in delphi, but I am having a particular issue using firedac.
Using Delphi10 Seattle, Sql Server 2012.
I have a firedac table pointing to a dataset.
that dataset has 3 fields.

reg_id (integer)
id_css(varchar 8)
reg_value (varchar(250))

i have this table joined to another table using masterdetail, on the reg_ID
a particular record exists in the data set, and is shown in this query:

select * from dbregval where id_css = 'PSI99'
order by reg_id
(see pic1)
regID = 128000.
id_css = psi99
value string = '1'

in the program, I set the filter options to FOCaseInsensitve, foNoPartial
I have set this both at the component level and in code, before the table is opened.

when reg_id is 128006, a records is found (because id_CSS in db is PSI99)
(see file 128006.jpg)
however, when reg_id is 128000, no record is returned in firedac
(dmCommon.tblUserReg.isEmpty is returning true)
(see file 128000.jpg)
This is the sql as reported by firedac monitor, when I refresh the table:

FROM dbo.dbRegVal A
WHERE (A.reg_id = :reg_id) AND
(((A.reg_id = :FD__WN_reg_id) AND (A.id_css < :FD__WN_id_css)) OR ((A.reg_id < :FD__WN_reg_id))) AND
(id_css = 'PSI99')
ORDER BY A.reg_id DESC, A.id_css DESC

so, the question is : how do I use case insensitive filters, using firedac?
and why is this not working?  I'm new to firedac?
any idea what it is that I am …
I have erratic mouse movement and keyboard issues from these external components when used through the dock via the USB ports. I have an E-Port Plus II dock.  If I leave the laptop slightly open the issues go away. If i undock the mouse stays stuck on the right moving erratically and a new mouse appears. Also a few faint circle hover spots. All drivers, Bios and even monitor software updated, not malware or adware. Trackpad even replaced. It happens in Safe mode also and even with a new profile.  W10 64bit. Please advise.

Looking for a way to silently uninstall Nvidia drivers for my VDI environment.  I have several hundred virtual machines that use the K2 graphics driver, and if I push out a new driver install via PDQ Deploy it usally fails.  I have found that if I uninstall the old driver first and then push out the new driver it seems to work better.  Just looking for a better way of doing this.
I need some help if possible.  

My school is very much behind the times, so we are in need of upgrading.

Our president wants specifically to have wireless connections (literally no wires needed to connect a laptop to the system), a very simple way to record high-quality video and audio in the classrooms, and the ability to broadcast class sessions online in real time.

Can anyone give me some suggestions on this?
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Hire Technology Freelancers with Gigs

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Hello Experts,

I have a MFC application that displays a dialog form. On a selection by the user, I need to open another form that the user will enter information into. This second form is semi-dynamic in the sense that when the user makes their selection, the items in the second form are changed before showing it. The user will interact with the second form.

I was thinking I would use a Tab control and make one page my original form, and put the interactive form on a second page, but it seems that all the components end up on one page.

I thought about laying out both forms on the same dialog and hide the components that are not needed for the currently active form. That method seems ridiculous.

Also, the second form can (probable should) be in a DLL that I can load that creates it.

Any ideas? Please show all code needed. I am up against a deadline.

Thanks, Brian

Windows 7 Pro 64
VS2013 C++
I need to be able to take the Hard Drive out of a 7480 -or 7280 Dell PC and transfer the data via a USB 3.0 Cable into another 7480 -or 7280 Dell PC . The M.2 NGFF SSD USB 3.0 Enclosure I purchased did not work since the drive from the Dell did not fit.  SM2NGfFMBU33

Can someone recommend a USB 3.0 Enclosure that will fit the SSD that resides in the Dell Latitude 7480 -or 7280 PC's?
We have just recived a new HPE 380 DL server and got no cables for the PSU, the PSU has a strange connection:-

Any ideas what this is?
I am programming in Delphi XE8 and have been looking for some time for software that I can call from my program that can convert from as many formats as possible to text or RTF.

Any suggestions?
I just got a new (to me) laptop and I love it so far, however, I had to buy it in a hurry and didn't have much of a choice in the model or components. It's a refurbished Dell Precision M6600, and luckily for me, just about everything is upgradable. Right now I'm focusing on graphics because, and you'll probably laugh at this: I'm stuck with Intel 3000. It originally had something better, but the place I bought it from said that the card was damaged and so they had to remove it. I literally can't do anything with this right now. Anyway, my current specs are:

OS: Win 10 Pro
CPU: i7-2860QM
RAM: 24 GB
Graphics:.....intel 3000

So I've been doing my research, and it seems my best bet is either Nvidia GTX 680m or Quadro K5000M, but I was wondering if there was anything newer that would be compatible? It helps me meet the minimum requirements for most newer games, but nowhere near the recommended specs. Is there anything better I can use with my model?
Does anyone know of a company that would build a custom computer and ship it.

DELL & HP can't customize to the needs.

it's a very specific computer.
I have a new UPS 950VA BX950U-GR, just unboxed and plugged to line.
It's correct that no lights are on? If I turn on the ups I see green light flashing

cesare from Italy
i have a no of bill of materials for different products in excel sheet and mssql data base for stores inventory. now i want to Excel bom for quering for the quantities for production and may be the same components in few bom. whenever i open the excel sheet current day quantities in store data base should be displayed in the excel sheet.
My son has set up a Raspberry Pi in the home to display images. He enabled FTP and told me to connect via WinSCP. I have done this, and I see all the folders on the Raspberry Pi. However, I cannot upload images or do anymodifications on the raspberry pi due to a permissions problem.

Any ideas what could be the cause of this?

I am logging in with his username and password, which has full rights to the Pi.

Thank you.
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I have HP z800 , 32Gb RAM, nvidia Quadro K2000, 2TB hd. In bios its showing every this is working but when ever i'm trying too boot a new window it restarts and crashes with that blue screen just before " Preparing Desktop  for 1st time ". I have no idea why this is happening.. I tried everything. check all slots, reinstalled every thing. but still same problem.
This whole thing was a sudden occurrence and not gradual. It started immediately after I pulled a stick of ram from my PC to install on another desktop I was working on. As soon as I replaced the ram that I removed back to my PC the problem started. I first thought that it was ram so I switched all the ram completely and the problem remained even with different ram. I then put my original ram back in and ran memtest and it found no errors and the problem still existed.  I have gone into task manager and slowly ended different processes to see if anything running in the background might be the culprit but that showed nothing. I've run malware and antivirus scans and eliminated all junk files,
I'm running Win 7 on a custom computer I built a few years ago with an 8 core AMD processor, an Asus M5A97 mother board and a 256 GB SSD with a couple of internal storage drives. (I don't overclock and I have made sure that the BIOS settings were set at "default".)
Does anyone have any ideas how to isolate the problem?
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
Hi all

The UI for my react app has a main section (takes up most of the screen) and a left hand side pane.
I'm using 3 separate ag-grids:
-One as the main one on the main screen holding the important data.
-the other two are in the left hand side pane (the less important grids for assistance/statistic holding).

This left pane uses (two) tabs, i.e. click on one tab to see one ag-grid, click the other tab to see the other ag-grid

For the tab functionality, i used npm to install the NPM react-bootstrap-tabs node module.

Recently I managed to set up one of the left pain ag-grids to hold filtering information from the main grid.
This was quite a hassle since the grids were effectively grand-sibling components which needed to communicate. without touching AG-grid src code, I had to set up ag-grid callbacks to take note of the filtering data from the main ag-grid, send it up to the grandparent component of my app, and then send it back down to the other grand child ag-grid component.

It all works however I noticed a glitch. When initially loading the whole page, the first tab in the left pane is active by default. The left pane ag-grid that holds the filter information is in the second tab. What I want is to click on this second tab, and see filter data be populated automatically as i filter the main ag-grid. However when I have the second tab active and i filter the main ag-grid (i.e. adding filter …
I have a request for 150k and 500k minutes per day.  And I am not sure what capacity I need to set up. Please advise.
Thanks guys
Hello Everyone.
I'm an Exchange Server newbie. I'm trying to set some server components state, and I found something.
I'd like to know there are multiple "-Requester" parameter value, so anybody please tell me: What's the meaning of each Requester value?
Set-ServerComponentState $Server -Component HubTransport -State Active -Requester Maintenance
Thank you so much


Michael hOGGATT






Components are those devices that are internal to a computer -- the PC boards, the central processor (CPU), the memory (RAM), disk and video controllers and so on.