Components are those devices that are internal to a computer -- the PC boards, the central processor (CPU), the memory (RAM), disk and video controllers and so on.

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Looking for an Azure infographic (Visio would be best) that shows the relationships between Azure components (resource groups, network security groups, NICs, Vnets, VMs, storage accounts accounts, etc.)
Hi Surface Experts,

We have a Microsoft Surface Go (tablet/laptop) and occasionally we’d like to plug things like flash drives, mice, etc into it, but the only USB port it has is a USB-C.  I know there are hubs available, but at this stage I want to keep cost down so I probably just want a single USB-A female connector to plug things into, but obviously I don’t want to buy something which damages the Surface Go.


Q1. Does the Surface Go’s USB-C port support OTG?

Q2. Do I even need an OTG adaptor/cable to connect USB flash drives, mice, etc, or will a standard cable do?  (I use an OTG cable to connect flash drives to my Samsung phone via it's Micro USB connector, but does OTG even apply to a Surface Go?)

Q3. Will an OTG cable even work for me in this situation?

Q4. Should all of the following do the job for me or could they damage the Surface Go?
That last one is claimed to be OTG.

Q5. I’d be happy with a USB-A 3.0 connector, but are there USB-C 3.1 to USB-A 3.1 cables which…
hi when im trying to open the app adobe XD from the creative cloud APP and i got this message

"Contact your system administrator for more info"

ive tried this several things to do to fix the problem -  

1- smart screen - app & browser control i put everything on off.
2."Edit Group Policy"  (gpedit.msc) -   Computer  Configuration >  Administrative Templates > Windows Components / Store > 3. Selected ""Disable all apps from Windows Store" on right pane. all on disable.

any suggestions how to fix this issue?

If my system is acting sluggish, how can I tell if it's a software problem or if I've got hardware issues?

I'm on my computer a lot and I've downloaded a lot of content over several years so I suspect I've got a bunch of software that's not doing me any good.

I restart my system every week or so and recently I was afraid it was not coming up. It took much longer than normal and I had to power off and restart 3-4 times before Windows launched.

I've attached a Belarc Profile Summary (6 pages) but is there any other info I can post here to guide experts' suggestions?

Should I reformat my hard drive?


I want to replace my Galaxy Note 5 battery.  It has 3000mAh.  I see there's also 3300mAh and up to 3600mAh available for the same model.  
 Would that be any issues if I replace it to the higher mAh?  


Is a horizontal area of darkness an indication that a monitor is going bad or could it be something else?

I've got two monitors positioned side-by-side.

Both monitors are 28", both have a resolution of 3840 x 2160, and both are from the same manufacturer but with different model numbers:

Acer B286HK (on the left)
Acer CB281HK (on the right)

The left monitor has a dark band about 1/3 of the way down from the top. The band does not obscure the image being displayed but simply appears as though the brightness is lower in that area. The dark area is subtle and transitions above and below to normal brightness (ie the band does not have specifically demarcated borders).

The right monitor is normal.

The dark band is present regardless of the display setting (eg duplicated display, extended display, etc).

Is there a way to determine if the dark band is software-related or an indication that the monitor is on its way out?

Get-Hotfix doesn't appear to be working on one of our Windows 10 1803 machines - it doesn't return any results, no errors either. It's the same with Get-CimInstance Win32_QuickFixEngineering | Select HotfixID and wmic qfe list. However, all updates - including the recent 2020-01 updates - are installed and appearing in Add/Remove Programs (our updates are pushed out via SCCM). So it's curious why Get-Hotfix isn't working on this system.

I suspected system component corruption, so I ran DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth /Source:X:\Windows /LimitAccess using a good source and that worked without any errors, rebooted, followed it up with an SFC /SCANNOW that found and fixed all detected corruptions and rebooted. Still broken. As a last resort, I rebuilt the WMI repository using the instructions here:

Unfortunately that didn't work either. Finally I decided to reset/re-register all the Windows Update components following this article: but that didn't do anything either.

I'm at a total loss now. Is there anything else I can try besides rebuilding the machine (which seems to be a bit overkill as everything else appears to be working normally). The system is at a remote location and on a low bandwidth link, so it isn't really a feasible to do a reinstall/swap.

I'm trying to render a react native app for web using react-native-web, babel, and webpack. When I start webpack, I get the error below. As you can see from my web.config.js, I'm included the react native modules I need for rendering the custom react native code. The react-native-screens module is installed, as you can see from the package.json.

My question why the compiler is complaining about the react-native-screens dependency in the node_modules/react-navigation-stack/dist/views/StackView/StackViewCard.js if that module is installed?

Any pointers appreciated.

error: ERROR in ./node_modules/react-navigation-stack/dist/views/StackView/StackViewCard.js Module not found: Error: Can't resolve 'react-native-screens' in '~/ReactNative/RNProto1/node_modules/react-navigation-stack/dist/views/StackView' @ ./node_modules/react-navigation-stack/dist/views/StackView/StackViewCard.js 1:931-962 @ ./node_modules/react-navigation-stack/dist/index.js @ ./node_modules/react-navigation/src/react-navigation.js @ ./mydemo/demo.js @ ./index.web.js


module.exports = {
  presets: ["@babel/env", "module:metro-react-native-babel-preset"],
  plugins: []

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module.exports = {
  presets: ["@babel/env", "module:metro-react-native-babel-preset"],
  plugins: []

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const fs = require('fs');
const isDev = true;
const path = require('path');
const webpack = 

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What is the best PSU to buy with this motherboard? i am getting automatic restarts thermal driven i think with my current PSU.

ASUS Z87-PRO LGA 1150 Intel Z87 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s US
I have disk images, made from an HP Envy 17t K000 notebook which is no longer functional.  It had a Windows 7 Professional, 64-bit operating system.  I'd like to buy a used or refurbished notebook which would work, if I restored that image.   The 17t K000 notebook is seldom available on the resale market.  To expand my options, it would be helpful to have model numbers for other notebooks with hardware components which would be compatible with that disk image.  One option is the Envy 17t K200.   Can you provide any additional model numbers?
We have a large Delphi (RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin) application accessing a MS/SQL database.
The access to the database is via ADO components.
Almost all requests to the database are done via stored procedures (more than 500 such procedures)
The application has around 150 "sub-programs" each with its own form etc...
Several questions :
1. Will I have to change all uses clauses where ADO units are specified ?
2. And change all components declaration ?
3. Appart from that, whatelse will I have to consider ?
4. An idea of the effort (in hours of work, without the test phase) ?

I'm trying to install the on premises demo version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, here on my laptop.  

The log file is not giving me any information, as to why this installation failed.  But, below is what it told me.  

Are there any ideas, on how to eliminate this error, so that I may install the app?  


Web Server Components
IIS prerequisites for Web Server Components
An error has occurred while trying to install required dependencies for Web Server components.
For more information about the error, see the %TMP%\Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.WebClient.DependencyInstaller.log file.
For more information about how to install Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Web client,
see the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Help.

Feature name IIS-WindowsAuthentication is unknown.
A Windows feature name was not recognized.
Use the /Get-Features option to find the name of the feature in the image and try the command again.
Smartsheet certification help.  I will be taking the Smartsheet certification and am asking for any help on this.  This would include documents, videos, tips/tricks or anything else that would help me to pass this certification.  
Any help is greatly appreciated.
I'm attempting to replace one of the app servers in my SP2013 farm, and as part of that I am moving the search components off of that server and onto the new one, which has already been joined to the farm.  I created the index component on the new server without a problem, but when I went through the steps to remove it from the existing, I get the following error:

"Topology activation failed.  Removing index partitions from a non-empty is not supported"

The old server has 2 index partitions that I'm attempting to remove.  Anyone know what causes this, and how I can be sure to avoid it in the future?  We will be going through this same process in production next.  Thanks!
An old flat-screen monitor has only a VGA and a HDMI port with no USB port.  Is it possible to display a stand-alone slide show or something similar on a monitor using only an HDMI stick of some kind plugged into the back of the monitor?

Assistance in figuring this out is greatly appreciated.
We have a Group Policy with 'Only display the private store within the Microsoft Store' enabled under Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Store.

The setting works perfectly on our Windows 10 Education clients. Only approved apps that we have made available via are available.

We also have Windows 10 Professional clients and this GPO setting is ignored by them. Any user can download and install any app from the Microsoft Store with no admin credentials needed. This seems to be a massive oversight by Microsoft for a 'Professional' environment!

At present, we have configured our internet proxy to block all downloads from the Microsoft Store, but this is also preventing download of the whitelisted apps in our Private Store.

Is anyone aware of a way to block access to the whole Microsoft Store for Windows 10 Professional, only allowing the Private Store? Either via registry settings/GPO or by careful configuration of internet proxy/webfilter? Upgrading all clients from Pro to Education would be very costly.

Failing that, is there a way to obtain standalone installers of the apps we have made available in the Private Store?
I am looking for the best way to log off particular users (Not all users) our 2016 terminal server (Work-group Environment). I know there is a local policy User Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Remote Desktop Services > Remote Desktop Session Host > Session Time Limits but this policy app to all users.
I need a policy or script which logoff two users (for example john and Ben) after 1 hours inactivity/idle.
Please note its not domain joined server.
Is there a table of which CPU/chipsets support NVMe natively and on which shared-use PCIe lanes NVMe is enabled on.

Not asking about the "RAID" versions of the M,2 to PCIe adapters since it isn't NVMe by the time it hits the CPU's PCIe bus,
Screw needed for this monitor arm that is less likely strip

I bought this item which came with an allen wrench to tighten up two places where the arm turns. Unfortunately, it strips out and I need to replace the screw with something more sturdy.

Suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Hello Everyone,

I have a clone gaming system.  I was told it is a brand new board in it, however, I can't see to get the system to boot.  It won't power on.

I have tested the power supply with my tester and the system will try to boot up with it but does nothing when plugged into the new board.

I have checked all the cables in case it was wired wrong, but everything looks correct.  Possibly the board?

Thanks in advanced.
we would like to setup email alerts for things such as CPU temperature, disk failures etc, does anyone know how to set this up in Dell OMSA if possible?
Hi guys,

I am having a really weird issue with sql server deployment. So here is the scenario:

I have a SSIS package which is using a C# user component that reads a file and inserts in a sql server database. When I run package from visual studio, it runs fine, does the insert in sql server which is on a different machine and life is good. Now, I deployed this SSIS package to a sql server and then try to run the SSIS from sql server and I get this error:

OLE DB Destination Input has lineage ID 2000 that was not previously used in the Data Flow task.

OLE DB Command Input has lineage ID 3281 that was not previously used in the Data Flow task.

The buffer type is not valid. Make sure the Pipeline layout and all components pass validation.

INSERT INTO <tablename> failed the pre-execute phase and returned error code 0xC0202020.

Both development machine and Sqlserver machine are 64 bit.

Have been scratching all my hairs out but still can't figure out. Package runs completely fine when I run this in visual studio.

I also copied the C# dlls used by SSIS to the sql machine:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\110\DTS\PipelineComponents

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\110\DTS\PipelineComponents

is this a deployment issue? Because Package runs completely fine from visual studio.

I seriously need some quick help.

I really appreciate it guys.
Hi Experts,
 We are trying to deploy Jump Servers to Jump Network by template. The template throwing attached error regarding Network Interface.

  "$schema": "",
  "contentVersion": "",
  "parameters": {
    "adminUsername": {
      "defaultValue": "admin",
      "type": "string",
      "metadata": { "description": "Administrator username for the Virtual Machine." }
    "adminPassword": {
      "type": "securestring",
      "minLength": 12,
      "maxLength": 72,
      "metadata": { "description": "Password for the Virtual Machine.Should contain any 3 of: 1 Lower Case, 1 Upper Case, 1 Number and 1 Special character." }
    "KeyVaultName": {
      "type": "string",
      "defaultValue": "Region1-Keyvault",
      "metadata": { "description": "Name of the Keyvault" }
    "VM1Name": {
      "type": "string",
      "defaultValue": "Jumpbox01",
      "maxLength": 15,
      "metadata": { "description": "The VM name in lower case, maximum 15-character size containing Data Center site code, Environment(bv), Resource Type(poc), Deployment(wvm) and Sequence(001), i.e. bvpoctstwvm001" }
    "VM2Name": {
      "type": "string",
      "defaultValue": "Jumpbox02",
      "maxLength": 15,
      "metadata": { "description": "The VM name in lower case, maximum 15-character size containing Data Center site code, Environment(bv), Resource Type(poc), Deployment(wvm) and 

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Hello everyone.  I currently use Office Web Components to render Excel spreadsheets on my web sites from SQL Server recordsets.  OWC is no longer being supported and my client therefore does not want me using it any longer.  I'm looking for alternative methods of rendering an Excel spreadsheet from a SQL Server recordset on my web sites.  I have over a hundred reports that currently use OWC for this purpose.  Does anyone know of or currently use an alternative method?  Or have any ideas as to what else I can do?  The web pages are written is ASP.  Thanks in advance!