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Components are those devices that are internal to a computer -- the PC boards, the central processor (CPU), the memory (RAM), disk and video controllers and so on.

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We’re restocking our cat 6 preterminated data cables.

We’ve ordered from monoprice for years and like them.  Anyone have a better vendor we should try?

Wonder what else we should add in the way of adapters and cables. Usb 3.0? A? B? C? Male? Female? In what combinations <g>

HDMI to Mini DisplayPort? VGA to hdmi? Mini hdmi to vga?  

Haven’t dealt with DPI connectors in a long time.  But there’s loads of vga monitors and newer computers don’t have vga ports

I’d like to be able to be at a client and get the adapter or cable I need from the truck and not have to order it and make a return trip.

Does anyone have a list they could share?
OWASP: Forgery and Phishing
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OWASP: Forgery and Phishing

Learn the techniques to avoid forgery and phishing attacks and the types of attacks an application or network may face.

I Am Working With A  JavaScript Proprietary Stock Charting Product called AnyChart Using their AnyStock JS Charting Component and Library…


I Downloaded a working example of a AnyChart stock chart JS candlestick stock chart that I want to modify

You can try this stock chart out using the provided attached file components all in a base folder -- See attached zip file called JS_StockChart.zip
this code is found: https://playground.anychart.com/gallery/Stock_Chart_Types/Candlestick_Chart 

I also Uploaded these components to one of my websites to show it works perfectly with their CSV file that they reference in their code

Also works perfectly if I/you put these JS AnyStock Charting components on ones desktop system in a base folder and click on index.html…

Chrome will render it perfectly in the browser for your private desktop.

5.      My PROBLEM…
--- Working with the supplied/referenced CSV file as my own unchanged but referenced local CSV data file...

--- That is referenced in the original index.html first code group below on line number 10 of first code group
--- https://cdn.anychart.com/csv-data/csco-daily.csv

--- My code ref is in the second group of code on line number 2
--- C:\StockChart\csco.csv

--- Anyone can download the sample csv file from the link referenced in the code and try it out for yourself.
A third party installed SQL Server 2012 on my server with SQL Server 2014 CTP1 components. However, they did not us the license key so now my evaluation has expired. When looking up the steps to activate an evaluation it tells me to run the media setup and go to Maintenance -> Edition Upgrade. But when I SQL Server 2012 Standard edition was purchased the media brings up 2014 CTP1 as the installation setup and it does not have the Edition Upgrade. What am I doing wrong? How do I upgrade this instance?

Also, why is it when SQL Server 2012 is purchased it downloads 2014 CTP1 version?
I have a computer which keeps on beeping a solid beep it works start no issue in the past, I had such scenario and I measured the CPU temperature that was above the recommended heat, I changed the CPU heatsink and it stopped the beeping. I did on this one also a temperature reading, but I am getting confusing results from google what would be considered overheating of this CPU I am attaching a snapshot of the results I got. Please advise.

This computer is used to record and display in the range of 75 cameras.

Window 7  

Intel Core i7-4770 16GB RAM

I have, what I guess, is a noisy motherboard, but I am wondering if there is any way around it.  I use the machine to stream to Facebook and the audio that comes in is really noisy.  We have tested the cables and they work fine with other machines.  I have the same problem with noisy audio whether I use the built-in 1/8 inch ports, Blackmagic card, or a Sound Blaster USB 1/8 inch adapter.  I, however, do not have the noise problem if I use the USB cable coming off the sound board (at one point I thought this meant the problem was with analog versus digital sound, which is why I purchased the Sound Blaster USB, figuring that the USB would convert the sound from analog to digital).
Hi Expert,

I would like to check how can i know is graphic card compatible to motherboard? I have a Asus ROG Strix z370-f gaming which I plug in my graphic card palit gamerock premium gtx1080 is not responding, and fan not running. I guess the graphic card is not compatible, I need advise from expert over here.

Anyone know of a mini pc that has an IPMI interface?

Alternatively would like to find a usb based IPMI dongle(if such a thing exists).

The reason for this is that I have some client sites where I want to place a headless system for admin maintenance.  

Space is a premium and staff a non technical so the ability to get to the system when there is some sort of OS failure(hopefully never) would be ideal.

I know this is readily available on servers but in this environment there will be no servers.

The purpose will be to ssh to devices for management if and when needed.

Hi Guys,

We have Avast Business AV on our smart-host mail server.
Avast detected previous viruses passing through in mail messages.

However, today, Symantec (which is our network scanner) pick up a risk for:  ISB.Downloader!gen131

It passed by Avast without being detected.
Anti-spam as well as Mail Shield components are currently running in Avast.

Any ideas will be appreciated,
Need help with a purchase 3D Printer. Price range for me no lower than $229.00 (seems like anything lower is a fire  electrical hazzard)  no highter than around $399.00 my budget.
This is going to be a long series of questions that hopefully will be simple to answer and may help others with their purchases.

The items in Question are linked on Amazon here as either a Comgrow (or SainSmart x or Foxnova) Ender-3X Creality 3D Printer. See the attached file on these if you want to forgo the links.

One of those as a single choice VS the 2018 Tevo Tornado.

So Tevo Tornado vs some version of the Ender-3X Creality 3D Printer.
Things I am trying to accomplish with 3D Printers:
  1. Create prototypes of objects and models of ideas I have.
  2. Create mold forms to pour other materials into and mold with?
  3. Purchase 3D objects on the web and print them.

Things I do not know or want to know about 3D Printers components filaments etc.
  1. Nozzles/Tips - Do the units come with a variety of sized nozzles or do I need to buy them in order to used them with either of these units? can you put any nozzle size on any of these units or do each printer have a range of nozzles they can use? Or can I buy almost any size. The Comgrow Creality Ender has a deal with nozzles (5 are included)?
  2. Can things like filament sizes be adapted like if the unit says it handles 1.75 mm. Can it be updated to include 3.0 mm? Does that mean I need a different type of extruder or bigger nozzle?
How can the changing cord could be fast or slow charge?   I understand the charger but the cord itself...  There;s no components to it.
This one for example:

Is it a fast or slow charge?
C++ 11 Fundamentals
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C++ 11 Fundamentals

This course will introduce you to C++ 11 and teach you about syntax fundamentals.

I have this customer that is running windows 10 (See Specs in the upload) about twice a day it will just freezes up.  This customer is raising fresh water catfish and he is using this computer to monitor the oxygen level and water temperature in the ponds.  
I tried to find the Memory.DMP file but couldn't find it even though the settings on the computer are set to save the dump file in the %SystemRoot% folder.  
The customer brought the computer to my shop this morning and I have been running with his monitoring system going and youtube videos playing (for about 3 hours now, and the system has been running perfect.  
I built this unit for this customer right at a year ago and it has worked fine up until now.  Here are the components I used in the machine:
SSD Drive:           SanDisk SSD PLUS 240GB Solid State Drive
DVD Drive:          LG Electronics Internal Super Multi Drive Optical Drives GH24NSC0B
Wireless card:    HiRO H50319 Dual Band Wireless 802.11ac AC1200 11ac WiFi 2T2R 867Mbps PCIe PCI Express PCI-E x1 Adapter 2x 2dBi Dipole Antenna Windows 10 8.1 8 7
Power Supply:    EVGA 500 W1, 80+ WHITE 500W, 3 Year Warranty, Power Supply 100-W1-0500-KR
Motherboard:    BIOSTAR Hi-Fi A70U3P FM2+ / FM2 AMD A70M 4 x SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 HDMI Micro ATX AMD Motherboard
Processor:          AMD Black Edition A10-Series APU Processor with Radeon R7 Graphics (A10-7860K-AD786KYBJCSBX)
Memory:             Patriot Signature 8GB DIMM DDR3 CL11 PC3-12800 (1600MHz) PSD38G16002

I think my motherboard failed. It just shut off and then it smelled bad as melted plastics. I thought is from the power supply connector, the yellow female jack in the back of the laptop, so I took it apart, dissembling totally, piece by piece.
I cleaned up everything, especially the fan full of dust, using air pressure jets and also dedicated spray for electronic components, PCB.
The components on the motherboard are covered with a black sheet of plastic/vinyl-like.
After cleaning I spotted 2 capacitors carbonized – most probably the cause of the smell and failure.
They are SMD ceramic capacitors, seem size 1206, most probably MLCC.
I have the tools to remove and replace them, but I do not know their value.
Can someone help with the values of these capacitors?
I have in mind persons that either had similar experience and repaired motherboards before, maybe particular for Lenovo T410s – by chance, or if you can find somewhere the PCB sketch with the bill of materials and or/schematic.
What cause that failure? Is it the only one?
I do not know, but I would like to try to replaces those 2 capacitors. On opposite side of the PCB everything is clean, the components are untouched by the temperature.
I presume the failure comes from the small WiFi board inserted in the nearby connector. Maybe has to be replaced with another one. What I remember is that I let for few days the laptop set with power on, even when the lid was closed, and was not always on the table, but also …
What is the part number to purchase a USB dongle for a Jabra Evolve 65 MS headset?
How do I show processor usage in the system tray for Windows 10 so that I don't have to open a separate window each time?

What about memory usage from there also?
I am not familiar with TF Cards.  Are they the same as microSD?   I need it for car dashcam.

Should I get microSD or a TF?  Any preferences?
Note: this is a follow-up to another thread posted yesterday and located here:

        Identify desktop PC ports


Yesterday I posted images of the front of my computer and shown below are images of the back. If someone could identify the ports labeled by letters (and numbers), as well as which of them can be replaced individually if faulty, I'd appreciate it.

By the way, the panel near the top (labeled x in the first screenshot) appears to be removable. What type of component is that designed for?

Also, I've always been curious about the multiple different-shaped (but mostly rectangle) openings in the video card (see 3rd image). Do they have some purpose?



Can someone help me identify the types of ports shown in the next few screenshots?

I apologize that the images are so blurry but hopefully with the zoomed-in shots each port (with its icon) will be recognizable to a person familiar with the hardware. If possible, I'm also curious to know which, if any, of the ports can be easily replaced if faulty (ie are any of them built into the tower?). The last image is of the side of the tower in case that's helpful. (I'm sure it's obvious that label g is for the DVD drive and needs no comment.)

Thanks a bunch!

Does anyone know of any places to buy a "0.5m SFF-8484 to SFF-8482 x 4 Fanout SAS Cable" where it doesn't cost as much as it costs here:


This cable must have the Molex power adapters.
Are there any adapters I can purchase that will allow me to connect the front USB connector plug on a "CORSAIR VENGEANCE C70 Mid-Tower Case - Black" computer case to an Intel S2600cp server board?

The plug for connecting the two front USB connectors on this case is different than the connector on the Intel S2600cp server board.

I have attaches pictures below of both the plug for this case as well as the connector on the server board where the front USB connectors should plugin. I have also attached the S2600cp server board manual and the S2600cp server board tech specs guide.

The URL from where I purchased the case from is here.

Please let me know if there are any adapters or converters I can buy that will allow me to connect these two front USB connector cable to this server board.

Sys board USB connectorFront USB plug connectorManual-g26942005_s2600cp_p4000cp_tps.pdf
Exploring ASP.NET Core: Fundamentals
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Exploring ASP.NET Core: Fundamentals

Learn to build web apps and services, IoT apps, and mobile backends by covering the fundamentals of ASP.NET Core and  exploring the core foundations for app libraries.

I would like to know what's the best way to develop a component that users will be able to place on their form within the Designer, and be able to define properties/events in the designer.  If anyone can give me some pointers, i would appreciate.  (Please, don't post me a 200 pages manuals from Microsoft web site).

I developped a component years ago, and i've upgraded from VS2010 to VS2017 Community and the upgrade really screwed up the project.  I get tons of "Invalid Resx File".  It's like the project upgrade went bad and it's unable to deserialize the component values (event if the components properties are visibles within the designer.  For example, this component has a grid and in the designer, we can see the grid columns collection and everything seems to be fine, but the compiler still doesn't like it.

I've read that it might be caused of the mimetype used for the serialization.  So i would like to know what would any developer would do to avoid this kind of problem.

Here's a sample of a grid column within the .resx file
  <data name="gridCustomers.Columns1" mimetype="application/x-microsoft.net.object.binary.base64">

Open in new window

Exactly which two pins on an Intel S2600cp server board need to be connected to the power switch on the case?

The case I have several Intel S2600cp server boards installed in has a two connector wire connecting the power switch on the front of the case.

I'm trying to figure out which two pins on the server board these connectors need to be plugged into so that I can use the power switch on the front of the case to power the server board on and off.

Which two pins on the server board are for the power switch?

Attached are the manuals and specs guide for the Intel S2600cp server board.

What are the best inexpensive SAS adapters I can purchase that will allow me to connect two
"HGST Ultrastar 7K6000 HUS726060AL4210 6 TB 3.5" Internal Hard Drive - SAS - 7200 rpm - 128 MB Buffer - 0F22790" hard drives?
Can anyone recommend a non-APC model of UPS.  Specs should be similar to this:

The dimension I need so its not sticking out so much.  Taller and wider OK.
I'm not familiar with non-APC brands.  Hence asking.  
Thanks in advance.
i have here a KVR21R15D4/16 module - and would lliek to know what motherboards accept this ram type
i could not find such a search on crucial, kingston, or corsair sites ( but i know it exists)
I own a Dell 5810 Tower Workstation. It does not have bluetooth. Can anyone suggest from personal experience the hardware item I would need to give this machine bluetooth capability? I would prefer an item that is available from Amazon. I have free slots in the machine and naturally free USB slots available.