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Computer games are video games played on a personal computer, mobile device or video game console. Their defining characteristics include a lack of any centralized controlling authority, a greater degree of user control over the video-gaming hardware and software used and a generally greater capacity in input, processing, and output.

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This article begins an exploration into the modern world of gaming in a scope intended to introduce gaming culture and the industry to those who know nothing about it. What's happening in gaming affects us all in one way or another, and this article sets out to show you why you should care.
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by:☠ MASQ ☠
+1 - Great article on a number of levels.  Looking forward to reading more.

 Just to reassure younger viewers that computer games really did exist pre-July '09.

Nice using Mark Twain for the censorship argument - although it was probably Robert A. Heinlein that quote's based on

Now off to find my Everquest account  :)

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by:Craig Kehler
Agree with MASQ, I look forward to reading more.

If you don't already you should subscribe to Yu-kai Chou's newsletter he has some great insights as a gamer who turned his passions into a successful profession.

Maintaining an open and honest dialogue about things with our children is the easiest way to foster a respectful and trusting relationship with them, and a hugely important element of creating that bond is being able to connect with them over their interests no matter what they may be.
As a parent and a long time gamer, I 100% agree. I challenge all parents out there to try to understand why their kids enjoy something so much before casting judgement.
OWASP Proactive Controls
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OWASP Proactive Controls

Learn the most important control and control categories that every architect and developer should include in their projects.

Will the future of mobile app development include the same trends as those most relevant today? Find out by checking out the 7 trends of the future.

Programming  of  forecasting lottery numbers for self use  on Turbo C++ is done by use of random number generator code by a program algorithm logic. Random numbers usually generates numbers between definite interval. Therefore, when entering the code each time, new outcomes of numbers as requested can be guessed. The following code generates six numbers out of forty nine possible numbers starting from one.
main ()
    int n,max,num,c;
                printf ("Lottery Numbers Forecasting Module ------>");
                printf (" How many numbers you request  enter here --------->");
                scanf ("%d",&n);
              printf ("  Lottery 49 number enter ............>);
              printf ("%d,tahmin sayilari 0 to %d are :-\n",n,max);
              for (c = 1 ; c <=n ; c++ )
              num = random(max);
                    printf ("%d\n",num);
                return 0 ;

Randomize command supplies a set of numbers. Thus,when the code is copy & pasted to the Turbo C++ compiler and run it, the result is six chance numbers. Repeating the process wil give new set of numbers too.

By refreshing the process you can get more chance numbers.

Step one of the algorithm asks the user to enter which number requested as maximum number that will random numbers will generate.


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As we all know Counter Strike is a very popular computer game. Usually it is played over a network for which people create a server and users join it but it is interesting to know that one can creates a dedicated server which not only hosts the game but also provides you with the statistics of players like stats of kills and deaths of all the gamers. So here I would like to tell you that how to install Windows Based Psycho Stats server


Firstly we have to know that what a Psycho Stats server is and why we need it. The answer is very simple in that Psycho Stats  is an open source software that creates comprehensive gaming statistics for players and clans for Half-Life and and Half-Life 2. The main advantage of installing such a special database server (Psycho Stats  server) over the standard CS server package is it will give you the exact stats of every single death with complete information such as which gun you have used, how many bullets you have used, where you actually hit the player and the accuracy of your shot. It will not only gives you these stats but also store them as long as you want.

Before the installation of Psycho Stats we need to make sure that the server meets the minimum requirements:

Minimum Requirement

     Hardware Requirement

1. Processor 3.06 GHz P4
2. HDD with 20GB of free space
3. RAM 1GB
4. Graphics card 512MB 128bits

{I have installed it on a virtual machine so I could use it …
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by:Muhammad Farjad Arshad
Yes is down but I am running my server as I have to do it time and again for organizing Counter strike championships. This process is still working with CS 1.6.
Author Cited:
Konstantinos Dimopoulos
URL Cited From:
Article from Indie Games:

The Grid is the sort of game I haven't played in over 10 years. It is a text-only strategy multiplayer game you play by actually typing in commands and fantasizing you are logged in a BBS. It does feel quite a bit like a boardgame and generally has you capturing squares, building farms, hiring wizards, stealing from your neighbors, inciting revolutions, forming alliances and even attempting to bless everyone, while fighting to gather all the resources a powerful master of the grid would need.

Fun eh? Well, it is, but it sure isn't the simplest game to master and, were it not for some incredibly patient and kind players, I'd still be struggling with it. Not that I'm not struggling now, but, at the very least, I do have a vague idea of what I should be doing and am even forming some sort of strategy I believe. Great times ahead!

The Grid
It's an elaborate system made up of row upon row of perfectly chiseled squares, each ruled by either a fool or master strategian.

Once The Grid deems you worthy, you will be given your very own square. You will rule this square - or see it ruled by another.

Upon entrance, you will notice many other squares, fighting for survival or to spawn themselves like amoeba unto the far corners of The Grid. If …
For those of you searching for a fun but also medium paced MMORPG game I would highly suggest Ragnarok Online.

This MMORPG is a bit older than World of Warcraft and in a way is extremely different. Compared to WoW's 3D environment and massive world, this 2d MMORPG  seems a bit weak on the visual effect, but I promise that this game will be captivating your attention with its good engine and way of playing. However even if you mostly use the mouse and not the WASD keys to navigate around in this already massive world, it still has its way of completely making the player feel like he's in a real Internet community like WoW or Fiesta Online. From the start of your adventure to the finish you communicate with many other players and try to find the best gear combination possible for intense Player vs Player (PvP), War of Emperium or Guild vs Guild (GvG) and Player vs Monster (PvM) environments.

Don't get me wrong, it is still haunted by the widely known legendary trio (of support, DPS & tank), which doesn't make this MMORPG any different from many others but the way that it is presented to the players and the number of ways that character can be used are huge. For instance, the class named High Priest, is mostly used for support, but what if you don't want that, what if you want to be a High Priest that wants to fight and deal some damage to enemies. Well fortunately you can do that because of the diversity in each class system skill. You've got this character who supposedly…
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by:☠ MASQ ☠
A nice review of an MMORPG that can be overlooked with the current fashion for 3D games. Thanks!

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If anyone has any question or wants simple information post a comment or contact me dirrectly at :
Released on the 7th of September this real time strategy game sets a new bar for any real time strategy game. R.U.S.E. is a game made by Eugen Systems and published by Ubisoft and released for the PC, Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360.

The setting of the game is during WWII. You can play two campaigns one for the allied forces as Major Sheridan and the other as General von Richter of the German army. After every mission follows a cut scene which reveals a part of the story. The cut scenes are high quality and give the gamer a feeling of being in a movie with breaks in the form of battles. Even for the real hardcore RTS players it’s a good feature which makes the game even more great.

In the game the player can control huge amounts of forces in a impressive size map with remarkable detail. Battles will take place all around the field and players will need to concentrate on more than one front to win the battle. But not only tactic and strategy will win the battles. The battle will be decided by the use of Ruses. Ruses are special abilities like Radio silence which make your units invisible. The use of spies to uncover invisible units and blitzkrieg will make your units move faster. There are many Ruses and will make the game more unpredictable. Ruse has a multiplayer option which support dedicated server and ranked matches. If your just looking for a quick battle, well that option is also available.

You build up points playing the campaigns and by playing online. There …
If you are interested in the gaming world and want to try World of Warcraft, I'd recommend this basic set of add-ons to get you started.  All add-ons are available either by Google search or on

For the person who doesn't want to get involved with maintaining and extracting add-ons, manual updates, etc...  Start with "Curse Client" available at  They offer a free application to maintain and install all of your add-ons automatically.  There is a professional version with a fee but that is really optional.


Auctioneer - Scans current auctions for your items and automatically generates the best sell price for your auction items.

Atlastloot Enhanced - In a dungeon about to start fighting a boss?  Use Atlasloot to see the potential loot.  Useful for searching for gear upgrades.

AutoRepair - Whenever you open a window with a repair vendor, your gear is automatically repaired.  This saves you a click.

BadBoy: Anti-Spam - This will protect you from private message ads in game.  It will also automatically mark the message as spam.  This effectively happens in the background and does not disrupt game play.

Bagnon - Organize your bags and key rings into 1 window instead of the default "per bag" window.  This works for your inventory as well as your bank.

Deadly Boss Mods - The primary use of this add-on is to alert you during a boss fight if there is something you have to do,…

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Helpful, but you'd might have wanted to write a bit about WHY someone should use custom add-ons.

Expert Comment

by:Sean Plemons Kelly, CISSP
Good idea for an article, however I agree with Voiden... explaining why someone should use add-ons would make this article better.

My thoughts:
Consider adding OmniCC, Bartender, Quartz Castbar to the list.

OmniCC - Overlays a minute/second timer on skills for CD
Bartender - Fully customize bar layout, position, padding, etc. Much more customization over dominos.
Quartz Castbar - Compensates for lag, shows a buffer of when you should cast your next ability to minimize downtime between casts.

Titanpanel is *alright*, but if you're listing dominos, there's almost no point in having it, since it's going to change your UI for you.
QuestHelper is more of less useless nowadays because the stock UI hand-feeds you where you need to go.
Auctioneerer is probably better suited for more advanced players who actually work the AH.

DBM should be required for both new/casual and hardcore raiders, as it still gives heads up of instance boss abilities. Saying that starting players should avoid this is just silly.
See the related links at the bottom of the tutorial for downloads and supplemental information.

The Nvidia 3D Vision Kit is a [not so] new gaming technology which allows you to play the newest computer games in "Stereo 3D" (like 3D in movies, but actual video games). I can best describe the experience as an "interactive animated diorama." However there are a number of tricks needed to get the full 3D gaming experience. There's plenty of feature related info on the website. In this article I will focus on the info you need to make the most of your 3D Vision experience.

This Tutorial was Written from a CRT perspective:
This tutorial is written from my experiences using a CRT monitor to enjoy stereo 3D gaming. While I am confident in the information in this tutorial, it's possible that setting up 3D stereo for other video technologies, such as LCDs & DLPs, may differ slightly.

The Future of Stereo 3D is Uncertain:
Stereo 3D technology is currently in an evolutionary state. As the market and the technology changes so will the methods needed to enable stereo 3D. Hopefully we will see future solutions that are more intuitive. Technology aspects such as Direct X support, game compatibility, hardware support, third party software support and operating system support are not guaranteed in the future. Future readers of this article should be aware that the information in this article will lose accuracy as the …
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Great article, and well written. It has my YES vote above.

I.      What is a MOBA?
  a. Definition
  b. Origin
  c. Current Generation

II. The New Games
  a. League of Legends
  b. Heroes of Newerth
  c. Dota 2
  d. Smite

III. Comparison

IV. Conclusion


I. What is a MOBA?

I.a. Definition

What is a MOBA? Well, MOBA stands for Massive Online Battle Arena. When you think of this, you may think of games like Call of Duty, or Halo, where you fight in an arena. That would be the wrong assumption. The Arena in an MOBA is a cut-down map. A classic example of the MOBA genre is Defense of the Ancients (DotA).

I.b. The Origin of the MOBA Genre

You may be wondering now, what is DotA? DotA was originally a map modification for the classic game Warcraft 3 for PCs. In DotA, you play as one of many heroes, and you attempt to destroy the other team and their base. Since it used the Warcraft 3 game, you had to own Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos and Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne Expansion. Using Warcraft 3 also meant DotA was limited to the standard array of graphics and abilities that were hard coded into Warcraft 3. DotA is still in development, and will be for a long time. DotA was the first Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, but not the last.

I.c. Current Generation

DotA is not a separate game itself even though it is played by thousands across the world. DotA is just a map for another game, so it is limited. In order to remove these …
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by:☠ MASQ ☠
Nice update on the state of DotA games and something to look forward to in the release of DotA2
 +1 vote
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by:☠ MASQ ☠
Also good timing as HoN launches a patch today (v.2.6.11) which allows all current Hero characters to unlock permanently - unless you had a legacy account this was previously a paid option.


Computer Games





Computer games are video games played on a personal computer, mobile device or video game console. Their defining characteristics include a lack of any centralized controlling authority, a greater degree of user control over the video-gaming hardware and software used and a generally greater capacity in input, processing, and output.